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JUSTIFICATION →→ Issue / Problem: »» NCs are Charter-created bodies designed to address issues affecting their specific communities. They are a vital part of the City’s fabric and having a voice in City government and facilitating active citizen participation contributes to the Mayor’s goal of making Los Angeles the nation’s best run big city. Their participation helps make the City safer and more livable. NCs are governed by an elected board and elections are an essential part of the NC governing framework. »» The City Clerk has assisted EmpowerLA in administering NC Elections since October 2007. Most of the assistance has been partial, however, in 2010, the City Clerk was provided $1.9 million to run every aspect of the 89 NC elections. Of the budgeted amount, the City Clerk spent a total of $1,161,139 or 60.95%, saving $743,861 or 39.05% of what was allotted. The City Clerk has experience providing comprehensive election services to the NCs, and it’s been able to deliver those services cost effectively. »» Currently, there are approximately 96 certified NCs in the City of Los Angeles. The City Clerk will administer the 2018 NC elections using the 2010 Election model. The City Clerk will oversee administrative and operational processes including candidate filing, ballot production, canvass, polling place and poll worker recruitment, poll worker training, Election Day operations, assembly of supplies, and payroll processing for poll workers. The City Clerk will also compile information from Election Day surveys and stakeholder registration forms for each of the NCs after their respective elections. EmpowerLA will focus on election outreach. →→ Alignment with strategic documents, check all that apply:

□ Mayor’s Expectations Letter

□ Comprehensive Homeless Strategy

□ Equitable Workforce and Service Restoration Plan

□ Sustainable City pLAn □ Strategic Plan(s)

»» »»

Mayor’s Expectations Letter: “Increase Neighborhood Council election turnout to 40,000” Equitable Workforce and Service Restoration Plan: the increase in entry level positions (Administrative Clerk) would allow the Department to utilize the Targeted Local Hiring Program to find candidates in under-served populations. »» Strategic Plan: Expand Outreach and Communication Efforts for the Neighborhood Council System and Conduct Successful Citywide Neighborhood Council Elections →→ Impact on Performance Metrics: »» # of voters in 2018 »» # of registered candidates in 2018s  →→ Operational improvement(s): »» Adequately funding this high priority package will allow EmpowerLA to conduct effective outreach, and the City Clerk to administer NC elections, and will ensure the functional stability of the NC system as a whole. »» Inadequate funding will jeopardize the City’s ability to conduct the 2018 NC Elections. Specifically, underfunding this package would risk the quality and outcome of approximately 96 NC elections and hinder the City Clerk’s ability to meet its legal obligations set forth in Los Angeles Administrative Code 20.36. Any disruption to the NC election process will have the potential to adversely affect internal NC affairs, result in possible NC bylaw violations, and damage stakeholder confidence in the integrity of the NC system as a whole.


Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal

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2017-18 Budget Proposal  
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