JOZI, an Interactive Photojournal by EmmoLei Sankofa

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an Interactive Photo Journal by EmmoLei Sankofa

Jozi through my eyes... Such a beautiful city– she treated me well.

This photo series showcases a combination of people, places, and experiences during the short time that I spent in Johannesburg, South Africa. It mostly reflects my position as the observer, including the observation of self. When visiting a new place, we often treat it like a new lover. We are infatuated with its beauty, only see the good, and want to spend every waking moment engulfed in all it has to offer. While that may sum up a fraction of my experience, I sought to capture the things that caught my attention as they were, without composing any particular narrative. If you pay attention, the universe has a funny way of accentuating what it is that you need to see. Some of the images are accompanied with a haiku.

Special thanks to Darnell Lamont Walker for selecting me to participate in the inaugural run of the Baldwin's Room Artist Residency, the wonderful individuals who put forth their hard earned greenbacks to support this journey, my new family and friends that took good care of me in Johannesburg, and my loving family for their continuous support. I love you all from the bottom of my heart.


In Johannesburg, the cashiers get to sit down. Rest those feet madam.

Hey, meet my new friends Where have they been all my life? Wait, maybe we've met.

Why are you so sweet? Thanks for the introduction Why drink misery?

What a joy it is to see one glow at the sight of your heart and soul.

Blessing Ngobeni

His name is Blessing I saw his soul on canvas He was a blessing

Who took this picture? Maybe there's a ghost in there Selfie game real strong

Protect the children Show them how to get money Sooner than later

ad ' t so b n s i pective s e r f e p Li r on you h Depends s lavis i t s r o Our w

Strong youth presence here The fashion was exquisite Gold mine for the stale

I laughed my face off Melrose Arch is where it's at Good times with good folk

I we n I di t to th e d Sun n't get club come s up home 't il f at f our ive

Trap I wa Gos

e e galor c d hom i e s y u a m t s p g it n eak i r p b o h a was catch t ' n a sh, c

The kids are watchin The future sees the Set an example

ng future

COCOBEL pankcakes Bruh, the best I've ever had What's that recipe?

Food. Indian food. Get chu' some Gobi Aloo My stomach said, "YES!"

I met Ayanda He didn't really talk much His art is his voice

Nelson Mandela His voice, a unique timbre They miss you so much

That girl, EmmoLei

No. No she is not.

She is South African, right?

EMMOLEI SANKOFA is a multi-disciplinary artist. At the core, her work is centered around music and sound; however, she often explores the world through photography and other visual media. JOZI is her third photography series, and joins the diverse body of work under belt. She currently lives in Los Angeles, California and online at

EmmoLei Sankofa, Baldwin's Room Residence Johannesburg, South Africa

© 2017 Emily Jackson