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SCHMIDT MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY The Schmidt Museum of Natural History (1320

JOHNSTON GEOLOGY MUSEUM See a western Kansas Cretaceous

Merchant St., ESU Cram Science Hall Room 043) contains a

mosasaur, a giant ground sloth, a

comprehensive collection of approximately 600 taxidermy

mastodon tusk plus other displays

mounts of birds, mammals, reptiles and fish from

in the Johnston Geology Museum

Kansas. A research collection of more than 2,500 bird and

(1320 Merchant St., ESU cram Science

mammal skins from various parts of the U.S. is maintained

Hall Room 106). The museum contains

for advanced study and research.

geological specimens predominantly

PETERSON PLANETARIUM Open to students and the public, discover the wonders of the universe in the Peterson Planetarium (1320 Merchant St., ESU Cram Science Hall Room 031). Free shows play Thursday evenings and the second Saturday of each month.

from Kansas. Included among the 45 displays are the world famous Hamilton Quarry Fossil Assemblage, the Tri-State Mining Display, petrified tree stumps and the Hawkins and the Calkins Indian Artifact Collections.

With a rich history stretching back over 150 years, Emporia State University’s traditions have been making memories for students from around the world.

HISTORIC CAMPUS There is so much for visitors to do on the Emporia State University campus (1 Kellogg Circle, Stroll though the manicured green spaces or visit the university’s many art galleries or museums. Visit their website and schedule a tour.

WELCH STADIUM Opened in 1937 and dedicated in 1960, Welch Stadium (Emporia State University Campus) is the host to Emporia State and Emporia High School football. It lies just north of beautiful Lake Wooster on the ESU campus and is home for generations of Emporia State football fans.

ESU HOMECOMING CELEBRATION Homecoming is a celebration that includes annual traditions, athletic events and a host of social gatherings. Watch the Homecoming Parade on Commercial Street or attend the annual Homecoming musical at Albert Taylor Hall. Cheer on the Hornets at Welch Stadium, or grab a ticket for any


Hornet football game this fall!

WOOSTER LAKE Enjoy a picnic or a quiet afternoon on the lawn around this picturesque lake. Between the Memorial Union and Welch Stadium, this lake is at the center of many campus traditions, including the legend that if you kiss your significant other on Wooster Bridge at midnight, they will be the person you marry. PHOTO CREDIT/Courtesy Emporia State University

The FHTC Fusion Food Truck ( is a popular food stop that can be found at Emporia community events in the fall and is managed and operated by FHTC Hospitality/ Culinary Arts students. FHTC is the only college in the state of Kansas that utilizes a food truck in its culinary curriculum. When classes are in session, Hospitality/Culinary Arts students also prepare and serve World and International Cuisine lunches on Thursdays at the main campus.


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