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Spring 2016 Empire Clean Cities: Spring, 2016 Newsletter IN THIS ISSUE!  About Empire Clean Cities- pg2  Recent Happenings in Outreach and Education- pg3  Current Programs – pg4  Member Spotlight: FreshDirect Commitment to Being NYC’s “Greenest Fleet” – pg9  Member Recognition - pg11  Board Members- pg12

Empire Clean Cities: Spring, 2016 Newsletter

About Empire Clean Cities: Empire Clean Cities (formerly New York City and Lower Hudson Valley Clean Communities, Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit environmental organization with a mission to ensure clean air for future generations. As the designated local US Department of Energy supported Clean Cities coalition, we are part of a national network of nearly 100 coalitions dedicated to advancing the nation's economic, environmental, and energy security by reducing petroleum consumption in the transportation sector. Empire Clean Cities is committed to providing stakeholders in the public and private sectors access to resources implementing the usage of alternative and renewable fuels and advanced vehicle technologies. We are comprised of 21 membership organizations and have an individual and group base of approximately 1,000 stakeholders that we assist, educate and engage. Our stakeholders operate a total of approximately 20,000 alternatively fueled vehicles in our region. We are looking forward to growing our member base and increasing the value for our stakeholders. We encourage you to join us and be a part of the solution! Sincerely, Empire Clean Cities Staff: Christina Ficicchia, Executive Director Jennifer Urrutia, Program Coordinator If you are interested in knowing more about Empire Clean Cities or getting involved: Visit us at or E-mail at or Follow us on Facebook @empirecleancities

Upcoming Empire Clean Cities Events: September 10-16, 2016 – Drive Electric Week April 20, 2017 – National Alternative Fuel Vehicle Day Odyssey May, 2017 – 9th Annual Stakeholder Meeting + MORE to be announced in our bi-weekly newsletter by subscribing at


Empire Clean Cities: Spring, 2016 Newsletter

Recent Happenings in Outreach & Education: ConEdison Ride and Drives September 17-18, 2015 Empire Clean Cities partnered with ConEdison on an EV ride and drive event bringing together EV experts and educations. ConEd employees attended to discuss their likes and dislikes about EVs while learning about the benefits of switching to EV for both, personal and business use. Stay connected for future ride and drive opportunities!

Odyssey Day When: October 15th, 2015 Where: Union Square Park 9:00-2:00PM At Empire Clean Cities’ annual medium and heavy duty fleet vehicle showcase in Union Square, 1000s of New Yorker's were exposed to our green truck partners while being served free pizza at Neapolitan Pizza’s CNG food truck. Thanks to our platinum partner, NYC Parks, ECC had many opportunities to talk New Yorkers about what the City and other businesses are doing to be more sustainable.

NEDC Conference When: October 26th-28th, 2015 Where: Providence, Rhode Island At the Northeast Diesel Collaborative Partners Meeting in Providence, Rhode Island, Empire Clean Cities engaged in topics of discussion focusing on biodiesel and the infrastructure systems that support the growth of clean energy. Michael Derrig, Fleet Manager at FreshDirect and one of ECC's valued members, received the Breathe Easy Leadership Award from the NEDC for his efforts to reduce emissions in FreshDirect's operations.

Earth Day: Clean Energy Vehicle Showcase When: April 22, 2016 Where: 180 Maiden Lane, New York, NY This past Earth Day, Empire Clean Cities partnered with Maiden Lane Hospitality Group to showcase clean energy vehicles available on the market to consumers. A crowd over 100+ people gathered throughout the day as vehicle manufacturers showcased their 100% fossil fuel based alternatives. Featuring the: Ford Fusion and C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid, Tesla Model S, fully loaded 2016 Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt, and Hino’s hybrid truck.

8th Annual Stakeholders Meeting When: May 12, 2016 Where: Queens Theatre, Flushing Meadows – Corona Park Most recently, Empire Clean Cities hosted 70+ professionals in the alternative fuel industry to gather and listen to leading industry speakers speak about the emerging fuel alternatives and vehicle technologies. Visit, ‘past events’ page to view speaker and presentation details.


Empire Clean Cities: Spring, 2016 Newsletter

Current Programs & Grants:

Move Systems Food Trucks: MOVE Systems

Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

and Empire Clean Cities received a grant from

Demonstration Program and Social Media

NYSERDA to bring Simply Grid systems to the

Campaign: Based on a grant from the US

food truck industry with the goal of removing

Department of Energy, Empire Clean Cities has

food trucks off of fossil fuel based generator

partnered with Ford manufacturer and ASG

systems and over to electric charging. Interested

Renaissance communications firm to design and

food trucks will be able to plug-in at designated

build a program displaying Fords plug-in hybrids

Simply Grid systems and no longer rely on their

(PHEV). The program provides Ford PHEV’s to

fuel burning generators.

social media ambassadors for one month periods

Food trucks interested in participating in the program please contact,

as they demonstrate their lives #drivingonenergi. Catch the social media influencers in action on our Empire Clean Cities Facebook page @EmpireCleanCities and @drivingonenergi

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Empire Clean Cities: Spring, 2016 Newsletter


Empire Clean Cities: Spring, 2016 Newsletter

EV Battery Storage Model Narrative: A study

Initiative for Resiliency in Energy through

funded by and on behalf of the New York State

Vehicles: The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

Energy Research & Development Authority

brought to light the potential benefits of

(NYSERDA), Empire Clean Cities, BJH Advisors,

alternative fuel vehicles during a state of

and Barretto Bay Strategies are determining the

emergency. Empire Clean Cities and 12 other

residual value for depreciated batteries and

coalitions are partnering with NASEO to aid the

evaluating the challenges and opportunities

Initiative for Resiliency in Energy through

associated with its re-use. A viable business

Vehicles (iREV). iREV is a program grant funded

model for an after-market use of EV batteries in

by US Department of Energy and is targeted

stationary applications is currently in

towards incorporating alternative fuels into

development and preparing for publication. The

emergency response and preparedness

re-use model is aimed at lowering upfront costs

operations by the use of an online tool. In year 1,

to the second-use fleet or vehicle operator by

ECC has been aiding NASEO with gathering data

over a third and helps hedge risk.

from our stakeholders. In year 2 beginning May, 2016 ECC will host workshops bringing the iREV

The study is scheduled to be published Summer, 2016

tool to the public. If you are interested in learning more about our upcoming workshops, please contact ECC.


Empire Clean Cities: Spring, 2016 Newsletter

Empire Green Farms Certification: The New Trend in Farming Empire Clean Cities’ (ECC) mission continues its commitment towards supporting clean air for future generations by promoting alternative fuel options, and through our cutting edge programs, such as the Empire Green Fleet (EGF) and Empire Green Fleet Farms (EGF Farms) programs. While the EGF program has been running since 2012, we welcomed our newest branch of the program this past year in 2015 with EGF Farms. The goal of EGF Farms is to work with local farms and assist them in earning the EGF Farms certification for alternative fuel practices. ECC partners with farming fleet managers to track truck vehicle emissions and develop strategies to improve fleet efficiency, reduce fuel costs, and decrease a fleet’s environmental impact. With a EGF Farm certification farms are able to stand out in the farming community and improve their operations; which in turn improves their business’ and the communities. We work closely with farms interested in certification and connect them with the appropriate stakeholders to ensure their farming operations are as financially successful as it is environmentally. In order for farms to make the smooth transition in operations, ECC assists farms with the latest trends in the industry. For example, we see farms switching from diesel to biodiesel supplied by our partner NY Corn and Soybean Growers Association, we see them implementing the latest technology and filters, and we see them taking advantage of the latest policy and funding opportunities identified by us to support their efforts towards EGF Farm certification. To date, Empire Clean Cities certified Du Mond Agriculture Summer, 2015 and are working with Ryder Farm for their certification. The EGF Farms program is still in its first year of development and ECC is excited to get more fleets and farms on board for certification!


Empire Clean Cities Spring, 2016 Newsletter


ECC Board Member Steven Levy and former ECC Staff Kevin Kraft with EGF Certified Fleets; Manhattan Beer, BaldorFood, and Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Congratulations to our members, Manhattan Beer Distributors and NYC Fleets, for earning Fleet of the Year awards from Beverage World and Fleet Owner! Empire Clean Cities partnered with both fleets to provide informational, technical and financial support to private and public fleets for sustainable approaches. See below on how to improve the efficiency of your fleet. FLEET SUSTAINABILITY TOOLS AND HOW WE MEASURE YOUR DATA While your fleet may not have Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) yet, your organization may be starting by utilizing different policies such as; anti-idling, driver training, fuel conservation, and more. See below for some tools that may be helpful to your fleet! .

Empire Green Fleets: We work in coordination with fleet managers to track vehicle use information and develop strategies that reduce fuel costs, improve fleet efficiency, and decrease the fleet’s environmental impact.


To run our analysis ideally each fleet would have following information: Make/Model/Year for each Vehicle in the Fleet Annual Vehicle Miles Traveled by each Vehicle Annual Fuel Consumption & Fuel Type by Vehicle List of Sustainability and Fuel Efficiency Policies

To Become an Empire Green Fleet contact us at or at 212-839-7728 Don't have all of this data? Don't worry, contact us and we can help determine methods to assist your organization in compiling data for certification. Having this information can help your organization track vehicle condition, vehicle efficiency, budgetary concerns and make applying for fiscal support for new vehicles more straightforward! CERTIFIED MEMBERS:


Empire Clean Cities: Spring, 2016 Newsletter

Member Spotlight: FreshDirect Commitment to Being NYC’s “Greenest Fleet”

Michael Derrig Director Fleet Operations FreshDirect FreshDirect is an Empire Clean Cities Gold Member and has been implementing improvements to their fleet operations over the past several years. Most recently, in addition to their Gold Member with ECC, they have formed a partnership with CALSTART. FreshDirect is committed towards being the cleanest fleet in NYC, spite of some hurdles to overcome. Jennifer Urrutia from Empire Clean Cities interviewed Michael Derrig, Fresh Direct’s Fleet Director for New York City, regarding FreshDirect’s recent participation in the NY Truck Voucher Incentive Program (NYT-VIP) and his experience transforming his fleet to be more “green”. 1) How did being involved with the NY Truck – Voucher Incentive Program* (NYTVIP) affect the fleet operations for FreshDirect? NYT-VIP has made FreshDirect as a company much more aware of the effect we can have on the environment. With all the communication and information that they supply us regarding vehicle emissions it makes us more aware of what we are doing and why we are doing it. In the past you would make a change to your fleet and when it was all said and done, no one was aware of what you accomplished. Today, mobility improvement programs keeps us enlightened to what is going on in the “Green” world and in a way sets the bar for the industry. FreshDirect is going to be the cleanest fleet in NYC, but by getting the word out that we are accomplishing that, there is an appreciation not only from inside FreshDirect but the public is made aware of those accomplishments and you are looked upon in a much better light, that we are returning something to the community even when it comes to the type of vehicles we purchase and operate. 2) Were there any major hurdles to overcome with reducing fleet emissions and if so, how did the resulting benefits overcome them? We are a refrigerated fleet operating diesel powered refrigeration units. FreshDirect invested heavily in Electric/Battery Powered Refrigeration units. That expenditure did not fare well. The supplier was not as stable and funded as they led on to be, and the 9|Page

Empire Clean Cities: Spring, 2016 Newsletter technology did not even come close to usable expectations. When that failed it would have been very easy and justifiable for FreshDirect to throw in the towel and say we tried. Considering the money that was spent and lost they persevered and found a local company that was willing and able to collaborate with FreshDirect on the design and build of a new Electric Refrigeration unit. The first unit will be installed this month and once testing is complete there will be 15 units humming away in NYC. FreshDirect wants to be not only GREEN but QUIET. Noise is as much of a pollutant as emissions and FreshDirect has the desire to be neighbor-friendly in all aspects of their operation. 3) What do you foresee being the future trends of mobility in the delivery business? Autonomous trucks are in the future, but I think they are still a long way off for total implementation. But when you look at the driving environment that we subject our driver to in NYC and other metropolitan cities it is a very very tough job. And they are not just drivers. They have to deliver with a smile, they are scanning and inventorying product, they are dealing with the parking nightmare and driving pressures of NYC. They have to be on time but first and foremost they have to be safe. So where does that leave us? We have to devise a way to be able to reduce the driving miles in the urban cities. We need to develop a way to deliver our perishable product in the off peak hours when there is less traffic and congestion. FreshDirect is looking into new concepts to accomplish all that but it is not in any way any easy task. But we will be in the forefront of those new developments. 4) Do you have any recommendations for fleet directors interested in achieving clean transportation goals? What are my recommendations for other fleet managers operating in this environment? Patience and tenacity. As my friend Kermit the frog states. It’s not that easy being GREEN! You have to deal with utility companies, state and city agencies, and suppliers that want to sell you what they have! Not what you need! That is where the patience comes into play. But don’t accept no for an answer. Be ready to fight for what you want and be sincere in your quest to be GREEN. You will have to fight both internally and externally to justify the expenditures needed to be environmentally clean. That is where the tenacity comes in. But when you believe in what you are doing and the direction you are heading and with partners it is well worth the fight! For more information on the New York Truck – Voucher Incentive Program* visit: or email us at for guidance. *Over $10million available in funding – must apply by December 31, 2016. Funds are first come, first served!*

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Empire Clean Cities: Spring, 2016 Newsletter




Most Recent Empire Clean Cities Gold Member HINO DIESEL

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Empire Clean itis: Spring, 2016 Newsletter

Empire Clean Cities Board Members: THOMAS LUBAS, BOARD PRESIDENT RETIRED - Director of Operations Service, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey


Director, Vehicles and Fuels Program and Senior Analyst, Transportation Program at the Natural Resources Defense Council

MARK SIMON, TREASURER Director of the Alternate Fuels Program, NYC Department of Transportation

AARON CHOO, SECRETARY Manager-Gas Field Operations NYC, National Grid

JOHN MARKOWITZ, ASSISTANT SECRETARY Lead Engineer, Clean Technology, New York Power Authority

LUIS TORRES Lawyer, The Law Offices of Luis Torres

MARIE TERNES Executive Vice President, DKC

STEVEN LEVY Managing Director, Sprague Energy

Advisory Board Member: Susan McSherry 1 2| P a g e

Empire Clean Cities Spring, 2016 Newsletter  

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