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The house on mango street by Sandra Cisneros

The House on Mango Street

The House on Mango Street She start to saying that he move from house many times. She say that this time he have to move from house because of the water pipes broke and the landlord wouldn't fix.

She say that his parents told him that someday he would find his house with his own things, but know they have to move out quick because this problem.

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The House on Mango Street


Esperanza reflects the hair of the members in her family. Sweateres she recall the hair of her mother.

Nenny is slippery, Kiki is lazy and her mother smell like fresh bread and candy circles.

Her father is like a broom, Carlos is strong and thick,

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The House on Mango Street

Boys & Girls The boys and girls the girls are different. That the boys didn't talk with the girls only in their house. Carlos and Kiki are best friends but she and his sister no. She say that someday she would have his own best friend.

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The House on Mango Street

My Name

His name in English means have the same name as her hope, and in spanish many aunt. letters. She is a horse women as She start to talk abut her her ant. aunt and she said that she

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The House on Mango Street

Cathy Queen of Cats Cathy is a girl who believe that she is the great great cousin of the queen of France. She makes Esperanza feel bad about herself. Cathy have many and many cats in her house.

She informed Esperanza about all the neighborhood before she moves away. She is moving away because the neighborhood is getting bad.

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The House on Mango Street

Our Good Day

A girl come and say to Esperanza if you buy me this bicycle you can be my friend. She only have 10 dollars she need 5 more. She was talking to Cathy and she remember that she have 3 dollars more. Then she thought of taking the money of Nanny for Esperanza have his bicycle.

There were two girls, they were sisters so they decide to have turns one day each person have her opportunity for ride. But that day they decide to ride it all together

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The House on Mango Street

Laughter Nanny and Esperanza do not have anything in common. They are completely different. One day Esperanza saw a house like it was from Mexico and she says that it looks like Mexico. Lucy and Rachel look at Esperanza as a crazy but Nanny say that it look like Mexico.

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The House on Mango Street

Gill´s Furniture Bought & Sold

There is a junk store. This turn the light on, only when store have everything used someone who have money things. There are TVs, and all came to buy something. kind of stuff. There was a black guy that have this store. He never

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The House on Mango Street

Meme Ortiz The real name of Meme is Juan. He move to the house of Cathy, when he move Meme presented that way to all the neighbors.

His house was of woods and he have a dog. It was a big dog that have two names.

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The House on Mango Street

Louis, His Cousin & His other Cousin

In the apartment of Meme there was a basement. The mom of Meme fixed up and rented to a Puerto Rico family. There was many little girls and a boy name Louis. He was friend of the brother of Esperanza.

Meme have a cousin named Marin, she baby-siting the sister of Louis. Louis has another cousin that only they see one time. She have a car and one day they gave him a ride. But she took them out of his car and crash.

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The House on Mango Street

Marin Martin have a boyfriend in Puerto Rico. When she goes back, she is going to marry him. She is saving money to go back. Marin says that if she is here next year, she would get a job in down town. And there she can go and have a rich boyfriend with a big house. She techs Esperanza about where the babies come and many other things about boys and life. Esperanza only see Martin when her grandmother come from work and she go out the house and wait for his grandma is sleep and turn a cigarette. Page 12

The House on Mango Street

Those Who Don't

Some people that dose not know us, come into Mango Street and get scared.

But when we go to other color neighborhood, we panic and get scared.

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The House on Mango Street

There Was an Old Woman She had So Many Children She Didn't Know What to Do Rosa Vargas is a mother of many children. They are not supervised much of the time because Rosa cant see all the kids all the time. She is a single mother, the father of the children abandon them. This kids get into many troubles.

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The House on Mango Street

Alicia Who Sees Mice

Alicia is another Esperanza neighbors, she always complain to her father about mice. Her father says she is imagining them. Alicia mother is dead, Alicia is the oldest child and she is the responsible figure in the household.

She is strong, and she study in a university across town. She is afraid of nothing except four-legged fur, and fathers.

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The House on Mango Street

Darius & the Clouds

Darius is the name of one of Esperanza classmates. He always is in silent, but one day he remarks

on the clouds in the sky. He explain that one cloud large was God.

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The House on Mango Street

And Some More Rachel, Lucy, Nanny and Esperanza are watching the clouds. Esperanza identify each cloud as a columns cloud. Nanny calls all the clouds by personal names. One in Nancy, Pig-eye, and Mildred. Esperanza and Lucy start to fight and insult each other.

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The House on Mango Street

The Family of Little Feet This story is about a family the feet found. The mother in this family gave Esperanza and her fiends a bag of women shoes.

dollar to Rachel if she kiss him. She runs away and take the shoes off. Rachel and lucy mother throws the shoes away. "

They go out to the street and drunk man promises a

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The House on Mango Street

A Rice Sandwich

Esperanza don't want to go home for lunch, she want to eat her lunch in school like the “special kids” (children with no family at home). Esperanza’s mother don't like this idea, but eventually relents. A nun in Esperanza school question Esperanza right to eat in the canteen, because

she know that she lives closer. Esperanza sent to the office of the Sister Superior, and let Esperanza eat there only for the day. Esperanza do not like the idea of staying there. She spend the day crying because her food wasn't good and nobody stay with her. Page 19

The House on Mango Street


Esperanza and her family attend her cousin baptism party. Other cousin of Esperanza ask her to dance but she dont want because she is to self-conscious of her feet. Uncle Nacho, takes

Esperanza into a dance. She enjoy and she notice that the boy that ask her first to dance is watching her.

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The House on Mango Street


Esperanza, Rachel, Lucy and Nenny are jumping on a rope. They are discussing about hips, and how every women have his own. Esperanza says that one day you will wake up and there will be. The other girls have different thinking with hips; Rachel says that hey are useful for holding babies. Lucy says that they are necessary for dancing, and Nenny that if you don't get them you turn into a man.

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The House on Mango Street

The First Job Esperanza gets a job working on a photo development shop. The first day she is nervous to take her full lunch break, or sit down when she is tired. During a change an older Oriental man come to Esperanza and offer her to be his friend.

She is more comfortable, the man said to her that its her birthday and ask for a kiss, she give him one. But then he grab her face and kiss her in the mouth.

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The House on Mango Street

PapaWho Wakes Up Tired in the Dark

Esperanza’s comes into her room in the morning and tell her that her grandfather has died. Esperanza is the oldest so she have to brack the news to her siblings, while her father

returns to Mecivo fot the funeral. Her father need for comfort and her own fear of losing him. Esperanza holds her father and cry.

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The House on Mango Street

Born Bad

Esperanza first chooses to mimic her Aunt Lupe. Later on, when they finish playing the game she die. Esperanza feel so bad because she don't meant that. She star written a letter to her aunt.

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The House on Mango Street

Elenita, Cards, Palm, Water Esperanza visits the "witch woman" Elenita, who gives Esperanza a tarot reading. While Elenita interprets the cards to mean that Esperanza will go to a wedding and "lose an anchor of arms"-as though this interpretation is entirely self-evidentEsperanza is interested in knowing whether she will have a new house. Elenita tells her she foresees in Esperanza's future "a home in the heart. A new house, a house made of heart."

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The House on Mango Street

Geraldo No Last Name Martin met a boy named Geraldo at a dance. He did not know it at the time, but it will be the last person to see him alive. After the dance he was kill. Martin do not explain why the incident was so important for her. Esperanza says “What dose it matter?� but she only

answer that the apartment Geraldo rented, he sent money to his family. They will wonder what happen with that.

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The House on Mango Street

Enda's Ruthie

Esperanza introduce another neighbor, Edna daughter Ruthie. Although she only live outside Chicago, she sleep on his mother couch in Mango Street.

husbands going to take her home. She tells Esperanza that she use to write children books.

She say she's just visiting and next weekend her Page 27

The House on Mango Street

The Earl of Tennessee

Esperanza introduce Earl, brings a procession of different woman's home with him, every night.

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The House on Mango Street

Sire Sire is a neighbor, he is like Esperanza age. Esperanza watched Esperanza in a significant way whenever she walks past his house. Although Esperanza parents warn her against having contact eight Sire. Esperanza feels rear what they see him. Esperanza apartness warn her against having contact with Sire. When she see Sire with his girlfriend together she imaging Esperanza with Sire together kissing her.

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The House on Mango Street

Four Skinny Trees The city of Chicago ha planted four raggedy excuses for trees in front of the house on Mango Street.

Esperanza draws strength from these trees. She say that it dons not belongs to this places.

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The House on Mango Street

No Speak English

On the other street there is a girl named Mamacita lives with her grown son and his baby boy. She never leave the house, Esperanza thinks she is afraid to because she speaks only 8 words of English.

When she ask his son when they are going home he says that they are already at home.

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The House on Mango Street

Rafaela Who Drinks Coconut & Papaya Juice on Tuesdays

Rafaela is a neighbor who spends her days out in a window. She is waiting for her husband to come home. She sends neighborhood children to buy drinks for her.

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The House on Mango Street

Sally Sally is a beautiful girl, she is in Esperanza school. Her father says that it is trouble to be so beautiful. She spends times alone and also when is going home she remove his eye shadow and makeup. Esperanza wonder why she do all this, also if Sally don't want to come home. Esperanza imagine Sally could lean against somebody because she wants to love.

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The House on Mango Street

Minerva Writes Poems Minerva is a neighbor who is only a little older than Esperanza. But is already a mother. She have a difficult life but when the kids are asleep she writes poems.

Minerva biggest problem is that she keeps talking her husband back after throwing him out.

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The House on Mango Street

Bums in the Attic

Esperanza reflect on the kind of house for which she hope. He want a house on the hill, she say she want to sleep so close to the stars and forget of everything.

will no forget about the commuity.

Esperanza thinkg that ehn Page 35 she owns her own hous she

The House on Mango Street

Beautiful & Cruel

Esperanza is regarded as an ugly daughter. She sees herself as a powerful

beautiful by seeing her in general she identifies with the women in the films.

In the movies they say that the cruels and the beutiful aldough she is not

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The House on Mango Street

A Smart Cookie Esperanza records her mother reflective lament that she could have been somebody. Her mother remembers hoe she quit school because she did not have nice clothes and she don't like that decision. She constantly said to Esperanza to study hard and that do not feel shame.

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The House on Mango Street

What Sally Said? Esperanza classmate Sally start talking and she said about his father hits her. She said that it doesn't hits her hard . One time Sally will go to spend time to house of Esperanza, but Sally´s father

comes to Esperanza house and gets Sally to come home with him

Until then things were ok. But when she see him with a boy he went crazy.

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The House on Mango Street

The Monkey Garden

There was a family that owned a monkey, but they move away from Mango Street. Esperanza and friends first they enter to the garden of this family. They were playing many games, but Sally choose to play with the boys. Tito friend say that if she want to play she have to kiss

them, she say yes. Esperanza was angry with Sally and go and break up Sally kissing game, but Sally says Esperanza to go away. Esperanza go with the mother of Tito but she dos not care. She lies down in the garden wishing to die. because she say that known have me.

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The House on Mango Street

Red Clows

Esperanza accuses Sally of lying. She said “it wasn't what you said at all. What he did. Where he touched me.�

to thinks that Sally was away somewhere with a big boy and another boy grab his arms and began to kiss her.

Esperanza is laying and waiting Sally, and she began

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The House on Mango Street

Linoleum Roses

Esperanza said that Sally has gotten married.

Esperanza don't think that she is really in love Esperanza think that she want to escape.

Sally spends her days at home sitting and she is afraid to live without her controlling husbands permission.

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The House on Mango Street

The Tree Sisters There are three sisters, three aunts. They arrive in the Mango Street community, just after Lucy and Rachel baby sisters dies. Esperanza meets these tree strangers women when she visits Lucy and Rachel house to pay her respects.

Examining her hands the sisters tell Esperanza that she will go far. They rell her to make a wish. The sisters promise that her wish ill come true. One sister of Esperanza tell her day one dont forgive him to come for them.

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The House on Mango Street

Alicia & I Talking On Edna Steps

Esperanza tells Alicia that the Mango Street house is not her true house. After a year in the house, she still feels as she does not belong. Alicia says that it is

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your home Mango Street if you want or if you don't. Esperanza says that only if someone make it better, she will like to stay but nobody knows who can make it better.

The House on Mango Street

A House On My Own

Esperanza again express her wish of having a true home. A home that is quiet as a snow.

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The House on Mango Street

Mango Street Sometimes Say GOodbye. Esperanza loves to tell stories. She is always writing down everything that happen in her life. She is always talking about living on Mango Street in the little red house.

She writes about this street so that it become a ghost and will not hurt her so deeply.

But this ghost always returns. She always dreams about living Mango Street and going into another place to live. But this dreams know they are to far away. Page 45

The House on Mango Street - Esther Mougrabi  

Made by: Esther Mougrabi

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