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PROPOSAL NAME: Elimination of As-Needed baseline budget

PRIORITY OUTCOME: Make Los Angeles the best run big city in America

GENERAL SERVICE/PACKAGE DESCRIPTION: Contingent on approval of increased staffing requests, as-needed funding would not be needed as an annual baseline request (except for election years) Budget: Program


Account Name



Salaries As-Needed Total:


General Fund 100

Total All Special Funds

Neighborhood Empowerment Fund (Sch 18) 44B









Pension/Health (Add/Delete Rate) $0 Applicable CAP rate 259.39% Estimated Related Cost Reimbursement from SFs (CAP Rate) General Fund Revenue (change): $0


JUSTIFICATION DESCRIPTION The Department proposes the elimination of $40,000 baseline funds for the Outreach and Communications / Field Support Program which was used to hire As-Needed staff to conduct various types of outreach, social media services, and election assistance services.     EXPLANATION →→ Issue/Problem: »» The elimination of these funds is contingent upon the addition of permanent staff to BM4704. Approval of those positions would enhance this program’s ability to meet critical outreach and election services goals, which would eliminate the need to hire As-Needed staff on an annual basis. As-Needed funding would, however, still be required during election years. →→ Alignment with strategic documents:

□ Mayor’s Expectations Letter

□ Comprehensive Homeless Strategy

□ Equitable Workforce and Service Restoration Plan

□ Sustainable City pLAn □ Strategic Plan(s)


Strategic Plan - Streamlines election outreach services to permanent staff that can provide consistent assistance to NCs and stakeholders. →→ Impact on Performance Metrics: N/A →→ Operational Improvements: »» If this proposal is approved without additional approvals for permanent election staff additions, the Department will have less success in providing outreach and election related services to NCs and stakeholders. COORDINATION WITH OTHER CITY DEPARTMENTS Continued collaboration and coordination with the Office of the City Clerk would be required to ensure successful NC elections every other year. REVENUE N/A Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal

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2017-18 Budget Proposal  
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