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KWANZAAFEST is turning 21! Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price says there’s still time to get your KwanzaaFest booth.

For 20 years, KwanzaaFest has provided an excellent family environment and opportunity to showcase products and services. Planners of the event never cease in analyzing the festival in order to make each year better than the previous. This year is expected to be even more exciting with the addition of actor/singer Tyrese. KwanzaaFest is able to accomplish its goals through partnership with sponsors and other civic minded corporations in this community, as well as a wealth of advertising and marketing strategies. Over the past five years KwanzaaFest met and exceeded its targets for attendance and expects more than 50,000 patrons in 2011. Last year HealthFest registered a record 35,365 medical screenings and

expects to see a substantial increase in 2011. Contributing to the overwhelming success of KwanzaaFest is the variety of free family friendly activities that include mini-concerts performed by national recording artists, market vendors providing timely access to gifts and products for the holiday season, dedicated Children's activities, a Beat Obesity 5K Walk/Run Healthy Lifestyles Program, the KwanzaaFest Oncor Encor Great Debate fostering the best of the best high school debate teams through scholarships for the winning two top teams, the educational forums and a charitable health outreach component that produced 35,365 free health screenings valued at $898,253 during the

2009 event, a 27% increase from 2008. KwanzaaFest, Inc., coordinates the planning and implementation of this event through volunteer staff. This event is truly an effort by the community for the community. KwanzaaFest distributed 60,000 entry tickets last year and it was the hottest ticket in the metroplex. The FREE ticket is required to ensure crowd safety. HealthFest addresses the needs of both the underinsured and uninsured through offering free humanitarian health services. KwanzaaFest, Inc. strategically plans the annual KwanzaaFest event to be held in a U.S. Department of Health and Human Services identified Medically Underserved Area and Health Care Professional Shortage Area. Through creative

KwanzaaFest focuses on health and it was a family affair as men, women and children braved the rainy weather.

Tyrese scheduled to perform

partnerships, KwanzaaFest HealthFest provides effective and efficient linkages to critical health services and sustainable health care. The demonstrated need for this event is evidenced by the growth of HealthFest during the past five years, from offering 3,000 health screenings in 2005 to more than 35,000 health screenings in 2009! HealthFest started tracking the equivalent cost of care if participants were to access services through paid health sources. In 2008, HealthFest provided more than $491,000 in care and in 2009 the care administered almost doubled to almost $899,000 offering a return of $14 for every $1.00 of donated and/or sponsor funding to



That first trip to Africa It was one of the happiest moments of my life and it was also one of the saddest! It was an honor to travel to Douala for the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Le Messager. The idea, that Pius Njawe, and his staff, labored for three decades, despite opposition from the government and efforts to put him out of business is so noteworthy. And still he remained vigilant in his efforts to ensure a free and independent press.

Dr. Mitch Land and Pius Njawe making sure that I get through Customs without any problem.

Imprisonment, harassment and attacks on his supporters were the order of the day, but nothing stopped Pius Njawe. Looking at his journey provided inspiration for me, to remain committed to outstanding journalism regardless of any obstacles that I may face. It is important to tell Pius Njawe’s story, and that of Le Messager, and all the journalists who suffer in their quest to be a voice for the voiceless. This was my first trip to Africa--the Motherland, and what a wonderful experience. There is so much about Africa out there for me to learn about and it was great to be learning firsthand, without the filtered, sanitized version presented courtesy of the media. Since I set foot off the Air France carrier and into the Douala Airport, I was like a child in a candy shop. I wanted to take in all of this beautiful continent so that I could share those memories and information, in addition to cherishing them for a lifetime. The activities planned to celebrate Le Messager’s rich history shed insight into the

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POLICE have not apprehended Pookie the serial rapist. If you have information, call Crime Stoppers at

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Have you ever called on a journalist?

From the

This is what supporting NATO looks like

Hon. Cynthia McKinney

Clarice Journalists are creative folk. They make good speakers, emcees, panelists and program participants. Over the years, I have watched many of my friends making public appearances during the work day and during their offtime. Oftentimes they are not paid for their services. Other times they may get a small stipend, a certificate or a gift card. I've even heard of times when they barely get a "thank you." But, because they care about their communities and the people who are their viewers, listeners and readers; journalists continue to say "yes" to the countless invitations. And sure there are those who won't do anything unless they are being paid, but that's a subject for another column-think about those who have been in the trenches and have given so much. I am making a plea to any and everyone who has ever had the need for a journalist. Whether they emceed your event, publicized your causes or had you on their programs; I am asking you to support the Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Black Journalists as this group celebrates its 30th anniversary on Dec. 1 at the Music Hall in Fair Park. A stellar program is planned with the dynamic Soledad O'Brien as the keynote speaker. Emceed by Charles O'Neal and Lynne Haze, the event will also feature a performance by singing sensation IMAJ, a booksigning performance by Ivan Tolbert, and an exhibit by noted artist Frank Frazier. Since its inception, this organization has awarded over $500,000 in scholarships to aspiring communicators. Some of the finest journalists in the world have passed through this market and their impact on students and aspiring journallists has been significant. DFW/ABJ has awarded scholarships to students who went on to be award-winning journalists and authors. DFW/ ABJ also counts among its scholarship alumni: elected 2 11/18/11

Bob Ray officials, dentists, PHDs, attorneys, business owners, educators, entertainers and entrepreneurs. We're thankful for the print support provided by The Dallas Morning News. We've also been the beneficiary of long-standing support from a number of other businesses, individuals and groups. Some deserving students will receive scholarships and you'll get to see some of the outstand-

ing work that journalists do in this area. There's also the Asante Awards that will be presented to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Bob Ray Sanders and Fox 4's Clarice Tinsley. For this reason alone, we should have a packed house. For 40 and 32 years respectively, Bob Ray and Clarice have exhibited the highest in journalistic excellence and they have wholeheartedly given their time, resources and money to support programs and projects, not just in the Metroplex, but across this country. Bob Ray and Clarice are the epitome of what real journalists should strive to be. Their integrity is impeccable and the professionalism they display wherever they go is admirable and inspiring. Then there's Soledad. An honorary member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., she continues to produce stellar documentaries about critical issues. Soledad cares about people. She knew that my Andre was serving in the Air Force in Okinawa so when she was covering the Japanese Tsunami and earthquake, she was reassuring as she let me know

Soledad that everything was okay and safe where he was. Her solid reporting finds the Harvard University alum at the center of some of the most intense stories of our time. In addition to her role as special correspondent for long-form documentaries, Soledad is returning to daytime television on CNN, anchoring mornings from 7-9am ET. “I couldn’t be more eager to return to daily news, to bring conversation and context to CNN viewers in the morning. I welcome the opportunity to give voice to people who aren’t often heard, and stories that are sometimes overlooked,” said the recipient of the 2010 Journalist of the Year Award from the National Association of Black Journalists. “I love telling people’s stories, and I’m

I was just contacted by someone saying that yet another prominent Libyan--a nice man whom I met--had been tortured and killed by the "rebels" who are now recognized by the US and other governments as the legitimate government of Libya. I hope this information is not true. Upon reflecting on the sad news, I thought about all of the people who were so sure that the lies were true; that the US military response was appropriate; in short, they told us that war is peace. Many spouting the palaver were people who should have known better. Instead, they lapped up the imperial lies like Pavlov's dog, and proselytized war. I recall those who were vociferous in their support of NATO's assault on Libya and those who were SILENT. Reverend Jesse Jackson (, all but six Members of the Congressional Black Caucus (http://, most Black civic leaders and many Black media backed the President's policy against the people of Libya or were silent. How many "Progressives" affirmatively backed the President's policy to unleash depleted uranium, helicopter gunships, bunker buster bombs, and these "allies" onto the Libyan population? Or worse yet, were silent? Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said, "In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends." Mission accomplished: Libya is destroyed, rivers of blood now flow, and the momentous plans for African independence are over. Gone is the visionary and wellfinanced project for a United States of Africa, a one million-person Army for Africa to repel unwanted invasion and penetration, and the projects that had already been approved by the African Union: the African Central Bank (to be headquartered in Nigeria) to issue a gold-backed currency; the African Monetary Fund (to be headquartered in someplace in Central Africa); and the African Investment Bank (to be headquartered in Libya). War is a crime and the aggression against Libya is criminal. 1. This video depicts clearly who was backed. The caption: Les rebelles sont racistes et n'arrètent pas de torturer et tuer des Libyens noirs. Un libyen de Taouerga est torturé. (The "rebels" are racists and do not stop torturing and killing black Libyans. One Libyan from Taouerga [that was the mostly Black Libyan city bombed to smithereens by NATO and that the "rebels" have vowed to wipe off the map of Libya] is tortured): This video, entitled "Rebels torture a Libyan from Taouerga" is dated 7 November 2011:

Ivan looking forward to bringing the perspective, heart and storytelling that have worked well in our documentaries to a morning audience." Soledad cares! DFW/ABJ cares! We need you to care too! Support DFW/ABJ and our future journalists. Log on to and order your tickets. Whether it was the journalism workshop, community access forums (How to Get Into the News Without Committing Murder)or visiting your schools or community programs, our members have been there. Help us celebrate 30 years of achievement, advancement and advocacy. Get your tickets today! WHO: DFW/ABJ WHAT: 30th Scholarship Gala WHEN: Thur, Dec. 1 at 5:30p. WHERE: Music Hall at Fair Park HOW: CSL

2. Libya is in chaos, rebel now points arms at rebel. I passed through Zawiya on my way from Tunisia to Tripoli. This video is entitled Rebels attack the NTC of Zawiya and is dated 6 November 2011: The caption in part reads a new kind of war begins--rebels killing rebels. 3. With Iraq, we have seen the decimation of an entire country. So, too, with Libya. From infrastructure to people, nothing was left unattacked. Many individuals whose hand I shook are now dead; many streets bombed, buildings reduced to rubble. This video, done by Russians, depicts Sirte before 20 October 2011 and after NATO's unrelenting bombardment: 4. Listen to the National Endowment for Democracy Libya representative Mahmoud Jibril say why he thinks Muammar Qaddafi was killed: "Too many things would have been revealed you know. This man was full of secrets, you know. He had too many contacts with too many leaders with too many countries . . . " 4. Then review this incredible video of Sliman Bouchiguir admitting that they just made up the numbers of dead, attributed the atrocities to the Jamahiriya government, while reporting to the world that the Libyan Jamahiriya was using a "scorched earth policy" against Libyan civilians and foreigners. It was all lies. for Europe, and for US:http:// At 11 hours on 11/11/11, I am plenty sad.














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SWAGGER MAGNIFIED! September 1 - December 31 -- I am picking the men I think have serious swagger. These men are intelligent, strong, sharp, fierce, competitive, charismatic, spiritual, hard, caring, handsome, smooth, creative, energetic and so much more!

NOW... !!

Sporting News Editor-in-Chief Garry D. Howard, Fort Worth Star-Telegram Columnist Bob Ray Sanders, Min. Robert Muhammad, NFL Great Emmitt Smith, business mogul Daymond John, noted psychologist Nai’m Akbar, publisher Danny Bakewell Sr., NBA great and business mogul Earvin “Magic” Johnson, singer Charlie Wilson, journalist George E. Curry, former NAACP head and U.S. Congressman Kweisi Mfume, rapper, author Chuck D., Coach Doug Williams, businessman Charles O’Neal, comedian David A. Arnold, rapper Kool Moe Dee, businessman Jonathan Rodgers, Sports anchor Stephen A. Smith, basketball great Michael Jordan, Rev. Zan Wesley Holmes Jr., actor Billy Dee Williams, comedian and actor Chris Rock, FAMU President James Ammons, singer Nicholas Caldwell, actor/singer Leon, singer Morris Day, actor/rapper Will Smith, business mogul Sean Combs, journalist Ed Gordon, comedian/activist Dick Gregory, NBA great Allen Iverson, Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan, journalist/historian Lerone Bennett, Rev. Frederick D. Haynes III, Ambassador Ron Kirk, Hon. Nelson Mandela, Rap mogul Jay Z, actor James Earl Jones, actor/director Denzel Washington, NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, actor/author Don Shield, Hon. Willie Brown, Hon. Marc Morial, CEO Oscar Joyner, Journalist Acel Moore, rapper/actor Treach, journalist Dewayne Wickham, businessman Walter Williams, Sen. Royce West, media guru/activist Tavis Smiley, journalist T.J. Holmes, artist/singer Miles Jaye, journalist Roland Martin, singer Hon. Jerry Butler, actor Sidney Poitier, actor Jeffery Wright, ...

IMessenger 11/18/11

Without any consideration or input from anyone, I am choosing the men who through personal experiences or history, I find to have so much going on. Stay tuned - weekdays from 9-11a.m. I think it’s a great list!


Singer Marvin Gaye, actor Calvin Lockhart, singers Teddy Pendergrass and Nat King Cole, comic/actor Bernie Mac, journalist Lawrence E. Young, entertainer Isaac Hayes, singer Gerald Levert, African activist and publisher Pius Njawe, attorney/media mogul Percy Sutton, Publisher extraordinaire John H. Johnson, atty. Johnnie Cochran, music great Curtis Mayfield, maestro Barry White, orator, writer and statesman Frederick Douglass, humanist Malcolm X, singer Johnnie Taylor, entertainer Lou Rawls, singer Rick James, Coach A.D. Jake Gaither, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Hon. Mickey Leland, entertainer Sammie Davis Jr., the Chief Rocker Frankie Crocker, Tupac Shakur, Hon. Marcus Garvey, Hon. Al Lipscomb, Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, journalist Ed Bradley, Hon. Arthur E. Teele, Jr., actor/comedian Richard Pryor, singer/ songwriter Nickolas Ashford. Historian Ivan Van Sertima, musician Donny Hathaway, Hon. Adam Clayton Powell, businessman Alfred Huntsberry, Ossie Davis, actor extraordinaire Paul Robeson, journalist Vernon Jarrett, NFL Great Ron Springs, journalist Gerald Boyd, educator/inventor George Washington Carver, activist Huey Newton, educator Dr. Carter G. Woodson, NBA Great Maurice Lucas, activist Stokely Carmichael, entertainer Langston Hughes, Gospel great Pop Staples, entertainer Duke Ellington, entertainer Heavy D, Hon. Kwame Nkrumah, entertainer Miles Davis, actor Adolph Caesar, Dr. Percy Julian, musician Grover Washington Jr., activist A. Philip Randolph, ...





11/18 North Carolina A&T Alumni Happy Hour and a Can Food Drive at BlackFinn American Saloon on Friday, November 18th from 5pm to 7pm. - bring business cards for a $50 BlackFinn gift card drawing.


BlackFinn American Saloon- 4440 Belt Line Road Addison, Texas 75001

11/19 Children’s storytime Demarcus Jones and the Solar Calendar with Author Quineka Ragsdale at Pan African Connection at 3p.m.

Tribute to Kwame Ture at Pan African Connection and Resource Center, at 7pm

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11/20 Golden Girls Annual Day at Progressive Missionary Baptist Church, 3727 N. Westmoreland at 3p.m. 11/25 1st Annual Maafa Commemoration, featuring discussion on the TransatlanticSlave Trade, at 6:30p.m. For vending opportunities, call 561-201-9827 11/25-27

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12/11 Education Archives and History Program (AAEAHP) and the Dallas African American Museum will host a viewing and panel discussion of the documentary, Our Past… Our Strength… Our Story: Documenting the Civil Rights Movement in Dallas County, TX, Saturday, December 11, 2011, 3-5 pm at the African American Museum Auditorium (3536 Grand Avenue, Dallas). Black Nativity: A Reason To Celebrate Adapted & Directed by Donnie F. Wilson December 13 - 18, 2011, 7:30 nightly A fresh and innovative adaptation of Langston Hughes' Black Nativity. The birth of Jesus Christ is played with the birth of Jazz.  It's thunder meeting Lightning. Bishop Arts Theatre Center, 215 South Tyler Street, Dallas, TX 75208 Writing through Grief at the Dallas Meditation Center, 727 S. Floyd Rd, Richardson   Sat., December 10 10 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Workshop & music meditation Fee: $55 (includes copy of "It's Only Temporary" journal) Bring pen & writing pad IMessenger 11/18/11

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ISSUE9 1011/11/2011 11/18/11 issue

I hoped that through sharing my experiences, perceptions and observations, we would be on the way to building a strong ip between African and relationsh level of commitment and love that Mr. journalists. American African and people his Njawe had for his country, shown by t s e r e t n i The journalism. He could have had just one big especially Douala, in s journalist party full of dancing, fun and food. Instead and the Messager Le at those the itinerary encompassed an entire week of Speaking English the of officers This is the license plate of the driver who took me the educating educating, informing and on, gave me Associati s around shopping. He stayed with me for 3 hours Journalist is Messager Le what really is hich masses--w and it cost me only 6,000 Francs. hope. We had a few spirited all about. working about tions conversa During my presentation at one of the together and I earmarked that During down time, I went shopping with forums, I drew a parallel between the o n e o f t h e Gerardine Kamdoun and Veronick Ezoo-s a e c n e i r e p x e with America in Press Black the of struggles highlights of the week. two beautiful young ladies who shared Le Messager ’s struggles in Cameroon. Like a postcard, here’s a shot I took from my hotel window. There are so many highlights information about lifestyles, traditions and Just like the Black Press, Le Messager told that I want to share. There were practices in Cameroon. the stories that weren’t being told. Definitely so many interesting people, like It was Veronick who introduced me to two not the mainstream, Le Messager brought they could, to ensure that Le Messager French journalist, Isabelle young ladies who braided my hair for a mere talented the the perspective from the man on the street continued to receive support. publisher of El fraction of what I would have paid in unto the pages, to share with the masses. It was important to me that they realized Calabre, Omar Belhouchet, in Algiers, America. daily ent independ an Watan, Douala at hear taught to he It was heartwarming that Mr. Njawe, who I met when of professor Guidy, Every day was filled with beautiful expericitizens expressing their support for Le the University of North Texas, was widely Algeria, Dr. Josephine Abidjan, of y Universit the at tics ences, like meeting oMnMessager and their respect for my friend, respected in the United States. I talked about mathema sieur and Madam Pius Njawe. With the help of my friend and how he spent time with journalism students Cote d’Ivoire e Laurenc and the Mbappe, who own two to was them who help translator, Dr. Mitch Land, sharing information that would beautiful hotels in b e b e t t e r j o u r n a l i s t s . I Dona-Fologo, Douala, or eating varimentioned the Percy Qoboza president of the ous dishes and learning Award that he received from economi c and of council social to speak French. of on the National Associati Cote d’Ivoire, When it came time to Black Journalists. leave, I didn’t want to It was importan t and former minister go. necessary that I shared this of information. Thomas Awah I was just beginning to information because sometimes really feel at home. we fail to realize the treasures Jr Dzenyag ha, Douala is definitely a we have right in our own C a r l V a n f o e n r o o d place that I want to visit surroundings. gues, Medialo again. I had turned relations Strength ening between journalists around the Tibe Bi Bene These two sisters did my hair in about three hours for d o w n o t h e r t r i p s c o u n t r y a n d t h e w o r l d , R a y m o n d , 10.000 Francs ($25 American dollars) as they listened because I said I wanted the to go especially in Africa, is very Marie Claire to 94.5 KSoul on my computer! Of course I gave a big t o tip! are Sylvie, and my for and” “Motherl that believe I important to me. first trip out of the U.S. sharing our stories and working just a few of This was the dessert at the banquet. We need these type of The trip to Cameroon was worth the wait! together, we can do a better job the people I desserts in America! I agree with Chuck D of Public Enemy, of informin g our readers, met who have left an indelible mark. hop/ hip the like fun, for time also was There believe I who said, One of the best gifts a parent can viewers and listeners. interim dean of the Mayborn School of we can dispel many of the myths and reggae concert. There was so much talent at give a child is a PASSPORT. Journalism at the University of North Texas, stereotypes, while also broadening our the concert and it was nice to spend time The trip to Africa was a wonderful CSL I told them that they needed to take those horizons and painting a more accurate with Flo, and reggae star Alpha Blondy, who experience. was the speaker at the Gala. same messages into the streets and wherever picture for our readers, listeners and viewers.


continued from front page

Pius Njawe - African warrior Note: This piece was written following the death of Mr. Njawe, 7/12/09

Nine minutes and seven seconds. That was the length of the last conversation that I had with noted journalist Pius Njawe. As always we had a great conversation as we made plans for future events surrounding press freedom. He was in America to speak at a pro-democracy forum and he was going to visit his daughter during his week-long stay. We talked about future trips to Cameroon and a conference he wanted me to speak at in Vienna later in the year. He said he wanted to see and talk to me and his good friend Mitch Land, who chairs the Mayborn Graduate School of Journalism at the University of North Texas before he returned home to Cameroon. We ended the call by saying that we would talk to one another the next evening to firm up all of our travel plans. Instead, the next evening I received an email from a mutual acquaintance informing me of the car accident. While trying to reach Dr. Land on one line, Googling information on the computer and dialing Pius’ cell phone number, I was also praying that he would pick up. I did hear his voice, but it was voice mail. I felt compelled to leave a message because hope was still alive in me. 7

Days later and I still can not believe that I will never pick up the phone and hear his voice. Pius Njawe was a Cameroonian journalist who for over three decades has been speaking out and fighting for press freedom in his country and around the world. I met him almost a decade ago when he was a guest lecturer at the University of

North Texas. A guest of Dr. Land, Mr. Njawe visited my home and traveled to Baton Rouge for the National Association of Black Journalists Regional Conference where he was a featured speaker. He graciously agreed to the almost eighthour bus ride and instead of accepting a speaking fee, he brought gifts. I recall that during the ride he didn’t get any sleep because I had already instructed each student, and there were about 40, to take turns joining him for formal introductions and to learn more about his work. During the conference, he bestowed an honor upon me. I became an African Princess and I proudly flaunted my attire and the honor to anyone who would listen! A few years later, in 2004, I watched proudly as my nominee for the prestigious

Percy Qoboza Award, Pius Njawe, was feted at the NABJ Convention in the nation’s capitol. The Percy Qoboza Award, named for a South African journalist, is given to “a foreign journalist who has done extraordinary work while overcoming tremendous obstacles that contributes to the enrichment, understanding or advancement of people or issues in the African diaspora.” Mr. Qoboza was widely known for his outspoken criticism of South Africa’s apartheid government. His attacks on the government’s race-based policies continued despite persecution and imprisonment. He died in 1988 at 50. Like Mr. Qoboza, Mr. Njawe criticized corrupt governments. He used his newspaper, Le Messager, to call attention to injustices and to advocate for press freedom. He also traveled the world with a strong message--the same message that landed him in jail over 100 times. Upon hearing of his death, one of my fellow journalists-turned-educator, Terri Williams wrote about how she taught her students in Houston about Mr. Njawe. Her students, like the students in NABJ received an invaluable lesson, learning about Mr. Njawe. Now they are learning of his death. As always, I try to remember high points to celebrate the life of the dearly departed. I spent a virtually stress-free week in Douala, Cameroon, thanks to the generosity of Pius,

who invited me to be a part of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of Le Messager. He did everything possible to make my stay wonderful and I will always remember and cherish the times spent, people met, shopping excursions, lengthy discussions (despite my limited French) and yes, eclectic food. My eyes were opened wide and I believe I am a better person because of the entire experience. I received an education that I couldn’t have derived from a text book or newspaper articles. Like me, Pius wanted better relations between African journalists and Black journalists in America and around the world. Pius was smart, talented, serious, and focused, but he was also fun-loving, compassionate and a joy to be around. On the walls of the Le Messager offices are pictures of the Honorable Nelson Mandela and Pius Njawe--two men who did so much for so many. I am thankful that I was always open and shared my feelings for Pius--he knew that I loved and respected him. Still I wonder what I would have said to him had I known that the nine minutes and seven second conversation on Sunday, July 11 would be our last. --CLS Final Note - IMessenger is a tribute to Le Messager founded by Pius Njawe and The Messenger, an independent magazine, founded by labor activist A Philip Randolph and economist Chandler Owen. 11/18/11 IMessenger




Scenes around Douala, Cameroon

Children playing on way home from school A billboard announcing 30th anniversary of Le Messager His Excellency!

A family on the back of a taxi in Douala View from my hotel room

Our Driver, who was also our protector!

Young brother selling his wares Lunch at the White House Restaurant

A Landmark in Douala

Dinner at the Hotel Serena






Riding around


I thought about former Dallas Mayor Laura Miller when I saw these potholes!


At the Le Messager offices

Attending a concert with Alpha Blondy and Pius Njawe

9 11/18/11



Red carpet banquet celebrating Le Messager’s 30th Anniversary

ISSUE I - NO 7 10/28/2011




Dr. Guidy

Visiting Pius Njawe’s home

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KwanzaaFest turns 21! continued from front page

Commissioner Price greets attendees at filled-to-capacity event



DMV board unanimously rejects Confederate plate application DALLAS -- After hearing nearly two hours of testimony - mostly opposing the issuance of a license plate bearing the Confederate battle flag logo, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, (DMV) with no debate, voted unanimously to deny the application submitted by the Sons of Confederate Veterans. Dallas State Sen. Royce West was on hand to testify at the DMV regular board meeting this morning that was moved to the John H. Reagan Building on the capitol grounds to accommodate larger than normal crowds. “No doubt that this was an issue that was able to resonate dissent from across the state,” said Senator West. “But that should not come as a surprise. Yes it’s

been 150 years since the business that can forever Emancipation Proclamabe put to rest.” tion, but reminders of Several elected officials slavery, Jim Crow and were present to testify segregation are still fresh against the proposal in the minds of African including Congresswoman Americans as the Sheila Jackson-Lee, testimony today bore out. Congressman Lloyd However harmless Doggett, Congressman Al supporters of this effort Green and State Rep. may have considered it to Senfronia Thompson. be, I think they either Written testimony was underestimated or were submitted by State Sen. oblivious to the emotions Rodney Ellis and State Sen. Royce West still tied to matters related Rep. Ruth Jonesto racial injustice. McClendon, who sponsored the “I am thankful for the board’s legislation creating the Department of d e c i s i o n , ” s a i d S e n a t o r We s t . Motor Vehicles. “Hopefully, this is a matter of state

Spring registration under way at Eastfield (Mesquite, TX) – Dream it, learn it, live it … at Eastfield College. Returning students can register beginning November 22; new student registration begins November 28. Spring 2012 Registration at Eastfield College Eye examinations are just one of many screenings that take place at KwanzaaFest.

Don’t wait until the lines are long; register now! Returning students may register one of the following ways: On campus with an advisor or program specialist or online at New students must register in person by seeing an advisor. Spring credit classes begin January 17; continuing education

classes have various start dates throughout the semester. Registration/ Admissions Hours: Monday - Thursday 8a.m. – 7p.m. Friday 9a.m. – 4p.m.

Paperless Schedule In an effort to provide the most accurate and up-to-date class information, Eastfield College is no longer printing credit or continuing education class schedules. It’s also earth friendly!

For more information, call 972-860-7167 or v i s i t Paperless Application New students can now apply online Saturday Registration without the hassle of filling out a paper If registering through the week for application. classes isn’t convenient, sign up on Saturday! Eastfield College is offering Eastfield College, one of the seven Saturday Registration on January Dallas County Community Colleges, is 14 from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the C located at 3737 Motley Drive in Building, Room 119. Mesquite, just north of I-30.

A big highlight of KwanzaaFest and a favorite among students has to be the KwanzaaFest Oncor Encor Great Debate .

Every year local and national acts take to the stage at KwanzaaFest, much to the pleasure of attendees.

support KwanzaaFest HealthFest, supporting the notion that The Venue has Value! KwanzaaFest will be held on Saturday, December 10 and Sunday, December 11. Plan to bring the entire family out for a cultural extravaganza. Learn about the principles of Kwanzaa and support IMessenger 11/18/11

community-based businesses and organizations. If you’d like more information, call 214-653-6671. There’s still time to secure your vendor booths and take part in the largest and best Kwanzaa Festival in the country.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Association of Black Journalists will celebrate its 30th anniversary on Dec. 1, 2011 with CNN Anchor Soledad O'Brien as the keynote speaker. The gala will be held at the Music Hall at Fair Park and DFW/ABJ will honor Bob Ray Sanders and Clarice Tinsley, and scholarships will be awarded to aspiring journalists. Yo u c a n o r d e r t i c k e t s a t





Center for HBCU Media Advocacy announces nominees for 2012 HBCU Awards The Center for HBCU Media Advocacy, Inc has announced the finalists for second annual Female Alumnus of the Year HBCU Awards to be held on April 20, 2012 the campus of Bowie State University beginning □Dr. Joyce Martin Dixon, ’56 – Bennett College at 7:00 p.m. Crowning winners in the fields of leadership, arts, athletics, research, and Lauryn DuValle – Grambling State University community engagement, the HBCU Awards is the first and only event to recognize the □ influence and impact of HBCUs on American culture. □Ruth Crawford – Paine College “We were lucky to have such widespread support and participation for our inaugural awards Male Coach of the Year in March of this year,” said Jarrett L. Carter Sr., Founder and Executive Director of the □Brian Jenkins – Bethune-Cookman University Center. A three-month nomination process received more than 1,300 entries submitted by □Darrell Asberry, Shaw University administrators, students, alumni, faculty and supporters of HBCUs throughout the country. A □Mervyl Melendez, Bethune-Cookman University panel of HBCU chancellors and presidents names finalists and winners. Based in Baltimore, MD, the Center for HBCU Media Advocacy, Inc. seeks to promote the Female Coach of the Year mission, culture and development of America’s historically black colleges and universities □Yolanda Brown, Dillard University through new media exposure, training and education. For more information, visit □Coach Tonya Edwards, Alcorn State University Sharon Brummell – University of Maryland Eastern Shore

Male Athlete of the Year

Best Research Center

□ Hampton University Center for Atmospheric Sciences

□ The Center for Ecology and Natural Resources, Alcorn State University □ The Georgetown-Howard Universities Center for Clinical and Translational Science □ UMES Paul S. Sarbanes Coastal Ecology Center Best Fine Arts Program

□ Alabama State University, Department of Theatre Arts □ Alcorn State University Fine Arts Department □ Digital Moving Image Salon, Spelman College □ Florida A&M Department of Visual Arts, Humanities and Theatre Best Business Program

□Fayetteville State University School of Business and Economics □Florida A&M University School of Business and Industry □Howard University School of Business □Reginald F. Lewis School of Business, Virginia State University Best Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics Program A&M University College of Engineering Sciences, Technology and Agriculture □ Florida (CESTA)

□ Tuskegee University College of Agricultural, Environmental and Natural Sciences (CAENS) □ Norfolk State College of Science, Engineering and Technology □ Jackson State College of Civil and Environmental Engineering □ Morgan State School of Computer, Mathematical and Natural Sciences Best Nursing Program

□Southern University School of Nursing □Winston Salem State University Dept. of Nursing □Tuskegee University School of Nursing and Allied Health □Prairie View A&M College of Nursing Best Social Work Program

□Bennett College Social Work Program □Southern University at New Orleans School of Social Work □Clark Atlanta School of Social Work Male Faculty Member of the Year

□Dr. Robert A. Wortham – North Carolina Central University □Dr. Robert Williams, Bennett College □Dr. Sarwan Dhir – Fort Valley State University □Stephen McGuire, Ph.D – Southern University □Wayne Dawkins – Hampton University □Dr. George Acquaah – Bowie State University Female Faculty Member of the Year

□Dr. Alfreda Harper Harrison, Winston Salem State University □Dr. Alma Adams, Bennett College □Dr. Nancy Duncan – Hampton University □Karen Crosby, Ph.D – Southern University National Alumni Association of the Year

□National Alumni Association, Southern University □Alcorn State University National Alumni Association □Savannah State, National Alumni Association Male Alumnus of the Year

□ Alcorn State University Alumnus Dr. Shelby R. Wilkes ’71, M.D., MBA □ Dennis S. Brown – Southern University □ Eric Sadler, DDS (Hampton University, Howard School of Medicine) 12


□Philip Sylvester – Florida A&M University □Frank Warren – Grambling State University □Orolando Duffus, Saint Augustine’s College Female Athlete of the Year

□Kristina Frahm – University of Maryland Eastern Shore □Jericka Jenkins – Hampton University □Alison Sikes, Saint Augustine’s College Women’s Team of the Year

□University of Maryland Eastern Shore Bowling Team □Florida A&M Women’s Volleyball □Shaw University Women’s Basketball □Xavier University Women’s Basketball Men’s Team of the Year

□Bethune-Cookman Baseball □Albany State University Football □Outdoor Track and Field, Saint Augustine’s College Best HBCU Marching Band

□Florida A&M University Marching “100″ □North Carolina A&T Blue and Gold Marching Machine □Southern University Marching Band □Virginia State Trojan Explosion Best HBCU Choir

□Stillman College Choir □The Alcorn State University Concert Choir □Florida A&M Concert Choir □Morgan State University Choir Best HBCU Student Government Association

□Paul Quinn College Student Government Association □Tennessee State University Student Government Association □Johnson C. Smith University Student Government Association Best Student Newspaper

□NCCU Campus Echo □The Bennett Banner □The Gramblinite □Winston-Salem State News Argus □Claflin Panther Newspaper Best Alumni Publication

□Alcorn, the University’s Alumni Magazine □Fayetteville State University – FS&U □The Bennett Belle Ringer Male Student of the Year

□Dexter Evans, Paul Quinn College □Reamonn Soto – Florida A&M University □Jeffrey Eugene – Hampton University □Carlos Swan, Fayetteville State University Female Student of the Year

□Hershelle Gaffney – Bennett College for Women □Ja’el Gordon – Southern University □Kristina Frahm – University of Maryland Eastern Shore

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IN YOUR LIBRARY... Faithful Remembrances By LaJuana Barton and Patricia Barton

Faithful Remembrances, as described by authors LaJuana Barton and Patricia Barton, is a collection of poetry to heal from the i n s i d e o u t . A n d r e a d e r s w o n ’t b e disappointed because it is exactly that. This creative daughter and mother team has compiled a collection of expressions from the perspectives of a parent, child,

friend, soul mate and family member. Clearly plenty of thought and love went into this book as the authors attempt to help others deal with their grief, and minister to the spirit left behind after experiencing a loss. Having both experienced losses, Patricia and LaJuana know what it is to grieve and understand that each person has their own way of grieving. Patricia writes of suppressing her feelings and then coming to the realization that

Black Girls Rock! Always

IMessenger 11/18/11

NO 10

sharing her experiences and challenges could actually help others. For LaJuana, a journalism graduate of the University of Texas at Austin, writing was therapeutic. Initially the two did not write poems for inclusion in a book. “We realized, together, that our words were a ministry that not only healed our hearts and souls but could have a healing impact on others,” writes LaJuana. Faithful Remembrances has something for everyone. Reading the words from the Bartons will surely move readers to tears, laughter, silence, and for some a smile will appear on their faces as they remember someone in their lives who evoked the same thoughts as expressed on each and every page. Faithful Remembrances is the type of book that should have legs. I wouldn’t be surprised to see many of the beautifully written pieces appearing on plaques, brochures, greeting cards and more.

Admitting it might not be as interesting as the story coming from a thug or someone from the wrong side of the law, Mr. Landrum aptly illustrates that the story of the good kid is worthy of telling. And so he does.

If You Were My Man

detail. She does her research and enlists the experts in areas to ensure the integrity of her product. With all the right elements in place, If You Were My Man explores the relationship that ensues between the young widow and the bachelor for life, with some surprising elements that will keep readers enthralled to the very end.

By Frances Ray

Proverbs 31: The Virtuous Black Woman By Russel Blake

Parents were very central to the growth and development of author Russel Blake. The jazz musician and writer says the inspiration for Proverbs 31: The Virtuous Black Woman came from a mother who taught him the gift of prayer, the knowledge of God, the discipline of fiscal responsibility, the ways of a gentleman to espouse a woman and his father who taught him the value of a virtuous Black woman from a man’s perspective. In Proverbs 31: The Virtuous Black Woman perception is the issue, according to Mr. Blake. Most chapters provide his observations, short stories and scriptural

Let’s Go Home to Indiana Harbor By Warren G. Landrum, Jr.

Warren G. Landrum has done what so many say they are going to do, but fail to follow through with, writing a book about life growing up. Let’s Go Home to Indiana Harbor-Reflections from mid-town America, is Mr. Landrum’s tribute to his neighborhood and the many interesting neighbors who lived in the few blocks of East Chicago, Indiana that was affectionately known as the Harbor. Sure to be a hit at Class and Family Reunions, Let’s Go Home to Indiana Harbor tells of the happenings in a neighborhood that the author calls a ”melting pot complete with Mexicans, Poles, African American, Serbians, Czechs, Romanians, Puerto Ricans, Jews, Episcopalians, Catholics, Baptists, Methodists and probably some more nationalities and religions that I can’t even think of or remember.” In addition to photos and the author’s accountings of his younger years, he has included excerpts from many of the nowadults who ran around the neighborhood as children. Their endearing accounts are a highlight of the book, along with the inclusion of what was going on segments. While this book is about Indiana Harbor, readers will be able to identify with many of the accountings of how family values were important in the lives of Mr. Landrum and the children he grew up with. Let’s Go Home to Indiana Harbor is actually the story from the good kid’s perspective, he says.


She has been called the best storyteller of the century and it’s no wonder with her latest addition to best seller lists, If You Were My Man. With a regularity and consistency that is mind-boggling, the talented Ms. Francis Ray manages to churn out one great piece of work after another and If You Were My Man is no exception. In If You Were My Man, Ms Ray introduces you to N a t h a l y i a Fontaine and Rafael Dunlap. Even the names of those key characters will start your imagination on a course that leads you deep into their lives and the intertwining of the two. Both have quite a bit of baggage and both are pretty complex individuals. But once again, you have Francis Ray and she is a genius at character development and capturing the readers’ imagination. She’ll introduce you to a number of folks who each play a role in the lives of Nathalyia and Rafael and you’ll get to decide what you think of each character. Whatever the choice, you will choose, because that’s what Ms. Ray wants you to do. She has a way of describing a character so vividly that you will be able to identify with many of the nuances, which means you will have an opinion. Add the love, the intensity of emotions shared by more than one character, If You Were My Man will have you dealing with a number of emotions. Upon completion of the book, and totally out of character for me, I sent an email to Ms. Ray telling her that If You Were My Man took my mind places where my body was not ready to go! In one word, If You Were My Man is hot. In another, sensuous. I could go on and on, and I must say something about Ms. Ray’s attention to

references. Mr. Blake is talking to the readers, male and female, as he discusses every element of a woman, in relation to the Bible and His teachings. His goal, he says, is to be an effective catalyst and positive communicator in the way Black men and women (especially our youth) perceive the women of our community. In Proverbs 31: The Virtuous Black Woman, Mr. Blake makes an important declaration, If one Black Woman is thought to be expendable then every Black Woman’s immeasurable value is now diminished in the eyes of the world. At a time when Black women are demonized and exploited, not only by the media, but often time by themselves, it is refreshing to see someone take a positive stand for the Black woman. CSL



NO 10 11/18/11

WSSU goes to 11-0, Norfolk wins MEAC, G-Men move into Top 10 Arlington, Texas— Winston-Salem State solidified its hold on the number one ranking in the Urban Sports News Black College Poll with its 38-18 victory over Elizabeth City State in the CIAA Conference Championship before 10,127 fans. The Rams ran their record to 11-0 and earned the number one seed in Super Region I of the NCAA D-II playoffs. WSSU will have this weekend off and will await the winner of Saturday's game between Elizabeth City State and California (Pa.). The winner of that game will play the Rams at Bowman Gray Stadium at noon on Nov. 26. It is WSSU’s first appearance in the playoffs in 20 years. “Our theme is ‘Return to Glory,’ and we are back to those glory days and back to winning rings," coach Connell Maynor told the Winston-Salem Journal. "We are back to winning championships…. We had the little I-AA thing going there, but now we're back in D-II, and I think everybody's happy, Maynor said. His bosses, Chancellor Donald J. Reaves and athletics director Bill Hayes, certainly looked that way as they watched giddy fans dancing and swaying behind the bench.” With the Elizabeth City, Alabama State, and Alabama A&M losses, the USN rankings underwent a shake-up. Winston-Salem State (10-0), Norfolk State (9-2), Jackson State (8-2), Bethune-Cookman (7-3), and Alabama State (7-3) now hold the top five spots in the USN Poll for Week 11. FAMU (7-3), Morehouse (8-2), Alabama A&M (7-3), Grambling (6-4), and Albany State (8-3) round out the next five positions in the USN Poll. Norfolk State claimed its first outright MEAC title with their 49-14 pounding of Morgan State. “… let's talk about history,” said Norfolk State Head Football Coach Pete Adrian. “When we came in (NSU) was at the bottom of the barrel. You have to build it. People weren't breaking our doors down in 2005 wanting to come to Norfolk State.” The 2011 season saw a shift in power in some conferences. MEAC powers Hampton, South Carolina State, Florida A&M and Bethune-Cookman have losses to North Carolina A&T, Howard, and North Carolina State. SIAC power Albany State lost the conference title to Miles. “I have covered Black College football for nearly 20 years,” said John Posey, CEO of Urban Sports News. “I have never seen some many upsets. Teams aren’t intimidated when they play the traditional powers. Who could have predicted Howard beating ranked Morehouse and FAMU or Stillman defeating Albany State or Southern upsetting Alabama State? I hope the pollsters recognize the power shift in their rankings.” Elizabeth City dropped out of the Top 10 with its 38-18 loss to Winston-Salem State, but made the playoffs. Alabama A&M saw its seven game win streak end with its 34-6 loss to Jackson State while Albany State lost to Miles 20-17 in the SIAC Championship 14


Football Coach of the Year. Maynor’s team is 11-0.

U S N T h o u g h t f o r t h e We e k : “Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory.” —Basketball Hall of Fame member Bill Russell.

Photo of the Week 1: Who will represent the SWAC West in Birmingham Doug Williams or Heishma Northern?

John Posey, CEO, of Urban Sports News, a full-service sports media company, has launched an alternative poll to provide a different, and more balanced, perspective to the rankings. The USN Poll is released on Tuesday mornings to publications, Sports Information Directors, fans, sports websites, newspapers and to members of the media. Urban Sports News distributes news, photos and features, as well as, provides a wide range of communications consulting services. His work has appeared in 26 countries, numerous publications, media guides, television stations, and electronic media. Urban Sports News provides a wide range of services for a number of corporate and college clients.

Game, but earned a playoff berth to the Winston-Salem State for being selected to NCAA D-II Playoffs. perform in the Honda Invitational Showcase “The Prairie View-Alabama A&M game at the Georgia Dome on January 28th, 2012. is huge. If Prairie View wins, the Panthers Each school will receive $20,000 for music win the SWAC West and play in the education programs. conference game against Alabama State,” explained Posey. “If the Bulldogs win and The SWAC Volleyball Tournament takes Grambling beats Southern, those two teams place in suburban New Orleans on will play for the conference crown. If the November 19-20. For more info, go to Bulldogs win and Grambling loses Prairie will win the West and play Alabama A&M. The Bulldogs are sending their band to PV to The Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Concounteract the ference announces expected the 2011 SIAC h u g e Volleyball Allhomecoming Conference team crowd.” as voted by the Must-see SIAC Volleyball games to C o a c h e s watch this Association. The week in2011 team is led clude: 1) by 2011 SIAC Prairie View Player of the Year vs. Alabama Jamila McKinnis A&M; 2) of Stillman FA M U v s . C o l l e g e , 2 0 11 Bethune; 3) SIAC Offensive Elizabeth Player of the Year City vs. LaTayvia Mack of C a l i f o r n i a Photo of the Week 2: Prairie View Black Fox, Brittany Benedict College, ( P A ) ; 4 ) Robinson shows how it’s done during its recent photo and 2011 SIAC Albany State shoot. Brittany is a senior who is majoring in Setter of the Year v s . N o r t h architecture. Kathrin Fischer of Greenville; 5) Claflin University. Alcorn State Joining the three vs. Jackson State; 6) and, North Carolina aforementioned players on the first team State vs. North Carolina Central. include Claflin University sophomore Lauren Calvin, Clark Atlanta University NEWS & NOTES: junior Ashley Brooks, Paine College junior Victoria Claytor, and Stillman College senior Congratulations to the band programs of Christine Mallory. Prairie View, South Carolina State, Albany State, Tennessee State, Jackson State, Winston-Salem State head football coach, Virginia State, Bethune-Cookman and Cornell Maynor, was named the 2011 CIAA


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□Kindall Johnson – Florida A&M University Male President/Chancellor of the Year

□ Gilbert Rochon – Tuskegee University A Anderson – Fayetteville State □ James University

Christopher Brown II – Alcorn State □ M. University

□ Michael J. Sorrell Esq – Paul Quinn College □ James Ammons, Florida A&M University HBCU of the Year

□ Alcorn State University □ Bennett College Agricultural and Mechanical □ Florida University □ Southern University Law Center □ Tuskegee University

Female President/Chancellor of the Year Julianne Malveaux – Bennett College □ Dr. for Women Portia H. Shields – Tennessee State □ Dr. University

□ Dr. Beverly Daniel Tatum, Spelman College






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