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December 2012

Ethics Essay Contest Contents UCCS Ethics Essay Case Competition ....................................... 1 Upcoming Student Opportunities ...... 1 Student Center for Public Trust Club . 2 CEBA Awards ................................... 2 Eller Collegiate Ethics Case Competition ....................................... 2 Ethical Efficacy Survey ...................... 3 Speaker Charles Lee......................... 3 IT Ethics Lockheed Martin’s Perspective ....................................... 3 Ethics Resource Workshops ............. 6 Events/Calendar................................ 6

The third annual UCCS Ethics Initiative Ethics Essay Contest attracted a total of 43 essays from several colleges across the UCCS campus. The Ethics Essay contest gives students an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of principle based ethics and how they would apply it towards a real time ethical situation. The overall level of excellence was the highest the contest has seen. From this incredible group of essays we are happy announce the following student essayist award winners:

Important Dates & Events

 1st place goes to Laura Ander

January to April - Faculty Ethics Workshops

(Junior).  2nd place is awarded to Jason Raak (Senior).  3rd place is awarded to Kylee Smit (Junior).

February - UCCS Case Writing Workshop February & April - CEBA events February 20-22 - 20th Annual National Character & Leadership Symposium February 26 - UCCS Ethics Case Competition March 1 - MBA Race and Case Business Ethics Competition

Due the high level of excellence, three Honorable Mentions and awards will go

to Frank Gahren (Senior), Wesley Noble (Junior), and Meral Sarper (Senior). Additionally, gift cards to the UCCS Bookstore will go to Amanda Kaiser (Senior), Steven Mauser (Senior), Kaitlin Nelson (Senior), and Jessica Placzek (Junior) for their thoughtful efforts. Essays were judged by a team of community business members and highlights from the comments from our judges included: “Excellent understanding of the ethical situation while providing the approach, remedy, resolution and follow-up.” “Really understood the situation and had a great voice as the writer on the topic.” “Very powerful personal story.” “Very mature and great self-examination.” We would like to acknowledge all those that entered the contest and thank them all for their extensive efforts.


April 11-12 - Daniels Fund Consortium Case Competition

February 20-22nd National Character & Leadership Symposium at the United States Air Force Academy

April 15 - Sports Management Ethics Speaker at UCCS

February 26th UCCS Business Ethics Case Competition

April 17 - Conscious Capitalism Conference

March 1st MBA Race and Case Business Ethics Competition at University of Denver and in Beaver Creek, Colorado

May - Ethics workshop with University of New Mexico Please visit the Events Page on the UCCS Ethics Initiative website to stay abreast of all our upcoming events.

April 11-12th Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Consortium Case Competition in Denver, Colorado April 15th Sport Management Ethics Speaker at UCCS Donna Orender formerly President of WNBA and Senior Vice President/Office of the Commissioner PGA Tour will be talking about her ethical experiences and Ethics in the Golf Industry. April 17th Conscious Capitalism Conference in Boulder, CO

Student Engagement Activities FALL 2012 Center For Public Trust Student Group Founded August 2012 The Fall semester saw the launch of the student chapter of Center for Public Trust. With chapters on college campuses nationwide, the Student Center for the Public Trust (StudentCPT) provides an interactive environment where ethical business behaviors and ideas can flourish, while creating opportunities for students to network with the business community and develop professional leadership skills. Through support and guidance from the NASBA Center for the Public Trust, events and experiences are offered for students both on and off campus. StudentCPT Membership is offered across all disciplines and provides a unique forum for ethics education. Additionally, the StudentCPT members accept responsibility for improving their community by completing a community service project. Alfonzo Alexander, President of NASBA Center for Public Trust, visited the campus to talk about this new student club and spoke to why this is important for new professionals entering their chosen fields. The guest speaker at the kickoff event was Travis Tygart, CEO of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency. Travis talked about the mission of the agency and the importance of integrity, ethical thinking, and conscience in the development of character. More great events are planned for the Spring 2013.

CEBA Award Evaluation Project September 25, 2012 UCCS evaluated the Colorado Ethics Business Alliance (CEBA) nominees for the Bill Daniels Ethical Business and Daniel L. Ritchie Ethical Leadership awards. This process involves a mentorship with a CEBA member, background research, on-site visit and interview with the award candidate, and a written summary distributed to the selection committee. Along with the educational experience, this provides an opportunity for business leaders to meet top candidates as they emerge from the business program.

Eller Collegiate Ethics Case Competition October 25-27, 2012 The University of Arizona UCCS sponsored a team of two undergraduate student competitors (and one student observer) to compete against business schools throughout the United States and abroad. The trip included allexpenses. Prizes were warded to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place finalists. The student team was selected based on their written applications and interview skills. This year’s ethical issue revolved around fracking and whether to recommend implementation. The UCCS team of three did extensive researched of the ethical issues, prepared an executive summary, and presentation within the allotted two weeks by the competition. Due to weather conditions at the Denver International Airport, team members Kayla Ross, Chelsy Hodge, and observer Megan Hertneky were unable to physically attend. Using technology and personal persistence to not allow weather to deny them the opportunity to participate, they presented their case via Skype. This was a first for the Eller Competition and the team was recognized at the awards dinner with an extra round of applause for their dedication and determination.

Nineteen MBA students and five undergraduate business students evaluated a wide range of nominees from diverse industries such as construction, transportation, automotive, non-profit, financial, legal, and electrical services. Our student participants are Mohannad Aldahan, Bushra Alturki, Chris Arkfeld, Steve Bethke, Preston Briggs, Nishi Christian, Jason Florea, Becky Froelich, Kristi Grounder, Heidi Gunther, Lauren Hall, Jennifer Hejsek, Jeff Hourihan, Sharron Howell, John Keinast, Mike Ledeboer, John Martinez, David Motley, Jasmine Sandoval, Jin-Jin Wang, Peter Yoon, and Steve Young.


CEBA board members Leslie Adams, Director/Vice President of Denver/ Boulder BBB, Peter B. Feathers, Executive Director and Jody Randall attended student presentations on December 4. Students will be invited to attend the CEBA’s Annual Award Luncheon scheduled for April 12th in Denver where the winners will be revealed.


(left to right) UCCS Eller team members are Chelsy Hodge and Kayla Ross. (Team Observer Megan Hertneky is not shown.)


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Honor Code Task Force Progress In the Fall 2012, the task force conducted focus groups on campus and online to assess the need for a specific honor code for the students of the College of Business. Over 213 responded and the drafting committee is now preparing recommendations for student and faculty input. The Task Force is led by Dean Reddy and members of the task force include: Graduate Student, Amber Hopeman, Undergraduate Student, Kayla Ross, Director of Ethics Initiative, Tracy Gonzalez-Padron, Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative Fellow, Peggy McNulty, and Associate Dean, Rebecca Duray

Speaker/Author Charles Lee talking about “Ethics, values and principles that guide innovators” October 24, 2012 UCCS students were invited to intend a seminar featuring Mr. Charles Lee. Mr. Lee is the Founder of Ideation Consultancy, Inc., an idea agency that specializes in turning good ideas into remarkable brands by developing innovative business strategies & infrastructure, strong brand presence, memorable visual identities & design, creative marketing, new media PR strategies, and web presence. Mr. Lee has also authored the book Good Idea. Now What? He provided practical principles and clear actionable steps for implementation by idea makers in the seminar. Student attendee feedback included:

"I really enjoyed how he gave us practical instructions for making our ideas come to life.”

 

“ me thinking about what I’m not doing.”

“Inspiring speech, interesting topic, and great supporting data. I feel more prepared to create and implement ideas!”

“My favorite part is learning about how it’s not enough to have a good idea - you must foster it to execute it.”

Pike’s Peak Community College Faculty Workshop - “Teaching Ethics Across the Curriculum” August 22, 2012 How can we equip our students to handle ethical dilemmas without promoting “ethics fatigue”? This workshop subject focused 1) Faculty confidence in addressing ethical issues to look at how to include ethics in any class and 2) Experiential learning - what are the best methods of teaching business ethics? 27 faculty and instructors participated at the ethics training workshop.

IT Ethics: Challenges and ConcernsLockheed Martin’s Perspective October 11, 2012 Jackie Brookshire, Lockheed Martin’s Ethics Officer, spoke about promoting a positive work environment of high ethical standards and how to ensure full compliance with laws, regulations, and policies. She also spoke about the investigation of issues of concern and how she provides guidance and training in areas of ethical conduct. Eric R. Smith, former US Air Force OSI Special Agent and currently the CIRT Digital Investigations Manager for Lockheed Martin, spoke about the ethical issues that arise in his profession. He included insights into his experiences in computer forensic investigative support to HR, Ethics, Security, and other internal organizations. He also covered ethical issues that arise in digital investigations from the perspective of both the computer forensic analyst and the employee being investigated.

Faculty Ethics Resource Workshops The semester started off with Chuck Beck’s subject of “But I don’t have a background in ethics!” Though faculty have training in the legal aspects of business and have an ingrained sense of right and wrong, the idea of teaching ethical cases may create a sense of anxiety: While not a full-blown course in ethics, the workshop clarified some background issues that can help faculty relieve anxiety and become more comfortable in in presenting ethical cases. The second workshop in October by Ethics Fellow Gordon Stringer titled “Scary Ethics” involved various tried teaching approaches. "Afraid of Teaching Ethics?" "Financial Statement Fraud: A Frightening Trend" and "Ghoulish Governance" This included sharing analyzed student feedback and utilizing that data for concept reinforcement and course adjustment. The final workshop of the semester by Margaret Beranek was called “Who has your data?” “Who know where you are?” and “Who knows more about you than you do?” This discussed teaching ethics from the IT perspective. This interactive event demonstrated video resources and interfaces that are accessible for educators, along with a lively discussion of future trends in IT and the changing ethical landscape the profession operates in.

Additional Upcoming Events Spring 2013 Faculty Ethics Workshops continue‌ UCCS College of Business Ethics Fellows will continue to present best practices and experiences around teaching ethics to UCCS faculty and local community college faculty/instructors.

Spring 2013 Junior Achievement Teacher Training

Good Ethics is Good for Business University of Colorado at Colorado Springs 1420 Austin Bluffs Parkway Colorado Springs, CO USA 80918–3733

Ethics Initiative Website UCCS Ethics Initiative Staff Dean Venkat Reddy, Team Lead, 719.255.3113 Tracy Gonzalez-Padron, Ph.D. Director Ethics Initiative, 719.255.3794

Local public school teachers and industry volunteers will be trained to teach the JA Business Ethics Program.

Spring 2013 College of Business Honor Code Look for finalized College of Business Honor Code and implementation plan in the new Student Handbook.

February 2013 Case Writing/Teaching Workshop for faculty at UCCS Marc Robinson, Ph.D. from The William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan will be leading a workshop on guidance and tips on writing good case studies and teaching the case method.

February 19th Colorado Ethics in Business Alliance Luncheon to be hosted at UCCS April 12th Colorado Ethics in Business Alliance Annual Awards in Denver, CO May 2013 Ethics Training for faculty from UCCS and southern Colorado local community colleges with the University of New Mexico in Santa Fe, NM

Got Ethics?

Elisabeth Moore, MBA Program Coordinator, 719.255.5168 Jeff Hourihan, Graduate Student Assistant, 719.255.5168

Established Collaborations On UCCS Campus 2011-12 Daniels Fellows Albert Batten, PhD Charles Beck, PhD Margaret Beranek, PhD Cathy Claiborne, PhD Robert Hirschfeld, PhD Peggy McNulty, MBA Colleen Stiles, MBA Gordon Stringer, MBA Net Impact Daniels Scholars

Community Junior Achievement Pikes Peak Community College Colorado Ethics Business Alliance

Bill Daniels Consortium Partner Universities University of Colorado Colorado Springs University of Wyoming University of Denver Colorado State University University of New Mexico New Mexico State University University of Utah

Share your viewpoint through Ethics Case Competitions! Info at

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Fall 2012 Semester Ethics Newsletter

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