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VISION The vision of the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (Department) is to collaborate with Neighborhood Council leaders, stakeholders and City elected and departments to make the Los Angeles Neighborhood Council system the model of local civic engagement in the nation.  

MISSION Pursuant to the Charter of the City of Los Angeles, Article IX, Section 900, the mission of the Department is to promote more citizen participation in government and to make government more responsive to local needs. 

HOW WE WORK →→ Bottom Up Support – the Department treats Neighborhood Councils as independent, self-governing and self-directed entities and works with them to develop policies and procedures to improve the Neighborhood Council system  →→ Inclusive Membership – the Department works with stakeholders of all backgrounds and experience  →→ Open and Transparent – the Department’s work and communications with stakeholders shall be open and transparent  →→ Focus on End User – the Department’s policies and procedures should be developed with the stakeholders in mind in terms of being simple, efficient and impactful. →→ Continual Improvement – the Department strives to collaborate with Neighborhood Councils and the City to find ways to continually improve its services 

Department of Neighborhood Empowerment 2017-18 Fiscal Year Budget Proposal

PROGRAM GOALS To meet its mission, the Department has focused on the following goals:  →→ Increase Direct Assistance and Training for Neighborhood Council Boards »» Provide needed support to Neighborhood Council Boards experiencing difficulties in conducting productive operations and continue guidance and assistance to all Neighborhood Council Boards via the Neighborhood Council Support Helpline »» Work effectively with volunteer mentors through our Councils for Councils program and the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils Resource Board »» Develop and administer capacity building training modules with various methods of accessibility and in multiple languages, including training materials and resources on the website and live trainings with other City departments in partnership with Councilmembers’ staff, Office of the City Attorney, Board of Public Works, the Planning Department, etc., which help Neighborhood Council Boards be more effective »» Administer Civic Youth Leadership Program and support a Neighborhood Council Youth Alliance →→ Expand Outreach and Communication Efforts for the Neighborhood Council System and Conduct Successful Citywide Neighborhood Council Elections »» Conduct citywide Neighborhood Council elections every other year using innovative systems, such as online voting and instant run-off voting »» Provide ongoing citywide outreach and communication strategies for the Department and City as well as for Neighborhood Councils to raise the awareness of the Neighborhood Council system in Los Angeles, which feeds into the Neighborhood Council elections during the spring of even number years »» Develop effective online tools to track the Department and Neighborhood Council performance metrics and provide this open data on the Department website

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2017-18 Budget Proposal  
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