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Vancouver is about to go to a whole new level with the upcoming Vancouver Eco Fashion Week in April 2010. VEFW seeks to put the “glamour” into the Ethical Fashion scene in Vancouver, this year.

“Here is my atelier,” welcomed dynamically the tiny brunette turned fashion designer as she tries to clear out a chair covered by colorful strips of clothes. Supayana, the clothing line run by designer

Yana Gorbulsky, started in 2002 when the talented student began selling handmade clothing on eBay. “When I first started selling it, I was doing it more as a hobby, because I was studying speech pathology in University. I thought it was just being something that would pay for school, but I ended up liking it”.

Yana Gorbulsky often models her own items

Bag from Sens Inverse

New collection for Sens Inverse

The brand Sens Inverse released it’s newest collection for Summer/Spring 2010. Their bags and necklaces will be soon available in Montreal eco-shops. You are already invited to attend the preview showing of the first pieces at La Gaillarde.


: a fashion Superstar

Eco-Briefs Eco Fashion Forward

Originally from Moscow, Gorbulsky moved to New York when she was 4-years-old. She started out by creating doll clothes from fabric scraps, followed by recycling fabric and clothing. “When I was like very little, I would make clothing for my toys,

like Barbies and stuff like that. It was just something I liked doing, and my parents didn’t buy me a lot of toys, so I just like make a lot of things my self”. Then, she begun sewing “just for fun”. A few years later, she created her own brand, Supayana. “I hate that name. What happened was I just add that as my user-name, and when I started selling just for fun on eBay that’s what everybody knew me as. So I couldn’t change it, because everyone was searching for it. But it’s okay, some people think its looks Japanese or something like that”, she joked. Despite the obvious success of her designs, she first hesitated to follow a career in fashion. “I’m a bachelor in speech pathology. Continues on P.3

Eco-Fashion:challenge for creativity? BY EMILIE ROSSO

A lot of designers assert that using recycled fabrics and materials is not only good for environmental but it’s also a real challenge for their creativity. “I have to work with what I have. It’s easier when it’s the reverse, because you can have an idea, go and buy the fabric, and then

make it. Here you’re limited, but in a way it’s better. You have to be more creative then,” said Yana Gorbulsky, designer of the clothing line Supayana. Tamara Rubilar who creates recycled jewels added that “sometimes it’s hard, cause your material is exhausted, I need to rack my brain

and to find out how to finish the collection with other material. It’s challenging, it’s really interesting to improve my originality and inventiveness”. Indeed, the originality of materials which are used by those avantgarde designers to create their collections become more and more popular.

Musky also agreed that it’s a challenge for designers to be obliged to use some fabrics and to find a way to accommodate them with other given materials. “It’s a process more interesting, because we have more barriers. There is a sensual side, you know, because your are already on the material”.


The Eco-Fashionista, March 29, 2010

What is exactly Eco-Fashion? BY EMILIE ROSSO

Recycling, ethical fashion, sustainable clothing or simply eco-fashion, these are the newest trends in the fashion industry all around the world. As we’ve seen eco-fashion continue to make headlines and almost become a novelty on the red carpet, you wouldn’t expect anything less than a deep investigation about what is that “eco-fashion” you keep hearing about. Here it is. Eco fashion is a really hazy concept. What is hidden behind that vague notion ? According to Jean Stéphane, lecturer at the Ecole Supérieure de la Mode à Montréal, “Eco-fashion can mean a lot of things. People often mix up eco-fashion with ethi-

cal fashion, recycling, sustainable fashion and slow-wear. But these are really different things”

«It’s totally utopian. It’s an european theory.» -Jean Stephane-

So let’s get our thoughts in order. What is exactly ethical fashion ? “It’s an approach to the design, sourcing and manufacture of clothing which is both socially and environmentally conscious. Eco-fashion is part of this larger trend. But it’s more about employees and the way clothing are made,” Stéphane explained. And what

Adress Book of the Month La Gaillarde 4019, rue Notre-Dame Ouest 514 989-5134 Preloved 4832 Saint Laurent Boulevard Cul-de-Sac 3966 Saint-Laurent Boulevard Terre à soi 4696 rue Ste-Catherine Est 514 759 8772

about eco-fashion ? “Simply put, the term eco-fashion refers to stylized clothing that uses environmentally sensitive fabrics like natural fibers and organic raw materials without pesticides to produce clothing,” he stated. This is really different from what Stéphane called «slow-wear». A concept according to which we should try to buy less clothing, that will last much longer. «It’s a kind of sustainable development trend for fashion. Slow-wear try to encourage people to buy clothes with a higher quality so that they will stop consuming. . Will desginers manage to stop our mass consumption habits ? «It’s totally utopian».»It’s an european theory,» he added

Tips from readers do

Photo by Emilie Rosso

La Gaillarde reopened his doors Thursday, March 18

with a smile, as if he wanted to clear himself for that idea.

Nonetheless, even if eco-fashion conjures up images of burlap sacks, its visibility has been raised through various initiatives, such as the Eco Fashion Week that will take place in Vancoucer in April. More and more brands and small businesses lately

“ Hi, my name is Kathy, and I first want to say that I love your This month : What newspaper ! To look beautiful, you do to feel beau- the trick is have your own sense tiful ? of style going on and be proud of it, generally look after yourself like e.g. use face wash every Write to us : day, and good The Eco-Fashionista products that 4906 Queen Mary are reliable.” Montrel, Quebec Kathy, 25

announced the release of a new eco-friendly line of clothing, jewelry and accessories. More and more eco-shops opened in Montreal like La Gaillarde or Boutique Ethique, to propose their customers only recycled clothing. More and more designers tried to turn eco-friendly fabrics into «Haute Couture»...

See also Feature on P.3

“ I like to dress up or even go shopping for new clothes, sometimes I just need to see myself looking nice in an outfit. When I need a big pick me up, I do something dramatic... I cut my hair and got a new style! . Remember you are beautiful! It’s difficult to remember how beautiful we are when we have toddler snot, or spitup, or haven’t been able to shower in two days.” Rose, 32


The Eco-Fashionista, March 29, 2010

The Recycling World of Montreal BY EMILIE ROSSO

Does recycling form a part of eco-fashion ? “I don’t think it belongs to eco-fashion. Because, the fabrics used, even if it they are recycled, was polluting,” said Jean Stéphane, lecturer at the ESMM. The eco-fashion sphere doesn’t share the same point of view at all. Tamira Rubilar created a brand of jewelry called Estrella bijoux. “I know that I won’t

save a forest because I used a sea shell and recycled jewels”. Rubilar

«I won’t save a

forest because I use sea shells for my jewels.» -Tamara Rubliar-

explained that her strong beliefs about ecology have translated into a jewerly line that only uses eco-friendly mate-

rials and recycled jewelry pieces. She started her business in Montreal about three years ago, and she said it is important that her products reflect her values. “It was interesting to make my business the reflection of my sensitiveness to waste and environement”. But she confesses that not everything in the jewels she makes is ecological.

Of course, we can find designers that are really deeply committed to ecology. That’s the case of Musky, whose clothing is to

Photo by Emilie Rosso

Tamara Rubilar creates her jewelry from home

100% recycled and ecological. “Most people don’t realize just how environmentally unfriendly clothing can be, “ she argued. She even promised that 90% her clothing is transported

by bike. “I have lived in a ecological way for many years, so it was logical for me that my creations needed to be like my way of life. And I feel better like that, I sleep better.”

An urban Fairy Tale comes true Continued from P.1

I don’t know why. My parents wanted me to study something that I could make money of. I liked it too. So I could see myself doing that”. Today, though, she works full time on her clothing line. “ But I think my university studies gave me a well-rounded education. So it helps in my everyday life”. All her items are guaranteed to be oneof-a-kind and are

rapidly sold out on her website. “Before, when I started, I like doing unique ones more. But now, it’s just easier to be asked to produce. Because if you just make one it’s so much work,” she explained. Her ultimate goal, though, is to prove that eco-fashions are not necessarily coarse and boring. And she succeeded. “If I want something, I can do it,” she conYana Gorbulsky cluded.


The Eco-Fashionista, March 29, 2010

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