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Role of free tools in effective and efficient website monitoring Monitoring a website does not necessarily mean keeping an eye on the web traffic only. It is beyond just that. So, unless you monitor all other parameters of your website, you just cannot say that your website monitoring is effective and efficient. Prior to understanding the role of the free tools in monitoring, let us know why you need website monitoring in the first place? There are several reasons to do so.

Your website will run smoothly provided all the parameters that keep it going are working perfectly. Some of the important parameters include bandwidth, uptime, downtime, disk space, memory, web traffic, and load balancing. But how will you know if they are working fine? It is not possible for you to supervise all these parameters all by yourself. So, you need few tools that will make your website monitoring processeasier and hassle free.

You can either get the website monitoring done by your internal IT staff or hire the services of an IT service provide. In majority of the cases,your web host will come to your rescue. And it is much easier and makes sense to avail their monitoring services. This is because you know you have hired server space from them, so you have entered into a contract with the service provider. With some extra cash, you can get the website monitoring work done by them too.

Let us come to the tools

Now that you know why you actually need to conduct website monitoring, next step is to settle for the tool that will help you to carry out the monitoring task.

There are 2 ways in which you can avail the free website monitoring tools. One is by opting for Log Analysis and the other one is by going for Page Tagging. By means of log analysis, the log files can be read and as a result important data can be deciphered. However, in order to get the

benefit, this particular software has to be installed in your web server when the server is being set up.

In fact, you have a choice of selecting any of the free tools that are available for website monitoring. But oftentimes, these are usually pre-installed and you don’t have to pay any extra dollars for these tools. As they come installed along with the web server, they are referred to as free tools that monitor the website. The other free tool that can be used for website monitoring is known as Pagetagging.

Regardless of whether it is the log analysis tool you are using or the page tagging tool, your ultimate goal will be to keep your website running at all times so that you can offer the best possible service to your visitors. Also if you are offering products and services, make sure that applications like shopping cart works well when visitors come to your website to buy something.

Free is not always good

Also remember that free tools may not always deliver the best services. So, even if you have to shell out few dollars more, make a good investment so that your returns are more.

Role of free tools in effective and efficient website monitoring