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ROSANNA’S RESPONSE TO TRAILER Does this work as a trailer? Yes it does work as a trailer, it holds the audience’s attention through stimulating aesthetics which form a dialogue with the piece of music. It communicates the genre of the film and begins to introduce the characters yet does not give away too much of the plot. Does it make you want to see the film? I would very much like to see the film, the trailer portrays the feature length film as pacey and exciting yet with the street-like undertones of ‘real life’, myself and many young people will be attracted to it on a more personal level. The introduction of the characters and uncertainty of their outcomes provoke the audience to want to see their storyline through. Did the trailer sustain your interest? Yes, particularly through your use of combining the crescendo of the music with shorter shots, creating a faster pace. This method, combined with varied camera angles, form the impression that I was within the trailer and part of this world (within the house/within the car) rather than just a spectator, through involving the viewer in this way, you are subliminally making us part of it Is the genre of the film established by the trailer and what genre do you think it is? It appears to be a crime fiction/drama with suggestions of romance. What aspects/features/shots/messages are most effective? The crescendo of shorter shots and musical climax. Also as previously mentioned, the way in which the audience are made to feel part of it, through introducing point of view shots (when she is holding the bag of powder and when going through the underground) we are put into the position of the main characters creating notions of empathy or even fear. Likewise the high angle shot at 0.58 makes the girl seem vulnerable which is very effective. You do not use large text to create suspense or drama because your trailer already uses appropriate camera shots to do this well, therefore your text simply informs the viewer of the needed information while becoming at one with the flowing movement of the imagery, the incorporation of text if a difficult skill and you’ve done it very nicely. What image from the film lingers in your mind after viewing the trailer? The close up of the actresses face at 0.08. We are immediately drawn to the fear and loneliness expressed in her eyes. The blue of her eyes contrasts with the deep red of her hood, a colour symbolic of danger, a possible foreshadowing for her future… The shot allows the viewer to focus solely on the girl, we are not distracted by the setting but exposed only to the emotion on her face. The reoccurring shots of tunnels and trains not only suggest the journeying of one place to another both mentally and physically but also refer to

phallic/sexual references (see Hitchcock’s North by Northwest) A reference for a possible sexual relationship between the two main characters? What did you ‘understand’ about the film’s narrative from the trailer? I believe it to be about a girl who is lost/lonely in the world and falls in love with a man who leads her astray, she gets caught up in this dangerous world and ends up becoming more lost. Her fate is inconclusive which is positive within the trailer as you do not give away too much. How did you feel the length of the trailer was? Just right. Choice of actors? The actors were very good which helped make it believable. Although I already know Becci, her acting was very good and her actions well directed so I only really viewed her as the character you intended her to portray. Choice of location & mise en scene? Your varied locations and times of day/night gave the trailer a very well rounded sense, contributing to its overall believability. The choice of street scenes, graffiti and underprivileged areas inject a sense of ‘real life’. You documented local areas in such a way which made them quite unrecognisable (varied shots/lighting), this is a positive tool as recognising an area within a film can often distract from the overall feature. Choice of lighting? Your varied use of day/night creates a sense of reality. It appears as though the contrast has been heightened slightly in some areas which gives the trailer a more ‘indie’ feel to it, similar techniques are used in Skins which features comparable themes to your trailer. Areas of heightened and lessened contrast can either lift or bring down the mood of the shot, you have used this very effectively. Choice of music? The choice of music was very good. It begins slowly, allowing you to begin introducing the life of the young girl, it then picks up in pace, allowing you to introduce this new sense of adventure before reaching a climax, forming a dialogue with the plot throughout. The music is also not overly well known, when the music is well known, it can often distract from the plot. How well did the music help establish the genre? Both the music and the trailer convey ‘indie’ undertones. The song lyrics also speak of deprivation and loneliness, much like the themes provided in the trailer.

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