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Reconstruction Era Reuniting & Rebuilding A New America

This exercise will focus on your quick-writing skills. Pay attention to the pictures and information shared with you (both on this power point and verbally). Reflect on the information, then write your response to the corresponding question.

Reconstruction 1865 -1877 Once the war ended, everything wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine…

Pick one question to answer…

Realistically, what did you think it would be like living in the South? -War Torn Lands? -Changes in Society?

How do you think Blacks were treated at this time in the South? -Imagine a culture that had practiced one thing for over 300 years suddenly have to deal with that fact turned upside down. How would people respond?

Reclaiming the south‌ African Americans controlled the majority of the South, but intimidation tactics like vigilante groups (KKK) and lynch mobs, were common threats to keep the African Americans from voicing their opinions.

While actions like these often went unchecked. The people committing these crimes often felt they were justified since they were reclaiming their own justice. Many blamed the lose of the Civil War by the Confederates on the African Americans.

Most Southerners couldn’t accept the fact that Blacks were now able to vote, could no longer be slaves, and had rights. Former Confederate States were put under military districts in order to ensure the peace and safety of all African Americans.

Do you think severe punishment was the best approach at re-uniting the United States after the Civil War? Consider what the drawbacks and benefits of this might be…

Strict laws were established, the South was not allowed to run their own government, many white Southerners were not allowed to vote until they swear allegiance, and Confederate leaders were banned from office. Congress made sure the South was severely punished for their actions in the Civil War…

Under the protection of the Freedman Bureau, the 14th and 15th Amendment, and the military presence in the South, African Americans began to gain political and military power.

This power would be short lived, as opposers to the Reconstruction plan became more violent in their anti-black riots, insurgency attacks, and intimidation tactics.

Eventually the government would need to come to compromise‌

What would you do in this situation?

The End of Reconstruction (1876/1877) Rutherford Hayes won by 1 vote. A Republican candidate won by a ”back room deal” over the Democrat candidate. The deal that would seal Hayes as President involved the removal of the the military districts/presence in the South in exchange for the South re-establishing their own state governments that promised to ensure the lives of the African Americans.

The Republican party agreed to this since the Democratic party controlled much of the Congress at the time and would not be able to move forward for the betterment of the country without their cooperation.

Many African Americans felt betrayed as this would no longer mean the government would support them in the South…

Was this a good deal?

Following the end of Reconstruction‌. JIM CROW LAWS were passed that segregated Whites and Colored.

1876 - 1965

Although African Americans were given rights to public schooling, voting, and citizenship, they weren’t given equal or fair treatment. Often colored facilities were much worst than Whites.

Recap the results of the Reconstruction in the form of a T-Chart. What were the positive factors that came out of it? What were the drawbacks or negative factors that resulted from it? Up to 5 points extra credit:

(must complete first 5 questions to qualify for extra credit)

In what ways did Jackie Robinson AND Branch Ricky overcome racial segregation?

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