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What all you want to know about Syphilis?


Syphilis is a sexually transmitted disease or sexually transmitted infection popularly known as STD and STI. It is a kind of disease which is mainly caused by the bacteria named Treponema palladium. It is generally take place while having sexual contact with your partner including oral and anal sex. It can cause to any person engaging in sexual contact regardless of their sexual preferences and orientation. Many a times the person infected remains unaware from this disease and when the infected lady gets pregnant with syphilis it has chances that congenital syphilis passes onto your baby. If it remains untreated for a long time, it will develop into late stage which results in complicated health problems and even death. Hence, timely treatment is necessary for the person suffering from syphilis. Treatment of syphilis: If at any point you came to know that you or your partner with whom you have physical contact is suffering from syphilis, immediately go for a medical treatment so that it could be handled at the very first stage. The symptoms of the syphilis look alike other kind of diseases, so many a times the infected person ignore it thinking that it is general disease. The main symptoms of this disease are the small and painless sores that arise on your skin. So, if you have any doubt on you and your partner regarding syphilis even the symptoms are not showing, it is best to take the advice of specialist. There can be any cause by which a person can come in contact with syphilis. Sometimes person develop syphilis by using the needle those

have been used by the infected person previously. In addition to it, it can be spread by blood transfusion. That is why the donated blood is screened for STD’s before sending it to blood bank. Hence, It is very important to have routine medical checkup for keeping this disease away from yourself. To know more about STD kits you can visit this page:

What all you want to know about syphilis  
What all you want to know about syphilis