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A Citizen’s Guide to HOW TO SIGN UP: 1. Twitter can be accessed from a computer or from your mobile device. Go to to set up your account. Enter your name, email address, and new password to get started. 2. Create a username and click Sign Up. Twitter will then prompt you to search for some accounts to follow using your interests. You can skip this step. 3. You can then customize your profile with a profile photo, cover photo, and style. 4. The website will prompt you to find your friends using email contacts. You can do this or skip this step. 5. Your profile is now set up and you are ready to start tweeting! HOW TO POST TWEETS: 1. Go to on your computer, mobile browser, or open the Twitter app on your phone. 2. In the top right corner, click the “Tweet” button. 3. Type in your message (under 140 character), then click Tweet. It’s as simple as that! 4. Twitter allows you to attach photos and links to your tweets. You can shorter URLs to fit neatly into your tweet by going to; enter the full web address you want to shorten, and click “Make TinyURL.” 5. Hashtags are common phrases labeled with a # sign (i.e. #EmpowerLA) that users can search to find specific topics of interest. Use them to generate more responses and views for your tweets. You can also tag other users by inserting their username with an @ symbol before it (i.e. @EmpowerLA).

HOW TO INTERACT WITH OTHER USERS: 1. The Twitter homepage will show you a feed of all the users you’re following and their tweets. You have the following options to interact by using the buttons below each tweet: 2. Reply by clicking the left-pointing arrow. Your reply will be public but will show under the original tweet. 3. Retweet the message by clicking the circular arrows button. This will copy and paste the exact message into a tweet from you. 4. Favorite the tweet by clicking the star to show support for the message. 5. Clicking on the ellipse will show additional options, including Share via Direct Message (to just one or a few other users), Share via Email, Embed Tweet (into a website or other social network), Mute the user, and Block or Report the user (for inappropriate tweets).

EmpowerLA - Twitter Guide  

A one page guide to Twitter.

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