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Inside This Issue Education, Outreach, Egg Catapults And Helicopter Races: Boeing Celebrates National Engineers Week Club News • Van Pooling • Christian Fellowship •Fitness Center Profiles • Recreation Connection • Classified Ads

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Visiting students launch their hand made bottle rocket creations during last year’s engineering fair during Engineers Week in El Segundo. (Boeing photogrph)

• Here’s an inexpensive way for you to reach thousands of fellow employees to buy or sell a product, find a roommate, rent a cabin, make an announcement and much more.

19 • October 13 Was A “Marathon” Day For Huntington Beach Fitness Club Members • A listing of Clubs and contact. • Fitness Member Profiles: Huntington Beach, Long Beach and Seal Beach • Van Pool ride Listings. • Boeing Christian Fellowship Bible Studies. • Douglas Christian Fellowship Lunchtime Bible Studies.



• Positive Signs Brighten Gloomy Outlook For California Aerospace And Defense Industry

• Recreation Connection Calendar

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rnal and her. Any sements rves the ouraged uestions

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Education, Outreach, Egg Catapults And Helicopter Races: Boeing Celebrates National Engineers Week ■ By MICHAEL GOUGIS Contributing Writer ure, Boeing engineers can design spacecraft that probe the very depths of the universe and perform miracles of communication. They can build submersibles that illuminate the inky depths of the world’s oceans, providing eyes and ears for national security and a map of the ocean floor for explorers. But in the back of their minds, Boeing engineers really are asking themselves the critical question: How far can I catapult an egg and have it survive the landing? This, and other questions, Visiting students participate in a hands-on activitiy during the engineering fair that the El Segundo site hosted during will be answered during Engineers Week 2013. (Boeing photograph) Boeing’s celebration of engineering that is part of National Engineers Week. From February 17 to 21, engineers and employees at all seven of Boeing’s sites in its Southwest Region (Long Beach, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, El Segundo, Mesa, Arizona, and Salt Lake City) will gather to celebrate the skills and accomplishments of engineers and to attract the best and brightest youngsters to the world of engineering. “I’m honored to sponsor this year’s company celebration of National Engineers Week,” said Rick Baily, Boeing Defense, Space & Security vice president of Engineering, Mission Assurance & Product Support and 2014 Engineers Week Boeing executive. “This event highlights the contributions that engineers make to society, inspires future engineers and promotes the spirit of innovation.” In 1951, the National Society of Professional Engineers began Visiting students admire their bottle rocket creations before launching them celebrating Engineers Week. Today, corporations, governmental during last year’s engineering fair in El Segundo. (Boeing photograph)


1_ETPagesFEB2014_ET Pages 2009 1/24/14 4:57 PM Page 9


agencies, engineering, education and cultural societies join together for a week of activities, outreach and education. The goal is to raise the awareness of the importance of engineering, and to raise the interest of young people in the facets of education that lead to the creation of successful engineers. “One of the things that we’ve been promoting is the Huntington Beach Engineering Fair. This is an excellent opportunity for Boeing employees and all of the students who we invite onto the campus to learn about a lot of the Boeing technical programs and projects,” Boeing employees Brian Keene and Kimberly Fagan prepare to participate in an Egg Drop Competition in Huntington said Eric Gever, a flight system Beach. During the competition, employees are able to create a “Day of Design” egg package to help protect an egg from the fall when dropped off a tall building. (Boeing photograph) engineer and coordinator for EWeek activities at Boeing’s Huntington Beach facility. “Huntington Beach is very segregat- engineer and coordinator for E-Week activities at the company’s ed in that there’s a lot of different programs. We provide an El Segundo campus. “The vast majority of our outreach is actually done off-camopportunity for employees all over the company to visit and network with other programs that they might normally not be able pus through our middle school outreach program, where we visit to see, as well as meet some non-profit organizations that we students at their respective schools, as well as at an event known invite, as well as learn about the educational opportunities for as Introduce A Girl To Engineering, where we visit various community groups and try to get students, specifically girl students, outreach for employees. “For the students, we like to give them kind of an idea of the to get interested in STEM fields,” Reddy said. “A lot of the research that you’ll read on when students tend to direction we hope to see them heading, in order to recruit the best and brightest for the future of engineering, for the future of get involved in what they want to do for the rest of their lives is encouraging STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and when they are in middle school, or perhaps even younger. So we Mathematics) education. So we bring them on campus to learn a think it’s very important to start reaching out to those students little about what it’s like for new hires as well as seasoned engi- before they become uninvolved, before they think math is hard, to neers to be in the workforce, as well as play a few games and run say, hey, math might be hard, but look at all the cool things you can do with it if you study hard and you go to college and you get a few competitions.” It is important to reach those students early. At the El Segundo a degree in engineering or math or something like that.” Reaching young people is critical. At stake is nothing less than facility, E-Week activities include active outreach to students before they reach high school, said Jillian Reddy, a systems

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Getting Involved In National Engineers Week The National Engineers Week Foundation is expanding its horizons, broadening the activities and programs that it supports, and as such late last year changed its name to DiscoverE. For more information about the foundation, Engineers Week and all of its activities, visit Boeing’s E-Week activities will be centered on the daily themes of safety, people first, affordability and engineering excellence. For a schedule of Boeing’s activities and more information, Boeing employees can visit the E-Week website and click into their region at: For community & volunteer opportunities go to Total Access -> My Community Giving-> Volunteer Events.

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(Continued From Page 9)

the future of the industry, said Robyn M Strosnider, a galley configurator on the 737 project and site coordinator for E-Week activities in Long Beach, where outreach extends to local Girl and Boy Scout organizations. “Engineering . . . touches every aspect of our world. Without a strong base of engineers, we can’t support that industry here,” she said. The outreach, networking and educational activities are important. The contests are pure fun. At Huntington Beach, organizers decided to take the contest of trying to make an egg survive a drop from a local high-rise one step further. Why let gravity have all the fun? This year, they’ll be building catapults to see who can hurl an egg furthest. Women of Boeing introduce girls to concepts and career options in engineering at “We’re going to have Boeing employees and students designing Girls Inc. of Orange County during Engineers Week 2013. This was just one event egg launchers, devices that they can launch, and if they (the eggs) among many in which 34 volunteers reached over 120 girls through activities with non-profit partners. (Boeing photograph) survive the landing, they’ll earn some points,” Gever says. In El Segundo, where they build satellites, it seems appropriate to two-liter plastic bottles, design and attach nose cones and fin guidhold a contest for building water-pressurized rockets – you need ance systems, fill the bottles halfway with water, pressurize the rockets to get the satellites into space, right? Teams will start with bejeezus out of them with a device fashioned from a bicycle tiretype pump, pull the plug and stand back. “The rocket that goes highest wins,” Reddy said. And in Long Beach, participants will take on a computer simulator that will challenge them to successfully land a commercial aircraft, and race radio-controlled helicopters through an obstacle and performance course. “It’s one of our biggest events. It’s really challenging. I don’t know if you’ve ever tried to fly one of those RC helicopters, but it’s actually really hard,” Strosnider says. “We’ve broken many at our house!” ■

Boeing employee Matthew Winthrop demonstrates the force of angular momentum and the effects of liquid nitrogen on balloons to visiting students during Engineers Week activities in El Segundo last year. (Boeing photograph)

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ering at ne event ies with

guidze the e tire-

imulaal airle and

don’t but it’s at our


Boeing emplo employees yees please please contact JJoel oel Miller at 714-940-3128 for ad additional ditional infor information mation about our free monthl monthly y lunch or dinners held for Boeing Boeing emplo employees. emplo yees.

Aarone Tirpak Aarone Tirpak Branch Br anch Manager Manager SSenior enior PIM Portfolio Portfolio M Manager anager TIRPAK TIRP PAK MILLER INVESTMENT I GR GROUP OUP aar w CCAA Insurance Insurance Lic#0C89526

Joel S. Miller Joel Miller FFinancial inancial Advisor Advisor

(562) 682-2439 (714) 940-3155


(714) 940-3128 (855) 721-3964

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You pro to lea

Positive Signs Brighten Gloomy Outlook For California Aerospace And Defense ■ By DENNIS BRAY, Guest Columnist eaders in aerospace and defense manufacturing are set to L meet in Long Beach this February. At stake is our ability to maintain our competiveness in the global marketplace. Top agenda items at AeroDef Manufacturing Summit and Exposition 2014 have a direct impact on the regional economy and, fortunately for Long Beach, there are signs of positive activity – even in the face of job losses due to the pending closing of the Boeing C-17 military cargo plane production line. Public Policy. The region’s aerospace industry has deep roots in the Defense Department, employing an estimated 250,000 Californians. Defense programs are winding down given new political and economic realities, and budget cuts are particularly painful here. The budget recently approved by Congress restores an estimated $63 billion of cuts mandated by the federal budget sequestration. The Defense Department gets back about $22.5 billion in the 2014 fiscal year and another $9 billion in 2015. Gov. Jerry Brown has made it clear he intends to keep Defense jobs in the state. In March, he established a military council to “protect and expand the military’s vital role in national security and California’s economy.” The council – chaired by Under Secretary of State Ellen Tauscher and comprised of retired admirals and generals from the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard, as well as the Adjutant General of the California National Guard – will convene for one year and draft specific recommendations to the governor and legislature. Policymakers also are acutely aware of the need for strategies to attract private industry players. These include companies involved in space programs, like Hawthorne-based SpaceX, and in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), or drone programs, a market that could grow to $10 billion within the next three years. State Assemblyman Al Muratsuchi (D-Torrance), chairman of the Select Committee on Aerospace, has formed an advisory board of state aerospace companies and other stakeholders to help promote the industry. He has also sponsored two state assembly bills to reduce taxes on aerospace companies. In September, the LA Jobs Defense Council, a program of the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corp., announced its plans to “work more aggressively and on-the-ground with aerospace industry leaders as well as our elected officials to help our local suppliers and manufacturers resolve some of their most pressing business concerns.” Issues include escalating workers’ compensation costs, regulatory burdens, the lack of available industrial space, and skilled labor imbalances.



Despite the loss of the Boeing C-17 production line, major Defense aircraft components will continue to be manufactured in California. These include the center-aft fuselage of the F/A-18 Super Hornet built in El Segundo and the center fuselage of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter made in Palmdale, both by Northrop Grumman. Innovation. Much of the conversation at AeroDef will be dedicated to finding ways to drive innovation across the extended manufacturing enterprise – from the conception of a program, through production and sustaining it through its lifecycle. This is highly complex given the diversity of suppliers to the OEMs like Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, but essential for the industry to maintain its competitiveness in the global marketplace. New technologies and applications are urgently needed to increase efficiency and affordability. California continues to be an epicenter of innovation in aerospace and defense, most notably for its state university system and vocational learning centers. The California Network for Manufacturing Innovation (CNMI) is a state-wide collaborative that brings together the National Research Laboratories, manufacturing extension partnerships, academic institutions, economic development organizations, manufacturers and equipment suppliers. It supports and fosters California advanced manufacturing, including reducing the risk aerospace and defense companies take on when adopting new technologies.8 Those of us in manufacturing believe these types of partnerships are key to addressing complex issues like driving innovation and developing an advanced manufacturing workforce. In December, Bloomberg ranked California as the second most innovative state (behind Washington), based on several factors, including STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) professionals as a percentage of the population, science and tech degree holders as a percentage of state population, and state government research and development spending as a percentage of U.S. total. The loss of the Boeing C-17 production line in 2015 and other job losses will hurt California in the in short run. But for the longer-term, California’s trajectory is strategically poised for success – by investing in STEM education, collaborative partnerships with business and academia, and public policies that support growth and innovation. (Dennis Bray, PhD, FSME, is president and CEO of Contour Precision Group LLC in Clover, South Carolina, and interim CEO of SME, which is producing the AeroDef Manufacturing Summit & Exposition to be held February 25-27, 2014, at the Long Beach Convention Center.) ■


•M • Ac • De • Gr • Hu • Au • Gl • an

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ontour nterim cturing at the

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Reach Higher You know what you want—that promotion, a new career, to indulge your passion for learning. We can help you. Our programs include: • MS Health Care Administration • Accelerated MBA degree • Degree Completion Program • Green Building • Human Resources • AutoCAD • Global Logistics Specialist • and much more… Call for more information: (800) 963-2250

California State University, Long Beach College of Continuing and Professional Education

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Miscellaneous • Loving Cat Needs A Home – DSH, beautiful, happy, solidWhite/Blue eyes. 8 years old, one-owner. Cat is healthy, friendly, fixed, and declawed, so needs to be 100% indoors. We cannot care for it any more; friends/family all have enough pets. Please give this purr-factory a good home. See pictures at and call 562-400-5162.

Transportation • Car Pool Rider Wanted – Upland/Claremont area to Boeing Seal Beach or Huntington Beach. Shift: 6:00AM2:45PM (flexible). Call 909/240-6895. Save Money. Save Gas.

To Relax – For Rent • Big Bear – Delightful Big Bear Cabin. Fireplace, TV/DVD, 2 bedrooms, sleeps 6 max. Fully furnished. $230 w/e, Boeing

Employee Times Classified Advertising

Please Read

employees only, please. 310-649-4239 or 310-377-1320. • Crestline – 8BR 3Baths sleeps 30; 2 TVs, 2DVDs, compactor, fireplace, 2BBQ, large decks. No pets. 10 min from Arrowhead. W/E $650. 714-974-6359 or 714-815-5587. • Kauai – Condo for rent 50 yards from beach. 1 bedroom (king size bed) + queen sofa – sleeps 4. Full kitchen, entertainment system & Internet access. Check and photos/ Contact Jean at 562/8822614 or email inquiry to • Waikiki – Waikiki Honolulu Sleep 6 37” TV/DVD Mini Kitchen with Dishes and Utensils On Site Laundry Pool Gym Sauna Jacuzzi ABC Store 24/7 Café Steps to Beach Shops Bus Entertainment. Check Banyan Suite at $850/Wk Flat Rate for All. Larry at 310-370-9793/-429-4269.

All ads are coordinated by the Employee Times magazine. Ad copy & payment must be sent (or delivered) to: 2599 E. 28th St., #212, Signal Hill, CA 90755 (between Spring Street & Willow Street west of Temple Avenue). Deadline: The 20th of each month. Payment in advance by check (made out to the Employee Times), cash or charge. Questions? Call 562/988-5758

P l e a s e Fo l l ow T h e s e S i m p l e G u i d e l i n e s : • You must be a private party; no business ads • Use your home phone number only! No work numbers, please • Ads must be prepaid (check, cash or charge – AE/V/MC/Disc)

• Ads must be typed or printed legibly • Sorry, no phone-in ads will be accepted • Monthly deadline is the 20th

Ad Category – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – (Please Check One)

start here

$1.00 minimum* – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – [ ] Wanted $1.25* – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – [ ] Misc for Sale [ ] Miscellaneous $1.50* – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – [ ] Transportation $1.75* – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – [ ] Roommate Wanted $2.00* [ ] To Live – For Sale – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – [ ] To Live – For Rent – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – $2.25* [ ] To Relax – For Sale $2.50 + 1¢ per [ ] To Relax – For Rent – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – space over this* [ ] Announcement *If You Are Not A Boeing Employee/Retired Employee or Immediate Family Member, Add $3.00 To Total Please Print Your Name Badge # Phone Number ( )

18 FEBRUARY 2014

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Please send Club News changes to:

Fitness Centers Boeing Fitness Center – El Segundo Bldg. S25A, 901 Nash St., El Segundo, 310-662-5526 Boeing Fitness Center – Huntington Beach 14600 Bolsa Chica St., Huntington Beach, 714-896-3326 Boeing Fitness Center – Long Beach 2019 E. Wardlow Rd., Long Beach, 562-427-3462 Boeing Fitness Center – Seal Beach 2600 Westminster Blvd., Seal Beach, 562-797-3612

Hobbies El Segundo Karaoke Club “Dr. Dave” Sunderland, 310-662-7521 Photography Club – Huntington Beach Club has ceased operations. For information about Photographic Society of Orange County, contact Frank Meadors, 714-934-5622

Boeing Affinity Groups Boeing American Indian Society (BAIS) (Meets the 2nd Thursday of every month) Terralee Pettinger, President, 562-496-7126 Carla Mastracco, Vice President Grace Gradillas, Secretary Gladys Agustin, Treasurer Georgette Jenkins, Membership Ethel Gannon, Education Joyce White, Activities Executive Sponsor: Peggy Berry Web site: Boeing Asian American Professional Association (BAAPA) (Meets 1st Thursday of the month – 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.) Kevin Davidson, Chairman Thanh Ho, President John Zapata Vice President (acting) Anthony Chang, Treasurer (acting) Elizabeth Dela Cruz, Secretary Jennifer Anderson, CommunicationElection/Recognition (acting) Jennifer Anderson, Programs & Networking

Jeanette Wu, Membership Executive Champions: Bruce Glaser, Tom Croslin Boeing Black Employee Association (BBEA) Don Woullard, President, 562-496-7746 Roberta Morris, Vice President Rocky Anderson, Treasurer Lisa Thomas, Secretary Executive Champion: Donald Pitcher Boeing Association of Gay, Lesbian, Bi, Transgender Employees and Friends (BEAGLES) (Meets 2nd and 4th Thursday every month) Beth Carter, President Nicole Allison, Vice President Michelle Smith, Treasurer Sonia Quinonez-Gamarra, Secretary Executive Champions: Lee Whittington & Frederica Weimer Web site: Boeing Employee Ability Awareness Association (Meets 3rd Wednesday of the month) Parry Havelaar, President, 562-982-5943, 562-234-2998 Rick Tkach, Vice President Lindsay Howell, Secretary Sherman Havelaar, Treasurer Ray Killbreath, Director of Membership Daniel Munoz, Director of Communications Executive Champions: Andy Shelby, Bob Stanger, Jim Michel Boeing Employees Veterans Association George A. Alcivar, President Nick Peralta, Vice President John L. Williams, Treasurer Cheryl Tate, Secretary Boeing Hispanic Employee Network (BHEN) (Meets 2nd Thursday of the month) Dino Montez, President Jesse Madrigal, Vice President Toni Burczyk, Secretary Darryl Tillman, Treasurer (Please Continue To Page 20)



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Please send Club News changes to: (Continued From Page 19)

Boeing Women In Leadership (BWIL) Luz Virgen, President Oscar Ceron, Treasurer Cecille Perez-Abobo, Membership Coordinator Executive Champions: Bruce Glaser & Peggy Berry

Leadership Chapters/Associations Boeing Leadership Association of Southern California (BLASC) a chapter of the National Management Association (NMA) Glenn Button, President, MC H020-F107, 714-896-8537

Personal And Career Development Clubs Amelia Earhart Society – Membership Information Becky Brown, 562-593-2837 American Institute Of Aeronautics And Astronautics Orange County Section El Segundo Yoga Club Joanna Chen, International Council On Systems Engineering (INCOSE) David Boyd, INCOSE-LA Chapter President, International Society website:; L.A. Chapter: Society of Allied Weight Engineers (SAWE) SAWE International Society website: SAWE Los Angeles Chapter website:

Speech Clubs HB Astromasters Club 6851 Richard Potter, President, 714-372-2046 e-mail: HB SpeakEZ’s Toastmasters Club 8771 Jack Schmidt, VP Public Relations, 714-896-3375; LB Upper Crust Toastmasters Club 1016, Bldg 800 Rick Harenburg: 714-478-4529 or HB Mixedmasters Toastmasters Club 3686 Sandra F. Reid, President, 714-372-4196 Sea Launch – The Sky’s The Limit Club 922100 Julie Larson, President, 562/951-7530 Seal Beach Speech Bums, Club 4842 Ed Smith, President, 562-797-5867 Toastmasters – DPD Ed Mitchell, M/C C078-0422, 562-982-6493 or 714-663-7735, FAX 562-496-9244

Boeing Radio Clubs Amateur Radio Club – Long Beach Emergency Communications Team – ECT John F. Hennessy, 562-593-2653, Fax 562-593-2280 Boeing Employees Amateur Radio Society (BEARS) – Huntington Beach Dan Violette, M/C H013-C335, 714-896-3332

Sports Clubs Boeing Judo, El Segundo Joseph Buford, President, 310-416-9319 Bruce Inman, Head Coach, 310-364-9127 Workout schedule: Mon., 4:30-6:45 p.m.; Wed., Noon-1:15 p.m. and 4:30-6:30 p.m. Boeing Outdoor Adventure Club (BOAC) Mary Glaser, Huntington Beach, 714-372-9879 Paul Sue, El Segundo, 310-335-6744 Barry Dahlen, Long Beach, 562-593-2722 Wayne Norman, Seal Beach, 562-797-2860 Boeing Tennis Club – Southern California Hugh Vo, Vice President, 562-982-8030 Cathy Sejansky, Membership Director, M/C 110-SB06, 562/797-2829 Douglas Dive Club Dan Pankratz, 562/593-2222 El Segundo Martial Arts Club Elozor Plotke, 310-416-5991 El Segundo Rod & Gun Club Russ Hunt, PIO,, Home: 714-540-0363, Fax: 714-540-0376 El Segundo Tai Chi Club Fong Tien, Huntington Beach Table Tennis Club (new listing) Meets Monday through Thursday at Noon for games. Wide range of levels. Meet in central part of Building 45B. Join us for some good exercise. For more information call: Tam Nguyen, 714-896-6136 or Charles Smith, 714-896-5174 Jetliners Trailer Club Nelson Dudley, President, 714-220-9167 or Kay A. Hoeffken, 562-982-2265 MD Windriders Brian Sarinana, M/C D001-0022, 562-593-8870 Racquetball Club Howard Mauer M/C C054-0018, 562-593-5625

(Please Continue To Page 22)

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Recent Accomplishments: Maintaining my fitness levels while completing my bachelor ’s degree! bachelor’s Goals: T o keep get my good cholesterol up and keep my other vitals at opti mal levels as I To optimal mature. Current Focus: My current focus is strength and flexibility training. Favorite Activity at the Fitness Center: Weightlifting. W eightlifting. Most Challenging Activity: Circuit Training. Training. I realize I need to incorporate more cardio-type exercise exercise in my training in order to achieve my goals. range some


o Page 22)

Suggestions for New Fitness Center Users: Whatever exercise you choose to do, start light and get your form ri right. ght. Proper form will prevent you from hurting yourself and lead to better result results. s.


Be Fit and Stay Healthy!

21 FEBRUARY 2014

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Please send Club News changes to: (Continued From Page 20)

Snowfliers Ski Club Jim Hughes M/C D083-0058, 562-593-9905 Softball – Huntington Beach Fitness Center Tyron Stern, 714-896-3326 Space and Launch Systems Shooters Assn* (SALSSA) *Not a Boeing Affiliated Club Phil Cowan, 714-896-1739 or Kay Schroeder, 714-372-2597 Training Wheels Off-Road Motorcycle Club Van Richardson M/C D800-0044, 562-593-0506

Golf Clubs Boeing Space Golf Club Scott Thoeny, President H019-F702, 714-372-5824 DAC Memorial Golf Club Howard Croxen 562-431-0202 Financial Management Golf Club Dave Hyatt, M/C H011-A103, 714-896-5929

Special Interest Groups Actors’ Workshop Laurel Richardson M/C H013-A306, 714-896-1079 Veronica Johnson M/C H014-C424, 714-896-6305 The Alliance For Children With Special Needs Tom Schmidt, M/C C160-0060, 562-496-5675 (2nd Shift) “As Bill Sees It” Recovery Support Group Stacey Keefer, M/C C052-0001, 562-982-0777 Boeing Freethought Fellowship of Seal Beach Michael Rivera, 562-797-5419 Boeing Regional Association Network For College Hires, Canoga Park Rich Kim, 818-586-0038 Boeing Retiree’s Breakfast Group John Sustacek, 714-997-1877 Douglas User Group For IBM PC & Compatible Harish Bhardwaj M/C C052-0552, 562-982-7329

MACDAC West Retirees (DAC, MDC, NA, Boeing) Web site:, Phone: 949-387-5825 Parenting Network Jenny G. Lesiow, M/C H010-C021, 714-896-3018 Michelle Harper, M/C H020-C248, 714-372-5055 Pilots West Flying Club* Ron Brankovic, M/C D800-0025, 562-593-5619 * Not a Boeing Affiliated Club

Regional Events And Activities For College Hires (REACH) Grant Crampton, M/C 841-SX21 562-797-5112 or Pager 562-877-9330 R.I. Flying Club, Inc. * Lisa Erickson, M/C H013-B326, 714-896-1812 * Not a Boeing Affiliated Club

Sons Of VFW Post 1622, Lomita, CA John Nordin, 562-593-5218 or 562-593-9490 or Mike McHugh, 562-593-7944

Religious Studies Catholic Study Group David – 714-896-3714 or Andy – 714-896-1519 Boeing Christian Fellowship at Anaheim Gerry Hawkins M/C 031-AE10, 714-762-4734 (Bldg 250-5, IT Conf Rm, Thursdays, 12:15-12:55) Boeing Christian Fellowship at Canoga Park David Johnson M/C 055-AA78, 818-586-7537 Boeing Christian Fellowship at Huntington Beach (BCF) Thomas Phillips, President, Email: Douglas Christian Fellowship Richard Haseltine, M/C HM–D721 (C054-0080), 562-497-5056 Islamic Study Group Faiyaz Rasheed, M/C D800-0074, 562-593-2279 in Long Beach Sami El-soudani, M/C H019-F781, 714-896-7022 in Huntington Beach Torah Group B. Klein. M/C D800-0053, 562-982-2723

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LON LONG ONG NG BEAC BEACH BEA BE EA AC CH FITNESS FIITN TNE NES ESS SS CENTER CEN CEN CE NTE TER ER MEMBER MEM ME EMB MBE BER ER SH SHOWCASE HOWCASE HO OWC WCA CA ASE SE PROFILE PR ROFILE ROF RO OFI FIL IL LE Boeing Long Beach Fitness Center Employee Showcase Februaryy 2014 Februar Jose A. Romero, a C-17 Air V Vehicle eh ehicle Engineer Project Manager Manager,, has been working for Boeing 34 years, and has been an avid user of the Fitness Center since February of 2007. His reason for getting in to fitness he says is his “…constant ‘battle of the bulge’… I love to eat and must compensate with exercise.” From a young age Jose was always involved in sports, including little league and swimming in high school and at the junior college level. Today To Today his activities include jogging, skiing, cycling and most recently triathlons. Jose acknowledges that it takes a positive attitude to become great at something. He acknowledged this behavior in the now retired American professional baseball player Willie Willie Mays, aka the “Say Hey Kid”, who was always smiling and laughing. Another athlete he admired was Michael Jordan for his strong work ethic, which led him to be one of the greatest athletes of all time. Third on his list of inspirational athletes is Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Jabbar, for being a basketball powerhouse for so many years. Jose says, “He was a true example of longevity, longevity, as he played professional basketball well into his 40’s effective 40’s and was as still ef ffective fective in what is typically considered a ‘young man’s’ man’s’ game”. Jose has numerous accomplishments of his own, like completing the Ironman Honu triathlon, in Kona, Hawaii last June in 8 hours and 2 minutes. Not only did he compete against many other athletes, but he also came up against 25 mph winds with 50 mph gust, not including 100° temperatures as he ran in the lava fields! Jose also took part in a Sprint Triathlon Triathlon in Carson, consisting of a 5k run, 30k of cycling, and a 200 meter swim, with a finish time of 1 hour and 28 minutes, placing 3rd in his age group (55-59 yrs. old). Jose’s Jose’s most recent race was a full Ironman triathlon in Tempe, Teempe, Arizona in November 2013. This consisted of a 2.4 mile swim, 1112 12 mile bike ride and 26.2 mile full marathon. Jose completed this grueling Jose’ss endurance put to the test, but his hydration and nutrition were event in 14 hours and 40 minutes. Not only was Jose’ Jose’ss one year of training for this event reaped its rewards, ass he states “Train challenged as well. Jose’ “Train Smart, Get Results”. year.. Jose plans to train and complete another half ironman and full ironman this year Jose is maintaining his current fitness level by lifting weights, running and swimming 2 times per week and cycling 2-3 times a week. His favorite activity is cycling, especially when the weather is at its best, he loves to be outdoors in the elements and prefers “…going someplace in lieu of training indoors and being stationary”. staff, ze the great support from staf ff, f, the great Jose suggests to new fitness center users “The fitness center is here. USE IT! Utilize facilities, and the great group sessions. And be CONSISTENT!” Congratulations to Jose A. Romero, for being February’s February’s participant of the month.

Be Fit and Stay Healthy!


23 FEBRUARY 2014

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Employee Van Pooling Opportunities


Please email schedule changes/additions/deletions to:

Christian Fellowship Bible Studies Huntington Beach

LOCATION: Carlsbad/Oceanside/ San Juan Capistrano to Long Beach Operator: Brian Croxen • 6:30-3 p.m. shift Leaves Carslbad 5:05 a.m. p/up San Juan 5:35 Long Beach Bldg 800 6:10 a.m.; C-17 Bldg 52 & 54 6:25 a.m. 562/593-8355 • LOCATION: Corona to Long Beach Bldgs. 800, 801, 80, 52 and 54 Operator: Gary Miller Hours: leaves at 4:30 a.m. arrives for work at 6 a.m. leaves Long Beach at 2:30 p.m. 593-4433; Note: no open seats LOCATION: Fountain Valley/Westminster/ Huntington Beach Operator: Hung Le Work Shift: 7:45 to 4:30 p.m. 7 a.m. pickup at Boomers, 16800 Magnolia St. (corner Magnolia & Warner) 310/416-6794 or LOCATION: Fullerton to Huntington Beach Operator: Pam Fife Leaves Fullerton Train Station at 6:20 a.m. Departs Huntington Beach at 4:45 p.m. 714/372- 9418 LOCATION: Highland to Huntington Beach Operator: Frank Tsuda Shift: 5:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 714/896-1260 LOCATION: Huntington Beach to El Segundo Operator: Long Nguyen 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. • 310/416-3950 LOCATION: Irvine to El Segundo Operator: James McCleary 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. • 310/364-8544 LOCATION: Irvine to El Segundo Operator: Shane Ashby 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. • 310/720-5513 LOCATION: Laguna Hills to C-17 Facility at Wardlow Road, Long Beach Operator: Ebrahim Jalali Shift: 7:00 a.m. to 3:42 p.m. 562/593-7136

LOCATION: Lake Elisnore to Long Beach Operator: Steve Cohen Shift: 5:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 562/593-1074 LOCATION: Mira Loma/Norco to Huntington Beach Operator: Cheri Hibbard Shift: 1st 6 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.; 714/372-5341 LOCATION: Moreno Valley Operator: Carl Gunn; Shift: 2:30 to 11:30 p.m. 909/653-4211; 562/982-7443 LOCATION: Moreno Valley to Huntington Beach Operator: Eric Hoffman Shift: 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.; 714/896-2355 LOCATION: Moreno Valley to Huntington Beach Operator: Marge Sico Shift: 6 a.m.-2:30 a.m.; Leave Moreno Valley at 4:30 a.m.; arrives Huntington Beach 5:30 a.m. 714/896-3159; LOCATION: Moreno Valley, Riverside, Long Beach Operator: Joseph Marino Shift: 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Phone: 951/489-9506 LOCATION: Murrieta to Long Beach Operator: John G. Elliott Hours: leaves Murrieta 3:50 a.m.; leaves Long Beach 2 p.m.; 1 stop in Corona Phone: 562/593-7647 LOCATION: Oceanside to Huntington Beach Operator: Frank T. Zakravsky (Subsidized Van) Leaves Oceanside 5:30 a.m., arrives Huntington Beach 6:30 a.m. departs Huntington Beach 3:30 p.m. Arrives Oceanside 4:45 p.m. Ph: 714/896-1082 Email: LOCATION: Ontario Operator: Ray Kottapalli Leaves park ‘n ride at Achibald/60 Fwy at 4:40 a.m.; Phone: 562/593-4346 LOCATION: Rancho Cucamonga to Long Beach Operator: Collins Peoples 562/234-9767; Shift: 5 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

LOCATION: Riverside to Huntington Beach Operator: C.C. Lee; Shift 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Leave Riverside La Sierra at 5:20 a.m. (no stops in Corona); Arrive HB at 6:20 a.m. Leaves LB at 3 p.m. Phone: 714/317-3189; LOCATION: Riverside/Corona to Long Beach Operator: Tom Ayala Leaves Riverside at 4:30 and Corona at 4:40; arrives to work at 5:30; leaves Long Beach 2:30. Phone: 909/240-4449. Seats available. LOCATION: Riverside to Huntington Beach Operator: Freda Johnson Shift: 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.; 714/896-4029 LOCATION: Riverside/Corona to Huntington Beach Operator: Rod Bolman Shift: 6:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., 9/80 schedule 714/896-3273; LOCATION: San Diego/San Juan Capistrano to Huntington Beach Operator: Michael J. Heller (Subsidized Van) Leaves San Diego at 5:40 a.m.; stop/pick up in San Juan Capistrano at 6:10 a.m.; arrives at HB at 6:45 a.m.; Ph: 714/372-0531; email: LOCATION: Santee to Long Beach Operator: Thomas Espiritu Shift: 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.; 562/593-3919 LOCATION: Simi Valley/Woodland Hills to Long Beach Operator: Neal Flowers Shift: 6 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.; 818/389-1408 LOCATION: Temecula/Lake Elsinore/Corona to Huntington Beach Operator: Andy Beck 6:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. shift; 714/264-4215 LOCATION: Victor Valley, Apple Valley to Long Beach C-17 Operator: Renee Smalley Shift: 6:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.; 562/593-3638 LOCATION: Victorville to Long Beach C-17 Operator: Tim Walewski Shift: 6:00 a.m.-2:30 p.m.; Cell: 562/208-9153

The Boeing Christian Fellowship is a Companysponsored employee club under the umbrella of Recreation/ Employee Auxiliary Services. The BCF exists to provide the opportunity to fellowship; testify and give thanks for God’s grace, mercy and forgiveness; to study the Holy Bible; to promote the application of Spiritual Truth – all directed at gaining a better understanding of what the Lord Jesus Christ’s purpose is for each of our lives. In addition to offering many weekly Bible Studies, the BCF has several ministries available for employees: Prayer at the Corner (weekly intercession for Boeing and the Country). Intelligent Design and Monthly Praise and Worship events hosted by the BCF Praise and Worship Team. The BCF distributes daily devotionals called “Our Daily Bread” and financially support former employees who have gone into the Mission Field in Columbia and Jamaica. For more information, contact Tom Phillips, BCF President, at email: BCF Website: http://

Boeing Christian Fellowship Of Long Beach Bible Studies Bldg. 52 54 54 54 10 (HB) 800

Floor-Col C/D 17 1-26F 3* 1-8B 3-F4 6-B4

Leader Stan Wood Steve Gaxiola Velma Dumas Johnny Johnson Andrew Collins Alonzo Royal

*Above the Cafeteria

M/C C052-0445 D054-0024 C054-0024 C054-0071 H010-C052 D800-0063

Phone 714/225-7856 593-1942 593-1456 225-1426 909/633-1290 982-2462

Shift 1 1 2 1 1 1

Time 11:30 11:00 7:30 11:00 11:30 11:30

Day Tuesday Daily Daily Daily Tue Thurs

Web site:

Boeing Christian Fellowship of Long Beach Officers President, Andrew Collins, (M/C H010-C052), 714/896-4211 • Secretary, Rick Tkach, CG-OFEB (C054-0046), 593-7762 • Treasurer, Jim Lawless (C054-0080) 562-593-1238 • Special Ministries, Johnny Johnson (C054-0071) 562-225-1426

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“When it comes to maintaining fitness I believe in two things, cross-training and listening to my body body.. Cross-training keeps the workouts fun and allows time for low impact exercises so my body can ‘rest’ in between high impact runs and weight lifting. As I get older, older, I find that my performance improves and I sustain fewer injuries if I allow adequate rest. I’m always listening to my body body.. If I’m feeling strong on one day, day, I might add a few pounds to the bar or run an extra mile accord-or two. On the days when I’m not feeling particularly strong or I am experiencing pain, I will alter my workout accord ingly. king the day of off. ff. o ingly. Sometimes it means doing fewer sets, running a little slower or maybe just taking f. My number one fitness priority is to stay healthy and not get injured because of something I am doing in my exercise routine. The next priority is to work out hard enough so that I notice gradual improvements. body, your work out should go beyond what is comfortable for you!”’ My motto is ‘If you want to see a change in your body These are words of advice from Mark Verderber. Verderber. Mark is the Participant of the Month at the Boeing Seal Beach Fitness Center.. Mark has worked for Boeing as an Engineer for the last 25 years. Mark was born and raised in New York Center Yoork and an achieved an Engineering degree from New York Yoork Institute Inst of Technology. Technology. In 1983 he moved to Huntington Beach CaliforCalifornia where he still resides. Mark has utilized the Boeing Fitness Centers since 1985. His workout routine is usually between 45 minutes to 90 minutes for each work out. His current routine is; Sunday- 6 to 8 mile run, Monday – Cycle class, Tuesday Tuesday – Yo Yoga oga at lunch; lun Total Tootal body weight workout after work, Wednesday Wednesday – Core routine at lunch; 6 mile run after Tootal body weight workout after work, Saturday – rest day. day. work, Thursday – Cycle class, Friday – Cycle class at lunch; Total Last year Mark ran his first half marathon at the age of 55 with only three weeks of training. On several occasions he has hiked Mt. Whitney in one day (22 miles round trip with 6000 ft. elevation gain). year,, train for multi-day backpacking trip and to Marks current goals are to run a full marathon either this year or next year maintain excellent health. Mark enjoys hiking and is looking forward to starting a side business using Photoshop. Center. Congratulations to Mark Verderber Verderber for being February’s Februar s Participant of the Month at the Boeing Seal Beach Fitness Center. February’

Be Fit and Stay Healthy! BOEING


25 FEBRUARY 2014

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ome to the Aquarium of the Pacific where you and your family can get in touch with nature and marine life, any time you want. Touch sharks. Feed lorikeet birds. Watch sea lions play. Over 11,000 animals await you.

562 . 590 . 3100 1 0 0 A Q U A R I U M W A Y , L O N G B E A C H , C A 9 0 8 0 2


P o B r

1_ETPagesFEB2014_ET Pages 2009 1/24/14 4:58 PM Page 27

The Boeing Discount Program What’s it all about? The Boeing Discount Program offers tremendous opportunities to save both time and money on special items and everyday goods and services. There are discounts on cell phones, computers, cars, flowers, jewelry, local fitness centers, entertainment and much, much more! Visit the Discount Program Website! The Boeing Discount Program is constantly working to improve your shopping experience. But we can’t save you money unless you give us a try! Point of Purchase Card Your eligibility verification for redeeming local discounts

Recreation Connection Save at various Theme Parks, Movie Theatres, Sporting Events and More!

Our website is available at work through TotalAccess on MyBoeing Employee portal or from home via the World Wide Web. At work go to and click TotalAccess. From the TotalAccess Menu in the left column, click Boeing Discount Program, then look in the center column, click the discount link again.

Who’s Eligible? Active Boeing employees, contingent employees as managed by the ECLASCON system, retired Boeing personnel as defined by Boeing Pension, and Boeing Subsidiary employees. Spouses, same sex partners, and dependents are eligible but have access to the website only through the employee. Membership is free!

At home go to My Boeing Express at, enter your BEMS ID and TotalAccess password then click on the Discount Program.

Please note: The Boeing Discount Program is limited to eligible Boeing persons only. Information contained in this program is proprietary and intended for Boeing only. If this program is accessed fraudulently or program information released to non-eligible individuals, the program will be suspended. Copyright © 2010 Boeing. All rights reserved.

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28 FEBRUARY 2014

1_ETPagesFEB2014_ET Pages 2009 1/24/14 4:58 PM Page 29

29 FEBRUARY 2014

1_ETPagesFEB2014_ET Pages 2009 1/24/14 4:58 PM Page 30

30 FEBRUARY 2014

1_ETPagesFEB2014_ET Pages 2009 1/24/14 4:58 PM Page 31

31 FEBRUARY 2014

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Attention Boeing Employees Are you worried about your retirement future? Need to know what to do with your 401k (VIP plan) once you leave Boeing? Do you need ment? Worried Worried about healthcare during your income for retirement? retirement years? If you answered yes to any of these questions please attend my seminar seminar.. We We will be talking about all of these subjects as well as having a new investment strategy for your retirement needs. Hosted by: Date: T im imes: Times: Location:


Greg Ramirez T uesday February 25, 2 2014 Tuesday 6:30 pm - 8:00 pm Spaghettini 3005 Old Ranch Parkway Parkway,, Seal Beach, CA 90740 (714) 362-7469

1331 E. Katella atella A Ave ve #417 Anaheim, CA 92805 Direct (714) 362-7469

GREG RAMIREZ Director/Agent CA Ins Lic #: 0C33435

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Employee Times February 2014  
Employee Times February 2014