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A Citizen’s Guide to HOW TO SIGN UP: 1. You need a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet to sign up for an account and post. Download the free Instagram app either on the App Store, Google Play or Windows App Store. 2. You can enter your email or log in with your Facebook log-in info. 3. Create a username and password. If you want to be more recognizable, use your full name with no spaces as a username. You can add an optional profile photo. 4. You can then find friends via Facebook or the contacts on your phone. 5. The app will prompt you to follow topics you’re interested in (or skip this step), then to find people to follow, again using Facebook or your contacts. HOW TO POST PHOTOS: 1. Tap the center icon that looks like a camera. This will open the camera mode where you can take a photo by pressing the blue shutter button. You can also choose an existing photo on your phone by touching the button to the left of the blue shutter button. Your photos will always be taken square or cropped down to a square. 2. Now that you have taken a photo, the next screen will allow you to add “filters” or make adjustments if wanted. Once you’re done, tap Next. 3. From the top bar, you can choose to share your photo with all your followers or with specific ones by tapping DIRECT. 4. Add a short and concise caption. Use hashtag #EmpowerLA if it relates to the department. 5. You can also choose to tag other users, add a location, and cross-post the same photo to other social media platforms. 6. Tap Share and you’re done! HOW TO INTERACT WITH OTHER USERS: 1. The bottom toolbar on your Instagram app is your key to interacting! The Home button on the left will show you posts from everyone you’re following. You can Like someone’s photo by pressing on the heart button, or double tapping a photo. You can leave a comment on someone’s photo by pressing the “thought bubble” icon below their photo. 2. You can find other users and Follow them by tapping the magnifying glass and searching for their name, then tapping the “plus” button. 3. The center button allows you to take and post photos as described above. 4. The speech bubble with a heart will show “likes” or comments that your photos have received. 5. The person’s outline will show you your own profile, number of followers, and existing photos.

EmpowerLA - Instagram Guide  

A one page guide on Instagram.

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