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Vote Emmet Hughes #1 for NCISU Vice President 2014/2015

My Manifesto

Who Am I? My name is Emmet Hughes and I am a final year student in the NCI. Over the past 6 years in NCI, I have been heavily involved in NCI Students Union, being Campaigns Manager this year and the Officer for Part Time Students in the 2013/2014 academic year. I won the Best Civic Contribution Awards in 2013/2014 for my work within NCISU. I have also been heavily involved in Clubs and Societies. I am the current President of the Peer Mentor Society and Vice President of the LGBT Society. I was part of the Peer Mentor Society when we won Best Event of the Year at the BICS National Awards when we raised â‚Ź10,000 for charity I have been a Peer Mentor for 5 Years and a Class Rep for 4 year. My experience within college life speaks for itself

Why am I running for Vice President? I believe that if I was elected into this position, that I have a lot to offer the students of NCI. Through all of my work with the Students Union, I can see where I can input my own experiences throughout my time in the college and put it toward the improvement of student life with NCI. I think I have fresh idea and a fresh perspective as I have never been in a SU Sabbatical Position before. I want to show students that the Students Union isn’t just there for organizing nights. I want students to know that the Students Union is there to support them in whatever way they need. Whether it be academic, personal or financial, I

will make sure that students know the Student Union can help them in any way that they can. I believe I can promote this with students Please take a look at my manifesto for the elections and please don’t forget to Vote Emmet Hughes #1 for your Students Union Vice President for Welfare, Equality and Part Time Students on the 10th/11th and 12th of March!

Welfare Welfare is a major part of the role of Vice President within the Students Union. This part of the role is ensuring that student welfare is taken care of for both Full Time and Part Time Students within NCI. In terms of Welfare, I will continue with the Open Door Policy in the Students Union with a few changes. I will guarantee that for 4 days a week, I will be available for students from 9am until 7pm. This is to ensure that I will be available for both Full Time and Part Time Students. With the student fees going up again in the next academic year, times are going to be tight for all students. I will promise that I will work tirelessly with the Union of Students of Ireland in fighting further increases in student fees and, more importantly, any cuts to the Student Maintenance Grants. I will push to make sure the government knows that what they are doing to students is wrong and that we as a Students Union will not stand for it. I will set up a page on the website,, to highlight what we are doing in regards to fighting the fees and so that students know what they can do to help fight this cause Mature Students are a large part of the student population within NCI. I want to elect a Mature Student Rep in the Students Union to ensure that we what the Students Union is doing throughout the year also benefits Mature Students within NCI. The Student Welfare Loan is a great asset for the Union to have. Students can borrow money of the Union when they really need it. I will guarantee that this Scheme will continue and grow throughout the year ensuring that no student is turned away for money so that they know their Students Union is there to support them.

Equality Equality within college life is of vital importance. It ensure that all students, regardless of race, age or sexuality are all treating equally. 1.

I will implement a Strict Anti – Bullying Policy within the college that will cover both Full – Time and Part Time Students in NCI


I will promote Marriage Equality and the vote on Marriage Equality that will be taking place early 2015


I will continue to implement Equality Week, which is a great benefit to the college. I will create 2 Equality Weeks, one in each Semester to ensure that we cater for all diversities within NCI

Part-Time Students Part Time Students are a vibrant and vital part of the NCI Student body. Many see them as separate from the Full Time Students but I see them as just as a important when it comes to running a successful Students Union 1.

I will ensure that Part Time Student will meet members of the Students Union during their Orientation so that they are aware of who their Union Officers are.


I will elect a Part Time Student Rep to keep Part Time Students up to date with all the events the Students Union run. They will also sit on the SU Executive meetings to get their input on Union decisions


I will work with the Careers Office to get representatives from business to come in and talk to Part Time Students about the jobs they can offer to students.


I will run social events to get Part Time Students socialising with each other.

Thank you for reading my Manifesto. If you have any questions please email or check out my Facebook page. Don’t forget to Vote Emmet #1 for Vice President for Welfare, Equality and Part Time Students on the 10th/11th/12th of March. Guaranteed promises for the Students on NCI

Emmet Election Manifesto  

I am running for NCISU Vice President. Please take the time to read my manifesto