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Outbound Carrier Pre Selection Six Degrees Group offers first class Outbound Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) services based on client requirement. Our alliances with major UK and international network operators allows us to cherry-pick the best options, particularly to international destinations, to give you the quality you need at a price you’ll be happy to pay.

Advantages with Six Degrees Group Outbound Carrier Pre-selection (CPS) Clients enjoy the same flexibility as our connectivity customers at lower costs without directly connecting to our exchange with Carrier Pre-Selection. With Carrier Pre-Selection we dynamically route the calls across alternate carriers with in a more effective and efficient way Outbound CPS is easy to use as there are no extra codes to dial, or installation of extra equipment, or downtime required at your sites Carrier pre-selection maximize productivity while reducing the cost of outgoing services

Least Call Routing with Carrier Pre-Selection for businesses Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) is designed to allow businesses to select in advance, an alternative telephone service provider (apart from their existing service provider) to route their telephone calls/voice services without needing to dial a special code or install any special equipment on their premises. Businesses can subscribe to the services of one or more carrier pre-select operators (CPSO) and chooses the type of calls to be carried by them e.g. all national calls by one CPSO and another for international calls. Carrier Pre-Selection is thus also a method for Least Cost Routing of your telephone line. Least Cost Routing allows you to choose the least cost options from different provider so as to lower the costs of different voice calls.

Outbound Carrier Pre selection Solutions with Six Degrees Group Six Degrees Group realises that one size doesn’t fit all. Our direct voice services are typically used by our larger CPS customers for whom their scale, complex routing requirements or need for voice business continuity means that they are willing to invest in direct connect E1 circuits to our exchanges. For the majority of our target market, Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) will deliver most of the benefits of direct voice with delivery being immediate. In the same way that our connectivity customers enjoy flexibility thanks to our multi-vendor strategy, so to do our Carrier Pre-Select (CPS) customers. We do not need to connect you directly to our exchange for you to benefit from our multiple interconnections; using Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS), we can dynamically route your calls across alternate carriers with you benefiting from improved choice and reduced costs. Many of our Carrier Pre-Select (CPS) customers also chose to use Six Degrees Group for their line rental, thus bringing their calls and lines under a single supplier contract.

Six Degrees Group - Outbound CPS revised  
Six Degrees Group - Outbound CPS revised  

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