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My name is Emil Dolenc and I am a third year student of medicine at the University of Zagreb. I am active in my local FMO where I am the fund raising manager. I have participated in TCE. Last year and this year I have been in ZIMS as a fundraising officer in the organising committee. I want to candidate for this position because I think that it will offer me a lot of experience and knowledge which will be useful in my medical profession as well as in other NGO activities in my future career. But most of all, I want this position because I can see the results very soon and to me that is very motivating. On the other hand, there are also things that I would bring to EMSA and the board. Those are my enthusiasm, creative thinking and my experience in fund raising. Below you can find some (but not all) of the ideas I have that I feel would benefit EMSA greatly. They will perhaps best describe what I could offer to EMSA as its Fund Raising Officer. At the very beginning I will start a Facebook group (EMSA fundraising)for all of you who want to help me. My first objective as a fund raising officer will be to work with and help specific EMSA officers (especially the PRO) and together with the entire EEB make EMSA more appealing for sponsors and future partners. Secondly the main objective will be to improve EMSA’s budget; or more precisely to make the overall sum bigger (naturally, working together especially with the Treasurer). Beside money I will try to get specific partners in the field of medicine and medical education such as medical journals, publishers and medical technology companies which will offer us benefits concerning knowledge, education, certificated workshops and other things that will make working in EMSA easier. In making EMSA more appealing I will start what I like to call the fEMSA plan. An activity with the purpose to populise EMSA Facebook account together with local FMOs and get more likes per post. Also with the help of the EEB I would like to populise twitter account making it something as a meeting summariser or a media that communicates on a personal level to others. I would use the youtube channel for promotional purposes (which will be of service not just for EMSA Europe but also for all local FMOs). Local FMOs would have the opportunity to promote their projects on it and also their sponsors. As an addition, I offer help with educational vlog (video blog). The last thing is that I will propose that all local FMOs which have a congress or/and a summer school with interuniversity attendance to be free from paying EMSA participation in exchange for advertising our sponsors. Additional benefits would be given according to the number of projects running and

number of participants per congress/summer school (this should be discussed with EEB and local FMOs). To sum up; I will try to help EMSA Europe by getting sponsors to donate money. And, in turn, a stable and richer EMSA would be in the interest of all local FMOs. Local FMO s would be affected by being free from memberships and every EMSA member would be affected as well by having opportunity for additional knowledge, education, etc. - depending on the specific partners in the fields of medical journals, scientific journals, medical education workshops, congresses etc.

My aim as a fund raising officer would be to: “Help build a stabile financial backbone by which I will help to create long term stability in other related fields as well.” There are two objectives that have to be done one after another. The second one is the more important, but their success depends on the success of the first one. Concerning the first objective, I shall help out officers with their work which affects my field and the specific goals we want to reach.

ZERO OBJECTIV IS: Before I start I will start a Facebook group „fundraising for EMSA“ in which all of you who want to help me with your ideas could do so and help me how to make EMSA a more recognisable brand then it is today.


1. PUBLIC RELATIONS A) FACEBOOK and fEMSA The goal is to put information about board members, about EMSA projects, information about local EMSAs; conclusions from meetings, videos and pictures from the G.A, NCM, TCE, EMSCon and EMS Council (if it would be organised in upcoming years) and questions for discussion. The fEMSA involves local EMSA FMO s in a way that every EMSA which wants to participate in fEMSA should (every week) send in our inbox a post that they have put on their Facebook wall and think it is funny, good, educating etc. Then EEB would decide which post is the best one that week and the winner post would be published on Facebook wall. At the end of the year the local EMSA which posts have been put on EMSA wall the most times would get an award. I suggest that it could be one free G.A. participation (or NCM). B) EMSAtube or EMSA BLUEtube The aims of EMSA YouTube account is to make a media for advertising our sponsors and making a place for EMSA members to put videos of their speeches, workshops and in a way to promote themselves and EMSA. Also it can be a place to put videos for local EMSA projects (like congresses, summer schools, etc.) and by that to advertise their projects and sponsors.

It can also be a place to promote EMSA projects as GA, TCE, EMSCON, and NCM. Maybe a place for some officers to put their presentations as well (medical ethics officer, public health officer, medical education officer, medical science officer). Also a place to put more videos (because there are some) about general information about EMSA as an NGO from medical students for medical students. The purpose of that in context of fund raising is to have a place where we can advertise our sponsors and partners. Sponsor would have its commercial according to the amount of donation: Sponsor of the highest “pay grade” (or sponsorship package) would get its icon on the beginning of the video and a commercial pop up tab. Sponsor of the intermediate “pay grade” would get its icon on the beginning. Sponsor of the low “pay grade” would get its icon on the end of video. C) WEB Goal is to make place on the web page for sponsors to advertise them Sponsors of the low “pay grade” are put in the window regarding sponsors or partners. Sponsors of the intermediate “pay grade” would get their logo is put on the front page in the down left corner and in the window with sponsors or partners. Sponsors of the highest “pay grade” get their icon is put in the down left corner and put on the window with sponsors as the biggest logo at the window regarding sponsor or partners, This is regarding the current page. 2. EMSA PUBLICATION Offer help and work on the journal and on magazine (Euromeds) with the goal to make room and a place where we could put the sponsor commercial. Beside that offer help in making the journal and the magazine more popular and easier to get. According to the amount of money: Sponsor of the highest “pay grade” would get its icon on the inner side of the last page and a page of commercial in the journal. Sponsor of the intermediate “pay grade” would get its icon on the inner side of last page and a small commercial on the penult page in the down corner. Sponsor of the low “pay grade” would its icon on the inner side of last page.

3. INTERNAL AFFAIRS OFFICER Plan to offer all local EMSA-a with a congress which have more than 80 participants and 50% of them are from other universities and minimum of 20% international participants to promote EMSA sponsors in exchange for releasing them from paying the year participation to EMSA. According to the size (number of participants) of the congress offer additional money or for EMSA to pay Facebook adds for advertising their congress, free GA spots, NCM spots or something else depending on the additional factors Similar could be done with summer schools but by giving additional funds. AS SAID BEFORE THIS SHOULD BE DISSCUISED WHAT COULD EMSA Europe GIVE IN RETURN TO LOCAL FMOs FOR ADVERTISING SPONSORS?

GOALS OF THE SECOND OBJECTIV 1st GOAL is to make a research about specific sponsors and the amount of money we can ask for and other as books, free plane tickets, free mobile services, free workshops for students (workshops that give student certificates that they could put in their C.V.), etc. 2nd GOAL is to make a portfolio and our offerings to them according to the amount of money. SPONSOR AND PARTNER PACKAGES: Partner package includes – depends on who is the partner but a logo on the web site and their offers will be mentioned on Facebook, twitter and blue mist. Bronze package includes: FACEBOOK AND TWITTER. Mentioned in the about section YOUTUBE: Mentioned and sponsor logo put at the beginning of the video WEB PAGE: Logo and hyperlink put in the window concerning sponsor and partners JOUNAL AND MAGASIN: Logo put on the last page Silver package includes: FACEBOOK AND TWITTER: mentioned in the about section YOUTUBE: Bigger logo at the beginning of the video

WEB PAGE: Logo and hyperlink put in the down left corner and in the window concerning sponsors and partners JORUNAL AND MAGASIN: bigger logo put on the last page and a small commercial on one page CONGERESSES: brochures on NCM, GA, EMSCON, invitation to them and acknowledgement as EMSA Europe sponsor by the conference convenor during opening ceremony on NCM, GA, EMSCON. Golden package includes: FACEBOOK AND TWITTER: mentioned in the about section and once a month add on Facebook page, twitter and blue mist. YOUTUBE: allow advertisement tab at the beginning of the video and the biggest logo at the beginning of the video. WEB PAGE: Logo put in the down left and hyperlink and the biggest logo in the window concerning sponsors and partners JORUNAL AND MAGASIN: biggest logo and a page for advertisement CONGERSSES: brochures and labels on local congresses and NCM, GA, EMSCON, invitation to them and acknowledgement as conference sponsor by the conference convenor during t the congresses and NCM, GA, EMSCON

3rd GOAL is to search for sponsors aiming for publishers of medical books, producers of medical equipment and maybe ... And I want to emphasise this point... MAYBE pharmaceutical companies. Also sponsors for teddy bear hospitals (toys manufacturers or companies which are connected with children or companies which symbol and logo is connected with a bear, medical equipment). Sponsors concerning travelling with twining, travelling to NCM and GA (aeroplane companies, STA). So first precise shooting and after that shotgun effect (just sending at anyone that comes to mind). 4th GOAL Advise the EEB to make a contract by which we will define EMSA - sponsor / partner relations.

In this point I would like to add that it would be good if EMSA could play a role of the facilitator in this relationship. Especially for small companies and companies that are trying to get on the European markets or are in the process of getting bigger. We could play a role of the facilitator by inviting them to our congress or GA or NCM and giving them space to do their workshops. 5th GOAL would be using our best practices in fund raising to assist the OCs of our major events as well as FMOs in getting sponsorships. Not only focusing on “regular sponsoring”, but also in the area of specific grants (such as those of the EU and EACEA – specifically the Youth in Action grants).

RESULTS 70% of goals from the first group of goal have to be done until end of January, based on that we will get feedback from sponsor if we have done a good job and how much more we have to improve. Timing shall be that I will try to improve and do all that I have said as first objective until January. After that I shall start contacting sponsors and making a deal with them on 1 year sponsorships. One year because I hope and I will try that till next year all of my goals from first objective will be finished and the we would get sponsor feedback from this years 2013/2014 sponsors. Based on that, 2014/2015 conditions for sponsor would be better and chances for better sponsor would be higher. Contacting sponsor not only money and other benefits will be the goal but also the most important thing, the feedback from them.

All in all I shall try to find sponsors and partners for EMSA by first making it more appealing to them. My opinion is that EMSA has a big potential for getting sponsors and to get great partners which could not only improve the financial state but mostly offer members new opportunities, knowledge, and other which would make working easier and make EMSA more appalling. I will take everything in consideration but also having a limit and not turning EMSA into an advertisement board. By electing me EMSA would get a fund raising officer who has the will and is motivated to do something not only for the sake of EMSA Europe but also for local EMSA’s.

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