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CMPC CMPC is a leading company in Latin America in the production and marketing of forestry products, wood pulp, paper, tissue and paper products with over 90 years of experience in the industry. It has operations worldwide with sales of US$4.7 billion and assets of US$14 billion. Its forestry equity comprises more than 680,000 hectares of certified plantations in Chile, Brazil and Argentina which give the business sustainability and a long-term projection. The stewardship of radiata pine plantations with scheduled pruning and thinning has provided top quality raw material and value-added wood products. CMPC Maderas has a production capacity of 1 million m3 of sawn lumber, 500,000 m3 of plywood and 180,000 m3 of remanufactured products. The integrated business model from the forest to our mills optimises production and meets the demanding needs of our customers. These productive processes have cutting-edge technology and strict quality control assuring our demanding standards. CMPC Maderas has products in over 50 countries, due to its solid supply chain and experienced distribution network. CMPC’s experience and strength, reflected by timely service, continuous supply and long-term relations, gives customers peace of mind and trust.

Environment and the Community CMPC is committed to sustainable development, which must make productive activities compatible with the legitimate right of future generations to live in a suitable environment. The main work in this area is focused on renewable forest plantations, replacement of fossil fuels with the biomass, clean productive processes and recycling. Conservation of Biodiversity CMPC signed an Environmental Co-operation Agreement in 2003 to protect the biodiversity and has permanently collaborated with endangered flora and fauna conservation programmes of universities and government bodies. Native Forest Reserves CMPC identifies and records the native forest on its equity, making sure it is not replaced with plantations and that it is suitably protected. With over 153,000 hectares of protected forest, this is essential equity for sustainable development. The Barbanegra reserve in Brazil with 2,400 hectares of native forest should be highlighted. Fundación CMPC and the Community Empresas CMPC is committed to the education and development of communities around its industrial operations, which benefit neighbours of its forest lands and mills with a better quality of life. In its over 10-year history, Fundación CMPC has supported 51 schools, benefitting more than 10,000 children, with the conviction that a better quality of education raises people’s quality of life and future opportunities. CMPC’s “Good Neighbourhood Engagement Plan” aims to create social and economic development opportunities for the surrounding communities. This entails supporting technical secondary schools, community sports facilities and specific training courses for the needs of each group.

Certification All company’s forests are managed with an environmental stewardship system certified in accordance with the ISO 14.001 standard and have Sustainable Forest Management (PEFC) certification by means of accreditation of the national CERTFOR standard. In early 2006, CMPC Maderas secured accreditation and use of the PEFC 24-31-500 logo for its chainof-custody, which certifies that its products come from sustainably managed forests. CMPC Maderas also has OHSAS 18.001 certification on safety and health in the workplace. In 2013, Forestal Mininco secured Forest Stewardship CouncilTM (FSCTM licence number: FSC-C006246) by the international certifying agency Rainforest Alliance. This certification recognises responsible forest management and includes environmental, social and economic standards.

Radiata Pine Properties Name Scientific: Pinus Radiata D. Don Common: Radiata Pine, Insignis Pine Physical properties Apparent density with 12% moisture: 420-480 kg/m3 Dimensional stability: volume shrinkage coefficient of 0.26% for stable lumber Lumber description Sapwood: creamy white Heartwood: light brown Fibre: straight Characteristic defects: knots General description Radiata pine lumber is extraordinarily versatile. Considered to be of medium density, it has a homogeneous texture, and is easy to dry and treat with preservatives. It has excellent workability, nail holding, splitting-resistant and dimensional stability properties. Mechanisation Sawing: easy with no problems Drying: easy and quick Planing: easy Gluing: easy Nailing and screwing: easy Finishing: easy

Radiata Pine Plantations in the world



Mechanical properties at 12% Janka hardness: 3,600 N

Modulus of rupture: 816 kg/cm2 Modulus of elasticity: 80,558 kg/cm2

Crushing strength: 347 kg/cm2

Nail removal: 715 (N/40 mm) Impregnation Sapwood: easily treatable for all uses, including the sea Heartwood: treatable complying with soil contact use standards Applications Appearance (carpentry, furniture, mouldings, lining, sheathing, etc.) Structural (building, planking...) Packaging


Australia Nueva Zelanda

Lumber Sawmiling Process

Storage field

Los transportation to sawmill




Master saws


Log sorting into diameter classes

Cutting saws


Length dimensioning

Sorting of green lumber

Cutting System CMPC is always concerned about the quality of its products and therefore has cutting-edge technology to get the best performance of each piece of lumber. The cutting system used in the lumber sawmilling process is shown below.

Chips Central lumber

Semi-lateral lumber

Side boards

Sawn Lumber

Mouling & Better

Grade Features

Lumber which tolerates any kinds of




Rips performance of 75% or higher

Rustic or 2-face planed finish.

Kiln-dried free of chemical treatment.

Moisture content: 8-12%.

Furniture making, mouldings, and decorative elements and pieces.


Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m) 24 - 37 75 and greater 2,2 - 4,88

Lumber that tolerates defects with restrictions.

Face: Rips performance of 75% or higher

Back face: Rips performance of at least 50% of knot-free sections.

Accepts a maximum of 3% wane.

Kiln-dried free of chemical treatment.

Moisture content: 8-12%.

Furniture making, decorative elements and pieces.

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m) 24 - 37 75 and greater 2,2 - 4,88


Lumber that tolerates firm knots.

Performance of at least 60% of knotfree sections.


No defects allowed that compromises the strength of

the board.

Rustic or 2- or 4-faced planed finish.

Rustic or planed finish on four faces.

Kiln-dried free of chemical treatment.

Kiln-dried free of chemical treatment.

Moisture content: 8-12%.

Moisture content: 8-12%.

Furniture making.

Raw material for industrial use, packaging and pallets.

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m) 19 - 37 75 and greater 2,1 - 4,88

Thickness (mm) Width (mm) Length (m) 11 and greater 50 and greater 4 - 4,88 * * Special measurements and precision available.

Remanufactured Products

PFJ Mouldings

Grade Features

Radiata pine profiles made from finger jointing solid wood clear

FJ Mouldings

radiata pine.


Natural knot-free appearance.

Dimensionally stable, easy

Dimensionally stable, easy

workability and suitable for covering

workability and suitable for covering

with varnish or paint.



Profiles made with finger joint

Primed with white latex paint.

Glue used: PVA D-4.

Panelling and interior finishes.

Various types of profiles of up to 5.4 m. long.

with varnish or paint.

Glue used: PVA D-4.

Panelling and interior finishes.

Various types of profiles of up to 5.4 m. long.

PFJ Board

Edge-glued radiata pine finger joint

FJ Board


Primed with two coats of white

Clear Radiata pine boards with no resine leaks or stains.

Glue used: PVA D-4.

Furniture and shelving.

acrylic latex paint.

Dual coated for a perfect finish.

Glue used: PVA D-4.

Fascia, corners, window trims, ceiling, soffit.

Thickness (mm) Ancho (mm) Length (m) 18 - 30 Maximum of 300 5

Thickness (mm) Ancho (mm) Length (m) 16,6-30 Maximum of 950 Maximum of 5


The manufacturing excellence and our rigorous processes, high quality fibre provided by our certified forest plantations, ensures a continuous supply with a high service level creating the Selex experience. Superior and homogeneous quality. From our certified plantations. Wide distribution network.

Thickness (mm) 6,5

Thickness (inches)


2,44 x 1,22 m

N° of veneers

9 12 15 18

21 25
















480 - 550 kg / m3


Phenol formaldehyde adhesive according to the E1 emission standard.

Structural certification

PS1-09 by TECO & EN 13986 (CE 2+) by HFB.

Forestry certification

Certification of products from sustainably managed forests (CERTFOR-PEFC 24-31-500)

Moisture content

9% to 10% for all boards.


Knot-free faces. Lower material loss due to superior surface quality and higher thickness precision. Large dimensional stability and resistance to bending, tension and crushing. Compact internal and external construction with no material defects.


Selex A

Grade Features

Selex B



Solid face

Up to 6 wooden patches

Synthetic repairs allowed.

Solid face

Occasional knots of up to 25 mm wide.

Wooden patches allowed

Synthetic repairs allowed.

Interior and exterior sheathing for

Furniture, stairs and decking.

walls and ceilings.

Concrete moulds.

Furniture, stairs and decking.

Prefabricated components.

DIY projects

Lamination base.

Selex Cp

Selex C/D

Knotty solid face.

Sound and dead knots

Firm sound knots.

Open defects allowed

Open defects not allowed.

Synthetic repairs.

Concrete moulds.


Roof sheathing.

Construction in general.

Packaging and pallets.

Flooring. Packaging.


Selex T&G

Grade Features


Tongue and groove for easy installation.

Perfect finishes

High visual quality

Versatile and easy workability

Walls Ceiling Tongue and groove

Selex Beaded

High visual quality

Perfect finish

Available in different types of grooves



Decorative paneling T1-11

VG Groove

12 mm

12 mm / 5 sheeting

9 mm / 3 sheeting

9 mm

1,8 mm

1 mm

4,8 mm Grooved Profile 4�

9,5 mm

Grooved Profile 2�

CMPC MADERAS S.A. Agustinas 1343, Floor 4th - Santiago de Chile Phone (56-2) 2441 2814 Fax (56-2) 2696 5437 CMPC USA, Inc 1040 Crown Pointe Parkway, Suite 800 Atlanta, GA 30338 Phone (770) 551-2640 Fax (866) 280-2919 Contact mail:

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