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Ground Floor In each room marked with a leaf, find the hidden frame, answer the riddle and picture clue and collect the seven hidden stamps.

First Floor Riddle:



First Study



Dressing Room

Riddle: WC Picture:

Bicycle Room


Final Study

Start here


Coal Store

Second Study

Drawing Room


Dining Room


Florence’s Bedroom


Attic Floor Emma’s

Wood Store

Room Riddle:

The rooms which are shaded are not open to the public at this time.




Dolly’s Room

Riddle: Picture:

Garden Trail Help me to find my collars they are hidden around the garden. There are five in total.

National Trust Garden Checklist There are so many things to see in the garden, make sure you look out for the:

A Walk With Wessex

Vegetable Patch Druid Stone Nut Walk Max Gate House and Garden Trail

Sarsen Stone Write down the letters you find on my collars in the circles below. Good luck!

Sun Dial Pet Cemetery

Scribble down all tweleve letters you have collected and rearrange them to solve the answer to this question:

In his novels, what did Thomas Hardy call Dorchester?

House Trail Look on the house map, in each room where there is a you will find a hidden picture frame. In this frame there will be a picture clue and a riddle for objects in the room. Record your answers in the designated spaces. There will also be a stamp hidden in these rooms, collect all the stamps in the and save them for later, you will need them!

Garden Trail Find Wessex, he is hidden around the garden. Record the letters you find on his collars. Use all the stamps and letters found in the house and garden to answer the question on the back page.

Max Gate House and Garden Trail