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Councils oftentimes discourages potential candidates from coming to or remaining in the Department. It also recognizes that the experience, knowledge, and skills required for these positions would generally not be found through the City’s existing civil service process. Accordingly, the Department anticipates that this classification will no longer be necessary in the future and will not request an examination. Instead, the Department requested and received four (4) new Project Coordinator positions in their FY 16-17 Budget. Since the Project Coordinator and Project Assistant classifications are normally employed on an exempt basis or by emergency appointment, the Department has asked City Council to exempt the Department from the two hundred (200) exemption limit which will enable them to hire in proportionate numbers to meet their operational needs.  The Department does not foresee any issues with retaining or capturing knowledge that may be lost due to attrition of the Neighborhood Empowerment Analyst classification. The Department’s policies and procedures are constantly being updated to reflect the continually evolving nature of the work that the Neighborhood Empowerment Analysts and Project Coordinators are engaged in. As a result, the “transfer of knowledge” between the new hire and prior incumbent will not be necessary since the new hire will have access to the current procedures and the prior incumbent’s knowledge may no longer be applicable. Additionally, the Department encourages and regularly sends their employees to trainings and conferences e.g. IAP2 and Google Innovation Labs to develop their civic engagement skills.  

towards utilizing exempt classifications for their field operations, the Department will still utilize the civil service process to fill their administrative, accounting, and clerical positions e.g. Administrative Clerk, Senior Management Analyst, and Senior Accountant.   In the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment’s FY 16-17 Budget, the administration of the Neighborhood Council (NC) Funding program was transferred to the Office of the City Clerk effective July 1, 2016. This included the transfer of five (5) regular authority positions in the following classifications: Senior Accountant II, Accountant II, Accounting Clerk, Project Assistant, and Executive Administrative Assistant III. Resultantly, the potential loss of the Senior Accountant, due to retirement, would have a greater and more immediate impact, as it handles critical accounting functions and will be the only remaining accounting position in the Department.   The Department foresees a challenge in filling the Senior Accountant position. This is due both to minimal room for advancement within the Department and the necessary “transfer of knowledge” that would need to take place between the new hire and prior incumbent. To facilitate the transfer of knowledge, it is recommended that prior to the incumbent’s retirement the Department should request a substitute authority position to allow for appropriate training and transition of responsibilities to the new incumbent.

The Department will continue utilize the following recruitment methods to obtain their Project Coordinator and Project Assistant candidate pools:  Personnel Department’s website, – The Personnel Department website provides job seekers with a listing of Civil Service Exempt Job Opportunities categorized by City department. College and Universities Career Center –  The Personnel Department utilizes the respective university career center job boards to advertise job opportunities to college students and graduates when the position requires applicants to have a degree.   In June 2015, the Department, with the assistance of the Personnel Department, successfully utilized the aforementioned recruitment resources to fill their vacant positions from a pool of over 40 qualified candidates. The Department will continue to utilize these recruitment methods and will work with their Personnel Liaison Analyst to create future job advertisements.     Although, the Department functions more akin to a City Council Office rather than a typical City department and has made a move

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal

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2017-18 Budget Proposal  
2017-18 Budget Proposal