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Who We Are • Empowered SEO is a full service interactive agency that helps clients succeed online by creating award winning digital solutions. • Empowered’s services start with a digital strategy that evolves into a complete solution that includes creative, technology, and marketing

Who We Are • We create comprehensive and result-driven online marketing campaigns and technology solutions which range from ecommerce and content management systems to social networking platforms, email marketing solutions and application development.

Who We Are • We are a privately held company with offices in New York and Bangalore. • We have a diversified and global client base ranging from small and midsize businesses to leading brands such as Fedex, Microsoft, Walt Disney and more...

Who We Are • Our client base covers a wide range of industries across both business to business (B to B) and business to consumer (B to C) markets.

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Our Services Include: • • • • • • • •

Web Design & Development Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Search Engine Marketing (Pay Per Click) Viral Marketing Custom Application Development Game Development Rich Media Advertising

Why we are Different: • Empowered creates holistic, interactive solutions - solutions that integrate with brand identity, solutions that take services from idea to final product, and solutions that marry creativity and technology seamlessly. • You don’t need a brochure - or a web site or web content. Your need results. We provide turnkey solutions that take you from idea to completed project.

• A creative but badly-designed web site won’t get results - any more than an uninspiring technically perfect site will. We create projects that are both functional and exciting.

• But building the website is just the first step to creating your brand presence online.

• You also need to promote it.

• Promoting your website: – Search Engine Optimization – Social Media Marketing – Viral Marketing – Interactive Content – Video Optimization – Social Media Advertising – Email Marketing

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION • SEO is the process of ranking a website high in the search results for a key phrase relevant to that website.

In a nutshell the process entails: • Keyword Research – identify the right key terms to target • Site Architecture and Content – Incorporating these keywords into your site design, navigation and page content. • Link building – Building links to your site from other relevant and quality sites using the correct key terms. (A vote of approval for your site)

Why you need SEO? • 91% of internet users use search engines to search on a regular basis – Google receives more than 65% of all searches and their market share keeps growing – 95% of all searches take place on Google Yahoo and Bing.

• 80% of the clicks in search results are on the organic search listings


• •

Social Networking has been the global consumer phenomenon since 2008. Two-thirds of the world’s Internet population visits a social network site. The sector now accounts for 10% of all internet time. 4th most popular internet activity- ahead of personal email. The staggering increase in the amount of time people are spending on these sites is changing the way people spend their time online. Social networks provide competition to traditional publishers for consumer attention and at the same time, facilitate new ways for publishers and advertisers to connect with their audiences. Facebook has become the largest player on the global stage, dominant in many countries, yet localized offerings have won the day in many others. Social media marketing is ‘word of mouth’ on steroids.

WHY SOCIAL MEDIA: Key findings from Wave 3 of the social media research include: • • • •

83% watch video clips, up from 62% in the last study in June 2007 57% of internet users are now members of a social network RSS consumption is growing rapidly up from 15% to 39% Podcasts are now mainstream digital content, listened to by 48%

Motivations for using social network media: • • • • • •

59% To keep in touch with friends and family 57% I like looking at other people’s spaces 47% I want to meet people with similar interests 46% To express my opinions and views on topics 20% It is a good way to date 17% Using it for a specific reason, e.g. Wedding, Job Networking

Some More Stats: • • • • • • • • • • • •

13 Hours – The amount of video uploaded to YouTube –Every minute! 412.3 years- The length of time it would take to watch every video on YouTube. 100 Million- The number of YouTube videos watched every day. 13 Million- The number of articles on Wikipedia. 3.6 Billion- The number of images on Flickr. 1382% - The growth rate of twitter 3 million – The number of tweets per day 5 Billion – The number of minutes spent of FaceBook per day. 1 billion –The amount of content shared on FaceBook per week. (photos, links etc etc) If FaceBook were a country it would be the 8th largest. 93% of social media users believe a company should have a presence on the social media networks 85% believe a company should go further than just having a presence. It should interact with its customers

How social media can be used • • • • • • •

Public Relations Customer Service Loyalty Building Collaboration Networking Thought Leadership Customer Acquisition

SEARCH ENGINE MARKETING/PAY PER CLICK: • Search engine marketing, or SEM, is a form of Internet marketing where you pay for the traffic you receive. – It includes paid placement, contextual advertising, pay per click, paid inclusion and more.

Viral Marketing • Creating compelling content that spreads from user to user, in the process increasing your brand visibility. • Content can be in any form: Video, Audio, Text, Pictures, Applications, Games etc • Eg.

Email Marketing • Can be the most successful online marketing channel. • You need to constantly be building your database. • Use it carefully. Don’t spam. Don’t send too often. Send only what they are interested in. Respond to replies.

Email Marketing • Empowered has a custom built proprietary email marketing solution that currently handles over 250,000 messages per month on behalf of our clients • Has advanced database segmentation capabilities, provides all metrics such as opens, bounces, links clicked, etc and handles opt outs and unsubscribe requests automatically

• With Empowered, you get: • One company that can handle your entire internet presence: – – – – – – – – – – – –

Web Design and Development Search Engine Optimization Social Media Marketing Content Creation – including Video Viral Marketing Search Marketing (PPC etc) Database design and Managment Email Marketing Web and Database Hosting Rich Media Ad Creation and Campaign Management Application Development – including Game Development. Network and Server Administration

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SEO Company India  
SEO Company India  

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