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What Happen In a Crazy Life.

Esther Mougrabi Askenazi.

What happen in a Crazy Life by Esther Mougrabi Askenazi

My Dedication Card makes me inspired to do it well. Also I couldn't do this work without my favorite teacher Miss. Teresita Soto. She •••

help me in everything that I need.

I dedicate this book to my That year i improve mom that she is always my English like any with me in the good and year and in this work in the bad things. She

i reflect it.

Table of Content

My Name

MyNeighborhood Games or Toys of m


2 y Childhood 3 A Time I get into tr ouble 4 A Time I saw some one get into trouble 5 Advice from an Adu lt 6 Good Expirience at School 7 Negative Expirience s at School 8 A Special Family M ember 9 A Happy Time 10 Going to Work 11 A Special Holiday 12 A Special Birthday 13 A Birth 14 Being Jewish and liv ing in Mexico 15


Esther Mougrabi Askenazi My name is Esther, this name come from my past. My religion is Jew, one of my traditions is putting the name of my aunt to each son. So me and my aunt are the same name.

Esther was a queen of ancient times, and his story is so satisfactory because she help all the Jews to be strong and better.


My Neighborhood

LIVING OTHER PLACE Two months ago I live in Palmas. In there I have many friends they, in every floor I have other kid. In there I live many experiences and new adventures.


When I was 8 years old I was withe a guy that I like in the 10 floor. it was a guy that it was so beautiful and we were so close

Mougrabi Askenazi Happy












friends. One day he called me to my house, I answered and he say to go to the garden and in the garden he say to me if I want to be her girlfriend. But know I like in another place and there is a neighborhood there are a guy that is the best friend of my cousin.


Games or Favorite TOYS from your Childhood 1. Hamburgers games 2. Barbie


I have many toys in my house and I have my

him. If I didn't sleep




Bomp It

5. 6.

Nintendo Painting

sister so I play with her with my monkey I could not sleep. every second. Even though we always fight for everything. I have a a stuff animal that I never separated from him. To all trips I go with my monkey, I love

My sister always bouder me because of my monkey. But I love him and even today I have it, but I didn't use it.



WHAT I DOOOOOOO?? It ain't what you don't know that gets you into


One day at a mun of the school I have a date on the night with a guy that I

trouble It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.

don't like. His name is Fred he have 18 years old and he was friend of my cousin, I didn't like him but I am combating to go with him. By other side I have a close friend named Simon, that I haven't seeing him for a while. He was a friend that I know him because of a camp. He was so cool and he ask my phone.

Loving my firends....

At that moment I think that In that time my hart it was a joke so I told him stopped because it was a that come to my house. But call of Simon and he say Im

At that time my Fred call me and say to me where we really he was coming to my want to go. I say to him that house. I have to talk to Fred I go to my house in 1 hour. and say that I am very SImon we are very close tired so i cant see him friends and he says he want today. to see me.

in Palamas how i go to your house. He don't understand where to go so my sister have to talk with him. He come to my house and talk for a long time.




When I go to Israel with all the generation, we have some good and some bad things. A group of kids deside to go out and scape in the night. But unfurtunated they catch them going out. There was a big problem because they

found out after going and all night they stay up talking with their families and they dont know if they will be ruturn to Mexico. They do not go to Mexico but they dont go to many parts of the trip.


Advice From an Adult


My mother is my best friend. Every night I go and talk to her what happend in the day. My mother is my adviser she always have the reason. Sometimes she give me advice but I don't do what she told me and every time that happened that she have the reason, and she say to me “I told you so�. Even dough I have fights with her I love her. She is always there for me. She make my day, Like every mother she know when something bad happened to me. Only because of the face she know that something isn't ok. Me and my mother always see the tv chows together. She loves what I love so all the time is like did you see what happend in Gossip. I know that I cant lie to my mom she knows more things of my life than my firends, because she is my mother the only one that listen me when I want and she isnt going to judge me for what I do. In other world I own her my life.


Positive Experiences at School 1. Live your life •••

In school we live

of everything sadness, happiness, frustration, etc. In the school I laugh a lot. The

work better and no being stress

2. 3.

Happines Sadness





6. New Expiriences

for the rest of the last year one day we were day. frustrated but we decide to be like animals. We decide that each person

Sometimes you need to be more

would make a different flexible for your sound of an animal. So we life to be better descried the difference and good with no sounds and shout 1, 2, frustration you and 3 and everyone was like crazy shouting like

can do things better.

monkeys, dogs, ducks and of everything. That help us shout everything and doing our


Negative Experiences at School


••• Some days at school is great but some others I want to disappear. At the end of the semester everyone is like crazy. All the teachers live the work at the same times so we have to do it so fast that we do not have time to finish all. On a project I spend 12 Its better to live us more hours doing the work. We time because we can do it wake up in 10 am and I better and with more was in my home at 10 dedication.

I swear that in this days I could not talk with


in a bad mood.

Others I have to fight

I also know that they ask the teachers for grade in

anyone. I am so stress that I am like crazy and

with the teacher for open a small time. So we have the page more time. to use our time in class.




I have many special members. They are my cousins, we are like all the same age so we do everything together. We are 10 cousins but 7 are the same ages. Sometimes we spend all

together she is the only one that lisen me and say me what to do. Millie have 15 years old, we have a tradition of every birthday we have to eat together and if we cant we do it other day. But we always do it.

time together and other times we have many fights. I have a favourite cousin, Millie is her name. We do everything continued on page 2



................................................................... The last vacations we went to Acapulco. I go to Acapulco with my family; my mom, my grandparents,

my sister and brother, my cousins and my uncle. We all were together. ĂŽ have some friends for other school and they come in my building but in another floor. We spend all the vacations together we go from place to place with many friends. Saturday we all join into a house to chat and to diner. Ww were like 15 people in the house. At 11 pm we go to the bar and in there I saw Abraham with his girlfriend. In the bar there were many kids. And in there there was a guy that I like him. He start dancing with me and then and he ask my phone he starting taking pictures like crazy. The other day he came into my home and start talking with me. I was not that sure of being with him so I preferred to be his friend.


Going to Work •••

My mom have a store of perfumes. I always go with her every Saturday i go and start selling perfumes. It was December it was a

In the end of the day I win like 2000 pesos. I buy a game and I love

it. special holiday for the people, it was Christmas. All the people was like crazy my mother ask me to stay with her all the day. She told me thatI have to count how many I sell and I will win 10%. In that time I was 11 years old so I was very exited because I will win money on my own.


A Special Holiday


••• My Bat Mizbah. It is very important for me my bat mizbah as every women jew when we all turn 12 years old the Torah say that we will be a women and not anymore a kid. We have to prepare to do Bar Mizbah. Every

dance for the big event

I was a girl on a trip

we, all the kids of 11

that was on 14th of

that have to say the

the community center

That day we were all

and give us classes of

like crazy I choose to

what a jew women

act instead of dancing.

Tusday and Thursday

and 12 years old, join in July, 2007.

different traditions that a Jew do.

could be. Also we have classes of theater and



Every time my birthdays

generation come and we stay

improve. My birthday is 5 of May. talking. This birthday was in Sunday. I weak up early and go to “La Loreana” to take breakfast with my mother. Like every sunday I

Then me and my four best friends stay with me and start talking. About guys and our life.

go to eat to my grandmother

In the night I want to go to a bar

house with all my cousins.

named “barezzto” but no one

In the house of my grandmother is a tradition to buy a cake with

want to come so I decide to go o a club named “Ragga”

what every cousin want. My cake

In the club I see a guy named

was of a cellphone because I love

Arturo and he was my best friend

my cellphone.

so we start chatting and having a

The I go with all my friends to a coffee and all girls of the

lot of fun he present me all their friends.

continued on page 2




I was born on 5 of May in 1995. In the ABC Hospital on Interlomas. My birth was programmed because my mom was all ready in her days and it world not happend anything. ALl my family was exited because they don't know that I am a girl so they were in the hospital waiting for me to come out to world. There was a problem I was sitting so they need to make a cesarean. SOo they have to operate my mom. I was out of the hospital 5 days earlier.


Being Jew & Living in Mexico •••

In Mexico there is a big community of jews. The community is divided into four communities. Halevies, Shamies, Idishes, and Turcish. We are so alike but at the same time we are different because we have our traditions. I know from every communitie people and I love them. We are the same at the last we all are JEWS.


My Journal - Esther Mougrabi  

My eboook, Esther Mougrabi English proyect

My Journal - Esther Mougrabi  

My eboook, Esther Mougrabi English proyect