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A Citizen’s Guide to LinkedIn differs from other social networks in its focus on professional connections and networking. You can create an account for yourself, then also create one for your company or organization (if this is useful to you). HOW TO SIGN UP: 1. Go to to get started. Click Join Today in the top right corner. 2. Enter your name, email, and password. LinkedIn does not require a Username. You can also join using your Facebook account. It is important to use a company email account if possible — creating a company page later will require an email ending in “” 3. Once the signup process is complete, you will receive a confirmation link from LinkedIn which will direct you to sign in. 4. The first time you sign into to LinkedIn, it will give you the option to import contacts from you email, then you will see a list of names that LinkedIn feels are part of your professional network. You may add the people you know or skip these steps. 5. If you are signing up on a computer you will be given the option to get the app on your mobile device; you may skip this step, if you want. 6. The last step will ask you if you’d like to choose a premium account or a basic account; this choice is up to you, but basic account is completely free but premium accounts start at $24.95/ month.

HOW TO POST ON LINKEDIN: 1. Make sure you are on the Home tab. Once there, you can share an update by typing in the text box next to your photo on top of the page. You are limited to 599 characters. You can share links and even attach photos by clicking on the light grey paper clip icon located in the right top corner of the text box. 2. Once you are happy with your post, you may either share it with Public, Public + your Twitter account (if you have linked your Twitter account with LinkedIn), or only with your connections. 3. Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn relies less on regular “posts” and focuses on job changes, education and skills updates, and “endorsements” for various skills. You can endorse someone for a skill to help them show that they have proven experience in that area. HOW TO STRENGTHEN YOUR PROFILE: 1. After signing up you may start using your profile without adding any more information. But in order for others to find you, it’s recommended that you add a photo, your work/volunteer experience, education information, and skills. Being endorsed for skills by others is also helpful.

EmpowerLA - LinkedIn Guide  

A concise guide for LinkedIn.

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