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Donations: The Fuel behind the Growth of NGOs An integral aspect of every community across the world, charity is known to be a bridge between the fortunate and the unfortunate. Charity basically refers to all those philanthropic activities which are meant to improve the condition of the lives of the less fortunate. This may include provision of medical care, providing education, clothing, therapy, etc. to all those people who cannot afford it.

Many Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) located across America and the world work towards the resolution of these causes. Many of these issues are developmental ones and include combating mental illness, dealing with orphans, providing access to education, healthcare and sanitation, etc. At the core of these bodies is fund raising. Raising funds, through different donations given by people, different bodies, organizations, corporate entities’, etc.

Donations can be in the form of funds, or it could also be someone investing their time to help in the different activities of the NGO. They are considered to be the most noble of all activities that a person can engage in as there is a great sense of inner satisfaction that a person gets from doing so.

Moreover, there are plenty of reasons besides just funding the growth of a particular organization. By making contributions, people leave behind a legacy; a statement that you have made a contribution to the society. Moreover, the contributions are used to support causes which you believe in. It could be anything from providing access to education to underprivileged children, helping the mentally ill by providing social services for them, etc.

Before making any such contribution it is always important to first check the reputation of the NGO; just to ensure that it is credible and to know about the different projects that they deal with. Usually, those bodies having a track record of past projects, which they were involved in; as well as testimonials written by volunteers add to the credibility of the organization.

Donations the Fuel behind the growth of NGOs  
Donations the Fuel behind the growth of NGOs