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Rented Dedicated Server – A Cost-Effective Alternative A dedicated server hosting refers to an exclusively reserved hosting within the host’s network. Having a server completely committed to your technical requirements earns you a lot of advantages which are missing on a shared hosting system. In spite of several benefits being admitted, truth must not be denied that a dedicated server may set you back by an astronomical amount. If you are not sure about the viability of a dedicated server or not in a position to make such a costly investment, renting a dedicated server may be a viable option. Dedicated Server – You-Centric Hosting: It is not that shared hosting has become an obsolete concept. Even VPS hosting has also come of age to be a good alternative to dedicated server. Still, it makes sense to have a server of one’s own. Without actually or virtually sharing a physical server, you can enjoy faster data access and high traffic management via dedicated hosting. Moreover, the dedicated server allows itself for tailor-made use. A company can use its extra space for bulk emails, multiple database applications and multiple domains. Many companies follow the multiple-domains-on-single-server technique through the optimal use of the extra space that a dedicated server offers. Such a feature makes it easy for an individual or a company to easily manage the running applications and keep them up-to-date. Costly Purchase: Really it is! But a dedicated server is worth spending a tidy fortune because of the benefits you get to gain. Moreover, shared hosting can never be a good choice for a hightraffic website. Shared hosting comes with restricted amount of bandwidth. Once this limit is over, you experience sluggish download or have to pay for extra use. Dedicated server does not suffer from such limitations, thereby facilitating multiple domains hosting on a single server. Moreover, dedicated server hosting for some sites is a good economical solution instead of paying more to avail extra bandwidth on a shared server. Cost-Effective Hiring: Experience with dedicated server hosting is so much hassle-free that you may like to go for it instead of sticking to the shared hosting facilities. However, you may be hesitating a little due to the high cost factor involved. Dedicated server renting is a better alternative to buying it. You are entitled to ownership if you make a buy whereas in case of leasing, you are obliged to pay rental charge. In both the cases, you have free access to roundthe-clock customer care service. And customer support is quite impressive too. The hosting company takes extra care of the customers’ technical troubles because they will possibly switch to alternative options in the event of unsatisfactory service. Dedicated server leasing is quite popular with some persons. It is because up time of the sites are not affected due to the factors they have no control over. If cost becomes a barrier but excellence in service is an obsession with you, go for the rented hosting service. Like an owned server, a rented dedicated one too offers the same service with equal efficiency; the only difference is that it is not of your own in the truest sense!


Rented Dedicated Server – A Cost-Effective Alternative