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William Blair, Jr., Sr. Publisher “The spoken word is like the air; but the printed word is always there”

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Sam Putney and Chris Arnold


First Family of the White House Visits the First Family of Allen Chapel A.M.E.

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Trey Harts & Courtney Thomas of Baylor University

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Rev. Cecil Smith, Sr.

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Reverend Cecil Smith, Sr. March 31, 1937 – April 4, 2010

Reputation And Character The circumstances amid which you live determine your reputation; the truth you believe determine your character. Reputation is what you are supposed to be; character is what you are. Reputation is the photograph; character is the face. Reputation comes over one from without; character grows up from within. Reputation is what you have when you come to a new community; character is what you have when you go away. Reputation makes you rich or makes you poor; character makes you happy or makes you miserable. Reputation is what men say about you on your tombstone; character is what angels say about you before the throne of God. — Dr. William “Bill” Blair

The Elite News Endorses Larry Duncan for Dallas County Judge

Larry Duncan

Go to the Polls and Vote this week and make your voice heard. See story on page...2

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Larry Duncan heads list of Candidates Facing Runoff By Lola Searcy Early voting began on Monday, April 5th and continues through Friday, April 10th and the last day to early vote for those candidates seeking local, county, state and national offices. If you miss your opportunity to vote during early voting, you will have one last chance to place your vote on Tuesday, April 13th before joint Election Day on Saturday, May 8th 2010. One of the most highly contested races this election year is that of Dallas County Judge. Dallas County Schools Board President, Larry Duncan heads the list of Democratic candidates facing runoff in the upcoming County elections. Mr. Larry Duncan, endorsed by Elite News Senior Publisher, William “Bill� Blair is hoping to secure the majority of votes needed in order to be elected to Dallas County Judge. Mr. Duncan is facing a runoff with noted Dallas and Ellis County attorney, Mr. Clay Jenkins. Also facing runoff is Judge Tina Yoo will face runoff with Lashica Walton-Barnes for the County Criminal Court 8, while Attorney Etta J. Mullin, who received the most votes in the four-way race for County Criminal Court 5 will face Hector Garza in a runoff. Susan Anderson will face a runoff against Teresa Hawthorne in the race for the 203rd District Court Judge. One race for State District Judge over a civil court will have Dale B. Tillery and David Kelton for the nomination in the 134th District Court. Whoever your candidate of choice is,

they cannot win unless you get out and vote! YOUR VOTE- YOUR VOICE!! If you need information on your voting precinct, you can find a completed list in the Dallas Morning News. Here is a list of the early voting locations throughout Dallas County. • Audelia Road Library; 10045 Audelia Road; Dallas • Carrollton City Hall; 1945 Jackson; Carrollton • Crosswinds High School ; 1100 N. Carrier Pkwy; Grand Prairie • DeSoto Town Hall; 211 E. Pleasant Run; DeSoto • Duncanville Library; 201 James Collins Blvd.; Duncanville • Fretz Park Rec. Ctr.; 6950 Belt Line Rd.; Dallas; (Monday – Wednesday) • Fretz Park Library; 6990 Belt Line Rd.; Dallas; (Thursday – Friday) • Garland City Hall; 200 N. 5th Street; Garland • Grauwyler Pk. Rec. Ctr.; 7780 Harry Hines; Dallas • Harry Stone Rec. Ctr.; 2403 Millmar Dr.; Dallas • Irving City Hall; 825 W. Irving Blvd.; Irving • Lakeside Activity Ctr.; 101 Holley Park Dr.; Mesquite • Lancaster Library; 1600 Veterans Pkwy; Lancaster • MLK Jr. Core Bldg.; 2922 MLK Jr. Blvd.;

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When issued, these solicitations will be posted on in the “Procurement� section under the heading “DART Solicitations Online (Current Procurement Opportunities).� Issued solicitations will be available from the issue date through the closing date identified within the solicitation. DART Vendor Business Center 214.749.2701


Chris Arnold and Sam Putney Gone from K104?!! By Lola Searcy SAY IT AIN’T SO!! WHAT?!! Would somebody please tell us what’s really going on? Nobody told us anything officially when “Wigâ€? and Nanette left! You, know we all heard the rumors‌disagreement with management; personal issues; personalities clashed, etc. That’s what I heard when “Wigâ€? and Nanette left. And to be honest, even though I didn’t like it (and who cares what I think, anyway). I made the adjustment because we still had Skip, Sam and Chris! Then Skip moved to the grown up and sexy late night show, I’ve heard Nanette doing a few commercial spots on the show and I don’t know anything about “Wig’sâ€? whereabouts! But, c’mon now?! What ya’ll gonna do, K104? Skip Cheatum and the ‘Da Playground? ‘Cause I gotta be honest, when Skip Murphy, “Wigâ€?, Nanette, Sam & Chris were a part of the morning show, I would not dare get in my car and begin my morning commutes to Dallas with any other radio station; it was Skip Murphy and the morning show! When Skip Cheatum and ‘Da Playground took over, I would not purposely miss you guys, but if I found myself driving to Dallas and realized I wasn’t listening to ‘Da Playground, I would eject my Beverly Crawford, Kathy Taylor, Anthony Hamilton and India Arie CD’s to listen to K104 cause I knew Sam’s news and weather reports would make me laugh and think all at the same time, and I knew Chris

would keep me on top of my game! They made for intelligent, interesting and funny conversation! They made the people and the situations I have to deal with at work a little more tolerable! I’M SORRY SKIP CHEATUM AND DA PLAYGROUND‌YALL AIN’T FUNNY!! AT ALL! I don’t know what is going on at K104; but‌do you really think that was a smart move, Management?! I mean Chris Arnold has been a part of the K104 team since 1978! I was still in High School then! And when Skip Murphy and the home team came on board in 1993; along came Sam Putney, the “Wigâ€?, Nanette and Chris were already there; it just brought such a refreshing and welcoming change to morning radio! So, I guess we’ll never know what happened. They wouldn’t tell the truth if it killed them. I’ll just say this‌ I know times are hard, so it may have been about contract negotiations; but if it had anything at all to do with personalities, K104: YOU IN BIG TROUBLE!!! JUST LOST ONE LISTENER! YOUR MORNING SHOW PERSONALITIES, INSPIRATIONAL IV’S WITH PASTOR FREDDY HAYNES WAS THE “ONLYâ€? REASON I LISTENED (PAST TENSE) TO K104! RICKEY SMILEY, STEVE HARVEY, I’LL HOLLA AT YA IN THE MORNING!! K104; IT’S BEEN Sam and Chris, ‘holla at me! REAL!


Sister Traylor and our Youth Department presented our annual Easter Program and the church was blessed. Dr. Johnny H. King delivered the morning message titled, "The Triumph of the Resurrection" John 20: 1-10, his high points were, "Nailing Jesus to the cross was a bad day, the burial of Jesus was a bad day. BUT Sunday was the day of victory. Rev. Johnny King On Sunday April 18, 2010 we will be the guest at Samaria Baptist Church in Waxahachie, Texas where Rev. James Wiley is the pastor to help celebrate their annual Men day.


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Bishop Dr. Larry D. McGriff, President – Co-founder

April 9, 2010

Established in 1949


TIGER IS BACK! LET’S PLAY GOLF!! By Lola Searcy Eldrick “Tiger” Woods is BACK! Tiger Woods will be making his return to golf this week during the MASTERS tournament scheduled for Thursday, April 8th – Sunday, April 11th. Tiger will return to the familiar, comfortable and successful greens at the Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, Georgia. It’s been a few months since Tiger and his wife Swedish model and Actress, Elin had their “episode” and video footage has been shown, and every television show has talked about it! Everybody that is anybody has had their say about what happened with Woods and his wife. Well, what ever happened, since Tiger left, the game of golf has not been the same. I mean, let’s be real. Tiger Woods is the reason most of us started watching golf, I know that’s the only reason I did! Truthfully, the Golf world missed him a whole lot more than we did! Let me see a show of hands of all of our readers who have even bothered to watch a game of golf since the Tiger and Elin fiasco? Just what I thought! So, that means that advertisers were paying all that money to advertise on national television and no one was watching! Nobody was rushing out to by the golf clubs he used…Cars are way too expensive to just run out and buy anyway, but seriously though, Tiger Woods is the reason I started looking seriously at the new Buick cars! Have you seen the watch? It took the golf community long enough! I’m surprised they waited this long to get him back. You know his stint in rehab was just so the PGA (Professional Golf Association) could justify his return to the sport, don’t you?!

S T A F F MANAGEMENT William Blair Jr. Founder/Senior Publisher Jordan “Randy” Blair Publisher Debra Blair Abron Assistant Publisher STAFF WRITERS Bro. Gene Turner Rev. Johnny H. King Henry Nelson Pastor Clarence Henderson Dr. Karen Hollie Geraldine Davidson-Hooker Kevan Browning MEDIA AND MARKETING DIRECTOR

B.J. Fullylove Tiger Woods

Welcome back, TIGER! You’ve been nice enough to the media! Don’t do anymore interviews about your personal life! When they ask, just say, “NO COMMENT”! It’s none of our business anyway! Even though I don’t agree with what you did, you don’t have to answer to me or anybody else for that matter! And the women…well, all I know is…A LADY never tells! So, give them something to talk about, Tiger! Your Golf game and the reason you are THE GREATEST GOLFER IN THE WORLD AND THE FIRST BILLION DOLLAR ATHLETE!!! YOU LOOK GOOD IN GREEN!!

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First Family of the White House Visits the First Family of Allen Chapel A.M.E. I’m sure many of you, by now, have received the email telling of President Obama and the First Family, and Mrs. Marian Robinson, mother of Mrs. Michelle Obama, their visit to Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church, in Washington, D.C.’s 8th Ward, on Easter Sunday morning. Well, for those who have not had the opportunity to read about this event, this is your opportunity. “President Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama, daughters Melia and Sasha and Mrs. Marian Robinson, mother of Mrs. Obama, attended the 11:00 a.m. Easter services at Allen Chapel, African Methodist Episcopal Church, in Southeast Washington’s Ward 8. The motorcade left the North Portico at 10:45 a.m. (The South Lawn was set up for the Monday Easter Egg Roll), rolled down 15th Street, past the Tidal Basis, where throngs were examining the faded cherry blossoms, to the church at 2498 Alabama Av. SE. The Church’s sub-

title is “The Cathedral of Southeast.’’ The overflow crowd of congregants was standing, clapping and singing “Alleilua’’ when the first family entered via a side door at 11:05 a.m. and walked along the edge of the sanctuary to sit far stage right in the second pew, setting off applause, cheers and cell-phone cameras. The altar was flanked by the American flag, in front of the Obama’s pew, and the Episcopal Church’s flag on stage left. The pool was positioned at the back of the church, 20 pews behind the Obama family. Ten badged ushers in dark suits and bowties and white gloves lined the two aisles. A 50-person choir arrayed on three rows in the sanctuary facing the congregation sang several gospel songs, clapping and waving to the beat of a keyboard ensemble. The president swayed gently to the strong beat and the ampedup sound system. A number of speakers referred to the

5520 So. Westmoreland Dallas, Texas 75237 214.339.6606

president’s attendance. “The president of the United States and his family,’’ “our black president,’’ “the commander in chief,” The Rev. Dr. Michael E. Bell Sr., pastor of the church, referred to the president as the “most intelligent, most anointed, most charismatic president of American.’’ He called Mrs. Obama “his beautiful wife – TV cameras don’t do her justice.” “God has His hand all over you,’’ Pastor Bell said, referring to the presi-

Lifeway Church Come To The Church Where You Can Be Used

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Ladies and Gentlemen call me and see 'What's New' at Mary Kay 214-405-8335 Debra Blair Abron

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April 9, 2010

Debra's Monthly Words of Wisdom: ORDERLINESS - Manage time, people, places, and things so that family members can undertake and pursue more worthwhile goals. Do things efficiently. Free time. Calm atmosphere. Be proactive instead of reactive. Peace of mind. Orderliness in Action: Move photos from shoebox to albums. Designate a small child "Toy Boss" and help him keep toys organized. Have and enforce a.m. and p.m. routines. Monday is pancake day... Tuesday is... Carefully make choices about outside activities. Family Rule: Find A Place for Everything and Put Everything In Its Place. Music department of Munger Avenue Baptist Church and gospel music visionary Dr. Sylvia D. Lowe Presents THE 1ST DFW FESTIVAL OF HYMNS --

“Bringing It All Back Home” Sunday, April 18, 2010 ~ 3:30 P.M. Munger Avenue Baptist Church, 3919 Munger Ave., Dallas, TX 75204, Rev. W. C. Davis is pastor Come and be one of the 200 voices that we are seeking to deliver the messages in song that these magnificent hymns convey. While participation is FREE, we request a $5.00 donation to help with expenses. Performance attire is all black. Please RSVP by Saturday April 10, 2010. Popular featured guest performers include: • The Terrell Sisters – recording artists • Greg O’Quin – recording artist • Claudette Sweet of Denver, CO – songster extraordinaire • Pastor Robert Sweet, his choir, and praise dancers from Community Baptist Church, Ft. Worth

Runnoff, Continued from Page 2 Dallas • Martin Weiss Rec. Ctr.; 10716 Marsh Lane; Dallas • Oak Cliff Sub-Courthouse; 410 S. Beckley Ave.; Dallas • Martin Weiss Rec. Ctr.; 1111 Martindell Ave.; Dallas • Our Redeemer Lutheran Church; 7611 Park Lane; Dallas • Pleasant Oaks; Recreation Center; 8701 Greenmound Ave.; Dallas • Records Building; 509 Main Street; Dallas • Richardson Civic Center; 411 W. Arapaho; Richardson • Rowlett Library; 3900 Main Street; Rowlett • St. Luke Community Life Center; 6211 East Grand Ave.; Dallas • Valley Ranch Library; 401 Cimmaron Trail; Irving • Veterans Medical Center; 4500 S. Lancaster; Dallas • West Dallas Multipurpose Center; 2828 Fish Trap Road; Dallas

The 83rd Clyde Little Field Texas Relays By Jordan Blair The Texas Relays in Austin has been a wonderful event to attend for many years. Many diverse black people come in loads from all over the Country to see this massive event every year. With the economy in such bad shape, this event brings about a major economic impact to Austin in the tune of 8 million dollars or more as estimated by the Chamber of Commerce. The 83rd Clyde Little Field Texas Relays was very entertaining and captivating as it is every year. The weather was very track friendly with the sun beaming and very few clouds. This year DISD only had Dallas Madison men’s track team and Skyline girl’s track team that entered the track meet. Other districts like Mansfield, Desoto, and Lancaster made an appearance at the meet. Where are the rest of the track teams in DISD? It’s almost as if we don’t have any more talent coming out of this great sports city of Dallas. The Texas Relays Is a meet that brings talent from all over the Country and even abroad, High Schools, Colleges, Universities, you name It. Athletes and many others gather each year to give the High School students the opportunity to show case their talents for scholarships ,Etc… This was the same case back In 1985, during that record breaking meet and the dual between Hawthorn High School track team from California and Roosevelt High

April 9, 2010

School track team from Dallas that changed the way the Texas Relays has operated since. Not all records, apparently, are made to be broken. It’s been 25 years since a pioneering school team journeyed from California to challenge Texas’ fastest runners, including one still considered by some to be the best over prep sprinter, “The Robot,” Roy Martin. The clash helped change the fact of the Texas Relays, and it produced a pair of races that were electric and indelible. The time of 3 minute sand 7:40 seconds that Mike Marsh and his Hawthorne, CA. teammates scorched to in the 1,600 meter relay still stands not only as a Texas Relays record, but as a national high school standard. Also remaining on the Relays’ record books is a 10.18-second 100 meters that Martin blazed to that weekend. The shootout between the schools and their superstars was so intense that neither Marsh Thomas nor Martin talked to reporters after their final event, the 1,600meter relay. The defeat in that race still stings Martin, who half-joked that he would be sure to stay in Dallas when informed that the Hawthorne relay team would be honored Saturday at Myers Stadium. “That’s almost more than I can take,” Martin said with a sign. “I'd give anything if we could go back and do it again.”


Church Woman Of The Week


I mentioned in last week’s prayer closet, that God made man for his glory and to satisfy His desire for fellowship, conversation and appreciation. When God made man, He blessed him and spoke to him. That was the beginPastor ning of a heavenly Clarence communication sysHenderson tem. It was the love device by which God poured out his heart to man and man poured out his heart to God. Their richest joys came when “The voice of Lord God came walking in the garden.” They walked and talked together. God told man how he loved him. God told man his will for him. Man discovered that God is the supplier of all his needs. It was then and even now that man seeks to please God by fellowship, conversation and appreciation and it all begins in prayer.

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Queen Apostle, Janet Cook CHURCH Higher Heights & Deeper Depths Ministries PASTOR(S) Chief Apostle, Dr. Lloyd Benson FAVORITE SONG “Walk Into Your Season” FAVORITE SCRIPTURE Psalms 100 FAVORITE SAYING “You Don’t Hear Me” CHURCH AFFILIATIONS: Queen Apostle & Overseer of 20/20 Vision Apostolic Anointed Covenant of Churches & Ministries Inc., Non-Denomination Organization, Charter Member & CEO of Queens N Kings with Class Boutique & Web-site Store. Whom do you choose for Church Woman of the Week? Contact Debra ~ Office 214-405-8335 • Office 214-372-6500 For reservations call: 972-709-4208 “We’re waiting to pamper you!” Offer valid for 30 Days from publication date. "10% Discount on Any Massage Service To Anyone, When You Mention Elite News " SPONSOR



Yet Will I Praise Him instant. Pain, sorrow, hunger, anger, confusion, and desperation. God please help, and show us how we can help one another. The song writer wrote a wonderful praise chorus with the words, "As the deer panteth for the water so my soul longeth after you." We have sung that song many times bringing to mind our longing after God and our great anticipation and desire to be in His presence. Psalm forty-two and forty-three were originally written as a Geraldine Davidson-Hooker single psalm. This can be seen by reading the two psalms together and witnessing the consistent flow and seamless message. In these psalms the writer remembers what it was like to praise God, but is currently at a point where praise does not seem possible. He longs to be with God but he can't. Psalm forty-three continues by asking God for vindication and protection; "rescue me from deceitful and wicked men" (Psalm 43:1). The writer desperately wants to praise but is unable. God seems distant and uninvolved, and the enemy is fierce. But in spite of the challenges, the writer is confident he will one day return. "Why are you downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise Him, my Savior and my God." Psalm 42:11 and 43:5 A deer that pants after water desires something it cannot have. There is a barrier keeping the deer from the water, and so the deer pants in frustration. The writer is at the frustrating point of panting, but is reassured that there will one day be true reason to praise. Many people woke up this morning wondering if they will ever be able to praise God. Some are facing earthquakes and death, but many others are facing the separation and pain which keeps them from God. And yet, we have so many reasons to praise, so many reasons to declare His goodness and grace. Jesus told us we would have troubles in this world but then said, "But take heart! I have overcome the world" (John 16:33). Through all the confusion, anger and doubt, He is still our "refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble" (Psalm 46:1). I pray that God will use these words to minister in a mighty way today. I pray they will find their way to those who are in great need. We all have reason for hope. He will never leave us, will never stop calling our name. Let's resolve to face our trials, no matter how great, and confidently proclaim "I will yet praise!"


First, Continued from Page 4 dent. “Anyone would be foolish to come up against him.” Pastor Bell called Mrs. Robinson “a true AMEer” who was “born an AMEer.” Pastor Bell said “it was no accident that he (Obama) is here in light of what happed here last Tuesday,” referring to the drive-by shooting deaths of four people in the African American community in one of the worst outbreaks of violence in recent Washington history. The president’s presence was “helping our community heal,” Pastor Bell said. Pastor Bell said attendees included Washington, D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty and family, and Marion Barry, D.C. Council Member from Ward 8. Mrs. Obama wore a cream-colored scooped-back elbow-length dress. The president wore a dark suit. Melia wore a pink dress and Mrs. Robinson wore a bright rosecolored dress. Your pooler could not spot Sasha. Pastor Bell announced that the Obama family would leave after they receive communion. The first family kneeled at the communion rail, far stage right, as the Rt. Rev. Adam Jefferson Richardson, Jr., presiding bishop, recited the Lord’s Prayer and then distributed communion, starting far stage left and working his way to the first family. Communion consisted of wafers and individual thimble-size glasses of grape juice. The motorcade departed church at 12:50 p.m., back to the White House at 1:04 p.m.” History of Allen Chapel, AME When the Civil War started in 1861, the future of Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church had already recorded at least a decade of service to free Blacks in the community of “Good Hope”, the earliest settlement in the “Anacostia” area of Washington, D.C. Following the war, Allen Chapel became the focal point and center of activity for a growing congregation. It attracted many former slaves who purchased small plots of land and settled around Good Hope Hill. Rev. A.W. Wayman and later Rev. J.H. Shorter of Israel A.M.E. Church (now C.M.E.) provided early leadership, and by 1860, the church was organized and firmly established on Hampton Road, which was renamed Alabama Ave. in 1924. At least one structure was destroyed by fire. The sturdy “little white church” served the congregation from the 1920’s until the Rev. James Williamson led them into the new brick sanctuary in 1963, located at 2498 Alabama Ave. S.E., Washington, D.C. In 1989, the church completed construction on the present multi-purpose building, which is used continuously for church activities and community events. In 1991, the Church proudly dedicated the newly reconstructed sanctuary that we use today. To learn more about Allen Chapel, visit Rev. Michael E. Bell, a dynamic preacher and teacher, is now Senior Pastor of Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church. I’m sure this was a momentous occasion for Rev. Bell and his entire congregation. Way to go Allen Chapel!

Black History Quiz The first caller Monday by 12 PM April 12, 2010 wins a free dinner for one at Luby’s Cafeteria on Hwy.67 & Hampton Rd. in Dallas with all the correct answers. These are easy. DIRECTIONS: Read each clue below. Each clue tells about a famous black American on the list at the bottom of the page. Use the list to connect to a short biography of each person. On the line next to each clue, write the name of the person to whom the clue refers. 1. _____________________ This lay preacher led a Virginia slave revolt in 1831. 2. _____________________ This person, who was one of 13 children, died in an airplane crash. 3. _________________ This person, who was a famous writer of piano music, was known as the "king of ragtime." 4. _____________________ When first out of college, this person worked as a TV news reporter. 5. _____________________ This person, a well-known trumpet player, was known by the nickname "Satchmo." 6. _____________________ This person attended the University of California on a tennis scholarship. 7. _____________________ This person was a teacher in Mississippi before she became a wellknown journalist. 8. _____________________ This person was appointed by President George Washington to help survey the land that would become Washington, D.C. 9. _____________________ This person was the world heavyweight boxing champion from 1937 to 1949. 10. ____________________ This person wrote proudly of black people in books, poems, and plays. Louis Armstrong Arthur Ashe Benjamin Banneker Bessie Coleman Langston Hughes Scott Joplin Joe Louis Ida Wells-Barnett Nat Turner Oprah Winfrey Answers in Elite News next week edition. Answers to last weeks questions. If you answered both correct, I can tell you are really into it. Congratulations! 1. Dr. Charles Richard Drew. 2. Garrett Augustus Morgan.

April 9, 2010

GREGG A. SMITH’S “BACKYARD SPOTLIGHT” Biography of Burnett "Captain Jack" Watson By Roman Ross Burnett "Captain Jack" Watson, is a blues Vocalist, not just one who interprets his music as work but has a love for music, which was hidden inside for a long time. He was born in Gonzales, Texas south of the coast. He and his twin brother were adopted by his uncle and aunt, George and Wessie Mae Watson at the age of 18 months old and moved to Dallas, Texas in 1968. Captain Jack often played in church and joined the school band at Wilmer Hutchins High School. Captain Jack sung in the youth’s choir and played drums at 10 years old and was introduced to the blues world by his Uncle Morris White who formally was Bobby Patterson first manager. His uncle was known in Dallas as a great guitar player. Morris taught him and his twin how to sing and play the blues. At age 14, Captain Jack formed his first blues band which was managed by his older brother Roy Cassell and his uncle Larry White. Captain Jack played the drums in the marching band under the leadership of Bobby Simpson, who also played with Bobby Patterson and The Mustangs. On Thursday nights, Captain Jack was asked to sing on stage at the Coaches Corner giving him his first big break. Captain Jack was introduced to another world of the blues when Big Charles Young would call him on

Burnett "Captain Jack" Watson stage at RL Blues Palace and pass him the microphone so he could get down. Captain Jack has opened for artists such as

Little Milton, TJ Hooker Taylor, Floyd Taylor, Jeff Floyd, TK Soul, Carl Marshall, Rue Davis, Joe Tex, Jr., Donnie Ray Aldridge, Vernon Garrett, L.J. Echols, The Rose Brothers, Bobby Patterson, Ernie Johnson, Gregg A. Smith, Silver Tones, Miss Levell White, Lil Dave Thomas, Blue Lisa & The Big D Play Boys, Cheryl Arena, Joe Jonas, TuTu Jones, Jonnie T. Harris, Christian Dozzles, Willie Clayton, Sir Charles Jones and many more. Captain Jack's squalling has been compared to the late Z.Z. Hill, Bobby Blue Bland, and the late Little Milton. Many blues lovers will be blessed by his voice and energetic stage performance. Recently he has signed with CDS Records and his first album "Brand New Man" was recently released. The single from the album "I'm In Love With A Woman Other Women Talk About" is steadily climbing the charts and getting critical acclaim from the Southern Blues community. Captain Jack would like to thank God for allowing him to step out on faith to reach beyond limitations to enjoy the gift of singing that is bestowed upon him. For more information please contact him at or visit his pages at www.captainjackthebluessingermy or

Relays, Continued from Page 5 Fans, however, were anything but disappointed by those 1985 Texas Relays. Most of 11,000 who filled the Memorial Stadium that unforgettable Saturday left thinking they had just caught a sneak preview of a couple of future Olympic gold medalists. They had, but not even the sprinters could have anticipated who they turned out to be. Even by Texas’ lofty standards, the 1980s were a special era in high school track. “It was just an awesome time to be running high school track,” said Joe DeLoach, who won the Class 4A 100 and 200 meter state titles in 1984. Former Dallas Roosevelt coach Earnest James still maintains that no one, not even Carl Lewis, was a better high school sprinter than Martin. More than another fast phenom, Martin was an entertainer, a rock star in spikes. .” In closing I still ask the QUESTION WHERE WAS THE DALLAS TEAMS? We might have missed the Robot of this era, oh I forgot he was stuck In Dallas and didn’t get to perform on the biggest stage to show his wares.

Individual Individ dual Prizes Hole In One, One, Closest to tthe he pin pin,, Longest drive Team T e prizes awarded to first, first, second, second, and third place teams. Sponsorships Sponsors p hips p Available Available Av

Title Sponsor p - $3,000 $ , 0 “A” “A” Student - $ $2,000 , “B”” Student - $1,000 “B 0 Hole Sponsor - $500 Individual / Family Family Sponsor - $200 In-Kind Sponsorshi Sponsorships ips are also available

Tournament proceeds provide scholarship funds Grand Oaks Gold Club -- 3502 Country Club Drive, Grand Prairie, Texas 75052 To Register:



COMMUNITY CALENDAR Happy Birthday April Babies – April 3 Reginald Wilson; April 6, Jordan Blair, II; April 6 - Khalia Blair; April 14th Willie (Bubba) Brownfield, 21 years young; April 20 - Terri Lynch; April 25 Happy Anniversary William and Mozelle Blair, April 27 - Jordan Blair; April 28 - Corey Blair; April 24- Tyler Elsom; David L. Fullylove - 55, April 28; Kendene Fullylove, Happy 21st Birthday - April 1st. Happy Anniversary to all you lovebirds! ATTENTION – CALLING ALL FORMER URBAN LEAGUERS: The Urban League of Greater Dallas and North Central Texas will celebrate the National Urban League 100th anniversary this year with activities throughout the year. If you are an Urban League member, former employee, member of the Board of Trustees, Guild or Young Professionals, please email your name, address and phone number to or call (214) 9154632 and leave your name and phone number. We would like to include you in the Urban League 100th Anniversary celebrations. Summer Cultural Enrichment Camp All Day, Monday - Thursday, 8 weeks Includes breakfast and lunch - Only $65 per week. TeCo's highly successful summer theater camp has a proven track record. Applications are now being accepted for the 2010 Cultural Enrichment Camp at the Bishop Arts Theater Center beginning June 7 through July 30, Monday through Thursday, 7AM - 5PM. Activities include training in: theatre, dance elements, visual arts, literary workshops, "Grooming the Artist" workshops and much more! The camp will culminate with a production by the students. Only ages 6 - 17 year olds accepted. Tuition includes breakfast and lunch. Only 50 applications will be accepted on a first come first serve basis - ONLY 20 SLOTS AVAILABLE AS OF 4/1/10.. Click here to register now.. The program is made possible by the generosity of our sponsors: Central Dallas Ministries, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the City of Dallas Office of Cultural Affairs, and Methodist Hospital SUBSCRIPTIONS TO THE DALLAS SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA’S 2010-2011 SEASON; Texas Instruments Classical & DSO Pops Series Packages Available; Available to purchase online at DestinationDSO or by calling 214.692.0203; Subscription ticket packages begin at $114. For more information call 214.692.0203 or visit For more information and a full season calendar,


please visit Press. Cameron Smith and ALW Entertainment announce the Jazz Series 2010 lineup at Bishop Arts Theater Center; April 17 - Chieli Minucci and Jessy J. Latina sax sensation Jessy J has been basking in the glow of her hard earned stardom with world touring alongside Micheal Bolton and a special guest shot with Seal on the Ellen DeGeneres show. May 8 — Cameron Smith and ALW Entertainment announce the Jazz Series 2010 lineup at Bishop Arts Theater Center; May 8 - Marc Antoine and Brian Simpson with Tom Braxton. The Paris tinged flamenco Jazz of Marc Antoine has garnered him a passionate global audience of fans who love his flair for Bosa Nova and the styling’s of Django Reinhardt. June 5 - Harvey Mason/Joe McBride. Grammy winning percussionist and Jazz icon Harvey Mason has appeared on seminal works from Herbie Hancock, Sergio Medes, Quincy Jones and hundreds of others. September 24 - Eric Darius and Jeff Golub; Eric Darius exploded on the contemporary Jazz scene just 6 years ago with his first release Night on the Town and immediately the critics hailed him as the heir apparent to Grover Washington Jr and Stanley Turrentine. His Blue Note release Goin’ All Out earned him his first number one hit and has proven his 4 releases to date are just the beginning. Eric will be joined by the incomparable Jeff Golub! November 20 - Peter White and Eric Marienthal; Peter White has enjoyed an incredible career as one the biggest names in Smooth Jazz. With number one hits and a global touring schedule Peter initially cut his teeth with Al Stewart on his multi platinum Year of The Cat. It was Peter whose acoustic guitar solos burst through on radio and became his own signature sound. For tickets, visit or Ticketmaster or call 214 948 0716. There will be two shows for each concert, 7:00 pm and 9:45PM including valet parking and complimentary cocktails. The Bishop Arts Theater Center is located at 215 S Tyler St one half block north of Jefferson on Tyler Street, Dallas 75208. April 10 — 2010 African American Health Expo will be held at O. D. Wyatt High School, located at 2400 E. Seminary, Fort Worth, Texas 76119 on Saturday, April 10, 2010 from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. For more information please call Nina Jackson at 817-922-3565 or email her at HOME TOURS ADDED TO URBAN LEAGUE HOMEBUYER WORKSHOP— If you are thinking about buying a new home,

need to address credit or budgeting problems or would like to tour available homes, please attend the Urban League Homebuyers Workshop on Saturday, April 10, 2010 from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Urban League Headquarters, 4315 S. Lancaster Road. As part of this month’s workshop, participants will be given a bus tour of available homes in the southern sector as well as receive information on budgeting, credit counseling and restoration, shopping for a home, bond programs, down payment assistance and home maintenance. Space is limited. Please call (214) 915-4639 to reserve your seat for the Urban League Homebuyer Workshop and Home Tour.

V. Alyce Foster Trailblazer & Scholarship Awards Luncheon; Saturday April 17, 2010; 12:00 noon; To honor high school students desiring and deserving to further their education. Cost: 60.00 one ticket; $600 - full table. Contact person to purchase tickets - Althea Carlise - 972-293-8818 or online at www.southdallasbpwc. org

April 10 — “Gospel Explosion” - April 10, 2010 from 3pm to 5pm; Location: Franklin D. Roosevelt High School - Auditorium; Organized By: Franklin D. Roosevelt High School Choir Director Paul Doucet; Event Description: Tickets are $5.00 for students and $15.00 for adults. Proceeds to benefit the HBCU Scholarship Fund!! Featured Ensembles: Texas College Choir, William Mitchell, Director; Jarvis Christian College Choir, Dr. Gerald Bieritz, Director; South Oak Cliff High School Choir; Michelle Magee, Director; Franklin D. Roosevelt High School Choir Paul Doucet, Director. For more information regarding this concert, please call Paul Doucet @ 972.925.6868

April 17 — Two West Dallas schools (Sequoyah Elementary and Amelia Earhart Elementary) located in the 12th poorest neighborhood in the US- are partnering with the Lakewest Family YMCA's - Health Fair (3737 Goldman St.) on April 17th to provide a “ Healthy Kids Helping Haiti ” - Fun Run to benefit the earthquake victims of Haiti. The one mile race will begin at 9:00am and last until the last participant crosses the finish line. A $5.00 registration fee is required to participate. Donations will be gladly accepted at either school and all money raised will be donated to Haitian Relief. The Health Fair runs all day. Please call if you have any questions. Dr. Vickie Smith; 214-549-4537; 972-794-3900;

April 11, 2010 — The Elks Teen Programs: The Oratorical Contest is for students in the 11th and 12th grade and the Beauty and Talent Pageant is students and young adults, ages 16-20 years old. Both of these events will be held on April 11, 2010 at the Dallas Black Academy of Arts and Letters, applicants must apply by January 20, 2010 by contacting Daniels Cross Elks Lodge at 2444 S. Zang, Dallas, TX 75224, (214 9430021 after 6:00PM) or by contacting George Coleman at 214 499-0088.

Author Kathryn E. Eriksen Book Signing Event; 4-17-10 from 1-3 p.m. at Logos Bookstore, 6620 Snider Plaza, Dallas, TX 75205. Eriksen will be available to sign copies of her Christian Fiction novel, Walk With the Master: A Biblical Adventure of Canine Proportions. Join author Kathryn E. Eriksen as she explores the world of the Master as seen through the eyes of his faithful companion, a dog named Barnabus. From this unique perspective, we see what the human side of Jesus's daily life might have been like. For more information, contact Mark McDevitt at 888-361-9473 or

You are invited to the Installation Service for our new Pastor Earnest C. Wilson and Family. This event will be Sunday, April 11, 2010 at the Griggs Chapel Missionary Baptist Church, 1718 Fargo St. Dallas, TX 75223 214-826-3280. The time for the event is 3:30 pm. We would like for everyone to come and celebrate this special event with us. April 17 — SOUTH DALLAS BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL WOMEN; Annual Trailblazer Awards Luncheon; Time: 12:00; Place: Hilton Anatole – Khamer Pravillion; 2201 Stemmons Freeway Dallas, Texas 75207; 214-748-1200; South Dallas Business and Professional Women's - 47th

WeightWatchers Meeting at Oak Cliff Presbyterian Church Mondays at 6:30 pm Saturdays at 7:30 am and 9:30 am April 9, 2010

“ If President Obama was White�

If President Obama were White there never would have been such thing as “TParties�. There never would have been slander remarks made against certain people in the Congress. There never would have been signs with President Obama’s picture on it portraying Hitler, a monkey etc. If President Obama was Gene Turner White there would never Out of the Eyes of have been disrespect shown toward him, simply because a Layman He is the President of the United States of America. There have been other presidents who passed or tried to pass bills, which were unpopular to American people, but they never lost respect for the President because of the position he represents. In President Obama’s case it’s different, because the Southern White’s, especially the male factor do not think a Black man is capable of leading this country. President Carter made this plain sometime ago, and people booed Carter for making that statement. Don’t get us wrong here, I know that this does not apply to all southern Whites, because I have talked with a few young White males who believe President Obama is trying to help all people. The reason why he is president today is directly or in-directly because of the young White voters. You do know that thirty three million Black voters never could have put President Obama in office against the other 274 million people, which means that he had to carry most of the votes from that 274 million people who were not Black. If President

Obama was White these news commentators on FOX TV and some other news stations would not dare to disrespect a President of the United States the way they have President Obama. It is a shame how this country has treated this President, it would not make any difference if he was green, he is still the President of this country, and we as a people should respect him as the President. If President Obama was White, he could have done what Bush did without anything being said to the contrary. As we all know Bush and his staff lied about Nuclear weapons in Iraq in order to send troops there. Bush almost broke Social Security the first three months he was in office. No one said anything about the stimulus money he gave to the rich. He gave the poor $360.00, that was to keep the poor people quiet, but the big companies and rich received millions of dollars. No one, or no commentator on the news said anything about it. If President Obama were White, he would be respected as President rather than be called a lie on National TV by a White racist. If President Obama were White he would be called President Obama on the news instead of “Obama�. President Obama was hand picked by God to do what he is doing. There is not another Black man in this world that would be as calm about all this as President Obama is. What really bothers this 21st century racist, is the fact that there has never been another elected President in the White House with the mind this man has, except John F. Kennedy and Jimmy Carter, they come real close. What most people do not understand is the fact that God put him

Obama, Continued on Page 12





Barber Shop Sports Talk with Leon Simon Flozell “the Hotel� Adams no longer a Cowboy. A1998 2nd round draft pick was released Friday along with safety Ken Hamlin. That would seem to suggest that either Doug Free is ready for prime time or the Cowboys will make a move in free agency or both. With an uncapped year coming up and the Cowboys having ideas of participating in the first Super bowl at Jerry’s world, it would be unheard of to enter such an important season with two key positions as safety an left tackle being questionable positions. After investing so much money in Tony Romo to have his blindside unprotected or questionable protection. Adams release brings mixed emotion from Cowboy fans that’s just the nature of the position. Adams received quite a few penalties, that was the nature of the position also. Left tackle usually pit’s the largest offensive lineman against The smallest, quickest, most athletic defensive linemen. That works well for the offensive lineman if all plays were running plays and the bigger man is going forward. That changes greatly when it’s a passing situation an the bigger guy has to back up. When the Cowboys won their first super bowl it was Ralph Nealy, Ralph got so many holding calls, people would call him grabbers. Every body spoke negatively about Ralph, all but Roger Staubach, Roger called him friend. In the Jimmie Johnson era Skip Bayless said the Cowboys would never win a Super bowl with Mark Tuinea at Left tackle, they won three. Holding, tripping, hands to the face are often calls left an right tackles usually get, and sometime it’s the type plays need to help quarterback stay in the game and some cases the league. Skip said Mark couldn’t block the likes of Clyde Simmons with out help. That’s a fact of life most left tackles, even Hall of Fame types need help, when down an distant favor the defender.

The tackle position is a very visible, and very important position. An infraction quite often draws a penalty a mistake sometimes brings the paramedics on the field and in some case a concussion for the quarterback. Concussions has Leon Simon been the demise of more qb’s than interceptions. To the novice those type penalties stop drives, changes momentum an take teams out of scoring position. Causes coaches to lose their job, but it causes quarterbacks and running backs to buy Rolex watches for Christmas and season end for said offenders. Each of the tackles I mentioned, there were a lot of people that wanted them out of here and Flozell was no different. Talk to their peer group, Justin Tucks one of Flozell�s staunches rivals was ask who was the best left tackle in the league, Flozell Adams was the answer. Doug Free might go down as the best left tackle to ever play in the NFL, or the Cowboys could make a trade or draft the best to ever play. That won’t demean the career or the effort that Flozell gave the Cowboys. Before you celebrate flozell’s leaving lets salute what he did while he was here.


April Fri 09 Sat 10 Mon 12 Wed 14

Opponent @ Portland @ Sacramento @ LA Clippers vs San Antonio

Time 9:00pm 9:00pm 9:30pm 7:00pm

 2 T WJ  - Z S I WJ I X 2 Q  Q F G QJ &[ F NNQQF ( M F S S J QX &




*Requires Requires qualifying commitment and a vali valid id major credit card card.. Satisfactory credit score rrequired. equired. Call Call for for full full details details and and disclaimer. disclaimer.

April 9, 2010


ON THE SCENE The 83rd Clyde Littlefield Texas Relays

Texas Relays Officials

Young Mr. Nixon, Tosa Nixon & Fred Marsh; Vice President of Operations, State Farm nsurance

Mike Marsh, Fred Marsh, Roy “The Robot” Martin

Fred Marsh & Roy “The Robot” Martin

1985 Record Breaking Team from Hawthorne California

Roy “The Robot” Martin, Coach Bubba Thornton

Scene from the Texas Relays


Relays Crowd

Mike Marsh, Fred Marsh, Roy “The Robot” Martin, and Jordan Blair

1985 Record Breaking Relay Team from Hawthorne California

State Farm Booth at the Texas Relays, Title Sponsor

Trey Harts & Courtney Thomas, Baylor University

Scene from Relays

April 9, 2010

ENTERTAINMENT Advice Column: Ask Dr. Karen Hollie



VINCENT’S SCHOOL OF DANCE Don’t be a couch potato – it’s time to get up out of your seat! Have you always wanted to learn how to swing out but don’t want to go to the club? Now you can at VINCENT’S SCHOOL OF DANCE in a non-smoking Christian atmosphere. Have you always wanted your little angel to take ballet classes? Now she can at VINCENT’S SCHOOL OF DANCE. Have you always wanted to learn how to praise dance? Now you can at VINCENT’S SCHOOL OF DANCE.

You can also learn how to praise step at VINCENT’S SCHOOL OF DANCE. Classes taught: Ballet, Praise & Worship, Hip-Hop, Swing Out & Salsa

Two One Hour Classes - $15.00 Saturday – Low Impact Aerobic Classes One Half Hour Class - $5.00 Guaranteed lowest rates in town! Have fun in a Safe, Smoke Free Christian Environment Join for the excitement!! Join for the fellowship!! Join for the exercise!! Join for the life giving energy of learning!! Individual instructors for each class. Classes are filling up fast – call now for your appointment.

Vincent’s School of Dance located at 118 W. Illinois Ave.

Call 214/943-5066. April 9, 2010

Welcome to the weekend Baaaby! Funny dude Kevin Hart's at the House of Blues in Dallas...Funny foooorrrr sure, lol... Congrats to the Mav' who have finished their home games for the regular season. The last two Kevan games before the Browning playoffs happen Saturday night in Sacramento against the Kings (Boy I used to hate their fans cowbells) and in L.A. against the Clippers and Monday! Good luck to the Rangers and manager Ron Washington and finally, Could you believe the Eagles traded Donovan McNab to the Redskins in the same division... Jerry, lets get focused! I don't want to see the Redskins playing a Super Bowl in Arlington, next January! Shaq and Shaunie's O'Neals divorce couldn't have come at a better time. Shaunie O'Neal's new show "Basketball Wives" on VH1 is full of nothing but drama. It's definitely going to be interesting to see how these Shaunie Oneal women will get along but maybe the show should have a new name... "FUTURE EX-BASKETBALL WIVES AND JUMP-OFFS" because by the end of all this foolishness, all of them will probably be single! Peep all tha drama at 9p on Sunday! From the "Say It Ain't So" category... In Touch magazine is the first to allege that a drug relapse is the real reason behind Whitney Houston's tour postponements in Europe this week. The publiWhitney Houston

cation is quoting a source who claims he witnessed the songstress sneaking a snort of cocaine last month at a Los Angeles hotel, just weeks before the start of her European tour that has since been postponed. Pray for Whitney, as Rick James said on the Chappell show, "Cocaine is a terrible drug"! When Christina Milian and The Dream got together, we all Jay-Z knew it was a business transaction. She needed some tracks and he needed well... something better than Nivea. In the latest issue of US Weekly, Christina shows off Baby Violet but The Dream is nowhere to be found. That's showbiz! Yo Jigga Man... We knew Jigga had it going on, but we didn't quite know he had it like that! Well, Billboard Boxscore made a recent tally of 2010's top grossing shows thus far, and Jay-Z's Blueprint 3 tour took eight of the top 35 spots. Of the eight, Jay-Z's best-selling show closed out at #10 overall after it grossed $1,322,831. To give some added perspective on how much an artist can make in two weeks of touring, Jay-Z's tour, which featured Jeezy and Maya Angelou Trey Songz, grossed a total of $9,731,218 between March 11-24. His recent $50 million deal with Live Nation is likely responsible for the high live performance profits! Or is it just because he's tha Jigga man? Happy Birthday to YOU and Celeb's this week: Maya Angelou is 82, James "Rockford Files" Garner is 82, John Madden is 74Billy Dee Williams is 70, Steven Seagal is 58, Tony Dorsett and Jackie Chan are 56, David Blaine 37, and Rudy AKA Keisha Knight Pulliam is 31! Thanks for Rollin With a Brotha in the Elite News and online at!



For tickets call TBAAL Box Office at (214) 743-2400 or Ticketmaster (800) 745-3000. The Black Academy of Arts and Letters, Inc. 2009-2010 33rd season programs are supported in part by the City of Dallas - Office of Cultural Affairs, American Airlines, Fairmont Hotel Dallas, Centerplate, The Dallas Weekly, Downtown Business News, Evans Engraving, TXA 21/CBS 11, Radio One-Dallas, KKDA-AM/K104 FM Radio, WRR 101.1 FM, Vinson Creative Solutions, Peachez, Inc. and The Design Factory. American Airlines is the official air carrier and The Fairmont Hotel Dallas is the official hotel for TBAAL’s 33rd Season.

We pray that all had a wonderful “Resurrection Sunday” as the body of Christ again celebrated our king’s victory over death. Union Hope participated in Sunrise service with the Sinai District Association at the Good Shepherd Primitive Baptist church where the Elder Charles William serves Eld. Lloyd as pastor. Elder John T. Morgan Richardson pastor of Zion Chapel Primitive Baptist church delivered the news that the tomb is empty. Church school lesson was “The Community faces Pain and Joy” John 16:16-24,20:11-16. We saw that the disciples were like many today they heard Jesus teaching that he would suffer and die yet they did not grasp what he was talking about. He says “a little while, and you shall not see me: and again a little while, and you shall see me because I go to my father. He was trying to prepare them for his crucifixion; they heard but did

not understand. Jesus taught them how to direct their prayers in the future assuring them that “Whatsoever” they would ask the father his name, he would give them. This did not mean what many take it to mean today, that whatever we ask in his name the Father is obligated by this promise to do it. Jesus is speaking in relation to ministry not houses and cars. Our King conquered our last enemy death, and arose on the third day “Victorious “that all might be assured that death has been conquered that there is life after death. Our morning message was delivered by our pastor Eld.L.T.Morgan from the subject “From doubt to faith” John 20:24-29. For the doubters we have Thomas the disciples who doubted the report that Jesus was back from the dead and declared that he would not believe unless he could feel the nail prints in his hand and place his hand in the wound in his side. Jesus made another appearance just for him and allowed him the opportunity to examine him with his hands. He ever lives!! Be blessed

Obama, Continued from Page 9 there “FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS”. No matter what he comes up with it will work because of the only wise God our Father. If you read Tuesday’s paper over in the business section you saw positive signs of the economy moving upward. Just look at what the news say, In the 3rd paragraph, “and they say they no longer fear a double-dip recession-in which the end of government stimulus money would tip the economy back into contraction.” the economy added 162,000 jobs last month. The most in nearly 3 years, which means we were in a down economy 2 years before President Obama became President. Businesses are hiring at a higher rate now, and there is a reason for all this, “GOD”. “FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS” I am sure that many of our readers are aquatinted with the book of Esther. Esther becomes queen, because King Ahasuerus loved her more than the others. When she was made queen, she was now in a


position to save her people, and that is why Mordecai, the only father she knew told her that “Thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this.” That is what God is doing with President Obama right now. President Obama was made president by God in order to carry out the will of God for a people at this appointed time. This is why everything he comes up with will pass for the good of the people of the USA. President Obama is our blessing from God Himself. Watch this, President Obama will win the next election by a wider margin than he did this time. This is a question of the day. There are about 14 or 16 states protesting to courts against the Health Care Reform. What was President Obama’s very successful profession before he became involved in politics? Let us not forget to read our Bibles, and may God bless you REAL GOOD, and may He ever keep you in His loving care.

April 9, 2010

Greater New St. John Primitive Baptist Church

30 years of Experience

2529 56th Street Dallas, Tx 75241 214-372-4076 Sunday School.....8:45 am Morning Services...10 am “Keeping the main thing...the main thing and that’s Jesus Christ”

Transmission Service 3030 Cedar Crest BLVD. Dallas, TX 75203 214-943-8919 • 214-943-8242

Harrell’s Jumbo


Catfish & Shrimp

“We Need Your Head In Our Business”

1122 W. Camp Wisdom


Munger Ave. Baptist Church

Reba Harrell

“Your Church Home In Dallas”

3919 Munger Ave./Dallas, Texas 75204 (214) 824-8312

Sunday School.........9:30 am Sunday Morning Worship...11:00 am Wednesday Mid Week Service Sunshie Bible Stud...10:00 am Fellowship Dinner.......5:20 pm Prayer Meeting-Bible Study...........6:30-8:30 pm Youth Bible Study & Rehearsal......7:00 -8:30 pm

Dallas, Texas 75232


Rev. Vincent E. Davis Pastor

u o H


3103 S. Lancaster Rd. 214-374-8660 St re rs Mon.-Wed.: 11:00am - 8:00pm Thursday: 11:00am - 10:00pm Fri. and Sat.: 11:00 am - Midnight Sunday: CLOSED

Ph: (972) 228-0540 Monday-Saturday 8:00 am - 8:00 pm

Andre Hurd Barber/Stylist




Antioch Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church 7550 South Hampton Road Dallas, Texas 75232 972-228-2420 (office) 972-228-2584 (fax) website: “We Build People”





“Sensational” St. Paul AME Church 2420 Metropolitan Avenue Dallas, TX 75215-3534 Ch. Office: 214-421-1344

Office Hours 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM Monday - Thursday Closed - Friday Sunday Morning Worship Experience 7:30 AM - Worship I 8:45 AM Church School 10:00 AM - Worship II

Rev. Wade Charles Davis

Calvary-Philadelphia Missionary Baptist Church 4703 Sunnyvale St. • Dallas, Texas 75216 Church Phone: 214-371-3581 Sunday School.......9:30 a.m. Morning Worship.....11:00 a.m. Wednesday…………12 Noon – 3:30 p.m. The Lord’s Table Feeding the Seniors and the Homeless 7:00 p.m. Prayer 7:30 p.m. Bible Study

Dr. Karry D. Wesley, Pastor

Wednesday Noonday Bible Study 7:00 PM Worship on Wednesday

SALEM INSTITUTIONAL BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. Todd M. Atkins— Pastor 3918 Crozier Street Dallas, Texas 75215 Phone: 214-428-3797

Rev. Juan N. Tolliver Senior Pastor

Church School...... 8:30 am St. Paul AME Service Center 2300 Metropolitan Avenue Worship Service...... 10:00 am Pastor’s Bible Study... 7 pm Wed.

SMITH CHAPEL AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH “EXCELLENCE (GOD) IS THE WAY” Rev. Darrell G. Caldwell, Sr.—Pastor 2406 Childs Street Dallas, Texas 75203 Phone: 214-948-9482 Fax: 214-948-7191 Email:

Rev. Todd M. Atkins Rev. Joe H. Moore, Jr., Pastor

April 9, 2010

Sunday Worship Services @ 10:45 am Sunday School @ 9:15 am Prayer & Bible Study - Wednesday @ 7:00 pm

Rev. Darrell G. Sunday Worship Services @ 8:30 am & 11:00 am Sunday School @ 9:45 am Caldwell Prayer & Bible Study - Wednesday @ 7:00 pm


Perfecting Grace Church

Marsalis Avenue Missionary Baptist Church 2723 S. Marsalis Ave. Dallas, Texas 75216 Church: 214-943-6007 9:00 am Sunday School 10:30 am Morning Worship 7:00 pm Prayer/Praise Worship

Terry White Pastor/Teacher

Sunday’s at 11:00am Motto: “We’ve Got To Do It Right!” Scripture: 2 Timothy 2:15 Rightly Dividing the Word of Truth

Greater Cornerstone Missionary Baptist Church

Community Baptist

8350 Forest Lane Dallas, Texas 214-349-7701 7:30 am Early Morning Worship 9:00 am Sunday School 10:30 am Morning Worship


Dr. David Wilson


Rev. Ricky Lawton

4129 Idaho Avenue Dallas, Texas 75219 (214) 374-3860 9:30 a.m. – Sunday School 10:45 a.m. – Worship Rev. R.G. Simmons, Pastor

Dallas, Texas 214-428-3200 9:30 am Sunday School

Rev. S.T. Tuston

2217 56th Street Dallas, Texas 75241 Ph: (214) 374-6441 Fax: (214) 374-6490 9:30 am Sunday School 11: 00am Morning Worship

Mount Horeb Baptist Church

Pleasant Zion Baptist Church

601 Kaufman St. Waxahachie, Texas 75165 972-937-6579 Sunday School....9:15 am Morning Worship...10:45 an Wednesday Night...7:00 pm Pastor Emeritus C. O. Smith

1910 N. St. Augustine Road Dallas, Texas 75217 Ph: (972) 285-6359

Pastor Tedrick J. Woods

Eld. Lloyd T. Morgan, Sr.

R.E.S.T. Ministries

2251 Lawrence Dallas, Texas 75216

Rev. A.C. Toney, Pastor

Sunday Worship: 8 am & 10:30 am Youth Church: 10:30 am (2nd & 3rd Sun.) Intercessory Prayer: 11 am - 12noon (Tues. & Thurs.) Rev. Andre’ Byrd Sr. Bible Study: 7 pm (Wed.)

214-428-0462 8:00 & 10:00 am Worship

Rev. H.L. Ward

2206 Harlandale Ave. Dallas, TX 75216 Church: 213-372-3828 9:30 am - Sunday School 10:30 am - Sun. Morning Worship 6:00 pm - Wednesday Bible Service 11 am to 5 pm - Friday Counseling

Sunday Worship: 8:00 am. Leadership Training - Tuesday 7:00 pm. Bible Study - Friday - 7:00 pm. "Becoming All Things To All Men" 1 Corinthians 9: 20-22

Service Time: 9:45am Each 2nd & 4th Sunday Jesus is Still Blessing

Rev. Darin Falls

Golden Chain Church

Metropolitan Tabernacle Baptist Church

Rose of Sharon

Pastor: Delton T. Boyd Asst. Pastor: Donnell Jones 711 E. Camp Wisdom Road Duncanville, Tx. 75139 972.291.5416

5023 Wadsworth Dallas, Texas Church 214-372-0280

2025 W. Wheatland Rd • Dallas, Texas 75232 Phone: (972) 224-5000

Rev. C.L. Taylor

Rev. Dr. W.C. Champion

6060 No. Central Expwy. 5th Floor Dallas, Texas Phone: (903) 413-9564 Website:

New Covenant Christian Fellowship Church

Morning Star Missionary Baptist Church


Early Morning Worship....7:45 A.M. Sunday School....9:30 A.M. New Member Orientation ... 9:30 A.M. Morning Worship .....10:40 A.M. Mon. Family Bible Study....7:15 A.M.

Rev. E.C. Wilson

Gospel Lighthouse Bible Church

Primitive Baptist Church

3132 Lagow

9:30 am Sunday School

Dallas District Christian Methodist Episcopal Church Presiding Elder Dallas/Ft. Worth Region Christian Methodist Episcopal Church 1616 East Illinois Ave Dallas, Texas 75216 Ph. (214) 372-9505

Pastor Delton T. Boyd

Union Hope Institutional

Riverside Baptist Church

2251 El Paso Grand Prairie, Texas 75051 972-647-1445 9:00 am Sunday School Morning Worship 8 & 10:30 am 7 pm midweek

Rev. A. L. Banks


Living Testimony Baptist Church

Baptist Church 2316 So. Denley Dr. Dallas, TX 75216 214-376-5970

10:45 Sunday am Worship

Reginald Holt Sr. Pastor

2920 Fordham Rd.

The Rock Of Salvation Missionary

Sunday School 9:30 am Morning Worship 11 am Bible Study - Wed- 7 pm


Worship Service Place: Clarion Hotel 8102 LBJ Freeway • Dallas, TX 75251 Email:

Sunday School 8 am Morning Worship 10 am Greater El Bethel Missionary Baptist Church 1130 E. 9th St. Dallas, Texas 75203 (214) 946-9701 8:00 am Early Service 10:00 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship Service

Rev. B.L. Horn

Dr. William McNealy

Carter Temple CME Church

Pastor W.J. Atkins

2503 Crossman Avenue Dallas, Texas 75212 Church: 214-747-0752 10:00 am - Sunday School 11:00 am - Sun. Morning Worship 7:00 pm - Midweek Worship Pastor Willie L. McDaniels “His Grace Is Sufficient”

April 9, 2010

Faith Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church 4205 Robinson Road/P.O. Box 540515 Grand Prairie, Texas 75054 972-642-9125

Sunday Church School.................. 9:00 am Morning Worship........................10:30 am Tues. Bible Class..............................6:00 pm Prayer Service..............................7:00 pm Mission Study Classes...................7:45 pm Rev. Stanley E. Smith

2210 Pine Street Dallas, Texas 75212 214-421-4119 Sunday School 9:30 am Morning Worship 10:45 am

Rev. Joe Patterson New Leaf Missionary Baptist Church

Rev. R. O. Moffett

Rev. Wendell Blair, Sr.

True Gospel Ministries

Come worship with us, A minstry of caring

Crest View Ministry of “Hope”

Restoring lives and giving hope to the “hopeless”

6000 Singing Hills Dr. Dallas, Texas 75241 214-374-6631 Morning Worship 8:00 am & 10:15 am Sunday School........................9:00 am Lord’s Supper 1st Sunday ......6:00 pm Rev. C. J. R. Phillips Jr.

39727 LBJ Freeway Dallas, Texas 75237 972-572-FGHT (3448) 24 HOUR PRAYER LINE: 972-223-9898 Sunday School..........................9:45 am Sunday Morning Worship.............11:00 am Sunday Evening Worship................7:30 pm Tuesday..& Saturday........................8:00 pm visit our website

1430 N. Polk Street Desoto, Texas 75115 Ph: (469) 567-1602 Early Morning Worship - 8:00 am Sunday School - 9:45 am Morning Worship - 10:45 am Wed. Hour of Bible Study - 7:30 pm

4325 W. Ledbetter Drive Dallas, Texas 75223 Church: (214) 337-1713 Sunday School … 9:00 a.m. Morning Worship … 10:30 a.m. Baptist Training Union …. 6:15 p.m.

Apostle Lobias Murray

New Mt. Calvary Baptist Church 3317 Morris Street • Dallas, TX 75212 214-638-0918 •

1734 Idaho St. • Dallas, Texas 75216 Church: 214-942-0997 Residence: 972-225-6997

Rev. Christopher T. Willis, Sr.

Pastor Michael and Sherry Perkins

“Come, taste and see that the Lord is good.” Psalms 34:8

Sunday School: 10:00 am Morning Worship: 11:00 am

1101 Sabine • Dallas, Texas 75203 Church: 214-943-8295 Fax: 214-942-2023 Pastor: 214-942-7474 Website:

Sunday School: 9:00 am Morning Worship: 10:30 am

Rev. Kedric L. McKnight Senior Pastor

Myrtis Robinson, Pastor

2949 E. Kiest Blvd Suite J Dallas, TX 75206 Church: 214-946-2989

Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church

Wednesday ~ 7:00 Hour of Power (Bible Study, 1st & 3rd Wed.) D.I.V.A.S. (Women’s Ministry, 2nd & 4th Wed.) M.S.G. (Men’s Mnistry, 2nd & 4th Wed.)

Sunday School……10:30 a.m. Morning Worship……12:45 p.m. Wed. & Fri. Services……8:00 p.m. “So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.” Romans 10:17

New Restoration Church

Tuesday Generation Exchange (Youth/Children Happy Hour) ~ 6:45 p.m.


10345 Webb Chapel Road Dallas, Texas 75229 214-351-6510 Sunday School....................... .9:00 am Sunday Morning Worship.......10:15 am Prayer Meeting.....................7:00 pm Bible Study...........................7:30 pm BTU (youth) Thursday............. 7:00 pm Dr. M. L. Curry, Pastor

The House of Refuge Full Gospel Church

4122 Kilgore St. Dallas, TX 75212 214-630-3195 • 972-274-9911 Sunday Morning Service - 11:15 am Wed. Night Bible Study - 7:00 pm Saturday hour of Prayer - 10:00 E-mail - Supt. & Mrs. Howard E. Falls, Sr.

“Christ-Centered, Faith-Driven, Holy Living”

Rev. Wade J. Simmons Pastor

New St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church

Bibleway Church of God in Christ

Sunday Church School ~ 9:00 a.m. Morning Worship ~ 10:30 a.m. New Member Orientation ~ 1:30 p.m.

7407 Fox Crossing Court Dallas, Texas 75232 972-224-0271

April 9, 2010

Divine Inspiration Missionary Baptist Church

God’s “Exciting” Cathedral of Praise Baptist Church

1734 E. Ann Arbor Ave. Dallas, Texas 75216 214-371-1349 214-371-0100 (Fax) Formally True Gospel MBC Sunday School...8:45 am Morning Worship Service...10:30 am Last Tuesday in each month Word Explosion – 7:30 PM 2nd & 3rd Tuesdays – Bible Study 4th Saturday - Evangelism Outreach Rev. Calvin Ray Washington

Sunday Service......11:00 a.m. Wednesday Bible Class........7:30 p.m.

Rev. R. E. Price

344 E. Saner Dallas, Texas 75216 Ph: 214-946-9262 Sunday School............................ 9:15 am Sunday Morning Worship.............10:30 am Tues. Bible Band/Brotherhood Youth7:30 pm Thursday Prayer............................7:30 pm *Every Saturday “Bible Speaks” broadcast on 1040 AM radio at 3:45 pm Eld. Robert L. Ashberry

Full Gospel Holy Temple Church

New True Vine of Holiness Missionary Baptist Church 6728 Altaire Street Dallas, Texas 214-375-6504 Sunday School - 9:15 am Morning Worship - 10:35 am Evening Worship 7:30 pm A Church Where The Bible is Our Guide

9550 Shepherd Road Dallas, Texas 75243 Ph: 214-341-6459 Early Morning Worship................. 7:30 am Sunday School..............................9:00 am Sunday Morn. Worship................10:30 pm Bible Class..................................6:00 pm Prayer and Bible Study...................7:45 am

St. Phillips Missionary Baptist Church

Greater New Zion Baptist Church

“Turning over a new leaf” 5044 Veterans Drive Dallas, Texas 75241 214-372-3200 (Church) Sunday School 9:45 am Morning Worship 11:00 am 1st Sunday Lord’s Supper 6:00 pm Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeting 7:00 pm

Steven Temple C.O.G.I.C.

New Mount Zion Baptist Church

Rev. Vincent Parker, Pastor

Rev. B. R. Williams

This could be your Minister’s Listing! Call the Elite News at (214) 372-6500 for more details. PAGE 15

Outreach Missionary Baptist Church ( Full Gospel Church ) 1431 Hudspeth Avenue • Dallas, Texas 75216 (214) 372-5717 (214) 372-5717 Fax Website: Sunday School Time: 9:45 AM • Services: (Su/Sa): 11:00 AM Mid-week Service (Day & Time)(Prayer Mtg. / Bible Study): Wednesday Night 7:00 p.m. Mission / Prayer Service. Saturday T.B.A. Choir Rehearsal, Youth Activities.

Scripture, Motto, Etc.) Romans 8:28 And we all know that all things work together for the good of them that love God, and are called according to his purpose.

Pastor E.L. Carroll Sr.

1323 S. Ewing Dallas, Texas 75216 214-942-4643 9:00 a.m. Sunday School 10:45 a.m. Sunday Worship 7 - 8 Wednesday Bible Study

1711 Reynoldston Lane Dallas, Texas 75232 Church Phone: 214-339-9554 Fax: 214-337-7626

Rev. Lee Craig

Rev. J. J. Raven

6332 Bonnie view Rd. Dallas, Texas 75241 214-225-2703 9:30 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship

Ch: 214-371-7026

Rev. Shank Robinson

1519 Denley Drive Dallas, Texas 75216 214-941-5224 9:30 am Sunday School 10:45 am Worship

Early Morning Worship........8:00 a.m. Sunday School........9:30 a.m. Morning Worship............10:30 a.m. Children’s Church 1st, 2nd, 4th Sunday.10:30 a.m.

Bishop Harold Edwards

Sunday Morning Prayer...................9:00 am Sunday School...............................9:30 am Sunday Morning Service...............11:00 am Monday Prayer Service...................7:00 pm Wednesday Bible Study..................7:00 am

Rev. Paul E. Walker

Greater Shiloh Baptist Church 4010 Sunnyvale Street Dallas, Texas 75216 • 214-371-2262 Sunday School .......9:00 am Morning Worship...11:00 am BTU .......................6:00 am Wed. Prayer & Teaching ... 7:00 pm Saturday Outreach 10:00 am Rev. S. L. Johnson

623 E. Woodin Blvd. at Marsalis Ave. Dallas, Texas 75216 (214) 943-3760 “Reaching the lost at any cost.”

P 214-375-4876 - F 214-375-1920

Sunday Morning Worship: 10:00 am. Sunday Night Evangelistic Service: 7:00 pm. Wednesday Night Bible Study: 8:00 pm. Friday Night Youth Service 8:00 pm. Radio Broadcast • KGGR 1040 AM • Every Saturday Morning 11:15am

Rev. Bertrain Bailey


Rev. Cecil Proctor

Church: 214-275-4989

Darrell W. Pryor, Pastor

Mount Tabor Baptist Church 3700 Simpson Stewart Road Dallas, Texas 75241 972-225-1704

Bishop J. Neaul Haynes

Sunday Services: Intercessory Prayer..........7:30-8:10 am Early Worship.........................8:00 am Church School........................9:30 am Morning Worship..................10:50 am NBC.......................................6:00 pm

Dr. S.C. Nash, Pastor

Third Avenue Missionary Baptist Church “The Church With the 20/20 Vision”

Dr. H.E. Anderson, Sr.,

Full Gospel Tabernacle, NTC


1111 E. Ledbetter Dallas, Texas 75241 214-372-4411 9:45 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship

Dallas, Texas 75227 Apostle Aaron J. Calhoun Sr. Pastor & Founder

“The Exciting” Singing Hills Baptist Church 6550 Houston School Road Dallas, Texas 75241 Phone: 214-375-5952 Early Worship ................8:00 am Sunday School....................9:30 am Morning Worship..............10:45 am Wed. Night Breakthrough....7:00 pm

Rev. Steven C. Jones

7905 Hume

Saintsville Church of God and Christ 2200 S. Marsalis Dallas, Texas 75216 Sunday School..............................7:30 am Sunday Morning Worship............10:00 am Tuesday Bible Band.......................7:30 am Friday Pastoral Teaching................7:30 pm Sunday Radio Broadcast...............8:30 am “Come Worship at the Home of The Saints”


New Covenant Missionary Baptist Church

2831 N. Masters Drive • Dallas, Texas 75227 972-285-9750 Office • 214-293-0162 Cell

4360 Kollock Dr. Dallas, TX 75216 214-375-5190 Fax: 214-372-1620


Rev. Lelious Johnson, Pastor

House of Refuge and Deliverance Church of the Living God

Friendship Missionary Baptist Church

Sunday School.......9:30 AM Morning Worship............ 11:00 AM

Tuesday Bible Study................7:30 p.m. Prayer & Praise Family Night............7:00 p.m.

Office: 214-375-0062

Sunday School: 9:00 am Sunday Worship: 10:45 am Tuesday Bible Sudy: 7:30 pm

Neighborhood House of Prayer

1600 Pear Street Dallas, Texas 75215 Ph: 214-421-3741 Fax: 214-421-3926

Church Of The Living God

Rev. Chris J. Evans

“Church of Love” 4807 BurnsideDallas, Texas 75216

St. Paul Missionary Baptist Church

Dr. Aaron Phillips

Sunday School: 9 a.m. Sunday Morning Worship: 10:30 a.m. Mid-Week Service: 7: 30 p.m. Transportation Available!!

Greater Mount Sinai Missionary Baptist Church

Denley Drive Missionary Baptist Church

3711 Biglow • Dallas, Texas 214-374-5485 9:00 am Sunday School 10:00 am Worship 7:00 pm Wed. Bible Study/Worship

“Where we walk by faith, not by sight, joyfully doing the Lord’s work serving the community,” II Cor 5: 7

New Unity Baptist Church

Greater Progressive Baptist Church 1966 Life Street Dallas, Texas 75212 214-630-8637 10:45 am Worship 9:45 am Sunday School

Metropolitan Baptist Church

Ewing Avenue Baptist Church

2408 Hatcher Street • Dallas, Texas 75215 Church: 214-428-3695 Sunday School..........................9:15 am Morning Worship.....................10:30 am Wednesday Bible Study............7:00 pm Radio Broadcast: M - F 12:30 pm on KGGR

Rev. Michael D. Pryor

Totally Committed Progressive


2403 Harlandale Dr. Dallas, TX 75216 Ch 214-374-0977 • C 214-864-0470 Sunday School........ 10:00am Morning Worship........... 11:15am Tues Bible Study............. 8:00pm Thurs Joy Night.............. 8:00pm


April 9, 2010

Shekinah Tabernacle Baptist Church

Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church

2109 Beckley • Dallas, TX 214-942-2227 8:30 am Sunday School 10:00 am Worship Service

8015 Blossom Lane Dallas, Texas 75227 214-388-1200

Rev. Rev. A. A. D. D. Smith Smith

R. R. L. L. Washington Washington

Olive Grove Baptist Church Rev. Alfred Stapleton

Carver Heights Baptist Church “A “A going going Church Church for for aa Coming Coming Christ” Christ” 2510 2510 E. E. Ledbetter Ledbetter Dallas, Dallas, Texas Texas 75216 75216 Church: Church: 214-371-2024 214-371-2024 Sunday Sunday School......9:30 School......9:30 a.m. a.m. Morn. Morn. Worship...8:00 Worship...8:00 a.m. a.m. & & 10:45 10:45 a.m. a.m. Tues. Tues. Noonday Noonday Bible Bible Study Study Wed. Wed. Prayer/Bible Prayer/Bible Study....7:00 Study....7:00 p.m. p.m.

4416 South Denley Drive Dallas, Texas 75216 Ph: 214-941-4378 9:45 am - Sunday School 10:45 am - Morning Worship Midweek Service: Wednesday – Prayer and Teaching 6:00 p.m.

Rev. W. Hunter

Rev. Rev. Daryl Daryl Carter, Carter, Pastor Pastor

Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church 1819 N. Washington Dallas, TX Ph: 214-823-7308 8:00 am First Worship 9:30 am Sunday School 10:45 am Second Worship

Rev. Rev. Johnnie Johnnie R. R. Bradley Bradley

Rev. Rev. Curtis Curtis Wallace Wallace

April 9, 2010

Rev. Rev. Frederick Frederick D. D. Haynes Haynes III III

14120 14120 Noel Noel Road Road •• Dallas, Dallas, Texas Texas 75240 75240 972-239-1120 972-239-1120 Church Church 972-239-5925 972-239-5925 Fax Fax Worship Worship Services Services 88 & & 10:45 10:45 am am Sunday Sunday School School 9:45 9:45 am am Wednesday Wednesday 12 12 noon noon prayer prayer

Rev. Rev. Jerome Jerome E. E. McNeil, McNeil, Jr. Jr. Ph Ph D. D.

Rev. Michael R. Hubbard Sr., Pastor

2837 Prosperity Ave. Dallas, Texas 75216 Ph: (214) 376-2447 8:45 am - Sunday School 10:00 am - Morning Worship 5:00 pm- B.T.U. Dr. T.L. Brown, Pastor

1000 East Redbird Lane Dallas, Texas 214-371-9228 8:00 & 10:45 am Worship 9:30 Sunday School

New New Friendship Friendship Missionary Missionary Baptist Baptist Church Church “Where “Where Friendship Friendship Is Is Real Real & & The The Ministry Ministry Is Is The The Word” Word”

2419 2419 Metropolitan Metropolitan Avenue Avenue Dallas, Dallas, Texas Texas 75215 75215 Church: Church: 214-421-7211 214-421-7211 Fax: Fax: 214-565-1530 214-565-1530 Pastor’s Office: Pastor’s Office: 214-421-8272 214-421-8272 Caregiver’s Caregiver’s Office: Office: 214-565-1147 214-565-1147

Sunday Sunday School....9:15 School....9:15 A.M. A.M. Morning Morning Worship Worship .... .... 11:00 11:00 A.M. A.M. Mon.-Christian Mon.-Christian Education...7:00 Education...7:00 pm pm Wed. Wed. Prayer Prayer Meeting Meeting ....7:30 ....7:30 P.M. P.M.

Bishop Bishop Ray Ray Campbell Campbell

5707 Bonnie View Road Dallas, Texas 75241 214-376-5846 8:00 am Early Worship 11:00 am Worship

Rev. Rev. Johnny Johnny A. A. McGee, McGee, Pastor Pastor

Rev. Rev. J. J. E. E. Mitchell Mitchell

Greater Mount Hebron Missionary Baptist Church 2335 2335 56th 56th Street Street Dallas, Dallas, Texas Texas 75241 75241

Rev. Rev. Carlton Carlton Garrett Garrett

Church: Church: 214-374-4759 214-374-4759 9:00 9:00 am am Sunday Sunday School School 10:30 10:30 am am Morning Morning Worship Worship 7:00 7:00 pm pm -- 7:30 7:30 pm pm Wed Wed Bible Bible Study Study Thurs. Thurs. Night Night -- Choir Choir Rehearsal/Usher Rehearsal/Usher 7:00 7:00 pm pm Fri. Fri. Men’s Men’s Night Night Out Out

Mt. Mt. Pisgah Pisgah M.B.C. M.B.C. “THE “THE ROCK” ROCK” 11611 11611 Webb Webb Chapel Chapel Rd. Rd. Dallas, Dallas, Tx. Tx. 75229 75229 Worship Worship Services..7:45 Services..7:45 & & 11 11 am am Sunday Sunday School...9:45 School...9:45 am am Wed. Wed. Bible Bible Study Study 12 12 pm pm & & 77 pm pm Office...972-241-6151 Office...972-241-6151 Fax...972-243-5279 Fax...972-243-5279 Music Music Ministry...972-241-5985 Ministry...972-241-5985 Prayer Prayer Line...972-243-2037 Line...972-243-2037

Rev. Rev. Fred Fred Conwright Conwright

Office Office Hours... Hours... Mon. Mon. & & Fri...9 Fri...9 am am -- 33 pm pm Tues., Tues., Wed., Wed., Thurs...9 Thurs...9 am am -- 66 pm pm

Greater Emanuel Baptist Church

Concord Missionary Baptist Church

6808 Pastor Bailey Drive Dallas, Texas 75237 214-331-8522 8:00 am, 10:00 am & 12:00 pm Worship

Rev. Rev. Freddie Freddie Cheatum Cheatum Sunday Sunday Early Early Worship....8:00 Worship....8:00 a.m. a.m. Morning Morning Worship Worship .... .... 10:45 10:45 p.m. p.m. Tuesday Tuesday Youth Youth Choir...7:00 Choir...7:00 p.m. p.m. Wed. Wed. Prayer Prayer Meeting Meeting .....7:00 .....7:00 p.m p.m Wed. Wed. Bible Bible Study Study Class.....7:30 Class.....7:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m.-8:30 p.m. p.m. For For Prayer: Prayer:

Bon Air Baptist Church

Lords Missionary Baptist Church

6722 Bexar Street Dallas, Texas 214-428-5459 9:30 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship

Ph: Ph: (214) (214) 823-1018 823-1018 Fax: Fax: (214) (214) 824-3813 824-3813

Ideal Pentecostal

Friendship West Baptist Church 2020 2020 W. W. Wheatland Wheatland Dallas, Dallas, Texas Texas 75232 75232 972-228-5200 972-228-5200 Sun. Sun. Morn. Morn. Services Services 8am&10:45am 8am&10:45am Wed. Wed. Bible Bible Study Study 12 12 Noon Noon & & 7pm 7pm

5144 5144 Dolphin Dolphin Rd. Rd. •• Dallas, Dallas, Texas Texas 75223 75223

Ervay Cedar Missionary Baptist Church

Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church

1114 Comal Street Dallas, Texas 75203 214-946-3581 8:00 am Early Morning Worship 9:00 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship Service

2415 Ann Arbor Dallas, Texas 214-374-3639 9:30 am Sunday School 11:00 am Worship Temple of Faith Christian Chapel C.M.E. Church

New Greater Emanuel Baptist Church

2554 2554 Ann Ann Arbor Arbor Ave. Ave. Dallas, Dallas, Texas Texas 75216 75216 Ph: Ph: (214) (214) 376-2873 376-2873 Sunday Sunday School............9:45 School............9:45 am am Morning Morning Praise..........11:00 Praise..........11:00 am am Children’s Children’s Church......11:30 Church......11:30 am am BTU.............................6:30 BTU.............................6:30 pm pm Mon. Mon. Youth Youth Mission Mission ....7:00 ....7:00 pm pm Tues. Tues. Men’s Men’s Ministry Ministry ....7:00 ....7:00 pm pm Fri. Fri. Singles/Family Singles/Family Ministry Ministry 7:30 7:30 pm pm

Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church

Little Friendship Baptist Church

2110 E. 11th St. Dallas, Texas 75203 214-942-0218

Rev. Rev. Bryan Bryan Carter Carter

9:00 9:00 a.m........Sunday a.m........Sunday School School 7:45 7:45 a.m. a.m. & & 10:00 10:00 a.m...Morning a.m...Morning Worship Worship 6:30 6:30 p.m....Wed. p.m....Wed. Prayer/Bible Prayer/Bible Study Study

Rev. Rev. Burley Burley Hudson Hudson

Pastor: Pastor: Rev. Rev. Robert Robert Townsend Townsend


New Birth Baptist Church 444 West Ledbetter Dallas, Texas 75224 214-374-0828 Early Morning Worship ........7:50 am Sunday School ....................9:30 am Morning Worship ...............10:30 am Evening Worship ................7:00 p.m.

Rev. George Pryor

Beginners Baptist Church 3610 Hancock Dallas, Texas 75210 214-428-2083 Sunday School.....10:00 am Morning Worship.... 11:00 am BTU.......9:30 am

Rev. K.D. Pace

Rev. John Morris, Jr.

Dwayne E. Rodgers, Sr. Pastor

8108 Mask Drive • Dallas, Texas 75241 Phone: (214) 954-7677 or (214) 815-4276 Website: E-mail: Sunday School … 9:30 a.m. Morning Worship … 11:00 a.m. Wednesday Evening Bible Study … 7:30 p.m.

C.C. Robertson

1051 West Wintergreen Rd. Lancaster, Texas 75134 972-227-1400 Sunday School ......................9:45 am Sunday Morning Worship .......9:00 am Sunday Bible Class ................6:30 pm Sunday Night..........................7:30 pm

Community West Baptist Church

6255 Bonnie View Rd. Dallas, Texas 972-225-7381 9:30 am Sunday School 10:45 am Worship

3702 Toronto Dallas, Texas 214-920-2473

Rev. N. C. Sargent Little Flock Baptist Church

Rev. Louis E. Laurent

2651 Gooch Street Dallas, Texas 75241 Church 214-376-0354 Sunday Inter. Prayer.....8 A.M.-9 A.M. Sunday School......9:15-10:50 A.M Sunday Morning Worship... 11:00 A.M. Evening Worship...6:00 P.M.

Rev. Ronald D. Richardson, Pastor

110 N. Aiken • Waxahachie, Texas 75165 Sunday Services: 10:30 am Sunday School: 9:15 am Mid-week Services: Bible Study, 12:00 Noon on Wed; 6:30 pm on Tuesday evening Office/Fax: (972) 923-9490 Rev. Samuel Baker, Pastor

2948 Singleton Blvd. Dallas, Texas 75241 Church: 214-631-2226 Sunday School.....9:30 a.m. Morning Worship.10:45 a.m. Evening Worship...7:00 p.m.

Rev. Michael L. Smith, Pastor

“A Christ Centered Church” 4420 Bonnie View Road Dallas, Texas Church: 214-375-1430 9:45 am - Sunday School 11:00 am - Morning Services 7:00 pm - Mid-week Wed. Services 1st Friday Family Fellowship 7:00 pm

Rev. Kedrion Bailey

Greater Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church

Pastor & First Lady C.C. Boyce

1403 Morrell • Dallas, Texas 75203 214-946-4522 Worship Services Sunday 8:45 AM – 9:45 AM Fullfillment Hour 10:00 AM Sunday Morning Worship Wednesday 6:30 PM Women, Men & Youth Meeting 7:30 PM Bible Study

Dr. David Henderson

New El Bethel Baptist Church 2023 Mouser Street

(214) 946-3584

Rev. J.L. Rainbolt

Early Morning Pentecost ....8:00AM Sunday School.....9:25 AM Mountain top Experience ....11:00 AM Wed. Nite Bible Study........7:00 PM

Dr. Timothy J. Brown, Pastor

Zion Temple Church of God in Christ 4204 Frank Street Dallas, Texas 75210 Ph: (214) 426-5231

Sunday School......9:45 a.m. Morning Worship........11:15 a.m. Y.P.W.W..............6:45 p.m. Elder Glenn Tatum, Sr. Pastor

Last Day Deliverance Revival Church

Joshua Chapel AME Church

Rev. Lee W. Turner, Pastor

Dallas Christian Hope Baptist Church

Open Door Church of God In Christ

705 E. Aimee Street Forney, Texas Sunday School.....9:30 A.M. Morning Worship....10:45 A.M. Wed. Prayer Meeting/Bible Study..7:15 P.M.


“Come Worship With Us”

207 Eggar St. Waxahachie, Texas 75165 Church (972) 937-4615 Email: Sunday School.....9:30 A.M. Call to Worship.... 10:45 AM Wednesday Prayer Service.... 6:30 p.m. “The Church With The Mind Of Christ”

Redeemer Missionary Baptist Church

Bonnie View Christian Church 4861 Bonnie View at Ledbetter Dallas, Texas 75216 Church 214-376-8514 Sunday School......8:30 A.M Call To Worship... 10:00 A.M. Wed. Prayer Service & Bible Class..7:30 P.M.

Faithful Missionary Baptist Church

E-mail: jcame@ Website:

Pastor David L. & Shirley F. Maxey

Lancaster Full Gospel Holy Temple Church

Bexar Street Baptist Church 2018 S. Marsalis Ave. Dallas, Texas 75216 214-943-3579 Early Morning Worship......8:00 a.m. Sunday School..........9:30 a.m. Morning Worship 10:45 am

3314 Detonte St. Dallas, Texas 75223 Church 972-823-1962 Email: Sunday School.....9:30 A.M. Call to Worship.... 11:00 AM Mission.......6:00 - 7:00 P.M. Bible Study……7:00 - 8:00 P.M. “The Church Where God Is Glorified”

New Horizon Missionary Baptist Church

St. Mark AME Zion Church 2311 E. Illinois Ave. Dallas, TX 75216 214-376-7750 Fax 214-376-2485 Sunday School 9:30 am Sunday Worship 11 am Prayer Meeting Tues 12 - Wed 6 pm Sat 8 am - Sun 9 am “You Must Be Born Again”

Greater New Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church

Progressive Baptist Church

2847 S. Marsalis Dallas, Texas 75216 Church: 214-948-1301 10:00 am - Sunday School 11:00 am - Sun. Morning Worship 7:30 pm - Sunday Night Worship 8:00 pm -Tues./Thurs. Worship Pastor Howard Durham

Evening Worship.........8:15p.m.

Eld. Wallace M. Holyfield

Israel Baptist Church 2023 West Davis Street Dallas, Texas 75208 Ph: (214) 942-7535 Sunday School....9:45 A.M. Morning Worship .... 11:00 A.M. Wed Bible Study ...6:30 P.M.

Rev. C.C. Morgan

April 9, 2010

Yolanda Janet Nolly Nolly, Yolanda Janet 55, Entered eternal rest Mar. 31, 2010. Visitation today 12 noon to 8:00 p.m. Services will be at Christian Missionary Baptist Church 4706 Fellows Ln., Dallas, TX Friday, April 9, 2010 @ 11:00 am.

Brian Smith, 6 grandchildren, 3 great-grandchildren, sister, Ella Mae Givens, brother, Lloyd Hogg and a host of other relatives and friends. Wake- Friday, April 9 from 7:15-8:15 pm. Funeral- Saturday, April 10 at 1 pm. Both services will be held at Golden Gate- 4155 S. R.L. Thornton Frwy. To share tributes www.goldengatefuneral Percy C. Pinkney

Jerline McCullar McCullar, Jerline 78. Survived by three sons, Larry, Delvin and Bobby, one daughter, Darlene, 8 grandchildren and 9 great-grandchildren. Wake- Thursday, April 8 from 7:15-8:15 pm. FuneralFriday, April 9 at 11 am. Both services will be held at Golden Gate4155 S. R.L. Thornton Frwy. To share tributes Gene "Pig" Hogg Hogg, Gene "Pig" 66, passed away Tuesday, April 6, 2010 after a brief but courageous battle with cancer. He is survived by wife, Eletta Hogg, daughters, Fredia Montgomery and Kathryn McDuffy, son, Tyrone Whitfield, step son,

April 9, 2010

Pinkney, Percy C. Passed away March 31, 2010. He is survived by companion, Marvinia Haygood, children, Darien & Victoria; parents, Philmore & Irene Pinkney; 3 sisters, Mary Pinkney Williams, Iona Pinkney Williams (Robert), Ammie Pinkney Washington (Rudolph), 5 uncles, 9 aunts, and a host of other family. Wake tonight from 7-8 pm at Paradise Funeral home. Funeral service at 12:00 noon, Friday, April 9, 2010 at New Elizabeth Baptist Church, 11348 HWY 175, Grand Cane, LA. Interement at Community Cemetery. Sign guest book at Reverend Cecil Smith, Sr. March 31, 1937 – April 4, 2010 Cecil Smith was born near Caldwell, TX on March 31, 1937 to the parentage of Vivian Smith and Mary Pollard. He transcended from earth to glory on April 4,

2010. He was educated in Dallas County Schools, graduated from Lincoln High School, class of 1955, and matriculated at Bishop College. He was reared from age two at the Bethlehem Baptist Church, Dallas, TX under the pastorate of the late Rev. Fred Bookman. The late James McGlover, a choir member at Bethlehem, was named his godfather. McGlover played a vital part in Pastor Smith’s formulative years, his early religious growth, and his path to the Mt. Pisgah Church. His first pastorate was at Union Valley Baptist Church, Terrell, TX where he pastored for seventeen years. He then answered the call of Sims Chapel, Dallas, TX and served there faithfully for four years. In March, 1972 Pastor Smith assumed leadership of the Mt. Pisgah Missionary Baptist Church, affectionately called “The Rock”, and served as pastor for thirty-two years. His legacy of service and love for Mt. Pisgah resulted in a ministry that is recognized on national, state, and local levels. Rev. Smith had a love for preachers and has been fruitful in producing many sons in the ministry. Pastor Smith’s deeds speak for him. He devoted himself unselfishly and tirelessly to a host of humanitarian causes. His activities were extensive and he found the time and energy to serve, to work, and to

lead, assuming innumerable burdens with humor and grace. He united in marriage to Bernice Brewster on June 17, 1957 and to this union six children were born. She preceded him in death on February, 12, 1988. On June 25, 1994 Pastor Smith was joined in holy wedlock to Joyce Hessert and they embarked on a loving journey that lasted for fifteen years, nine months and four days. Affectionately known as “Pops” by some and “Packy” by others, he lovingly touched the lives of many who will cherish his love and legacy. He was preceded in death by his parents, Mary Pollard and Vivian Smith, wife and mother of his children, Bernice Brewster-Smith, one daughter, Carolyn D. Smith and sister, Diane Booker. He will be remembered by his loving and faithful wife, Joyce Smith, Brother William A. Smith (Edith), Abilene, TX, Sons; Rev. Cecil T. Smith (Jacquelyn), Dallas, TX, Michael Smith, Idabel, OK, and Kendall Nash, Richmond VA. Daughters; Pamelar Smith-Walker (Darrell), Vanessa Smith-Brown, Dayphine SmithBrumsey (Rev. Dolvine) all of Dallas, TX, Lisa CrawfordThomas (Willie), Grand Prairie, TX, Carol Jones-Gilbert, Richmond, VA and Ordonia Nash-Baker (Adrian), Carrollton, TX. His generation includes twelve grandchildren and nine great grand-children. He is loved by a host of relatives including sister’s in-law, brother’s inlaw, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and friends.


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April 9, 2010


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