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hello. My name is Vanessa Arantes, 

{ express} it through an

I am a graphics specialist.

effective combination of image and typography.

My passion is {to create}  and communicate with

Contact me today so we can

the viewer through design.

pass on {your message}.

My goal is to take {your vision} and


phone: 310 654.1982

Vanessa De Paula Arantes ¶ ¶ 310.654.1982


Lakeshore Learning Materials, Carson CA Solutions Team Leader — 2010 to PRESENT Graphic Designer — 2008 to 2010 Production Artist — 2006 to 2008

Empower Design Agency, Redondo Beach CA Owner/Part-time Designer — 2010 to present

F.J. Productions, Tarzana CA Assistant Editor — 2005 to 2006

Andrew Martin Company, Gardena CA Designer & Production Artist — 2004 to 2005




Art direction

Project management

Client communication

Web design and online ads

Concept development

Design and Production for Print

Adobe Creative Suite:

After Effects

Illustrator, Photoshop,

Cinema 4D

InDesign, Acrobat Pro,

Quark Express

Flash, and Dreamweaver.

Microsoft Office Suite

California State University Dominguez Hills — Bachelor in Arts Graphic Design, Minor in Digital Graphics El Camino College — Associates in Arts Graphic Design


Work featured in Student Exhibition at CSUDH University Gallery — Spring 2011 Work featured in B.A. Graduate Student Exhibition at CSUDH University Gallery — Spring 2012 CSUDH Presidential Scholarship — 2010 to 2012


phone: 310 654.1982

{Speed-to-Contact} Traveltrends

This Travel

was over due for

Agency gained

an upgrade on

a clean and

its brand, which

modern look with

had only a

vibrant colors and

black logo and

amazing photos

white business

to represent its



{Theatre Center Group} A series of Posters

classy Black & White

created for different plays

photographic style, with

presented by the Theatre

elements in red to catch

Centre Group. All three

the eye and add a touch

plays are classic and

of color.

have marked the history of theatre. These posters have a

{Speed-to-Contact} Originally, Speed-to-Contact

new logo, website and sell-

had a different name and

sheet to attract new clients

an outdated look. Then

in this generation of small

a whole new identity

businesses and advanced

was created to represent


the young spirit of this innovative company. Speed-to-Contact now has a

Empowering Interaction

{Positive Campaign} This series of posters

The model on the photos

was created to inspire

is a grateful survivor of

and motivate women

breast cancer, which

to stay healthy and

made the project even

get periodically

more enjoyable.

mammograms to allow for the detection of cancer in its early stage.

{Web Design} These are some examples

Please feel free to request

of websites that were

live urls in order to see the

developed in the last few

whole functionality of these



In most cases, the website was part of the whole branding project, which resulted in the creation of many different elements, starting from the logo.

{Advertising} A few samples of the

Each new advertising

numerous flyers and

piece is exciting to create,

posters created to

because the composition

advertise a business or

has to relay not only their

spread the word about

message, but also their

a special event.

brand and personality.

{Motion Graphics - Rescue Japan} This 30-second piece was

Completing the file was in itself

created to help the animal

a challenge, since it took 32

victims of the Tsunami

hours to save, but the results with

happened in Japan in 2011.

the creation of the ocean were very exciting.

The animation was created in Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects.

{Motion Graphics - Logo Animation} An animation created for

The composition uses the

Empower Design Agency to show

unusual camera angles and

its logo in a 3D format, giving it life

rapid movements, along with the

and perspective.

upbeat music to create a modern animation of the agency’s logo.

thank you for taking the time to review my {portofolio}. My career in design has been my biggest passion and a great journey. Like what you see? Contact me today!


phone: 310 654.1982


This is a sample of my latest designs. Please take a look and feel free to contact me for any questions or to request any additional sample...

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