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INTRODUCTION 13-15 June Steyerberg (D) 01-04 August
 Latinovac (HR) 15-17 August 
 Vransko (SLO)

 Vransko (SLO)



22-24 August Vransko (SLO)

INTENSIVE August 26th-September 02th
 Kotor (MNE) 20- 24 October
 Steyerberg (D)


Phone:+-386- 31- 708011 (Tomislav)

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! ! Dragon !!Dreaming & ! Permaculture ! ! ! International learning ! and experience days for the ! young and the old project-making enthusiasts.

! For visionaries, dreamers, activists, and the priers.

 ! Takes place in Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, and in ! Montenegro

! !

Dragon Dreaming

or in another words:

- what are you dreaming of? For everybody that wants to discover their internal wealth, and accomplish their vision of life or the life’s work: in groups, projects, and families.

What then, are you dreams, how will you present them to find warriors that will endure long enough to enable you to carry out your ideas?

You will meet with inspiring people from the West, Central, and South Europe to Even if you already participate in any group or a “Your dreams are not reside in beautiful places, start social, ecology or any other project, or you have an y ours only, but are the projects and meetings, connect idea you want to carry out, the Dragon Dreaming dreams of Eart ideas, experience authentic h that offers an integrative and creative process to wants to expre community, celebrate, learn and support and realize your ideas, and connecting ss play, let yourself be helped and them to other ideas as well. This process enables h e rs e lf in th e w o rl d ” , John Croft – fo changed … all that and much more the personal growth and contributes to changing under of Dragon Dream are our dreams for the Dragon ing environment at the same time. In this way the Dreaming Summer Tour.

projects come into existence that are playful, 

organic, sustainable, and successful. Dragon Dreaming is a process with new rules of the game: jointly developing the win-win culture and abandoning the comfortably familiar negative patterns. If while doing that we get to face the “dragon” within and sincerely connect to other people, then the things we never dared to dream about can become reality.


To fulfill these dreams we organize the workshops and summer camp for families, various possibilities and occasions to learn and experience Dragon Dreaming as well as Permaculture, and so to create strong synergies for sustainable projects and supporting friendships.

! ! ! ! Was ist also dein Traum, wie kannst du diesen aus deinem Inneren heraus kommunizieren und l채ngerfristig MitstreiterInnen finden?

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Dragon Dreaming is a practical system composed of various methods and procedures for integration of the intuitive and emotional powers into everyday life.

Basics of Dragon Dreaming: 
 To go through the processes playfully in successful projects

Introduction Workshop Germany/ Slovenia

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The workshop is designed for everyone who wants to learn and experience Dragon Dreaming. In this workshop we will present the Dragon Dreaming processes.


We will give you the first insights into the theory and practice of the “Circle of Dreams” and show you the game’s plan (project plan). The participants will learn how to maintain the joy and energy of all the participants in the projects, as well as why some projects fail and

what makes some projects successful. With that there are always possibilities to explore one’s own dream project and experience how it sounds like when somebody dreams our own dream (project idea) and how our own dream is delivered in charismatic means of communication.

! W ORKSHOP TERMS : 20-22 June 
 Steyerberg (Germany)
 Contribution: 250€ 
 (excluding the costs of accommodation and food)


15-17 August Vransko (Slovenia) Contribution: 250€ (including the costs of accommodation and food)


“Permaculture under the Dragon’s patronage”: 
 together we dream and plan, together we work and celebrate.

How does Dragon Dreaming looks like practically? We will go through the processes of Dragon Dreaming during this workshop: we will form a group of many colors, develop meaningful tasks that bring us joy and are useful at the same time for ourselves, the group, and the environment. The ground of all our efforts will be the holiday spirit!

Adults, children, families, and all the priers are invited to dream with us in

those lively days. We have dreamed about these days being learning through the game: building an outside wood-fired oven, making an indian sauna or composting box, preparing a bed or helping with field harvest, organizing a wild festival for the entire place and making a day out of a night by sharing dreams laying in hammocks near the fireplace, making improvements to the old mansion… Who knows what comes out of the dreams of children and adults?

Dragon Dreaming & Permacultur
 Practical Days Slovenia


T ERM : 17-21 August Vransko (Slovenia) Contribution: 250€ (including accommodation and food) 


Dragon Dreaming going in-depth Slovenia

We will extend and deepen our tools

and get to know in-depth how to learn from our projects, how to vitalize them, and how to integrate them into the broader environment. We have prepared the indepth course for the final day of our practical work days, so you will have an opportunity to get concrete solutions and insight into our own projects, to suggest initiatives independently, and to see how other projects are developing. Requirements are the first experience of the Dragon Dreaming.


T ERM : 22-24 August
 Vransko (Slovenia) Contribution: 250€
 (including accommodation and food) 

7-day intensive workshop that connects Dragon Dreaming and permacultur We will complete our Summer Tour in Montenegro with especially designed workshop for members of non-governmental organizations (NGO). We will merge the social power of Dragon Dreaming with the practical applicability of permacultural planning.

TERM: 26 August - 2 september Kotor (Montenegro) Contribution: 410â‚Ź (including accommodation and food)


Dragon Dreaming 
 Intensive" (Montenegro)

Advanced Dragon Dreaming Workshops Empowered Fundraising (how to raise funds), 25-27 April in Berlin/Germany Going In-depth in Dragon Dreaming, 20-25 October, Steyerberg/Germany

Additional information
 on our workshops

the places In Germany the workshops will take place in Steyerberg near Hannover. Please see more information at: In Slovenia the workshops will take place on the estate of Podgrad near Vransko in central Slovenia, only 5 minutes from the Ljubljana-Celje motorway. 20 ha estate with an old mansion and large agricultural building which is in the process of being adopted into a permacultural development and educational center. Simple accommodation is available in 6 rooms that are currently in use. In case you need more comfort there is a youth hostel in the vicinity. In the mansion and in front of the mansion – in shadow of the 250 years old linden tree there is place for work and other activities and passivities. Sleeping, cooking, and rest will be organized depending on the mood of the group, the weather, and the final form of our environment will be shaped by our flashes of creativity. In case of overheating the real blessing will be the spring and a pool directly aside the mansion.
 We are invited to Croatia to the traditional Summer Camp in the ecovillage of Latinovac. After the Introductory Dragon Dreaming Workshop with Marijano Gršak that will take place 29-30 of July, the yesteryear Circle of Dreams will be continued when we will lead the Latinovac Permacultural Planning Workshop under Dragon’s patronage titled Creating Eco-village Development Strategy from 1 to 4 August. Please see
 In Montenegro we will lead the workshop in Kotor on a beautiful beech over the Tivat. The small little house in the idilic surroundings of the mediterainian hills has turned to be most inspiring during our previous years’ workshops.


Our participants
 Will be coming from Germany, Slovenia, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Montenegro, Poland, and from other European countries. Many come from non-government organizations or are interested in environment and social service. Their common grounds are looking for tools of living and working together with other people.

The work language will be

English. We also speak German, Slovenian, and Croatian. 
 The price of workshop/discount/cooperation: Each event is priced at 250€. If you attent more than one workshop you get a discount. The series of 3 workshops at Vransko will cost you 600€. Families, do ask for special discount. You can lower your participation fee by helping make the workshop place ready, with craftsmanship work or by working in the garden of the Podgrad estate (60€ discount for 10 hours of work).


The accommodation and food is

included in the mentioned even pricing. You will be sleeping in rooms with multiple bed rooms (bring your own bedclothes), in a hammock, in your own tent or on straw. The food will be vegetarian and we will play with pots and pans together to make shifts more interesting.


We will be happy to help coordinating cars or

extend the reach of public transportation to the place of event.


The places chosen are also excellent starting point for

trips and holidays. If you have the possibility, you can connect the time of workshops with exploring surroundings, taking trips to the hills or to the seaside. We will be glad to share our ideas, experience, and connections with you.

In Montenegro setzen wir unsere Reise fort. Dort findet ein intensiver 7-Tage Workshop statt, der Dragon Dreaming


und Permakultur verbindet.

! ! !

About us:

broader communities with his projects.


Tomislav Gjerkes and Ulrike Reimann, 
 Your Hosts

We share the pleasure we take in preparing projects in which people have the opportunity for personal growth, finding social connections, and supporting environment.

We do have different backgrounds though,

Ulrike Ulrike is an intercultural educator from East Germany with connection to the countries, people, and lands of former Yugoslavia that goes years back. She is a train-traveler, transformer of grief, project companion, and communication coach. She leads the Dragon dreaming processes in communities, social companies, and in many other organization.


Tomi being a mathematician and physician, martial art master, hitchhiker, permacultural designer, and active Dragon Dreamer. He supports schools and


 While deeply respecting each other we get a lot of fun and learning out of our very different approaches.


Emotionskultur Römerstraße 25, Bremen 28203

T: 0421.17664861, M: 01707703223;,

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Dragon Dreaming Workshops in Germany, Slovenia, Croatia and Montenegro 2014