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Spring 2013

Welcome to the summer edition of your Partnership Report Card. Summer is a great time to refresh and renew your campus grounds, buildings and much more. In this issue, you’ll find ideas for managing your campus grounds, insights on sustainability programs that connect with your campus community and beyond, and ways to stay up to speed on what students are seeing in social media. In addition, we share some food for thought on best practices for your safety and security programs. As always, our goal is be your partner in providing quality of life services that help you meet your strategic goals and solve day to day issues.

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Throughout the pages of this report, you will see examples of the many ways we are driving exceptional experiences for the students on your campus. Whether we maintain your facilities, support construction projects, manage your energy costs, run your concessions or provide the latest in fresh and local cuisine, we are proud to be your partner. Sincerely, Todd Schram General Manager

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Student Experiences Overview

Sodexo is committed to providing outstanding service that exceeds your customers’ expectations and supports a healthy learning environment. We are proud to create experiences that connect with your students. From nutritious meals to safe environments, our managers are focused on excellent technical delivery of our services. The entire team is proud of the many ways we support your goals and enhance your campus. We continue to drive excellence through our five key areas of focus: 1. Student Insights – We track and understand what drives students’ wants and needs. 2. Health and Wellness – By sourcing local products, supporting specific nutritional needs of students and offering a full array of balanced meals, we support student’s growing desire for a healthy lifestyle. 3. Environmental Focus – We have an intense focus on 8 action steps that are moving the needle on waste reduction, healthy offers, responsible sourcing and more. 4. Customer Service – We have the best team in the business. 5. Innovation - Delivering new solutions and services that build your reputation for innovation. This Partnership Report Card provides a brief overview of what Sodexo is doing in each of these areas nationwide and here on the Emory University campus.


At Sodexo, we realize that understanding your student’s expectations is vital to developing solutions and programs that improve the Quality of Life for your campus community. Every day, we are working to understand your students’ evolving needs and expectations. We gain valuable insights through our extensive research tools – including student surveys, focus groups, food trend expos, our exclusive Student Board of Directors and our proprietary Customer IQ process conducted in partnership with Nielsen™ – that enable us to provide the customized solutions your students want. We know and understand the new trends as they begin to surface and we use that knowledge to drive the creation of our new programs, recipes, enhancements and service solutions.


Student Insights Milennials: Making the Connection Milennials have grown up in the internet age, and only know a world that is interconnected by technology and digital social media. Unlike their parents or even older siblings who may have spent their childhood on play dates with friends, Millennials have connected with their interests via mobile and social platforms. They prefer to have a large network of virtual connections than close friends in person. While social media giants like Facebook and Twitter still take most of their attention, Millennials have been branching out to other platforms that are conducive to their lifestyle. FoodShootr, for instance, allows users to connect with others who share their interest in food, or “foodies,� when they are out to eat. It essentially gives them a virtual group of friends to hang out with while enjoying their favorite pastime. Other sites such as allow users to meet new people who share their same interests. In fact, they actually promote the tool as a way to meet virtually rather than face to face. This shows a moving trend to virtual online lifestyles circled around interests rather than friends. This changing dynamic has morphed the vision of a traditional college experience, as incoming students are looking more to fulfill needs centralized around their interest, rather than socializing and interacting with others. Our data from loyalty and lifestyle surveys show a change in what a millennial would expect from college both socially and academically. As they borrow more money for school, and see a troubling job market, more emphasis is placed on their need for preparation for the workforce. They are also looking for ways to cultivate their interests into a career, and doing so through these digital social connections. These new expectations of college have further transformed the millennial vision of success. This generation has faced many hardships including a recent economic recession, and has developed an understanding of what is important in life. In a recent TRU Study, most felt that having a job they like (90%), having good health (90%), being a good provider (89%), honesty and kindness (89%), and being happy (89%) were key factors to success.


Student Insights College Student Perspectives and Jobs Debt Nearly half of all Millennials ages 18 and up have student loans (47%). The average debt of those with loans now totals nearly $19,000. There’s a gender gap developing in our student loan data, but perhaps not the kind you might expect. According to data we’ve collected over the last couple of years, women have significantly more student debt than do men. Our experience with the higher-education space indicates that colleges and universities are finding it harder and harder to attract men. More women are pursuing higher education (and taking on the associated student debt), while more men are dropping out or forgoing the endeavor entirely. Jobs Half of Millennials (50%) believe that jobs will be more difficult to obtain in the future. Nonetheless, nearly half of Millennials (48%) believe their standard of living will be better than that of their parents. That’s a marked improvement over six months ago. Success The top ways these teens and twentysomethings define success revolve around personal fulfillment: Having a job they like (90%), having good health (90%), being a good provider (89%), honesty and kindness (89%), and being happy (89%). In 2005, just 52% of teens wanted a “really stable life that’s not exciting.” This year, the number is 63%. Far more teens want a smart spouse who’s not all that good looking (71%) than answered the same in 2005 (57%). Study Habits Millennial females spend 14 hours studying in a typical week, 60 minutes more than the typical guy. Wages The vast majority of working-age Millennials working in jobs unrelated to their college major have never had a job in their preferred field (75%). Significantly more men (58%) than women (50%) work in jobs related to their area of principal study in college. Environment Two-thirds of Millennials say they or their families regularly recycle (67%); two in five have switched to more energy-efficient light bulbs (44%), and a similar number regularly use reusable shopping bags (40%). More than seven in 10 Millennials think global climate change poses a serious threat to society (71%), Spending Some 37% of Millennials say they’ll spend more in the next 12 months; that’s up from 27% one year ago. You can trace the increase back to teens. *TRU Study 2013 6

Student Insights On Our Campus With each new semester comes a new group of students ready to share ideas and help make the dining experience one to remember. This semester was no different. Students were able to voice their feedback in several ways: comment cards at all Emory Dining locations, the spring dining survey, Focus Groups, FACE meetings, and face to face conversations. With input from the students involved in FACE, significant changes were accomplished to enhance dining at Emory. The following were among those changes: • • • • •

Limited Time Offers served at the Wrec (also posted on Facebook) Combos and healthy side options added at Boar’s Head Increased vegan, vegetarian, and healthy options at Rollins Cafe Divulged and explored Cox Hall Dining preferences Gluten Free Options added to Cox Hall


Sodexo is devoted to the overall wellness of your students and to advancing the health and wellness of your entire campus community. Our health and wellness initiatives focus on providing the food, education and resources your students need to make the right choices for leading a healthy lifestyle. Our programs offer a holistic approach that makes healthy eating simple, delicious and nutritious. Sodexo’s team of dietitians, nutritionists, chefs and culinary experts work to provide nutritious menus that can be customized to meet the specific needs of every individual we serve, and our team remains available in person and online to provide answers and inspiration to students regarding their health and wellness.


Health and Wellness Sodexo Announces Partnership with the Real Food Challenge Sodexo recently announced an exciting new working partnership with the Real Food Challenge (RFC), a student-driven campaign to create a more just and sustainable food system. This agreement extends Sodexo’s Better Tomorrow Commitments around sourcing sustainably grown and raised products, supporting local community development and increasing the purchase of fairly and responsibly traded products as all of these areas align well with RFC’s mission. RFC is a non-profit organization that aims to shift at least 20% of a college’s food purchasing budget to ‘real food’ for dining halls on campuses across the country. RFC is broken down into four core categories: local/community-based, fair, ecologically sound and humane. Participating students collaborate with Sodexo managers, collecting and analyzing purchasing data using the Real Food calculator, a web-based application and tracking tool. The resulting statistics will be used to demonstrate actual purchases of real foods and opportunities for increasing them. St. Mary’s College in Indiana, one of Sodexo’s partners, was the first university to sign the Real Food Campus Commitment. By signing this commitment, a college or university pledges to buy 20% real food by 2020. To date, 11 campuses across the country have signed the RFC Commitment and many more are working on RFC campaign initiatives. The Hotchkiss School, another Sodexo partner, was the first high school to sign the RFC Commitment. Sodexo managers have a number of unique resources, designed by Sodexo in partnership with RFC, to help with the RFC project on campus. To ensure a successful initiative, every RFC campaign should involve RFC students, Sodexo managers as well as campus administration. When we work together, the results can be real. That ensures a Better Tomorrow for us all.

When we work together, the results can be real. That ensures a Better Tomorrow for us all.


Health and Wellness On Our Campus What a wonderful semester centered on health and wellness education! Cristina Caro, our local dietitian continues to make an impact during her second semester with Emory Dining. Listed below are just a few of the ways Emory Dining is connecting to students and bringing nutrition to the forefront of the dining experience: o o o o o o

Sugar-Beverage Demonstration in the DUC during National Nutrition Month (pictured below) Res Life Hall Demonstration, teaching freshman how to cook on a budget Olive Interview Project-Health Benefits of Olive Oil, Food Health and Society Class  Intersociety Council-Eating for Healthy Lifestyles Presentation Monthly Article Contributions to the Dining Newsletter,  Topics range from ‘How to Organize the Pantry’ to ‘Eating on a Budget’ Student Life Section of Wheel-Healthy Salads  Cristina and her intern spent an afternoon at the DUC creating a variety of salads, taking advantage of all the stations’ offerings to build salads with variety. Their findings were then put into the Wheel!

Throughout the campus, at all dining locations, the Wash Your Hands campaign continued to promote healthy behaviors. Due to the success of the Gluten free options in Dobbs Market, FACE representatives requested to have similar options in retail locations. In late March, gluten free options were added in Cox Hall. The Better Tomorrow Plan continues to provide useful tips and motivating messages that help connect Emory Dining’s goals to students’ lifestyles.

Dietitian, Cristina Caro’s Salad Creations at the DUC

Student tries to put drinks in order of most sugar to least sugar at the beverage demonstration.


Health and Wellness On Our Campus

Gluten Free Options in Cox Hall

Promoting Healthy Behaviors Across Campus

A Nutrition Article from the Dining Newsletter 11

Sodexo is a recognized leader in global sustainability. Our Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility team recently announced the company’s 14 commitments to promote health and wellness, protect the environment and foster vibrant communities. The Better Tomorrow Plan includes efforts to ♦ Promote choices with reduced sugar, salt and fats ♦ Source local, seasonal or sustainably grown products ♦ Reduce our carbon intensity across our operations and clients’ sites

We believe that we have an obligation to use our resources wisely and help protect them for future generations. We strive to be environmentally responsible in all areas of service that we provide, and to help educate students about sustainability and the environment. We look forward to exploring opportunities on how we can partner with your campus to reinforce our 14 commitments and assist you in achieving your sustainability initiatives.


Environmental Focus Sodexo Recognized at World Economic Forum in Davos for its Corporate Sustainability Practices Recently, Sodexo's commitment to sustainability has been recognized for efforts and results in social, environmental and economic performance at the World Economic Forum 2013 in Davos with three awards: Sector Leader 2013, Gold Class 2013, and Sector Mover 2013. The RobecoSAM Sustainability Yearbook is regarded as the world's most comprehensive publication on corporate sustainability performance. These three distinctions recognize Sodexo’s strong performance in social, economic and environmental practices. Sodexo earned the highest overall score in its business sector, 82 percent (compared to a sector average of 47). Sodexo was the only company in the sector named Gold Class, a category reserved for the leader and those within 1 percent of the leader. In addition, Sodexo was named Sector Mover; having achieved the largest proportional improvement in its sustainability performance compared to last year. Sodexo earned the best score in economic and social elements, in the 94th percentile for environment. Since its founding, Sodexo has recognized its opportunity and responsibility to contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of the cities, regions and countries where it operates. From this fundamental, the company created ‘The Better Tomorrow Plan,’ a set of measured, actionable objectives that span a wide range of efforts ranging from reduction in waste and energy use to building a massive global supply chain that sources locally whenever possible. “Earning the top rank in our sector is particularly gratifying because of our strong achievements in each of the three areas; social, environment and economic that make up this recognition,” said Damien Verdier, Sodexo Executive Committee member for Sustainable Development. “For Sodexo, sustainable development is more than what we do, it is who we are and how we engage with our clients, customers, suppliers and communities.” To create the rankings, sustainability factors are weighted based on particulars of the business sector. For Sodexo, the social pillar represents the majority of the total score, Sodexo’s industry leading performance in this area, particularly in light its large number of employees (420,000) and the decentralized nature of its business (34,000 client sites in 80 countries) is particularly impressive. The most recent employee survey from 2012, covering 130,000 people working in 60 countries and carried out by an independent consultancy, showed that 85 percent reported a preference to work for Sodexo over its competitors and overall employee engagement has increased nine percentage points in the last four years. For more about Sodexo’s commitments as an employer, visit


Environmental Focus On Our Campus Emory Dining and Sodexo are committed to helping Emory reach the 75% local food purchasing goal for 2015. In addition to buying local and regional whenever possible, fun filled events for students were used to help educate and continue building support for reaching the sustainability goals. Composting totals for Cox Hall and Dobbs Market were posted monthly for all to see. Our Get Local program featured a Farmer of the month in Dobbs Market and Cox Hall as well as a list of all local vendors used at Emory’s dining locations. Window clings and chalk boards helped identify where the food originated. In April, we launched the Icommit promotion to celebrate Earth Day all month! The promotion involved asking staff and students to make a small commitment during earth month to help promote sustainability. Several dining staff and students submitted their commitments to Facebook . In addition to the Icommit contest, Earth Week was celebrated with the Earth Day Dinner (100 Mile Meal), the Earth Week Market Party and the ‘Green’ Eggs and Ham event. The farmers market ended this year with the 4th Annual Berry Bash. As the farmers market continues to grow, the Emory community is able to make a significant impact on sustainability.

Chef John at demo Green Eggs & Ham Event

Earth Day Lunch at Dobbs Market (100 Mile Meal)


Environmental Focus On Our Campus

One of Julie Shaffer’s many sustainably centered articles for the Dining Newsletter

Treats sold on Cox Hall Bridge for Berry Bash at the Farmers Market


Sodexo employees are part of your campus family, and they are fundamental to our ability to create exceptional student experiences. Some of the most important commitments we can make are to provide you with a diverse, talented and customer-focused team, and to provide our people the training, development and opportunities to advance and exceed your expectations.


Customer Service The Sodexo Experience – Delivering on Excellence in Education

The Sodexo Experience is a process that educates, develops and rewards our employees on a daily basis. There are three components to the process: Eight Simple Things that Customers Expect, Team Huddles and Recognition. Emphasizing the Eight Simple things reinforces our culture of energy, connection and outstanding customer service. Our customers have high expectations and we work very hard to exceed them. We also encourage employees to take a step back and remember that their peers are customers too and need to be treated with full respect. The second component, weekly team huddles, is the key to keeping employees informed about what’s happening both globally and locally. The huddles support our efforts to improve employee engagement by enhancing communication and building team spirit. Each Wednesday, general managers receive a weekly huddle script which gives them talking points to discuss with their teams. The scripts offer flexibility for managers to include what’s happening at their accounts. The Sodexo Experience allows for recognition on a daily basis. Managers and employees are challenged to hand out Exceptional Experience Cards to their employees to say thank you for a job well done. Additionally, there are monthly awards for both frontline and management individuals and teams that have provided outstanding service. Employees have the opportunity to win Sodexo Ultimate Passes and funds to celebrate in their accounts.


Customer Service On Our Campus

Fondue Surprise & Delight at Dobbs Market

Emory Dining Employees strive to provide all who come through the doors with superior customer service by listening and going above and beyond. Our creative solutions to make every day a better day include monthly birthday celebrations, free treats and demos at Wonderful Wednesdays, Monthly Newsletters, and Surprise and Delights! This semester we executed the following Surprise and Delights: Hot Chocolate, Fondue, Antipasto Platter, Root Beer/Coke Floats, Bananas Foster, & Tomato Bruschetta. Employees are rewarded for their excellent customer service through the Sodexo Experience program. A winner is selected each month and recognized throughout the dining halls. This year at the Employee Service Awards, 29 Emory Dining employees were honored for their years of service. Our customer service was highlighted in the Wheel with two feature articles honoring General Manager, Michel Wetli and beloved cook, Pasta John. Sodexo was also recognized for being a leader of diversity and inclusion which we believe allows us to better serve our diverse group of customers.



Sodexo’s innovation strategy ensures that we improve the Quality of Life at your campus while looking ahead and anticipating what solutions our customers might need going forward. And innovation does not always look the same – sometimes it is the big idea and other times it is the little thing that moves you closer to where you want to be tomorrow. One thing is certain: we want to align closely to your campus strategic goals so that we can foster innovation that furthers your campus mission.


Innovation Security Matters in Recruiting and Retention Concerns over security have heightened among administrators, faculty and staff, parents and students. Parents touring campuses with their college-bound kids are factoring campus security measures into their decision. They want peace of mind knowing the campus is safe and the college has taken steps to keep it that way. Taking precautionary steps can help to ensure a safe campus environment for students, faculty and staff. By conducting an initial security risk assessment of each campus building, you can determine your overall security needs. Prepare for emergency scenarios by developing and communicating a crisis plan with the campus community, including appropriate protocols, and conduct a drill at least once a year. Faculty and staff should be trained and encouraged to greet and question any suspicious looking people. Also, keeping trees and shrubs trimmed around all windows and doors, especially around residence halls, keeps these areas more visually open and omits potential hiding places for attackers.

Best Practices for campus security 1. Conduct a security/risk assessment of the campus building(s). 2. Develop a crisis plan with appropriate protocols. Conduct drills at least once a year. 3. Establish one main entrance to a building and place signage identifying it as such. Consider use of intercom or buzzer system at the main entrance before granting access. 4. Reduce the number of doors that can be opened from the outside, but still allow people to exit in the case of an emergency. 5. Establish a routine maintenance and timely repair program for all doors. 6. Create a visitor sign-in/sign-out procedure and consider use of escorts for all visitors. 7. Utilize photo ID badges for all staff and visitors. 8. Train all staff to greet and challenge strangers. 9. Keep trees and shrubs trimmed so that windows and doors are not blocked. 10. Consider the presence of security guards and monitored surveillance cameras.


Innovation On Our Campus This semester’s dining promotions, Explore China and Explore Japan, provided a platform for our culinarians to get creative with different cultures and corresponding menu items including a Make Your Own Sushi event. Emory Dining traditions continue to be a favorite among students. These events include Super Bowl Brunch, Valentine’s Day Dinner, Mardi Gras Celebration, and the final event of every semester: Moonlight Breakfast. Blockbuster movie décor, trivia, and games filled the night. The success of our Facebook page encouraged us to venture into new social media avenues. Dining launched its Pinterest page and built ‘boards’ of inspiration centered on the dining experience. Three programs that were tested this semester and will be brought back next fall are breakfast at Clairmont, Rollins International Weeks, and Multicultural Mondays at Dobbs Market.

Desserts passed out at Taste of Emory

Delicious dinner for Valentine’s Day

Dish from the Mardi Gras Party

Roses and candy were given to all at the Valentine’s Day Dinner 21

Innovation On Our Campus: Traditions


Innovation On Our Campus: Special Events, Promotions, & Partnerships

Donated cookies for Think Pink Week

Spring Dining Promotion

Spring Dining Promotion


Innovation On Our Campus: Rollins Café’s International Weeks


Innovation On Our Campus: Emory Dining Makes the Top 5

Gluten Free Cook, Paulette, takes pride in her work and gets to know each student that comes her way to help better meet their needs.


Partnership Report Card Emory Dining Spring 2013  
Partnership Report Card Emory Dining Spring 2013  

Partnership Report Card: Overview of Spring Semester