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The Beauty of Rings with Birthstones Don’t you feel a little envious when you see a wedding band with a huge diamond? Today women want a bigger looking ring with a larger center stone on it. Jewelry with sparkling birthstones has fascinated people across the globe throughout history. Fashion collectors who simply enjoy gorgeous jewelry believe that their jewelry collection is incomplete until it has a ring with their birthstone. What follows is an article to understand the various birthstones and how they are often incorporated into wedding bands. Different Styles of Wearing Birthstone Rings Many people love to wear rings with their birthstone, as the ancient meanings associated with these stones still intrigue them. Rings are also a common choice for showcasing birthstones because the gemstone in a ring needn’t be too large to still be very eye-catching. There are various styles of wearing engagement or wedding bands with birthstones which may vary from person to person. The most common styles are as follows: 1. Use a stone with an important date for the couple. The best way is to incorporate the stone in the wedding band. Or it can be related to a first date, birthdate and date of proposal or the anniversary. If you don’t like the color of your birthstone, then you can opt for a birthstone of your fiancé or husband into the ring setting. 2. Another style is one that is bejeweled with just two stones standing for the groom and the bride’s date of birth. You can select a ring with small birthstones used as embellishments. 3. You can also use different gems as accent stones or have them arranged in a symmetrical pattern with a diamond in the center. 4. The ring can also be designed with the two birthstones as its main focus inside a heart or the infinity shape enclosing the two birthstones. Today’s birthstones are linked to the calendar months with ancient meanings and each month has its own birthstone. Below, you can find the stone that matches your birth month and discover its remarkable benefits: January The birthstone for January is Garnet. With a ravishing beauty this stone is long lasting and strong. It protects the wearer from nightmares and provides guidance in the darkness. Faith, love and loyalty are its other qualities. February Amethyst is the birthstone for February which speaks of peace and royalty. The wearer can be protected from the effects of dishonesty and cheating. The stone comes in varying shades of purple. March The stone for the people born in the month of March is Blue Aquamarine. This birthstone is associated with affection and passion and is available in various shapes and sizes. April

The rich and sparkling diamond is the stone for April and is linked to eternity and invincibility. Diamonds are the first choice for engagement and wedding bands. May The beautiful and deep green colored Emerald is the stone for May. It is associated to improve eyesight and faithfulness. June The birthstone for June month is classic and elegant pearl. This round gemstone suggests chastity and modesty. July The lavishing red ruby which is the token of harmony and protection is the lucky stone for July. It attracts good luck and enhances the look of any piece of jewelry. August The green Peridot stone with the charming sparkle successfully ward off evil, enchantments and depression. September September birthstone is blue Sapphire and it speaks of faith, serenity and wisdom.

October Opals are the birthstone for October and they represent hope, creativeness and innocence. They also protect the wearer from envious people. November Yellow topaz is the birthstone for November and it is associated with strength and healing for both body and mind. December The Turquoise stone for December month represents a happy life that is filled with good fortune. The birthstone wedding bands are a great gift option because they show an extra layer of care and are custom-made to the recipient. For many people their birthstones hold a deep and special importance in their life. Any gift which includes a birthstone will surely be treasured! Address: Building # 2, Gold & Diamond Park Dubai, UAE. Office #2025 & 2026 Post Box 19376 Contact: +971 4 3808833 Email:


The Beauty of Rings with Birthstones  

Rings are also a common choice for showcasing birthstones because the gemstone in a ring needn’t be too large to still be very eye-catching.