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Which age group do you belong to?

22-24 12%

25+ 6%

19-21 9%

15-18 73%

Do you prefer Horror films that are set during the Day of during the Night?

Day 27%

Night 73%

Do you like films with gore?

No 39%

Yes 61%

Do you like horror films?

No 18%

Yes 82%

Are you male or female?

Male 15%

Female 85%

Do you prefer Horror movies to be about...

Someone driven mad 36%

Something bad returning from the past 24%

Something hidden being uncovered 40%

Do you like Horror trailers to give away the killers identity?

Yes 12%

No 88%

What settings do you prefer to be displayed within a Horror film?

Forest 24% Abandoned building 36%

Graveyard 11%

House 29%

Do you prefer to watch torture porn (ie. Saw) or paranormal (ie. The Blair Witch Project) horror films?

Torture porn 30%

Paranormal 70%

Who do you watch Horror films with?

With family 16% Friends of the same sex 26%

On Own 20%

With partners 10%

Friends of mixed sex 28%

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