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Complementary technologies play a key role in the area of special workshop requirements; the Emmegi range contains a large assortment of dedicated machines for all milling, drilling, end milling, filing, profiles positioning and measurement checking needs. Horizontal end milling machine with electropneumatic feed and automatic machining cycle. Milling of intermediate angles, +45° / 90° / -45°. Variable speed of tool rotation with electronic inverter for improved quality machining on painted profiles and at intermediate angles. Quick cutter change with pneumatic control. Scratch-proof work table. Fully guarded and sound-damped work zone.

Emmegi Usa Inc. 20, Murray Hill Parkway - Unit 120 East Rutherford, NJ 07073 USA Tel. (201) 935 0200 - Fax (201) 935 0400

LILLIPUT 350A INSO Single-head copy router with manual downfeed. Manually controlled singlehead copy router with pneumatic clamping and traverse of the cutting head with indirect lever. Predisposition for performing through machining operations on aluminium without turning the workpiece and for working steel up to 2 mm. Scratch-proof work table.


Logistics - tables and trolleys In the rationalisation and optimisation of the production cycle, the Emmegi Logistics Line offers businesses a tangible solution to their stocking, handling and assembly needs.

Emmegi is world leader in the sector of design, production and sale of technologies for profile machining in aluminum, light alloy, PVC and steel. The company - owned by the Cifin Group - is headquartered in Limidi di Soliera (Modena, Italy) and over the years has been marked by sustained growth rates and a gradual internationalization of its business. Emmegi USA stands out for its dynamism and strength. For over 10 years since it opened in New Jersey, September 2006, this US branch has consolidated and bolstered its presence in the North American market, becoming a benchmark in the area. Our 16,000 sqft warehouse hosts an active and well-stocked spare parts department, and a state of the art showroom ready for demos and training at any level. It employs over 35 people, half of whom are highly qualified technicians. These are people who, every day, work with passion and dedication to ensure the Emmegi brand effectiveness and reliability, and are at the service of clients to be at their side at every step of the production cycle: from design to logistics, with special attention to technical support. An extraordinary range of products that covers each step of profile machining and production process management, together with a high assurance of quality and reliability. This is Emmegi.


Trolley for transportation and storage of sashes. The base of each compartment is equipped with rolls for easier handling of heavy or large size pieces.

The bench is suitable for any fitting and assembly operation of door and window frames. The sliding and extendable tops allow operations with every size frames and very big structures in complete safety.


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Complementary technologies - end milling machines and copy routers


Emmegi production plant

Software Camplus

Emmegi Hub

Software package for programming and supervision of Machining centre

Emmegi sales office

CAMPLUS: for graphic planning 3D of machining processes, with display of profile and tools SHAPE: for defining “special” figures JOB: for managing work lists DRILL: user-friendly machine-operator interface

Emmegi dealer

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Machining centres

CNC Machining centre with 4 controlled axes, used for the working of bars or aluminium and steel pieces up to 3 mm. Automatically positioned clamp unit. It has a 4 or an 8 place (optional) tools storage, with the possibility of hosting 2 angular units and one milling disc, to perform machining on the 5 sides of the piece. The presence of the continuous rotary work table (CN axis) allows you to work at any angle from - 90° to + 90° and on the two heads with double-outlet angular unit, with the table at 0°.

Our machining centres are the state-of-the-art solution for processing profiles. A generous range of solutions that provide exceptional production autonomy, flexibility and a guarantee of the highest quality standards.



18-axis CNC machining centre for milling, drilling and cutting aluminium and light alloy profiles. QUADRA is composed of an automatic magazine and a push feed system for profiles of up to 7500 mm in length, complete with gripper drive for profile clamping. Thanks to the gripper movement, the feeder returns to its starting position simultaneously allowing the loader to prepare the next profile. The milling module, the two cutting modules and the end milling module are located in the central area of the machine. The 4-axis CNC milling module is equipped with from 4 to 6 electrospindles that make it possible to machine any face of the workpiece irrespective of its orientation. The main cutting module is composed of a 600 mm diameter blade with downstroke movement in three CNC axes. The secondary cutting module is equipped with a 350 mm diameter blade with feed and rotation movements on a horizontal CNC axis. The end milling module operates on two CNC axes by means of a cutters unit. QUADRA also includes an automatic ejector to transfer the workpiece from the cutting unit to the unloading magazine. The unit is composed of a transverse belts magazine to unload machined workpieces of up to 4000 mm in length (optional 7500 mm). The central machining area of the machine features a sound-proofed enclosure that protects the operator while also reducing the environmental noise impact. 5-axis CNC machining centre with moving gantry structure. Designed for milling, drilling, threading and cutting, on bars or large workpieces made of aluminium and steel. The moving part of the machine consists of a gantry with a precision rack and pinion drive. The high power (15 kW in S1) electrically-driven spindle with HSK-63F tool holder allows machining operations, including heavy-duty work, with optimum results in terms of speed and accuracy. A 16-place tool magazine, which can be expanded to 32 and can be fitted with an exchanger system which considerably reduces the tool change time, is installed in the moving gantry structure. The 500 mm blade is housed separately in a dedicated magazine. The machine can be used in double mode so as to minimize machine downtime, as it enables to change the workpiece (load/unload) while the machine is running . With the dynamic double mode is possible to improve this feature, since the positioning vices can be done completely independently from the gantry. It is also possible process workpieces between the two work areas. The gantry is equipped with a guard which, as well as protecting the operator, also reduces noise and environmental impact. 4-axis CNC machining centre with moving gantry structure. Designed for drilling, milling, thread cutting and cutting at angle any from 0° to 180° on bars or workpieces made of aluminium and steel. The moving part of the machine consists of a gantry with precision rack and pinion drive. The high power 7,5 kW electrically-driven spindle with HSK-63F tool holder allows machining operations, including heavy-duty work, with optimum results in terms of speed and accuracy. The machine can be used in double mode so as to minimize machine downtime, as it is possible to change the workpiece (load/unload) and the automatic setting of the vices in “concealed” time. It is also possible to load and consequently machine different workpieces and to perform different machining operations between the two work areas.


Electronic double-head cutting off machine with automatic movement of the mobile head through a C.C. motor controlled by numerical control. Pneumatic management of all angles up to 22°30’ (external). 450 and 500 mm-blade. Cutting lengths of 4, 5, 6 m for Classic Magic.

Cutting centres Emmegi cutting centres comprise a range of dedicated machines for cutting bars in aluminium, Solutions with 1 to 3 CNC-controlled axes for cutting profiles in automatic and semiautomatic mode A semiautomatic version cutting centre with 2 controlled axes, manual loading/ unloading on the same side of the machine, with front CNC blade, dedicated to cutting Aluminium. It performs predefined and optimised cutting lists in automatic. Designed to execute cutting at angles ranging from 45° to 135° or from 22°30’ to 157°30’.


Single head cutting-off machines Easy to use and versatile, our single head cutting-off machines offer multiple functions and accessories that make them quite unique in their field.


Automatic single-head cutting-off machine with upstroke movement for 90° cuts, fitted with N/C electric bar feeder with cut positioning tolerance up to ± 0.05 mm. Can be configured with four different diameter blades, and N/C electric blade feed. System for automatic separation of the cut piece optional. Can be equipped with a bars loading automatic magazine and custom drilling unit for specific needs.

Semi-automatic CNC cutting-off centre with horizontal blade feed, 2 controlled axes, designed for cutting profiles made of aluminium. It performs automatic cutting according to predefined and optimized cutting lists. The machine is intended to perform cutting at an angle from 45° to 135° or from 22°30’ to 157°30’. The barstop unit is equipped with a gripper and crosses the cutting module for the collection of profiles from the load magazine located on the right of the machines. It follows that the bar loading and the cut workpiece discharge occur on the same side with great ease for the operator who does not need to change his operating position.



Twin-head cutting-off machines


CNC machining centre with 4 controlled axes for machining bars or workpieces made of aluminium and steel. It has two modes of operation: either in just one work area for bars up to 7.7 m long or else in two independent work areas. The versions COMET T6 HP, with 2 extra axes for vices and reference stop positioning, and COMET T6 I, with independent motor-driven vices, enable the vices to be positioned in concurrent operation time when the machining centre is running in double mode. It is equipped with an 8-place tool magazine on board the X axis slide, capable of containing 2 angle machining heads and a side milling cutter, for machining the 5 faces of the workpiece. It also has a traversing work table which makes workpiece loading/unloading easier and increases the machinable section considerably.

Emmegi twin-head cutting-off machines offer unique performance and constitute the ideal solution for cutting bars of different thicknesses and at different angles. Machines of the latest generation equipped with up-to-the-minute technology plus efficient and easy-to-use traditional models. Double-head cutting-off machine with 5 controlled axes for aluminium, with automatic movement of the mobile head and electronic management of all 45° (internal) to 15° (external) angles. The HS High Speed version envisions an X axis with higher speed and all necessary protections for the automatic work, even unattended, in order to obtain maximum production. 550mm-blade. Available with a useful cut of 5 m or 6 m in length.


Twin-head cutting-off machine with 3 controlled axes with automatic movement of the mobile head and electronic management of all 45 ° (internal) to 15° (external) angles. Blades feed driven by hydro-pneumatic cylinders. 550 mm-blade. Available with a useful cut of 5 m or 6 m in length.

650 SCA/E

Single-head, rising blade cutting-off machine, with N/C automatic rotation of the vertical axis through DC motor and contemporaneous hydraulic tilting of the horizontal axis. Cutting with angular settings from 90° to 22°30’ (left and right) on the vertical axis and from 90° to 35° (right only) on the horizontal axis. Equipped with digital position display for the horizontal axis.

Single-head, rising blade cutting-off machine, with left loading side, able to perform cuts from 20° left to 20° right and intermediate angles.

SCA 550