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Hi there, You may be aware that the reading list tool Aspire is continually developing based on feedback from users like yourselves, so here is the latest round-up of new features in the Aspire reading list tool.

Aspire users said‌

Aspire developers delivered‌

We want to display our lists in our preferred referencing style.

Yes! You can now display your list in a choice of referencing styles including Harvard, MLA, Chicago.

What does it look like?

We want to use Aspire on our mobile devices

We want a cleaner, uncluttered list view.

Yes! The design of Aspire now means you can use it on smaller screen like on a mobile device. Yes! The design of the list view has been changed to make it a clearer, crisper user experience.

Looks great!

Looks great!

We want the list to be easier to navigate.

Yes! Table of contents: this now displays in the left hand side of the screen and moves with the list making things much easier to navigate, especially on longer lists. Filter by keyword: you can search for resources on the list by keyword.

We want more customisation/personali sation options

Yes! Student features: students can set up a profile, add notes to items and update their read status.

Aspire - what's new and what's next