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Funding is requested in the following amounts for Neighborhood Empowerment: →→ →→ →→ →→ →→ →→

2 Project Coordinators - $101,027 1 Administrative Clerk - $32,595 $18,000 for user licenses for NC Board Members (annual cost) $150,000 to build out our mandatory training modules inside of Cornerstone. $22,741for DOD Compliance Officers and staff assistance $4,200 for mileage reimbursement to conduct outreach

The total Neighborhood Empowerment request is for $328,563 The PC’s would be in charge of outreach and coordination of the training, focusing on assisting the NC board members with accessing the system, taking the training, monitoring for compliance, creating content for training modules, and uploading existing training videos into Cornerstone. They would also prepare outreach materials and attend meetings for the NCs to make them aware of the system, and provide presentations on how to log in and comply. In addition they would coordinate with DOD on ensuring that all videos are ADA compliant and meet criteria set for accessibility. The Admin Clerk would assist in this process, answering questions over the phone, and in person on all aspects of the training, assist in the preparation and duplication of presentation materials, data entry, updates in data displayed publicly regarding training compliance, and other duties as assigned.     ALIGNMENT WITH PRIORITY OUTCOME(S) Primary Priority Outcome: Make Los Angeles the best run big city in America Other Priority Outcome: Ensure our communities are the safest in the nation   

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal

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2017-18 Budget Proposal  
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