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Official Newsletter of Key Club Division 42 WA

January Newsletter Letter from Editor

Hi all! membership. I sincerely HAPPY NEW YEAR! thank all of you for your I hope you all are staring service and commitment! It your year off right with a healthy dose of Key Club! does not go unnoticed. This is around the time In love and Key Club, where your club should be Emma Temples trying new things, enticing LtG 42 WA new members and keeping (360) 431-6898 up a strong spirit! Included emma.louise16@outlook in this month’s newsletter are 365 ideas to help with that, one for every day! I challenge you and your club to try several of them! Make some Key Club resolutions, create fun service projects and enjoy Key Club 2014! For most of you, your terms are about to end but don’t forget you still have four months to go. While looking for people to fill your positions, remember why you joined and what you have accomplished throughout your

Volume 1 Issue 5

In this issue! LtG Election..................2 DCON............................3 Service Projects...........4 Eliminate.......................5 MotM.............................6 Key Club in General...6 Orca Points...................7

LtG Election Rally January 18th!

Lieutenant Governor Election Division 42 WA & 42 OR Where: Fulton’s Pizza Parlor in Clatskanie OR When: January 18th from noon until two Why: We need to elect the incoming LtG for our division Who should come: It is required that each club sends two delegates. These delegates would then be the only ones voting on the candidates behalf of your club. Everyone is encouraged to come and support!




Character Building

Who wouldn’t want to come and see these outgoing LtGs? 2


A few reasons why you and your club should go to DCON:

→ It will be held in at the Seattle Sheraton Hotel and the Washington State Convention Center. → There will be a show performance by Joseph Vincent. → The opportunity to run for a district office. → The wide options of different forums this year, including dancing. → If you want to stay a day later, the hotel will offer the same price in room. This gives your club an opportunity to explore Seattle! BUT, don’t forget about these deadlines: → Paper work for higher offices due January 31st, 2014. → Registration due February 14 th, 2014. This includes full payment.* → Check in time on the 4 th of April is at Noon. *Talk to your Kiwanis club and ask them about possible joint fundraisers or sponsorships.


“DCON is pretty much just like this big party. I went to DCON last year and had so much fun! It was really cool to get to know other members around the District. I really did make some lifelasting friendships here. Without a doubt, I’m going this year.” Says Richard, member of RAl Key Club

Service Projects Start this New Year off right, create a variety of more service projects! Use your Key Club Handbook, as well as other ideas, to come up with the perfect projects. Here are some ideas: → Get together with your Kiwanis Club. Make some valuable connections with your sponsoring Kiwanis Club by coming to the Kiwanis DCM on Saturday January 11 at ten. Come to the Center located at 106 NW 8th Ave, Kelso. → Hold competitions for your school! From hairy leg competitions to ugliest teacher contest, there is a whole range of projects that will not only help your club raise money but also enjoy themselves! → Contact myself or go online to for more information on these ideas!

Last year, RAL collected more than 1,000 pounds of food in just one week!! They realized that April was Hunger-Awareness Month from their Key Club Handbook and held a competition for their school.


Just the Facts:

This disease takes the life of 60,000 innocent babies e This disease is entirely PREVENTABLE. Each vaccination cost $1.80 If every member in our district would donate just $2, w surpass our goal. We have less than two years left in the Eliminate Proje campaign. Kiwanis members have raised nearly $44 million in fun There is still so much work to be done! Go to to get resources and


What’s Happening MEMBER OF THE MONTH January’s Member of the Month is Elena Postigo! A foreign exchange student from Spain, this is Elena’s first year in Key Club. Her favorite service project: Monday night lights. She thinks the best part of Key Club is the opportunity to help people. Odd fact: She smiles all the time. Something she couldn’t live without: Her family and friends.

DIVISIONAL SERVICE PROJECT A very big thank you to everyone who came to the Service Project! We did so well we finished in record timing! We wrapped enough presents for all the families in the Community House, as well as extras for those in need!




You’re getting Close to the End TALLIED UP ORCA POINTS The results are in! So far… Kelso is winning with a score of 120 points. Not far behind comes RAL with a score of 105 points. TRCS and Toutle Lake are tied with 45 points. Don’t get discouraged or upset, there is still plenty of time to bring up your club’s points. Get more points by turning in your report on time, coming to DCMs, doing service projects, etc. Remember: winner at the end of my term will receive a pizza/cookie party!



Started from the bottom Now we here Key Club is the largest service members demonstrate a passion for leadership organization in the world. helping others and develop excellent Key Club empowers its quarter leadership skills they carry with them million youth members to lead and for a lifetime. serve in almost 5,000 clubs in 24 VISION nations. Providing more than 12 million service hours annually, Key We are caring and Club proves to be an ever-popular competent servant leaders transforming communities high school organization for worldwide. teenagers seeking to cultivate leadership skills, develop friendships, and perform service in their communities. Since the first Key Club at Sacramento High School (California) in 1925, Key Club

Trang Tran District Governor Hakikat Bains District Secretary Eric Grewal District Treasurer Sara Thomas District Editor

Contact Information: (360) 431-6898



January newsletter  

Division 42 WA

January newsletter  

Division 42 WA