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• Model standing in the shower washing and sitting on the ledge (If someone is willing to do this. It could be a shot of top half of the body)

Daily Routine- Single and couple • Reflection in mirror • Brushing teeth • Shaving • Washing face • Applying cream

Bathroom Single and couple Daily Routine Relaxation • • • • •

Towel around body Running a bath Scrubbing back in the bath Relaxing in the bath Reading in the bath

Bathroom Single and couple Daily Routine Natural beauty • • • • •

Brushing teeth Shaving Washing face Applying cream Reflection shots

• Cleaning the bathroom • Weight • Worries

Bedroom • Reading on bed and on chair • Putting shoes on sitting in single chair Couple and single • Relaxing in bed • Blankets over bed • Wrapped in blanket • Listening to music • Using laptop • Writing in bed

Bedroom Couple and single • Watching TV • Sleeping • Relaxing in bed • Blankets over bed • Using laptop • Breakfast in bed

Bedroom • • • • •

Opening the wardrobe Picking out an outfit Choosing what clothes to wear Getting ready looking in the mirror Clothes hanging on wardrobe door

• Standing looking out the window • Reflecting on childhood (toys are already in bedroom) • Sitting at dressing table; spraying perfume, brushing hair

Bedroom Girls night in • Watching TV • Relaxing in bed • Using laptop • Listening to music • Talking and laughing • Looking at magazines • Getting ready; doing hair, painting nails, helping each other


• Leaving the front door/Coming in the door (Casual clothes, fitness clothes, suit, dressing gown) • Shoes left my door

• • • •

On the phone; looking out of the window Reception; phone and notepad Reading at the desk Sitting on the trunk by the stairs


• Walking up/down the stairs; going to bed, carrying washing, carrying breakfast, on the phone, couple walking together, morning, coming home from work • Shoes/toys/clothes left on the stairs


• Sitting on/standing by rocking horse; reflecting on childhood • Reading on rocking chair and horse • Rocking horse on its own • Looking out of the window; waiting for someone • Stain glass windows • Ironing


• Choosing a book from the shelves • Drinking/listening to music/on the phone sitting on the rocking chair; relaxation • Lying on the floor listening to music/looking at a magazine; relaxation • Keeping warm by the fire • Making the fire • Wrapped in a blanket on floor/on rocking chair

Living room • • • • • • •

Drinking tea Eating breakfast/a healthy snack Reading Headphones on Looking out the window View through with patio doors open Couple lying on the sofa

Living room • • • • • •

Eating at the table; healthy snack Lay the table with cutlery, plates Playing a game at the table Working on the table; notepad, calculator Friends on the sofa Friends round


• • • • • •

Patio doors open View from garden into living room View from living room out to garden Green house, garden tools left by green house Gardening Relaxing outside, lying on a blanket and sitting on the patio chairs • Eating and drinking outside • Shoes left by door • Eating outside (if its sunny)

Kitchen • • • • • • • • • • • •

Preparing food; chopping board, bowls, fruit bowl Eating at the table Cutlery and plates laid out ready on table Washing up, cleaning the sides Cooking Breakfast, Pouring tea Leaving for work after breakfast, taking the keys Coming home after work to dinner Taking plates out of cupcoard Romantic scene on table; candles, laid table View through; open patio doors Coming in from the garden

• • • • • • •


Coming home/leaving the house Going for a run Opening the gate Gardening Coming home from shopping Coming home to birthday surprise Opening the front door to someone walking up the stairs • Leaving/Coming home with suitcase • Carrying flowers









Guide for Live Photoshoot  

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