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Case Study: Agility in Action The Sysdoc Way Talwyn Whetter

Who are we?

Our international award winning solution that supports process and systems change projects.

Our Values • Making a Difference – for our customers – for our staff – for our communities • Challenging business norms: – leading change – social and business – making people safe and secure – transforming lives and businesses


“The Sysdoc Way” • Commitment to the growth of our people and support of their families. • To deliver client excellence, you have to be in balance yourself. • Recruiting for attitude and training for skills. • This message is embedded in our culture because of where we began... 4

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On our people • When surveyed 92% of our team agreed, “I am happy with my work/life balance”. • 100% of staff with children surveyed strongly agree that “I do not feel that having a family has held back my career progression. • 71% of our board are women with dependants at home.


On our business • Respect and integrity • Leading the way - innovation • Client Retention – 95% repeats and referrals • Extraordinary Staff Retention – 5% attrition • Awards


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Talwyn Whetter Client Relationship Manager: Sysdoc UK T: M: E: W:

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The Sysdoc Way : Agility in Action  

Agilty in Action - a presentation from Sysdoc