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Inbound DDI Numbers If you need several telephone numbers which can be dialed directly without going through a central telephone operator then you are the right customers for Inbound DDI Numbers. Inbound is a telephony service for both geographic and non-geographic numbers and the technology behind this is called Direct Dialing Inwards (DDI). Inbound DDI numbers is as applicable to fax, data and video as it is to voice calls. This is particularly useful for organisations that need several incoming telephone numbers (for example for sales, human resources, customer support, finance) which should reach the concerned person directly then you can really benefit from DDI numbers. Six Degrees Group can deliver a host of Inbound DDI numbers for business organizations for video calls, office phones, receptions and fax along with a full range of call routing, monitoring and managing tools to allow your business offer the perfect customer service.

Business Benefits with Six Degrees Group’s Inbound DDI numbers ISDN users who have DDI enabled can have a range of DDI numbers while renting only a small quantity of telephone lines which has a direct cost benefit. Further, while placing adverts, businesses can allocate telephone DDI numbers for each advert and easily monitor which ads are producing the best responses. As most businesses have several operations, you can have separate DDI numbers for each department or individual staff for better response time and improved customer service.

Six Degrees Group works with customers on inbound telephony projects in several different areas:

Directly connected traditional inbound lines Inbound DDI range management SIP-based lines and inbound DDIs New intelligent network applications

DDI Numbers for Inbound Lines Six Degrees Group can provide you with inbound ISDN voice trunks with a range of new DDI numbers managed across our voice exchanges. With our dual parenting option, DDI Numbers across your organization benefit from the additional network resilience of two separate E1 tails over two separate fibre networks connecting to two geographically separate voice exchanges. This option is typically taken by customers keen to wrest control of their lines and DDI numbers away from a major telco and back into their own hands. Other customers are seeking to take the first steps towards integrating voice into a BC/DR policy model, possibly with a view to enabling our Livenumber product.

Non Geographic Number (NGN) Range Management & Inbound DDI numbers We can offer to redirect various Non Geographic Number (NGN) ranges to any predetermined DDI number allowing you to determine how you wish to handle your inbound calls. Various Non Geographic Numbers available in the UK include -

0800 – Numbers free to the callers. Best suited for sales and marketing campaigns.


03xx – Numbers charged at geographic rates. Again very useful for sales and marketing,


0844 – Revenue generating Low call rate numbers


0871 – Revenue generating Flat Rate numbers


09xx – Revenue generating variable Premium rate numbers

We can advise you on the Phonepay Plus regulatory implications of the options available, guide you on the image that different NGNs present, and discuss the flexible call routing options our inbound services can offer your business.

SIP-based lines and inbound DDIs Customers who migrate their inbound numbers to our SIP-based platform will benefit from new models of call handling. Using our Number Translation Services (NTS), geographic numbers can be “pointed” elsewhere to allow companies to present a nationwide presence. For example, 0141, 0161 and 029 number ranges can all be pointed at 0121 and 0207 locations to let a Birmingham- and London-based organisation give the impression that they also have Glasgow, Manchester and Cardiff sites. With the DDI Numbers in conjunction with our SIP trunking servicescustomers are no longer tied to the dedicated copper connection between the local exchange and their offices; now, they can answer calls from any DDI number in any location in the world, with full control over call routing. This is a particular benefit for those looking to make inbound call handling part of a robust business continuity program.

Intelligent Network Applications for DDI Numbers Many customers wish to provide recorded announcements, call recording and call queuing, and to have management information relating to how well they are handling calls and about call volumes. We can help by putting these applications into our intelligent network for a flat monthly charge. In this system the DDI Numbers are redirected via our platform where we add the appropriate options to each call automatically, unseen by your caller unless needed.

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