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emric sawyer design portfolio ‘16.2

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CNC Machine - Donkey Creation. a four week project in Phase 1 to create ideation and a scale model of a new Donkey concept.


Bang and Oulfsen Sporting Headphone A four week project looking at exsisting Bang and Oulfsen headphones and create a new product to fit an area in the company that they have not specifically looked at.

Personal Homeware - Nike x Deezen Fitness Watch.

03 A four week project improving personal homeware by combining two companies, Nike and Deezen to create an aesthetically multi purpose fitness watch.


Nike x Deezen

The combination of Nike and Deezen creates this unique product that features a dual screen that seperates your fitness information from the general information. Touch screen with a titanium base, sweat receptors and a leather strap with sweat protection this watch can be used for training and casual wear.

OCTO Copper

Work Hard, Style Hard.

Domestic Furniture - MADE Armchair. a six week project to create a peice of domestic furniture for an online retail company. MADE were chosen for this project as they have a simple and clean style with a humble ethos.

Emric John - Sawyer

- Photoshop - Illustrator - SolidWorks -Sketching - Prototyping

Currently starting my second year at university. I am searching for the chance to better my skills at an internship for the summer / third year as well as continuing to make music and skate! +447572954025

Thank You!

See you soon!

2nd Year Portfolio - Term 1 End.