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Design Foundation Portfolio 4

DFN 1001 4-5 Phenominal Space 6-7 Material Performance 8-9Moments of Inspiration

Design Foundation Portfolio 5

Phenomenal Space DFN 1001 This exercise consisted of studying the effects of foreshortening on a building. This investigation allowed the study of how the building is integrated into the landscape. The “N� building is integrated into the landscape at specific views and dominated the landscape in other parts.

Design Foundation Portfolio 6

Phenomenal Space This project consists of an exploration of the effect of foreshortening on a building and site by removing foreshortening completely.

DFN 1001

Design Foundation Portfolio 7

Material Performance DFN 1001 This exercise presented a challenge to construct a material textural swatch out of three materials: wooden dowels, corrugated cardboard, and string without the use of any adhesives. I constructed a weaving pattern around a wooden dowel structure.

Design Foundation Portfolio 8

Material Performance DFN 1001 The previous model developed into an installation that forced occupants to inhabit the space, to analyze the integration of the human body with the phenomenal qualities of the installation.

Design Foundation Portfolio 9

Moment of Inspiration DFN 1001 1






Design Foundation Portfolio 10

Moment of Inspiration DFN 1001 during the exploration for a site in Atlantic Station, I discovered a trellis structure over a restaurant at night. The trellis has a reflective quality from the lantern adjacent to it, giving it a glowing effect in between the bars. This effect changes and diminishes as you move through the space.

The design intervention required a way to create moments where there would be a glow in every direction under the trellis. By morphing the overall shape of the trellis, the light is visible from multiple paths of travel.

Design Foundation Portfolio 11

Design Foundation Portfolio 12

DFN 1002

12-13 14-15 16-17 18-21

Macro Site Study Theoretically Detailed Scale Nature Research Center

Design Foundation Portfolio 13

Macro Site Study DFN 1002 The city of Atlanta has a strong presence of signs throughout the city. From corporate advertisements to street signs, the spectacle is trying to control your every move.

Design Foundation Portfolio 14

Macro Site Study DFN 1002 The site, in the city, transformed during the Martin Luther King Jr. march. The spectacle was controlling participants in a different way. People in the march were holding the signs, creating chants, and protesting the spectacle. However, they were creating a spectacle of their own by trying to control others.

Design Foundation Portfolio 15

Theoretically Detailed DFN 1002 9AM





Design Foundation Portfolio 16

Temperature Scale

The study shows how temperature changes in the gallery of the architecture building.


Theoretically Detailed DFN 1002 To counteract this effect, tracks were added to the existing mullions to accommodate for pin up boards that help to filter heat gain and light into the space.

Design Foundation Portfolio 17

Scale DFN 1002 I conducted a precedent study on the relationship between the Osaka Museum and the structure of a butterfly wing. The deductions of this exploration transferred into the design for the wall structure.

Design Foundation Portfolio 18

Scale DFN 1002 The Final design of the wall transformation was to mimic the sound waves created from walking up and down the stair corridor. Translucent glass was added in between the framing for privacy in the adjacent bathroom.

Design Foundation Portfolio 19

Nature Research Center DFN 1002 Heritage Park in Smyrna, GA is located between two residential developments along with the East West Connector. This gives the park defined boundaries throughout. This creates a disconnection with the surrounding nature as there are various types of pollution, including sound and human impact.

Design Foundation Portfolio 20

Nature Research Center DFN 1002

The design of the center was to break the boundaries throughout the park by connecting the different zones and creating more integration between man and nature throughout the different parts of the nature center.

Design Foundation Portfolio 21

Nature Research Center DFN 1002

Design Foundation Portfolio 22

Nature Research Center DFN 1002 The final design creates a junction between the park and the surrounding neighborhood. The open air concept allows the wildlife to coexist with man in the structure.

Design Foundation Portfolio 23

Design Foundation Portfolio 24

DFN 2003 24-25 26-27 28-31 32-37

Eames House-Precedent Charette Facade Vessel & Pavilion

Design Foundation Portfolio 25

Eames House- A Precedent DFN 2003

Design Foundation Portfolio 26


Design Foundation Portfolio 27

Charette DFN 2003 This project consisted of working back and forth with physical models and digital media. Models were created with planes, lines, and points. They were later analyzed in collage form before creating another model based on the collage. This process continued eventually to create architectural elements from final collage analysis.

Design Foundation Portfolio 28

Charette DFN 2003

Design Foundation Portfolio 29

Facade DFN 2003

Design Foundation Portfolio 30

Facade DFN 2003 This project was an interrogation of an existing facade. I chose the north face of the “n� building as this space does not have an active function. The building has been divided into three sections, Audience, Stage, and backstage.

Design Proposal A

Design Proposal B

Design Foundation Portfolio 31

Facade DFN 2003 The final design consisted of adding new pin-up space and large panels that open and close on the north end of the building. This allow the occupants of the interior to activate the exterior space.

design Proposal C


Design Foundation Portfolio 32

Exploded Axon

Facade DFN 2003

Design Foundation Portfolio 33

Vessel DFN 2003 The site of the vessel at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens was selected in a secluded wooded area. Material Samples were created to transport light in a rhythmic pattern.

Design Foundation Portfolio 34

The final design of the vessel is design to mimic the trees by diffusing light down to the vessel and moving with the wind.

Vessel DFN 2003

Design Foundation Portfolio 35

Pavilion - Demarc DFN 2003 The pavilion at the Atlanta Botanical Garden is designed to blur the boundaries between the Botanical Gardens and Piedmont Park. The specific site was selected for its disjunction between the gardens and Piedmont park due to a dramatic change in elevation.

Design Foundation Portfolio 36

Pavilion - Demarc DFN 2003

Design Foundation Portfolio 37

Pavilion - Demarc DFN 2003 The final design merges these two parks by creating a viewing platform from piedmont into the gardens. The building also increases views into Piedmont Park.

Design Foundation Portfolio 38

Pavilion - Demarc DFN 2003

Design Foundation Portfolio 39

Design Foundation Portfolio 40

DFN 2004 40-41 Green House Module 42-49 Agricultural Center

Design Foundation Portfolio 41

Green House Module DFN 2004 This project was to design a green house module that could be placed on an exterior of a building. The design focused on creating enough space for plants to flourish in aeroponic systems. The design included an exoskeletal system for the structural system.

Winter Sun Angle

Design Foundation Portfolio 42

Summer Sun Angle

Green House Module DFN 2004

Design Foundation Portfolio 43

Agricultural Center part 1 DFN 2004

Design Foundation Portfolio 44

Agricultural Center Part 1 DFN 2004 This project consisted of creating an agricultural community center that educates the public on healthy eating habits and urban farming.

Design Foundation Portfolio 45

Agricultural Center part 2 DFN 2004

Design Foundation Portfolio 46

Agricultural Center Part 2 DFN 2004

This project has a similar program to the first part of the Agricultural Center. I was intrigued by the concept of a ring building with a central courtyard. It has been torqued to connect with the adjacent public plaza at the King Center on Auburn Avenue.

Design Foundation Portfolio 47

Agricultural Center part 2 DFN 2004

First floor

Design Foundation Portfolio 48

Second Floor

Agricultural Center Part 2 DFN 2004

Section A

South Elevation

Third Floor

East Elevation

Design Foundation Portfolio 49

Agricultural Center part 2 DFN 2004

Design Foundation Portfolio 50

Channel Glass was selected as the main material for its structural and rhythmic texture. This rhythmic texture was continued with aluminum panels in areas requiring low lighting conditions

Agricultural Center Part 2 DFN 2004

Design Foundation Portfolio 51

Design Foundation Portfolio 52

Design Communication 52 Design Communication 1 53 Design Communication 2

Design Foundation Portfolio 53

Outdoor Patio Dcom 1

Design Foundation Portfolio 54

Smith House- Precedent Dcom 2

Design Foundation Portfolio 55

Design Foundation Portfolio 56

Structures 1 56-57 Haiti Pavilion Truss

Design Foundation Portfolio 57

Haiti Pavilion Truss Structures 1

Design Foundation Portfolio 58

Haiti Pavilion Truss Structures 1

Design Foundation Portfolio 59

Design Foundation Portfolio  

A compilation of the first two years of education at Southern Polytechnic State University

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