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Solution Proposals In order to create a more connected LA, the Google Angels Lab group created a series of proposals that addressed communications internally in the City, outgoing to the public and incoming from the public to the City. Internal between City entities →→ Creation of an Office of Civic Engagement (OCE) to raise standards for public participation by training City staff on effective public participation strategies and creating certification levels for civic engagement for departments to aspire to. »» EmpowerLA will create OCE and oversee the coordination of the remaining solutions »» ITA will deploy and operate a platform for civic engagement and ability to interact in more meaningful dialogues with the public at the neighborhood through Citywide levels →→ Create City Social Media Standards to train departments on digital best practices, develop style guide templates and build a culture of fast response and metrics tracking »» ITA will deploy integrated social media platform across the City, provide dynamic monitoring of conversations in social media, and proactively connect conversations Outgoing from City to Public →→ Civic Engagement Workshops with the Ice Cream/Food Truck - take information about the City out to where the people are with ConnectLA Pop-Ups »» EmpowerLA will provide staffing and resources »» ITA will detail and refit the truck →→ Search Optimization - ITA →→ Creation of MyLA 311 “How-To” Videos for on demand education »» EmpowerLA will create How To videos for Neighborhood Councils »» ITA will augment a self-serve studio for letting people create these videos →→ Creation of Civic Engagement Portal - via an expansion of MyLA 311 or a creation of a one-stop shop for Civic Engagement where all City public participation opportunities are available. »» The civic engagement portal will aggregate and streamline sign-ups and applications for the following opportunities: Mayor’s Volunteer Corps, Civic U, Civic Youth Leadership Academy, Mayor’s Youth Council, GRYD Summer Night Lights/Friday Night Lights, Mayoral/City Internships, Mayor’s Office Hours. »» Provide an avenue/platform for Angelenos to easily participate and support City/Mayoral Campaigns (e.g. Save the Drop, Save Energy LA, etc.) »» Other features of the online portal include: (1) a calendar of civic engagement events and opportunity deadlines (2) access to weigh in on Council files (3) connecting to a voter registration/education page (4) connecting to Neighborhood Councils (5) sign-ups for key City newsletters from Departments and the Mayor, etc. all in one place. »» Make the portal available in the top 5 spoken languages in LA would to elevate its use. »» EmpowerLA will support creation and maintenance »» Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs will design, launch, translate, and maintain an online portal in Year 1 Incoming from the Public →→ WebChat »» EmpowerLA will support creation and maintenance »» ITA will staff with 1 Communication Information Representative II →→ Expand Active Participation by using social listening tools, developing predictive analytics, creating polls and surveys and supporting virtual collaboration options »» EmpowerLA will support creation and maintenance »» ITA will staff with 1 Systems Analyst II to work on data analytics and collaboration tools →→ MyLA 311 App: Gamified - create a game where folks are incentivized to ConnectLA by collecting badges for civic engagement activities from registering to vote, voting, doing City art walks, attending Neighborhood Council meetings, etc. »» EmpowerLA will support creation and maintenance »» ITA will staff with 2 Application Programmers to create software for social content in 311 ALIGNMENT WITH PRIORITY OUTCOME(S) Primary Priority Outcome: Make Los Angeles the best run big city in America Other Priority Outcomes: Create a more livable and sustainable city Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal

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2017-18 Budget Proposal  
2017-18 Budget Proposal