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Fulfilling The Promise


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our IMPACT - Our Promise Africa In ME Events, Projects /Opportunities Introducing NPS editorial

Welcome to the first Impact ��� newsletter, which is a reflection of our committment to the promise of delivering positive Impact and life changing Opportunities. It goes without saying that the past � months have been moments of truth, woven in them have been numerous achievements and learning points to base our decissions and investments. We are and have delivered stories of Impact every day, every where to every one and thats the kind of committment we share as an entity and network. I wish you a fruitful Reading Emmanuel Waiswa MCVP GCDP ICX ( AIESEC In Uganda)

We Are Touching Lives unleashing Impact - Our Promise

iNTERVIEW WITH Michael eberspacher , 25 ( Germany ) Tell Me About Yourself and work My name is Michael, 25 years old from Germany and I was working in a nursery and primary school, called Kireka C parents, in a slum area in Kampala, Uganda, for 6 weeks as a teacher and as an advisor. Next to my math lessons I gave daily, I also took care of the kids in the break, did some physical training with them, sang, danced and laughed with them. I really loved my job in the school and especially the children. It was amazing and a lot of fun although and maybe because of the reason that the conditions in the school were not comparable to anything I’ve seen before in Europe.

What Do You Mean? I mean seeing the kids in the school and the people in general in this area, struggling for food, their huts without access to running , hot water, even sometimes without access to electricity, without anything luxurious. Reduced on a minimum level. Reduced just on essential things. Nothing more! But still the kids and in general the people were so satisfied with their situation. That was the most impressive thing I ever experienced. I mean nobody is

dissatisfied or is greedy. You can see smiling, friendly, warmhearted people in every corner, at every single place, everywhere you are! People, who live at the border of the poverty level, but still they invite you for lunch. People, who are needy, but still they want to help even more needy people. Kids, who haven’t a real playground, but still they create one and they have fun with the things which are around them.

What Would You Recommend About Your Exchange?

Cultural exposure In my opinion the most challenging and also most impressive part was the cultural difference between Uganda and Germany. This is really worth to experience and more than recommendable!

People, who live at the border of the poverty level, but still they invite you for lunch.needy, but still they want to help even more needy people. Kids, who havnʼt a real playground, but still they create one and they have fun with the things which are around them.

africa in ME Africa in Me is the official regional branding campaign for ACP, that aims to showcase African continent to the world to make AIESEC in Africa the first choice destination for AIESEC’s international experiences globally,by providing highquality GIP and GCDPExperiences. In other words, Is an opportunity to embraceAfrica with heart wide open and a hands on attitude! Africa in Me is based around an onlineportal,, as well asa set of experiences designed to enrich the volunteer or professional experiences with AIESEC in Africa with a set of exciting activities. Through AiM young people will be ableto explore the African culture as well as document the experiences for their origin countriesand cities, through

PURPOSE OF AIM Promote Africa as first Choice destination for AIESEC Internships in the Network Create and Showcase a multi dimensional Image of African Continent through stories of Youth Contribution to Impact Society Create quality standards for reception to provide Unique experiences to young People

ePic Moments ePIC Moments requires EPs to tell the story behind the picture of their choice, bringing it to life and sharing it with the people back home. All local committees of AIESEC in Africa, and around the world, will also use the images for promotion of Africa as the first choice destination for AIESEC internships and also to better portray what Africa truly is, breaking stereotypes and helping us build a new story;

Es Sense

“Sensing the essence of Africa” African arts in their different formats (crafts, music, dance and story-telling) give us and will give you a sense of our genuine African life style while also

Main Activities

in Africa

giving you the opportunity to experience and appreciate our cultural heritage.

Untold Africa This activity require EPs to volunteer at an NGO or shadow an influential community leader for at least a day. During this day, EP’s role will be to act as a reporter of what this person and organizations do and how they contribute to the building of a better Africa. We expect EPs to create a short video documentary as output, so that we can together get this stories out in the open and >start portraying a different face of Africa.

aCtiv8 joy The EP can organise Games and Sports for children in the community and then take photos and videos to be shared

The EPs will then organize an event to experience and learnfrom them and their craft as a way to dignify life. All videos will beused to showcase EPs experience and what they have learned from the artist that chosen. What a better way to have fun, learn, have a great time and become a promoter of our Africa, YOUR Africa!

IMPLEMENTATION IN LCs: Select Africa in Me_ Responsible in your LC Provide your EPs with database of contacts of local artists, singer, musicians, cooking places.. Collect stories and videos from your EPs and upload them on YouTube named as: AfricainMe,

About NPS

Net Promoter Score AIESEC’s commitment to creating high-quality, impactful experiences motivates a constant drive for us to continue to improve our operations. This year, to empower a more dynamic response to feedback, AI began to test the use of Net Promoter Score to evaluate programme participant satisfaction. The Net Promoter Score is a customer loyalty metric that can be used to gauge the loyalty of an organisation’s customer relationships. It is based on a simple question based on a scale of 0-10, “How likely are you to recommend this experience?” Pilots are currently underway in a nmuber of entities including Uganda .

NPS is based on the fundamental that organization’s customers can be divided into three categories: Promoters, Passives, and Detractors. Why? •Why customer care is relevant? People living na ELD Programme want to be satisfied with the experience. Caring about them will help us identify delivery bottlenecks making us more fast-responding towards our “customer” needs. •Why we do fire-fighting? Credibility is about people trusting on our organization. To be trusted by whoever lives an AIESEC ELD Programme, we must take care of any problems that must appear, this is called fire-fighting. By “extinguishing” this fire, we can eliminate possible detractors. Must-Read: Quality Promise Wiki

HOW DOES IT WORK? AI is partnering with CG ( Customer Guage) for an IT system, all participants in all programs ( Matched, realised and Completed) are sent a survey to assess how their experience was with one of the ELD Programs ( GCDP, TLP,TMP,GIP) Every Pilot Country / Entity has a country Login and then the MC is suppossed to create the Local Chapter Logins.

Events and Opportunities AIESEC Uganda National Projects 2012 - 2013 ACP Projects For a chance to Participate in one of Our ACP Projects and any other ICX Opportunities, Please follow this link

Are you from the region? Kenya , Tanzania , Rwanda and Ethopia This is your chance for Regional Citizenship through the IRC Campaign. Contact your OGX responsible in your country for ICX opportunities in the region, As Uganda we have a number of Projects as detailed in the booklet you will find through the link given above.

Africa In Me Local Chapter Coordinator ( AIESEC Uganda ) This is a team member position for any one who wants to coordinate the implementation of AIM main activities in Local Chapters , Please contact us on:



+ 256 414220087



Fulfilling The Promise


iGCDP Uganda

Impact 256 newsletter  
Impact 256 newsletter