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A Citizen’s Guide to HOW TO SIGN UP: 1. To sign up for Youtube, go to and click on the Sign In button on the right hand top corner of the screen. 2. Since Youtube is owned by Google, you can use your Google username and password to sign in. 3. If you don’t have a Google account, you can create one by clicking on “Create an account” right below the sign in box. Similar to other social media, you would want to choose a username that best represents you so people can easily find your videos. We’d recommend choosing your full name or your organization’s name as your username. 4. Once you have a Google/Youtube account go back to and sign-in. HOW TO UPLOAD A VIDEO: 1. Click on the “Upload” button located on the right top corner of screen. Your video can either be Public, Unlisted, or Private. -Public: If they can find it, then can view it. This option is best if you’d like your video to go viral. -Unlisted: Videos under this setting will not show up under any search. The only people who can view unlisted videos are people with the URL link to the video. -Private: With this option only people that you have given permission to, can view the video. NOTE: users MUST have a Youtube account in order to view the video. 2. Now, click on the red button with the white arrow pointing up and select the desired video. Depending on the file size, it may take some time to upload. DO NOT close the window or you’ll have to start over. 3. Once uploading is complete, your video will have to be processed; you don’t have to stay on the page during this process. 4. In order for others to find your video, it’s a good idea to name it (or it will default to the video file name), add a description, and add Tags. Tags are any keywords that others would associate with your video, such as your organization’s name or the issue the video deals with. 5. Once processing is complete and you have named your video, click Done. Youtube will then provide you with a link where your video resides; click on it to view it. You can use this link to share it with others (unless it’s private).

HOW TO EDIT/MANAGE VIDEOS AND IMPROVE YOUR PROFILE: 1. At anytime on, simply click on the Youtube logo located on the top left corner, then click “My Channel” located below the Youtube logo. 2. This is your command control: here, you can change your logo, your banner, and manage your videos by clicking on “Video Manager.”

EmpowerLA - YouTube Guide  

A short guide for signing up on Youtube

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