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Official Newsletter of Key Club Division 42 WA


Letter from Editor

Hi all! hands! Keep up the I've had a wonderful time being your LTG. I fantastic work as always. just want to thank everyone that has helped me through this In love and Key Club, Emma Temples journey! This has truly LtG 42 WA been a great (360) 431-6898 opportunity that I won't forget. As this year's term ends, there are a couple things to keep in mind; if you haven't already elected next year's board for your club, do so now (this board will officially be inducted after DCON), this will be my very last newsletter but I will join Brad on his first club visits (and bring cookies), and our division has come so far in the past year! We'll only improve. As I'm sad to go, you all will be left in great

Volume 1 Issue 7

In this issue! Incoming LTG...............2 Div. News......................4 DCON............................5 March of Dimes...........6 Eliminate.......................7 What's Happening?....9 Thank You!!................10

DCON April 4th-6th in Seattle!

Meet your incoming Lieutenant Governor!



Bradlee Thielen! Favorite food: Pizza Favorite animal: Tiger Best part of Key Club to you: The cores it stands for. Hobbies: Sims, drawing, blogging Coke or Pepsi? Neither Favorite Artist: Lana Del Rey Future Career: Game Designer Ideal Vacation: Iceland I hope you all will receive Brad with the same warmth that I had the privilege of receiving this past year.


Character Building


Update from Brad... I am so excited to serve as your LTG for the next term. I've already been through the hazing of the District Board (pictured below), so I'm ready and prepared to take over. I will be coming around for club visits next month (after DCON) to connect and meet each club's newly elected board members! A couple things I'm sure of (other than being fabulous): • My newsletters will be the bomb. Get ready for fun, artistic monthly newsletters that will help keep your club in the loop of district/divisional news! • I will continue the regular club visits (I'll also bring cookies and other baked goods to these!) • Continue the outpour of membership recruitment resources all well as Eliminate resources. • As a division, we'll definitely connect more with other divisions! (through service projects, rallies, etc.)

Divisional News Things are changing for us! For one, we are moving around the schools with our sister division (Divison 42 OR). This is because of how far certian clubs are away from the incoming LtGs. So, as of the next term, Division 42 WA will consist of six clubs: Ral, Kelso, TRCS, Toutle lake, St. Helens, and CCEC. We can no longer hold the name Divisons 42 WA because of this switch (St. Helens and CCEC are in Oregon), so we will be changing that title as well. We can change it to pretty much anything, so please contact me if you have any ideas! (right now we're thinking of naming it Division 42 Coastal vs. Inland?). Contact me with any ideas you have!

Make sure to order your Divisional T-shirt in the next week. Orders with money can be mailed to me at: 1709 24th ave.

I would like to apologize for the cancellation of last month's DCM. This was due to the lastminute cancellation of the room we were going to hold it in (it got double booked). Thank you for understanding. Brad will now be holding the "Game Show" DCM in the month of May. Follow his upcoming newsletter for more details (look for it next month! It will also be full of DCON pictures and District news!)

Longview, WA 98632 We have received 1,328 registrations for DCON! For those who are going, this is what you need to expect:


→ You'll have a blast. Period. No question about that. → It will be held in at the Seattle Sheraton Hotel and the Washington State Convention Center so be prepared to explore Seattle. → There will be a show performance by Joseph Vincent, look him up on YouTube, you won't regret it. → You're gonna have to make some tough decisions.. Like which forums to go to... Should you go to Yoga or Dancing 101? → make sure to bring comfortable shoes, especially for the dance on Saturday night. → Little sleep. Long days filled with as much fun as humanely possible. → Bring all types of clothes, business causal, causal, and spirit gear. You're gonna wear all of it. → Try to get some new ideas to bring back to your clubs. Go to the Service Fair or a forum on fundraising ideas!


"I'm beyond excited to go to DCON this year. This is my first year going and I know that I'll have a blast. I'm pretty much already packed, I brought my twerking pants, my divisional spirit gear, and a friendly attitude, so I should fit right in." -Bradlee Thielen, member of RAL Key Club

March of Dimes

March of Dimes is an organization that works to improve the health of mothers and babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth and infant mortality. It provides mothers, pregnant women of childbearing age with educational resources on baby health, preconception and new motherhood, as well as supplying information and support to families. What Key Club does to help: → Key Club has been partnered with March of Dimes since 1978. → We have hosted fundraisers and educated members to support this organization (in 2011 alone, we raised $116,000). → Participate in March for Babies coming this month. Sign up at to join and get involved!

The Eliminate Project

Just the Facts:

This disease takes the life of 60,000 innocent babies e This disease is entirely PREVENTABLE. Each vaccination cost $1.80 If every member in our district would donate just $2, surpass our goal. We have less than two years left in the Eliminate Proj Fundraising campaign. Kiwanis members have raised nearly $44 million in fu There is still so much work to be done! Go to to get resources and


Want to save the lives of the children pictured here? Donate now to the Eliminate Project. Through your giving, a baby will be given to the opportunity to live without the fear of maternal and neonatal tetanus. Start fundraising in your clubs today to surpass your goal of $2 per member. The Pacific Northwest District did.

What’s happening? MEMBER OF THE MONTH

Our Division!

March’s Member of the Month is…

Garrett Fix! A senior at Kelso, Garrett is the president of his club as well as a dedicated member. He has been involved in Key Club since his freshmen year and plans to join KCircle once he goes to college (K-Circle is the college Key Club). Along with several sports (football, wrestling, etc.), Garrett has accomplished more than fifty hours of service for this year alone!

Fun facts about Garrett Favorite Food: Dominos Pep Pizza Favorite Service Project: Relay for Life Why did you join Key Club? Because it sounded cool and I got to serve people. Role Model: His Grandpa If he had a superpower: Mind control so I could take over the world!



Thanks for all the memories!

I have had such an amazing time serving as your LTG. Memories made, friendships to last a lifetime, and qualities/techniques I learned that I'll be able to incorporate throughout my 10


I'm so thankful for this experience!

You’re getting Close to the End TALLIED UP ORCA POINTS The end of my term is coming sooner and sooner (it's actually in 24 days)... So make sure that you and your club is doing whatever they can to earn as many points as possible! Turn in your reports on time, come to the next DCM, etc. The points so far... Kelso-150 Toutle Lake-135 RAL- 130 Wahkiakum- 120 TRCS- 120

BOARD OR NAME LISTING Trang Tran District Governor

Started from the bottom Now we here Key Club is the largest service members demonstrate a passion for leadership organization in the world. helping others and develop excellent Key Club empowers its quarter leadership skills they carry with them million youth members to lead and for a lifetime. VISION serve in almost 5,000 clubs in 24 We are caring and competent servant nations. Providing more than 12 million service hours annually, Key leaders transforming communities Club proves to be an ever-popular worldwide. high school organization for teenagers seeking to cultivate leadership skills, develop friendships, and perform service in their communities. Since the first Key Club at Sacramento High School (California) in 1925, Key Club

Hakikat Bains District Secretary Eric Grewal District Treasurer Sara Thomas District Editor

Contact Information: (360) 431-6898



March newsletter  

Division 42 WA!

March newsletter  

Division 42 WA!