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DETAIL OF BUDGET PROGRAMS REQUESTS New Request: Management, Accounting and Administrative Support 1. Description of Request: →→ Positions: »» 1 Assistant General Manager ($98,932) »» 1 Executive Administrative Assistant III ($56,443) »» 1 Commission Executive Assistant II ($56,235) »» 1 Administrative Clerk ($32,595) »» 1 Accounting Clerk ($42,503) »» 1 Principal Project Coordinator ($76,795) →→ Expenses: »» Printing and Binding ($10,000) »» Contractual Services ($5,000) »» Transportation ($10,000) »» Office and Admin ($6,000) 2. Justification: »» Issue / Problem: Existing Department staff has taken on roles that used to be performed by positions that were cut from the Department. These include management level staff, Board of Neighborhood Commissioners staffing and support staff for administrative functions, such as Department accounting and payroll and Neighborhood Council Public Records Act Requests, contracts/leases and inventory. This has led to decreased response time and much frustration from Neighborhood Councils, the Commission and other City staff.   »» Impact on Performance Metrics: Timely submission of payroll with all supporting documents. Timely preparation of Board of Neighborhood Commissioners agendas, minutes and policies. Timely tracking of Neighborhood Council data and Department performance metrics.  »» Operational improvement(s): This request allows managers to start overseeing and supporting staff to complete their work and meet Department goals in a timely manner. The lack of such key support positions keeps the Department in a perpetual state of catch-up, causing work stress and burnout of existing staff, and frustration and anger with Commissioners and Neighborhood Councils. 

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal

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2017-18 Budget Proposal  
2017-18 Budget Proposal