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The love of transport entered to me at an early age DAAN EMONS - CEO 2 | Introductie

Emons: third generation in family business It all started in 1943; Wim Emons started his own shipping company E.T. (Emons Transport) in Milsbeek. His sons Kees, Pieter and Sjang took over in the early seventies and now the moment has come that the third generation in the family, Daan Emons, has the ultimate responsibility of the Emons Group.

Daan tells about himself: over 34 years ago I was born in the house on Rijksweg 4 (Milsbeek): the place where you can find the Emons Group headquarters nowadays. I did not know it yet, but I ended up in a world called transport. Over the years I found the passion for trucks, logistics and all that comes with it first-hand, through my grandfather Wim and even more so by my father Sjang. It could not do anything else –and that was ok for me- then that I would end up in the same world. Holiday job The love of transport entered to me at an early age. As a young boy, I was already wandering around in the garage. I had several holiday jobs; I swept en cleaned up the garage, cleaned up the archives and did the administration. After high school I started to study in Venlo (Fontys Hogescholen), where I graduated on Logistics and Economics. After that I studied at Plymouth University (UK), and received my master in International Logistics. Family business Because I wanted to experience what it’s like to work for another company instead of our family business, I worked for a few years at UPS in Venlo. It was February 20, 2006, when I started to work for the Emons Group. I’ve been working for over ten

years at our company now, and during my career I worked for TWO, Van Huët and Emons Cargo. In the meantime I started to live together with Marjolein in Wijchen, we got married and became parents of two great children. And our third baby is on its way! Proud I’m very proud and enthusiastic that I may and can take the position my father and grandfather used to have; carry the final responsibility of our family business! What I love most at our company is that ‘thinking differently’ and innovation are part of the Emons-DNA ever since my grandfather started it. Sustainability is also a theme that is dear to me and can be found in many aspects of the organisation. These facts, of course in combination with your commitment, enthusiasm and knowledge, make the Emons Group well known in the transportation industry. Together we continue to do ‘what others can not’ and create and add value for our clients. This means that we as a company will remain successful! Daan Emons


Four ‘daughters’ of the Emons Group Within the Emons Group you will find our four daughters; Hofmans, 2WIN, Van Huët and Meierling. In each of these companies you can see definitely the Emons-DNA: innovation, sustainability and uniqueness!


Hofmans has developed, with sustainability in mind, two high-quality products from mushroom compost. The residual waste from the mushroom growth is eventually reduced to zero, the farmers have been helped and Hofmans adds next to the mushroom compost two wonderful products to its assortment!

Van Huët Glass Logistics is one of the leading players in the glass world. Thinking differently results in our revolutionary lightweight trailer (2BEE!) that the glass world will shake to its foundations!

Together with our clients, we are the winning team of the future; in this concept we combine advantages in terms of environment, costs, safety and reliability with a very high service level!


Anhänger- und Fahrzeugbau Meierling is, for over 35 years, the specialist in the field of aluminium. With skills, passion and dedication, lightweight trailers are built by hand!

Vision & mission As a family business, the Emons Group is distinctive within chosen niche markets and we facilitate our customers with innovative and sustainable concepts in logistics, thereby providing cost and environmental benefits. We realize this together with our core values in mind: expertise, passion, transparency and trust.

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Emons Group, A family business - ENG  

Emons Group, A family business - ENG