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Is there a way to borrow someone else's address for car insurance? My friend lives in Los Angeles county and she is being charged $500 for a piece of paper that will be sent to her house address in Los Angeles. Can she use another address to receive that paper? Or does it have to be the house she lives at? Car insurance quote should i pay? i took out a car insurance policy 3months ago the operator quoted me 1050 pounds which i thought was a bit expensive, she said if i canceled within 14days (cooling of period) i need not pay no moneys!! i canceled within 8days. i got a cheaper quote elsewhere, Now the 1st insurance company are going to take me to Court they are saying i owe then 320 for 8days cover! should i pay them? whats the Law on this can any one help me has i don't think i should pay it." About how much would it cost to insure an 18 year old for 1 week on car insurance? About how much would it cost to insure an 18 year old for 1 week on car insurance? Cheapest compulsory third party insurance? I have got a 98 honda civic with no accidnet in the past 10 years and a clean driving record at Sydney NSW and its rego is coming, anyone know any good and CHEAP green slip company? preferabally around 300$." The Best Health Insurance ..? Hi there folks, I am new in this health insurance business and we are shopping for one. We live in Texas. Im looking for a plan for me and my wife. What's the best plan you guys have that affordable plan with the best coverage for 2 people.What do you have and what would you recommend? And whats the best health insurance plan that is affordable and also covers pregnancy? Please do let us know , I would really appreciate your responses. Camry Lover" Low car insurance rate?? hello i'm an 18 year old guy i passed my DMV tests and should be getting my license in the mail anytime I LIVE IN TEXAS. I have a 1999 Ford f-150 Black Truck and since i'll be hitting the mean streets soon, i need insurance of course. i AM trying to find a much cheaper one, if you'll say but keeps me legal but for less. Oh and I am a senior in high school so yes I'll be having an after school job so I guess you can say I don't make much..... please help"

What is the cheapeast insurance company for a teenager female driver? I am curious about what good insurance companies are cheap for teeenager female drivers. How much for ticket for no insurance? I just got a ticket today.. my car hasn't pass smog and I currently don't have insurance. I have to go to court for this how much do you think they will fine me ? Is it illigal to drive without having the proof of insurance IN your car.? I have insuarance and i will be getting the papers tuesday. Is it legal in Texas to drive without the pyhsical papers, even though I have the insurance." Affordable health insurance? Whats a good site for getting lots of quotes at once? thanks Do i have to get insured for my cleaning business? ok so its just me and my friend (business partner, we are in the process of getting our business together in the mean time we are just cleaning places with out insurance. i know i will need it incase something should happen. but do i really need the bond insurance as well? its only me and her and she would be co business partner or whatever you call it lol we are going to get a license soon but we dont rent out a building for this business because we dont really need one if its going to be just us." "Best and reliable home ,auto ,life insurance? bset and reliable home auto insurance Can someone help me get a insurance quote ? im 16 and my mom said that if i wanted to drive, i would have to buy my own insurance. but the thing is i cant find any sites that tell me how much i would have to pay as a starter , and then pay monthly. the car that i want to drive is my stepdads 2000 Bonneville. idk what else it is but it looks just like this. VvV i just want to know how much i would have to pay (:" Should I get car insurance in my name or parents? I'm 16. A lot of people are telling my parents to get my car insurance in their name and not tell them i'm the primary driver because it will be so much cheaper. Does that mean if I get in my first wreck they won't cover it or they'll just raise it after?

Can i go on someones insurance but drive a different car to them? well i know i can be put on some kind of car insurance with someone like a family member but i herd that's only if i just drive there car. is there a way i can be put onto there insurance but Drive my own car. Or does anyone know a cheap car insurance company for young new drivers??? I've tried hundreds and there all saying around 2,500ish!!! which is ridiculous i might be young but i have a one year old and a new born child it is highly unlikely that i will be racing with friends, and putting myself in unsafe situations!!! my cars only Worth like 1000 so i refuse to pay for insurance that's costs more than my car!!!! Any kind of help would be nice!! Thank you :)" Motorcycle insurance? Can anyone let me know where can I find good deals on motorcycle insurance in or around minneapolis. Its my first bike. Where can i buy insurance? I'm have a low income and I'm looking for a right insurance coverage. I work as a part time job so my employer won't buy an insurance for me. Please if anyone knows any type of insurance that I can afford that would be much appreciated. Thank you Health Insurance for 25 Year Old Disabled Male? I'm 23 years old and I live in California. I work full time but only make $8 an hour. My husband is 25 and has been disabled since age 12. He has a serious back injury and may be paralyzed one day and he cannot work. If this ever happens, I really don't want to be $1 million dollars in debt because we are uninsured. I have never bought health insurance before and I have NO IDEA what I am doing. I'm looking for insurance that will cover him if he needs to go to the emergency rooom, needs an operation or will cover him if he does indeed become paralyzed. Where do I start? What are our options? Will he be denied because of a pre existing condition? I don't care what I have to pay, I just want him to be insured. We don't want to go throught the process of getting him SSI because we don't want to be poor forever and if I make over a certain amount he will lose everything. Thanks for your help, I REALLY appreciate it." How to get cheap car auto insurance? How to get cheap car auto insurance? What is a rough guess what insurance for a 97 Yamaha yzf1000 would cost? Im looking at getting a 97 Yamaha YZF1000 and was wondering about how much i would be paying for insurance? Registering and insuring a salvaged car? just bought a car with a salvaged title with full knowledge of such thinking i'll save some money. the car runs fine, everything functions as any other car and if the title more"

Can i buy car insurance for 1 month? or on a month to month contract? i know most places give u insurance but from 3 month or more. if so where? Car Insurance Question? Im Getting My First Car In A Few Weeks and Im Wondering About Car Insurance Is $225.55 alot? How much would I Have To Pay A Month/ Every 6 Months Thanks :) How much do you think auto insurance will cost me? I am getting a 1971 vw bus, $8500 was how much I payed, a/b student in a college prep school, all honors classes, 16 year old male, live in florida, have not recieved my license yet and am in 10th grade. How much do you think it will cost me to get insurance at the cheapest rates?" Moped insurance for 16 year olds? about how much would the insurance cost me for my moped, i'm 16, i have my provisional licence? x" Edroy Texas Cheap car insurance quotes zip 78352 Edroy Texas Cheap car insurance quotes zip 78352 Affordable and good quality health insurance in CA? Any thoughts? Anyhow, I just lost my job and the Cobra option is way too expensive (over 500 dollars/month). I'm currently unemployed and so is my wife, and I'm looking for affordable, yet quality health insurance. Anyone have some suggestions? Thanks for your help." Car insurance quotes with no deposit for monthly payments? Doe's this still exist? Saved up for my car, bought it and now abit short of cash and can't afford the large deposit these companies are wanting. Is there a car insurance company who will offer monthly payments without a deposit? My brother done this before but the company he done it with now ask for deposit because I tried." Low car insurance adjustment from liable company's adjuster? Someone else hit my car while it was parked. It was very cut-and-dry. I got a police report, the officer talked to the driver. It states that my car was legally parked and the other driver is at fault. The damage is minor rear bumper damage, nothing too terrible. I filed with his insurance company, and after a lot of frustrating phone tag, an insurance adjuster came out and wrote me an estimate for $450. I had an adjustment for $734 from the local body shop for my make of car, and I showed it to him. I expressed my dissatisfaction with this estimate, and he said the body shop would settle with the insurance company directly for costs in excess of the estimate. $300 is

a little much. Since it's minor damage, I think the body shop will probably take the money and do a shoddy job on the car. It's my understanding they are supposed to repair my car to pre-accident conditions. I got another estimate for $745 this weekend. I can't get it fixed for $450. What are my options? (cont'd)" Any good/bad experiences with Farmers Insurance? I'm considering becoming an agent of farmers. Looking for cheap cars to insure? Hello there, im 21 and looking for a cheap good runnin car! Thats cheap to insure! :) I dont like the old shape corses or nissan micras.. Ewww lol but really need a car asap! Any suggestions would be great n could u put make of car n model please? Thanks for reading! Lewis :D" How much is insurance on a jeep wrangler for a male beginning driver? Is anyone a male driver around 16 who drives a jeep wrangler and knows how much on average the insurance will be? What are your reviews for Geico and Progressive? We have Amica insurance and they cost $1200 a year and our car is Saturn ION 2 2004 sedan. This is financed car so we need full coverage. With clean driving history and clean car history do you think this is a good price? Should we try other companies to compare? What are your reviews about Geico and Progressive? Do you think they are good companies and can give us better rates? How much would health insurance cost for me? I am 22 years old, I am completely healthy, I am a girl, and I live in Kansas City, KS. How much would health insurance, on average, cost for me?" Miguel's insurance company repair costs 80% of value. Sustained $8000 worth of damage what was value of car.? Miguel's insurance company repair costs 80% of value. Sustained $8000 worth of damage what was value of car.? Crowdsourced car insurance company? Would you join? If I were to set-up a crowdsourced car insurance company would you be interested in joining? I appreciate how much money is required when starting a car insurance company but I seriously think that with a concentrated effort and a crowdsourced company then we could beat the large companies at there own game. The way I envisaged it working was that the idea attracts as many people as possible and each person pays a membership fee. In return for the fee the person gets a share in the company with certain voting rights. The share doesnt entitle you to free insurance, but seriously reduced in price. Insurance policies are only available to members, the main

benefit being to keep insurance costs down people would hopefully be less likely to claim. When the company generates profits, those profits would go into a pot and at the end of the year the pot would be sent out to members in the form of dividends. Anyone interested?" Car Insurance - why does the quote price change depending on occupation? if i put i'm a student the quote is the cheapest if i put unemployed the quote is the most expensive anything in between is cheaper than the unemployed quote why is this Can I own a car without insurance in NY? I recently moved to New York from Illinois due to family issue. I am overwhelmed by the heavy traffic and how difficult it is to drive in NY. Fortunately the public transportation is convenient enough so I don't bother driving my car at all and about to sell it. However, my insurance is about to expire in days and I won't be driving this car until someone buys it. The car is registered in Illinois. Can I still keep my car in NY without insurance? What do I have to do with my license plate? What procedures do I have to follow if I sells my car in NY? I've been working very hard try to earn enough money to put my family together, any pennies less to spend is very helpful to my current situtation. Please if anyone can answer it! Much appreciated." How much is the average annual insurance for a mitsubishi evo? How much is the average annual insurance for a mitsubishi evo? How much for term life insurance? compared to whole life? im married, age 27 and interested in buying life insurance for me and hubby. for just myself how much would my monthly be approx? im healthy dont smoke and dont want to pay too much money.... does term life give you an option of continuing on with them after the 20+ years term? would the premium go up? i only need around 100, 000 i think. since i dont plan on dieing anytime soon but wouldnt want my family with no funeral money if i did. do my kids need any? they are 2 and 4 and i was considering the gerber life for them? please help! oh hubby is 27 and healthy non smoker as well" Did you know that Geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance? Did you know that Geico could save you 15% or more on car insurance? California Health Insurance? I am looking to get health insurance for a year, more to take care of neglected issues than to cover my butt if I get sick/hurt (I'm 27, betting on youth and good health!). Kaiser seems to be the most appealing because they cover a broader range of services. I am namely interested in physical therapy (winged scapula), dermatology (oily skin/acne), perhaps mental illness services as I have suffered from depression (although I somewhat consider it a problem of my past). I'm aware insurance plans won't cover preexisting conditions, but how can they really prove these issues didn't start yesterday, right? I'm overwhelmed with my choices. Is it worth paying $330/mo

for $0 deductible, 0% coinsurance, $40 co pays and a max out of pocket @ $3000? Or is it smarter to pay $166/mo, $2700 deductible, 0% coinsurance, $0 co pays after deductible, and max out of pocket @ $5000 (including deductible)? Etc. I have put off getting insurance because I'm scared I will pick a completely inappropriate plan. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?" What is some good dental insurance? What is a good and affordable dental insurance? Will the insurance give me another car? someone backed into my car bumper resulting in a fairly unnoticeable damage,I started a claim, if the insurance company send me to a bodyshop to for the repair will they give me another car till my car is fixed???" Homeowners insurance or renters insurance? Okay so the person we were renting from had bought a house and is owner financing it for us. We just moved in and I was calling around about insurance and have been told so many things it's ridiculous! A few insurance companies told me I need homeowners insurance and a few told me I need renter insurance since the title is in his name not mine which makes sense but I don't want to end up with the wrong type of insurance. Help?! If i'm 17 and in the military can i get a discount on car insurance? My mom has PGC insurance and with me added to it its another $1000 ever 6 months. I'm in the U.S. army. is there a way i can get a discount on car insurance? Will I lose my life insurance with AIG? I have a life insurance policy with AIG. With the recent news about the AIG financial troubles, what happens if this company folds or goes bankrupt? Will I lose my life insurance policy with them?" Why do people ask yahoo answers about car insurance quotes.? When its so much quicker, easier and obviously more accurate to either call insurance company or do an online quote." How much will insurance be for me per month for a used nissan 350z yr 2003-2004?(full coverage)? I am 19yrs old and this will be my first car. My credit score is 662 and I work full time earning 9$ an hr for 2 yrs now. Will insurance be a lot for me? How much averagly? 200? 300? 400$? I need to know before I buy it from the dealer... thanks! 17 year old car insurance?

I'm a 17 year old guy, straight A's. I was in a one accident, took out a power pole, but was not cited, have never gotten a ticket. How much should I be paying for car insurance. Right now it is $180 a month. Is that high or not? How much do most 17 year olds pay? The reason I ask is that a quote I got for switching to my Dad's insurance company was a lot lower, I don't know whether to believe it or not." Car Insurance? anybody know what the Uk cheapest car insurance for somebody with 15 years no claims discount car engine size 2.8cc? Edroy Texas Cheap car insurance quotes zip 78352 Edroy Texas Cheap car insurance quotes zip 78352 Please tell me what you think about Infinity Auto Insurance? Please tell me what you think about Infinity Auto Insurance? Is the constitution preventing Americans from getting affordable healthcare? Is the constitution preventing Americans from getting affordable healthcare? Help me with my car insurance question!? i am currently insured on my grandfathers insurance as a secondary driver because they gave me their car when they paid it off. well now im selling that car and we are wondering how the insurance will work? will i just be able to switch it over to my new car though it will be in my name now instead of his? should i just put the name of the car in my grandfathers name to make things easier? or can it still be done with a reasonable increase on my car insurance? right now i pay 500 every 6 months because of my good driving record and i get the student discount, how much more will it go up if i have a car under my name?" I have a car insurance question.? about how much would it cost for a 16 year old boy in california todrive a 2004 silverado access cab? please give me a quote and not a website. Where can I find business cargo insurance at reasonable rates? We're a small company trying to get started, that's why we're looking for insurance at a reasonable rate. Any help will be welcome. Thanks" How much car insurance should I get? I live in California and wanted to try to save some money on my car insurance. I want to get enough coverage in case I am responsible for a major accient. Any recommendations on the following? Bodily Injury and Property Damage Uninsured/ Underinsured Motorist Uninsured Motorist Property Damage Medical Payments

Thanks! "Car Insurance..if i go out of state, but my parents pay for the car insurance and i live in another state...?" What i meant to say was..if i have a car, it is in my parent's name, and i move out of state, is it possible to still be covered by the insurance even if it isnt from the state it is being payed for in? or do i have to get insurance and the car changed to my name in another state? i hope someone understads. thank you for you time in reading this :) 10 points to the best answers! or lets say Correct answer!" Car Insurance for 4 months? Hi guys, I'm back with my parents for about 4 months, and I would like to drive the car. To do this, obviously I need to have insurance activated (secondary driver). They are saying that they need to charge me for a year that. Saying that I might come home and drive the car. Meaning, for 8 months I would be paying for nothing. Because I'll be in another city, not even close to the car. 1) If I did come home, I wouldn't drive the car without insurance 2) I don't even come home during the school year, and there is a chance that I won't come home for the summer Do I have any grounds on this? I think the insurance salesperson just wants to gouge money." Can someone help me get a insurance quote ? im 16 and my mom said that if i wanted to drive, i would have to buy my own insurance. but the thing is i cant find any sites that tell me how much i would have to pay as a starter , and then pay monthly. the car that i want to drive is my stepdads 2000 Bonneville. idk what else it is but it looks just like this. VvV i just want to know how much i would have to pay (:" What is the cheapest car insurance for teens in pa? im 16 years old and wondering what is the cheapest insurance. i need insurance asap. Your personal experiences with Progressive Auto insurance? I just got a lease on a 2010 Honda Civic. Its the first car ever in my name and was a bit pricey for me b/c I don't have an extensive credit history. Progressive was the cheapest auto insurance I could find so I decided to try it. Any pros/cons you've experienced? Why not make Health Insurance mandatory like Car Insurance? Why not make Health Insurance mandatory like Car Insurance? Why is my car insurance so high?

my car insurance is very high its something like 5000-10,000 and plus its only third party and the car is cheap 500 fiat punto ive checked confused several times still same prices" Auto insurance with international driving licence in CT? I'm a graduate student, I want to buy a car but I don't have a U.S. license yet. Does any one know how much auto insurance would cost in Connecticut with an international licence? I have only heard from people that its more expensive." Is my car insurance too expensive? Im 17 years old and recently checked out some quotes for car insurance and the cheapest i could find was $700. I live in toronto and the car is a 2000 civic ex. Is the insurance too expensive considering this is my first insurance Do I need to pay insurance on a SORN car? Hi if i declare my car SORN (UK) do i need to pay insurance or MOT? Automobile insurance sites? Hey, I've been trying to find a website that gives out free automobile insurance quotes. I found a ton, but they all ask for personal information like telephone numbers and addresses. Are there any sites that will just give you what you're looking for: a fast insurance quote without having to give out all your personal info?" Will car insurance offer a jump start to my car ? my car doesn't ignite and i... out. will my car insurance company be able to... As a new Driver when should I expect my insurance costs to lower? Here is the background: I am 27 years old and I just learned to driver a little over 7 months ago. I know that as a COMPLETELY new driver my insurance costs weren't going to be the best so I was surprised when most if not all companies I went to quoted me at about 400-450 for 6 months of full coverage. I thought this was very very good because that is about what my husband pays and hes had an perfect driving record since he was 17. Well when I went in to buy my first car ( brand new and financed, so I needed full coverage based on my state laws. ) Before I left the lot I called my chosen insurance company and they activated my insurance for me. To my dismay but not complete shock they told me they would have to raise the quote because I didn't have a driving record yet. ( At this point I had only had the license about 3-4 weeks I don't quite remember ). I was told this should clear up the next time I renew. Well my premium has actually gone up fifty dollars ( instead of down 150 )! I was shocked. So, out of curiosity I got quotes from other places now and it was just as expensive if not more so. What happened? I've had no moving or parking violations, my driving record is perfect. I thought I would ask the yahoo community before I call my insurance company to point fingers."

WHEN to negotiate car insurance claim acv? Hypothetical: my car is hit while parked. Repair costs are likely more than ins co thinks the car is worth, making the car a total loss. I file 3rd party ins claim, and they want to see it in person. Do they give me an offer upon seeing it, or will they only inspect and give me an offer at later time? I want to be prepared maximize to my settlement or negotiate up the car's value so it will be fixed, but don't know at what part of the process to negotiate. (approx 4k in damage, and car was worth 3-4k before) And what's the best way to do this? bring ads of similar cars for sale, or...?" How much is car insurance for a 16 year old driver? I am about to turn 16 in August. And I'm wondering if you can tell me a estimated guess on how much car insurance will be. My family is insured with State Farm. If there is another company that may be cheaper please tell me. My family has several cars under Sate Farm if that makes a difference. I will be driving a 2007-8 Ford F-150 Lariat 2 wheel drive. I have all A's and have over 60 community service hours. If any of this makes a difference. How much will I start off spending and how fast does it get lowered and what will it get lowered to about? How much more would it cost if my parents added me to their car insurance? My parents pay about $100 a month on insurance for their car ( 2008 Nissan Sentra) to OMNI insurance group. I'm just wondering how much extra would they have to pay to add me (16 years old) onto the insurance when I get my license? I am a single mom looking for affordable health insurance for myself. Where might I look for this? I am a single mom looking for affordable health insurance for myself. Where might I look for this? Driving without insurance? I am a licensed driver and the car i drive is insured, but i never bought insurance. How much trouble will I get into if I get into an car accident? Oh and I am 18 and live in Minnesota" I'm looking for the lowest car insurance I can find? nationwide offered me 200/monthly liability allstate 123.00/month esurance 89/month Any idea if I can find the next lower one? Edroy Texas Cheap car insurance quotes zip 78352 Edroy Texas Cheap car insurance quotes zip 78352 Does anyone know of Grange Insurance Company? My insurance agent recommends that I switch to Grange because they will give me a much lower rate than what I currently have, with the exact same auto insurance coverage. But, I have never heard of this company."

I want to put my niece on my car insurance? i drive a 2001 puegoet 206 and want to include my 17 year old niece on the policy.she has a provisional licience.does anyone know what this will cost approximately How to get insurance without licence? can i get insurance if i dont have a licence Is Nissan 240sx expensive to insure? Is 89-93 240sx (S13) expensive to insure? I am 16. I would put this car under my mom's insurance. She never had an accident, ticket, etc. Also I never took drugs or any stuff like that, never been pulled over or something if it matters insuring a car." How much will the car insurance rate increase? Company: Mercury Current Rate: $450-ish/month Accident: Backing up into another car; indentation (about 2 feet wide) on other car, no injuries, other car still functions normally. Also, I got my license in July and I am under 18. Thanks in advance." If I brought 4 luxury sports cars how would that effect my insurance? Im doing a project for school and I need to know if I brought four cars say a Bentley, porsche, a Maserati, and a aston martin would it make my insurance go up a crazy amount or would it stay the same as if i were to buy four regular cars like honda? P.S. say Im 25 and have a perfect record!" Why is Obama all of a sudden denying HIS OWN WORDS health insurance made over YEARS? in his OWN WORDS: s-health-care-plan-will-eliminate-private-insurance/ Is it true that if you have full coverage insurance on a rental car... (please look inside)? They can't ban you from renting from there for the rest of your life? OK. Back in 2005, I rented a car from Enterprise with FULL coverage insurance. 1 day I was on my way to school because I had a deadline to turn in a research paper that was 30% of our grade, & my sister 2x my age locked me in the house on purpose & thought it was funny. I got in the car, & drove it to school, & I panicked & got into a wreck & the car crashed into a tiny tree on the median. It was only a fender bender. But the company tried to say it was totaled for over $2,000 worth of damage. Everyone else who saw, said it was a fender bender. The twigs got inside the light on the left side of the front of the car. But that could've easily been fixed. Not sure. But the wheel alignment was messed up. Does that mean the car is totaled? What does TOTAL a car mean? That it couldn't be fixed? Well, I was just talking about it today, & a lot of people online had ganged up on me & attacked me. Now I'm feeling sad & hurt. About to cry. & they were calling me dumb, irresponsible, etc. Very hostile & angry @ me. They act like I

wrecked THEIR personal car! People get into accidents all the time. Anxiety disorder or not. & they were saying that since I had full coverage, I shouldn't have been banned. & they were saying my story didn't make sense. But people look for any & every reason to discriminate against me. It's not fair." How much would it cost for a 17 year old girl to get auto insurance? How much would it cost for a 17 year old girl to get auto insurance? How to insure my used car auto dealership? I just founded my own used car dealership and I was wondering what kind of insurance I need to cover it. I understand that I will need general liability of course, but I also heard a lot about blanket coverages. If anyone can help if you can give me just an overview of what kind of insurance I need I would highly appreciate it. And also what are some carriers that would insure me? Thanks!" Anyone who knows about car Insurance please help? Ok, long story short. I live in Canada, Ontario, the worst ******* place in the world to be when it comes to car insurance. I am classified as a high risk driver because of some petty thing I did, (got caught driving with my G1 license alone, when you need a passenger with at least 4 years experience) I want to know what my insurance would be now on a 1991 bmw e30 318is. I am 16 years old, my question is can I call a bunch of insurance companies and ask for quotes? I mean do I have to be at least 18 years of age to do this? Please inform me. I am pretty sure as long as I have my license beside me I can call insurance companies for quotes right? Also what do they ask? Just car Make, model, year, color, sedan or coupe, etc? What else? Sorry for sounding like a complete idiot, I am only 16 I do not know these things. Thank you very much" Car Insurance questions (teenager)? I am a teenager, and i live on my own. I pay my own bills and everything and i need to find the CHEAPEST car insurance possible. Can you help me out? Liability.... Yes, i know its cheaper with my parents, but my mom took me off of her insurance, and i need to find one fast." What's the average price for car insurance? i'm turning seventeen soon and i need to get enough money together for a year's worth of insurance. My Insurance auto accident settlement? I was recently in a car accident where a Nissan truck ran into the back of another car that then ran into the back of me causing $2000 worth of damage to the rear of my infiniti. I received moderate whiplash to my neck and had to be taken to the hospital. I checked out without any broken bones and was prescribed medication. I went to see a chiropractor and he has been working on my neck for a couple days which makes it feel a better. Im 100% not at fault and the insurance company has taken care of my

car repair, rental, and medical bills. They ask me How much do I think I want for this accident for pain and suffering. I believe I am entitled to at least $3500-5000 for my suffering I live in NC. I believe $5000 is a reasonable consider the circumstances. I could have lost my life, broke my neck and been paralyzed for life. Thank the lord that I received only a whiplash. The stress that I am undergoing, the constant pain in my neck is a reminder of the accident, which I feel fearful of driving. The time I spent recovering could have been spent enjoying my life. Besides getting behind in my school work, I am absent from my student organization at school which I am a key figure ( president AGC). I don't enjoy waking up with cramps and headaches nor do I like to take prescription pills, and therapy. I don't want to be compensation a insufficient amount that wont even cover pain and suffering I went though. It seems like you people are on the side of the insurance company and not the victims in this situation. I wonder if any of you have ever been in an automobile accident and if you have must share some sort of empathy of what I am reiterating." Vehicle usage and auto insurance rates? i just noticed on my insurance policy it states one of our vehicles is used for work/school. it should say pleasure use, will that change the rate at all?" What Insurance companies will cover a pizza delivery driver? Ok, so I've been trying to find Work as a pizza delivery driver---I was able to find one job delivering pizza--but when I had called my insurance company and told them about the situation--they immediately said We will not cover any accidents you have while on the job delivering pizzas. Have a good day. So, my question is: What insurance policies do cover you for delivering pizzas?" Two Questions for Automobile Insurance? Can u guys help me to answer these questions? These questions are about Automobile Insurance 1) How can coverage needs change as you go throughout life? 2) Utilize Insurance Terminology. TY!!! Insurance on Rx-8 for a 29yr old male? I'm almost 29 and I'm thinking of buying a Mazda Rx-8, the 230bhp version. I've got 2 yrs no claims and was wondering if anyone of similar age has one and if they could give me an idea of what the insurance would cost in Ireland??" Car accident. how much will my deductable go up? i might need a new bumper. i was stopped in a parking lot going into first gear when this lady backed into my bumper. she claimed fault for it and i have a signed statement from her. i am 16 years old and i live in the state of Ohio. perfect record and no pasted accidents. will this make my insurance go up? and if so by how much? What is the cheapest form of auto insurance? What is the cheapest form of auto insurance?

"I accidently backed into a car, but the owner doesnt want me to turn it in to my insurance?" She doesnt have car insurance and is scared she'll get into trouble. Its at least 500 worth of damage. Do i have to pay her out of pocket? I pay insurance for a reason!!! My deductible is only 100, and i dont feel i should pay anymore than that." Lying to insurance driving record? It's time to renew my insurance. In the quote I got in the mail, they didn't include the speeding violation that I got back in July 2009. If I tell them about it it would bring the premium up of about 120 dollars. I'm debating if I should tell them or not. After all it's their job to prepare the quote and check driving records. I'm just afraid that in case something happened they would use this as a reason not to pay eventual claims.. What would you do? Thanks" Car insurance discount for drivers using a camera? Does anyone know of any UK car insurance companies that offer a discount to drivers who use an in-car forward facing camera such as With increasing premiums i'd be tempted to splash out 200 on one of these for a cheaper insurance quote! Best insurance for young drivers [UK]? I already said the comparison websites don't seem to give great quotes. And i also said i want third party fire and theft.. so i don't understand your answer :s Where on earth can I find affordable maternity insurance?!? I didnt have it with my son and we are looking to get health insurance but all the plans that are decently priced (under $350/month) dont cover maternity. even if I could JUST find a maternity insurance that would be great! does anyone have or know of any insurance companies that offer maternity coverage? if so what are the names? heres a little info we live in FL we have one child my husband and I are 20 and 21 years old if you know of any insurance that will have affordable rates please let me know so I can get a quote! Edroy Texas Cheap car insurance quotes zip 78352 Edroy Texas Cheap car insurance quotes zip 78352

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Edroy Texas Cheap car insurance quotes zip 78352  

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